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Employee advocacy tools will help businesses of all sizes to motivate employees and reach more audiences.

While there are many tools in the market, here is a curated list of the best, followed by a more detailed take in the post below.

ProductNotable Features
EveryoneSocialEnhance growth, engage employees, maximize ROI from social media with tailored solutions and integration.
Hootsuite AmplifyAI content writing, brand campaigns, sharing via Microsoft Teams, Slack, UpContent, TINT.
GaggleAMPAI-powered Paraphrase, unique brand message versions, expand reach, personalize communication.
Sprinklr AdvocacyEnhance social influence, brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales across channels.
SocxoTurn employees into brand ambassadors, expand reach, engage in conversations, measure ROI.
DrumUpEffortless content broadcasting, one-click scheduling, mobile apps, industry news, gamification.
SproutSocial Streamlined access, tailored messaging, centralized sharing, newsletters, analytics, flexibility.
SociabbleAmplify engagement, expand online presence, insights, native content creation, easy content curation.
SimplifiedMaximize reach, improve ROI, share content, industry news, employee engagement, LinkedIn advocacy.
ClearviewsocialAI-powered content creation, advanced analytics, optimal publishing times, content partnerships, RSS feeds.
DSMN8Analyze social media activities, boost brand visibility, engage customers, measure ROI, customizable features.
OktopostB2B employee advocacy, streamline workflows, track performance, team segmentation, integration with platforms.

What is employee advocacy and its importance in brand awareness?

Employee advocacy is similar to a brand advocacy program as it is an influential process to enhance brand awareness, establish trust, and attract new customers. However, the advocacy is done with the help of employees instead of customers, as is the case with the latter.

Employee advocacy program is adopted by various types of business of all sizes to take the brand to new audiences, stay in mind with current customers, and influence new customers.

With an employee advocate program, you can create content about products or services that resonates personally without depending on external social media influencers for publicity.

Employee advocacy stands out amongst other marketing strategies because it leverages real people’s stories from inside a company rather than relying solely on external influences like traditional advertisements, AI marketing assistants, or digital campaigns.

It also helps build trust, respect, loyalty, and more engagement within existing customer bases as well as potential ones, as the insights are shared by the people who actually work at the company.

A skilled team of employees will extend the company’s reach on social media and through conversations, creating buzz for the organization.

PostBeyond’s astonishing statistics reveal that employees have 10 times more followers than a brand’s account on average. Moreover, employee-generated content generates 8 times more engagement than content shared through branded channels. Notably, employee posts are reshared up to 24 times more frequently than branded posts.

Benefits of employee advocacy

Employee­ advocacy, as a potent tool, has the ability to heighte­n brand awareness, foster trust, and attract potential customers. For those seeking avenues to expand their business, employee advocacy emerge­s as a strategy worth considering.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, employee advocacy can also help to:

To establish trust and cre­dibility, companies can leverage­ the power of positive messages shared by employees. This simple action fosters a se­nse of reliability and authenticity, which re­sonates strongly with potential.

To attract new customers, it’s essential for potential clients to witness motivated and content employees. When individuals obse­rve a positive and engage­d workforce, they are more inclined to establish business partne­rships with the company.

Improving employee morale is crucial for their e­ngagement and productivity. When employees perceive themselves as integral parts of a larger purpose, they are more likely to be motivated and output-driven.

Reducing attrition is crucial for any company. When employees feel happy and engaged, their likelihood of leaving decreases significantly.

In the below section, let’s see some of the top employee advocacy platforms that would help your business retain top talents, increase brand awareness, and increase sales and ROI.


Everyone­Social has been in the employee advocacy field for more than 9 years and provides a comprehensive­ platform for businesses to expand their reach and achieve impactful results.

Organizations like SAP, Adobe, Qualtrics, T-Mobile, United Airlines, Okta, and many others use it to encourage employees to share content while monitoring product engagement metrics.

EveryoneSocial helps employers drive growth, improve employee engagement, and maximize ROI from social media.

Companies are­ able to distribute content swiftly through its use­r-friendly features such as ad tracking campaigns, gene­rating advanced reports, and easily cre­ating new material.

The platform, with its tailore­d solutions and smart approach, assists businesses in enhancing growth through content sharing, boosting employee productivity, and nurturing advocacy initiative­s.

The platform can be easily integrated into your existing tech stacks like CRM, HRM, Web Analytics, Content Management, and other communications mediums.

This platform serves as an excellent tool for organizations seeking to expand their reach through collaboration. It enables them to provide recognition, drive company growth, and increase brand awareness simultaneously.

This leading social selling and employee advocacy platform can be tried free of cost.


Hootsuite Amplify is an employee advocacy platform that helps enhance your brand presence and social reach with increased efficiency.

With built-in AI content writing capabilities, crafting captions and posts has never been easier, allowing teams to use the Amplify platform for hiring purposes as well as creating engaging employer brand campaigns that showcase company culture.

It creates a direct connection between companies, employees, and their networks through easy-to-use tools like Microsoft Teams Slack, UpContent, or TINT that help to share content on the go.

The site claims that when shared by employees, the content receives up to 200% more clicks than when shared by businesses resulting in an 8X higher engagement rate compared to regular posts from companies themselves.

Hootsuite is available in four different variants, but you can try its 30-day trial before adopting the paid edition in your environment.


GaggleAMP re­volutionizes employee advocacy by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their platform. By leveraging AI-powe­red Paraphrase, users can e­ffortlessly generate unique versions of the brand message with a single click. This enables more personalized communication while­ preserving the original conte­nt’s core essence­.

This innovative technology offers organizations unparalleled e­ngagement opportunities. It enables them to expand their reach and maximize the impact of their employee advocacy programs.

This AI-powere­d approach aims to facilitate genuine inte­raction between e­mployees and their ne­tworks. The platform is currently used by more than one lakh people involving some of the top brands of the world.

The platform helps social media managers curate content to distribute to their employee influencers’ networks. This allows them to extend the reach of their content and drive more engagement with new prospects; boosting brand awareness by engaging stakeholders, which strengthens business relationships in turn.


Sprinklr Advocacy offers businesses a highly effective solution to enhance the social influence of their employees. By utilizing this platform, companies can simultaneously boost brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales.

Its intuitive interface makes it an ideal choice for organizations in pursuit of maximum employee advocacy across multiple channels.

Sprinklr is trusted by the world’s biggest brands like Philips, WellsFargo, Microsoft, McDonald, etc. Its content Library organizes and stores employee advocacy materials, such as blogs, videos, and social media images for companies – helping them adhere to necessary compliance protocols.

It has an approval workflow that helps companies ensure all shared content is on-brand and compliant. It gives them the ability to approve or reject before it’s posted online. It offers comprehensive performance tracking data to empower companies with the insights necessary for optimizing and improving their employee advocacy program.

Furthermore, it provides a unique gamification feature to motivate employees to engage in the employee advocacy program. Rewards can be provided for content sharing, post likes, and lead referrals so that everyone benefits from participating.

If you are looking for a way to increase brand reach, improve lead generation, enhance your sales pipeline, and increase employee engagement, then Sprinklr Advocacy is a great option. Sprinklr offers 90 days free trial.


Socxo is an intelligent content curation platform that allows brands to access and manage their social media accounts more effectively. A centralized communication dashboard enables employees to conveniently discover and share timely and relevant internal and external content with their networks.

It features powerful automation tools designed to broaden networks, elevate relationships, provide personal branding opportunities, and drive user engagement through gamification tactics such as challenges and surveys, all while providing rewards for likes or shares.

The platform provides businesses with an easy-to-use solution to curate content from their own website, social media, and industry publications. Scheduling the content is simple, and you can even select when it should be shared for maximum impact.

To measure the effectiveness of your employee advocacy program, we provide deep analytics on each piece so that you understand exactly how well it’s doing!

The integration with Google Analytics helps monitor website traffic and conversions based on sharing activity which allows adjustments in order to meet goals set out by your organization.

The platform is available free of cost for 21 days, and the company also offers free set-up and consulting as well.


For companies looking for an effortless way to broadcast content and updates, DrumUp is the perfect solution. Its one-click scheduling tool allows employees to quickly post company content on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn directly from their dashboard with minimal fuss.

This platform boosts your social media presence and recruiting efforts to generate leads and foster employee engagement. Some of its noted clientele includes Fujitsu,, Mahindra Comviva, Schneider Electric, etc.

Additionally, mobile apps offer portability, while Chrome extension eases managing of employees’ presence on social media sites further along with email notifications keeping them alerted about new posts daily.

DrumUp provides a stream of fresh industry news to keep employees up-to-date, as well as a gamification process for adding fun to the advocacy journey.

It is an incredibly sophisticated yet easy platform for use by your social media team that includes leaderboard tracking in addition to analytics, helping you fine-tune your strategy with insight into how each post has performed. 

Those who want automated broadcasts of blog feeds or press releases in their workflow can do so effortlessly by connecting them with DrumUp making it easier than ever before. The company offers a 14-day trial period as well as a free version with limited functionality.


SproutSocial‘s Employee Advocacy platform simplifies the process of managing social media and amplifying reach through employees’ networks. Its intuitive design offers business users streamlined access to ensure maximum customer engagement on a larger scale.

Sprout Social is a comprehensive communications platform providing businesses with the tools to easily share content and tailored messaging options.

With centralized sharing, newsletters, and broadcasts customized for specific audiences, plus an intuitive employee advocacy campaign system; Sprout Social allows organizations to quickly meet their branding goals while offering great flexibility.

It provides users with the tools they need to share content quickly and easily on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as in-depth tracking analytics that measure how posts are performing against key business metrics such as leads, web traffic, event registrations, etc.

With its free 30-day trial period available before switching to premium editions of the software – Sprout Social is worth checking out for an expert overview of solution offerings or insights into making your advocacy program even more successful.


Sociabble is designed to help companies turn their employees into brand ambassadors. It is an employee advocacy platform that assists companies in amplifying engagement, reach, and success.

This platform is the perfect solution for businesses looking to expand their online presence, engage in meaningful conversations, and measure ROI.

The platform provides valuable insights on leads generated or influencers identified during campaigns for further optimization of social media presence. With its help, creating native content has never been easier, with plenty of pre-approved options available.

It enables employees to easily create and share content approved by the company while curating third-party materials from their industry.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to create content, collaborate on campaigns with teams both big and small; and target posts at specific audiences while also keeping a close eye on budgeting thanks to its optimization scoring system.

Additionally, Deskless workers can access the pre-approved library of content, giving them freedom without compromising quality control.


Simplified provides an inspirational platform to help you increase sales and employee engagement through social media advocacy. Its sophisticated tools allow your team access to all the resources they need.

It includes a variety of templates, brand kits, and a comprehensive scheduler that syncs with multiple platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter & many others.

The platform helps employees easily share content from any device in less time for maximum reach and better ROI. The platform is employed by more than 2 million users worldwide.

Social Employee Advocacy is a simple and enjoyable strategy that allows your team to demonstrate their loyalty to the organization and raise awareness of potential candidates within their network.

Simplified’s LinkedIn employee advocacy tool enables staff to effortlessly showcase company successes, awards & recognition events on social media, promoting an attractive employer image while benefiting recruitment objectives.

Simplified provides 14 14-day trial period and a free version with 3 Accounts and 1 Seat limitation and provision to add more accounts as the brand grows.


Clearvie­wsocial, an AI-powered platform, offers busine­sses of all sizes and complexitie­s advanced content creation tools. These powerful tools not only engage the audience but also inspire them to take action.

Its advanced analytics, such as clicks, employee shares stats, and KPIs, provide valuable data on campaign performance and give you insight into how well your strategy is working – all in one convenient platform.

Additionally, its data analysis feature­s contribute to long-term success in the ever-evolving landscape­ of social media marketing.

Its AI-powere­d scheduling algorithm, coupled with a convenient Chrome extension, guarante­es optimal publishing times for your posts on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Its content partnerships make it easy to access interesting stories quickly, plus RSS feed integrations that keep up with the latest news.


DSMN8 provides organizations with a compre­hensive view of their content performance and employee advocacy. By analyzing social media activities such as likes, shares, and comments, companies can gain valuable insights.

This technology is specifically designed to help engage more customers, boost brand visibility, and track ROI in real-time­. Furthermore, DSMN8 offers customize­d features for organizations of any size or industry, enabling them to effectively expand their content re­ach while measuring the impact on business goals.

The company offers a Centralized Content management solution designed to efficiently manage and distribute approved content. Through automated notifications, employees are kept informed about new updates, effectively utilizing them as the primary distribution channe­l. This approach enhances the organic reach and increases engageme­nt levels.

DSNM8 is a cutting-edge­ platform for enhancing employee­ engagement. It e­mpowers companies in achieving their objectives by leve­raging dedicated program managers, gamification strategies, and an AI-powered conte­nt assistant.


Oktopost provides B2B marketers with an intuitive, effortless, and rewarding employee advocacy tool. It allows employees to discover, filter, recommend, and share pre-approved company content on their social profiles to amplify reach beyond corporate channels.

Oktopost is an all-in-one solution combining employee advocacy and social media management, delivering streamlined workflows, campaigns, and reporting to help you save time.

Oktopost’s Leaderboard helps companies increase employee engagement by enabling them to track performance metrics, identify top advocates, and use friendly competition as motivation.

It offers team segmentation of posts by topics, allowing employees to quickly filter through content according to their interests. This creates an enjoyable experience for employees, motivating them to become your most engaged brand ambassadors.

Oktopost provides a comprehensive platform for managing B2B marketing objectives, from reach to clicks and conversions. Easily integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer to measure the impact of employee advocacy on brand amplification and lead generation.

Stay risk-free while allowing your advocates to share rich media content such as images, videos, and GIFs via LinkedIn or Instagram Stories posts.

Final words

Branding, ROI, and customer acquisitions are continuous efforts, and due to the dynamism of online promotions, it becomes vital to keep promoting the company’s products and services all the time. The above-explained tools would help you achieve your company goal and acquire more business.

Next, check out how to manage all that increased social media attention with social media management tools that can be used to manage multiple accounts!

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