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In HR Management Last updated: September 5, 2023
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Gifts are the perfect way to show emotions and feelings or appreciate someone’s effort. Isn’t that right?

Appreciation for good work ethics will boost the person’s confidence as well as motivate the person to work even harder. Appreciating someone conveys the message that what effort the person is putting in is significant and matters.

Moreover, gifting employees boosts morale, helps in improving team bonding, and ensures a happier workplace. Boosting someone’s morale will also improve their work experience and uplift the employee’s productivity. So, appreciation by gifting will end up positively impacting a company’s success. 


For ages, this is noticed that a happier workplace leads to happier employees. Employees are more engaged in a happier and healthier environment than in ordinary surroundings. 

Choosing an appropriate gift for gifting your employees is a challenging task to tackle. Several employee gifting platforms are available to help you choose what’s appropriate for employees. 

Here, we’ll try to resolve all the doubts regarding the occasional employee gifting program, benefits, and what kind of gifting is appropriate—followed by the topmost platforms for employee gifting. Let’s delve into it. 

What Exactly is an Occasional Employee Gifting Program? 

You might not know what to do about an initiative to give gifts to employees. One way to show employees how much you appreciate their hard work is through occasional or seasonal gift-giving initiatives. The word “occasionally” means gifts are given randomly and not on a set schedule.

During the holidays, you might give your employees holiday-themed gifts. You can also run a gifting plan without planning it ahead of time. This will surprise the workers and make them happy. The culture of giving gifts to employees helps them avoid conflicts at work and lowers their stress levels at work.

Giving them gifts shows that you appreciate what they do to make the company successful. This kind of validation makes the workplace a happier place where people feel free to work. Gift-giving programs for employees will help your business be more productive and successful.

What are the Benefits of having an Employee-Gifting Culture?


Many companies have adopted an employee gifting culture to attain a happier and healthier workplace. Several benefits are there, which include: 

  • Improves co-worker’s relationships: An appreciation by gifting makes an employee’s day memorable. Workers will know that you understand them very well, which leads to a positive relationship with you. 
  • Provides validation: Employee gifting culture assures workers that they are also an essential part of the company. Validation in certain intervals helps employees be more productive and innovative. 
  • Increases engagement: Gifting enriches the mind with more happiness which further helps employees handle and tackle stress in the workplace more quickly. A positive mind is always innovative, leading to productive results and improving overall engagement. 
  • Enhance loyalty: Appreciation always makes a bond between two people healthier. Gifting also strengthens the professional bond between you and your team members. Moreover, strengthening bonds increases the rate of loyalty among you and your workers. 
  • Boosts morale: Gifting employees for the achievements gained by employees will make employees feel noticed, valued, and self-sufficient, which will boost their morale.
  • Increases productivity rate: Reduced stress level increases interest and makes you more focused on your work. Similarly, employees will also stay focused. As a result, efficiency will increase along with productivity. Gifting makes workers feel wanted, and the workers are likely to be more confident and motivated. All this leads to an increased productivity rate. 

Let’s talk about some ethics of workplace gifting to make the moment memorable for a lifetime for the employee. 

What are the Ethics of Workplace Gift-Giving?

Sometimes workplace gift-giving can be tricky, and you need to break the ice to think creatively. You may wonder what kind of gift the employee would love to receive and how to give presents at work.

An appropriate gift for employees boosts them with the energy to work even harder and further encourages its continuation. It also helps them to stay focused and motivated. On the other hand, an inappropriate gift makes the employees feel insufficient and inadequate. 


While giving presents to your clients or employees, always keep these below-mentioned points in your mind:

  • Never give gifts to your superiors.
  • Avoid giving presents within the performance review time.
  • Select an item that reflects your intentions professionally.
  • Opt for a group gift with the rest of your team. Group gifting consolidates work and tends to increase the personal impact on the recipient.

Don’t be too personal, and don’t overspend. The client can feel exploited or manipulated by your gift, so establishing appropriate professional boundaries is mandatory. Avoid favoritism by gifting just one person and try to treat everyone equally.

Always choosing similar gifts for all recipients is extremely important. A card with a formal gratitude note is usually perfect and budget friendly. You can also send a gift card so that the recipient can spend it on what they like according to their desires. 

Why do Companies need Help from an Employee Gifting Platform?

These platforms are an apt approach for entrepreneurs to strengthen their professional bond with their workers. However, it’s easier to be creative when running wide, physically or metaphorically. The main objective of employee gifting is to encourage the employees to perform well by putting in all the effort stored within them. 

Employee gifting platforms make choosing appropriate gifts for your employees easier. This platform will ensure that every need is fulfilled without wasting your time. Various kinds of customized gifts are available from which you have to choose which fits your needs accurately. 

Here are a few gifting platforms that allow you to simultaneously save precious time and choose a unique and appropriate gift for your team members. 


Snappy provides a simple and seamless user interface. Sending gifts to employees will make them feel wanted and special. You can send a gift anytime, whatever the occasion, either a birthday or a festival. Snappy is your companion in spreading happiness and establishing a happier workplace.


A large variety of gift collections with thousands of updated gifts are available. One can choose what to give according to their convenience. Based on data and trends, fashion experts always keep it updated. 

With Snappy, you can send gifts to your employees, which makes them feel recognized. Recognition always encourages an individual to perform better by giving their best. For the ease of the customers, Snappy is available in both mobile and desktop versions.

Gifts are accessed through many known and famous brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc. The system is also formatted with a thank you note in which you can add a message that you want to convey. 


The main aim of SnackNation is to help you create a friendly and relaxed environment among your employees. Customize your office snacks according to everyone’s preference easily using SnackNation. 

Snacks between working hours fuel the employee’s performance and make everyone energetic again. Healthy snacks enhance and encourage employees’ productivity and establish healthy social bonding.


You can create your unique mix according to your employee’s unique tastes. SnackNation fuels the employees by providing tasty and healthy snacks, and providing snacks in between shows that you care for their health and appetite. Employees also need to munch on a quick bite to perform significantly.


Goody will help you choose unique gifts for your employees that will boost your employee’s morale. It makes everything easy and quick, from gifting an employee individually to the entire company, choosing a stylish card for any occasion, and adding a text message you want to convey, along with other features, are all supported by Goody.

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Goody provides you access to curated gifts that your employees will love receiving. You can schedule automation gifting features for employees or clients. Employees can swap for alternatives if they need help finding the gift-worthy. The support team is always a text or a call away to resolve your every query. 


Appreciation of the efforts made by employees can be easier with the help of Baudville. Perfect gifts can boost employees’ engagement and fuel them to be their best.

Baudville helps establish a happy, healthy, and innovative workplace for your employees. Recognition of one’s ability can increase motivation to perform your best. 

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Baudville primarily focuses on the engagement and recognition of an individual. Engaged employees are more focused on the success of the company.

Occasion, budget, and quantity don’t matter while shortlisting the gifts as per your employee’s choice. Ensure a memorable experience for your employees by choosing the perfect gift for them with Baudville. 


Blueboard provides you with many choices to find what you need. You can express your emotions through a reward or a gift. You can send the gift directly to your employee’s inbox in a few seconds. Employees can also browse through the collection and choose an appropriate gift for them. 

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Providing a healthy and happy environment in the workplace is the primary purpose of Blueboard. Allowing the workers to shift their minds towards a relaxed environment is the best gift one can give.

Make your gifts memorable by allowing employees to make memories by gaining new experiences. Quality time is what everyone wants nowadays. Make your employees enjoy quality time with budget-friendly Blueboard holiday plans. 


Searching for “the perfect gift” consumes a significant amount of time. Ease your gifting procedures using a Giftogram gift card, allowing recipients to choose gifts according to their desires.


Giftogram ensures that everybody loves the gift. Pre-designed Giftogram card catalogs with colorful holiday designs are available. Either you can choose one, or you can create one using the in-app design tools.

Creating the one which is in your mind will be fun and unique. You can add your company’s logo for free, choose designs and colors, and also add a message for everyone according to your choice. 

Giftogram lets you send digital cards in bulk without paying an extra penny. Scheduled gift card features and hundreds of brands are also available. The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface allows users to manage the gift card program effortlessly and quickly within minutes. Here, you can be sure of experiencing fantastic customer service.


Make your designing and buying process seamless with Swag. You can buy anything from sweatshirts to stylish bottles for individuals or entire team members. Swag made everything very easy and quick.


Swag permits you to design your box on your own. Rather than choosing from the collection, you can even design to make that look unique. It’s a creative and fun way to show your employees you care. You can select the stuff you want to give your team members along with a hustle-free delivery. 

Design your unique swag box by just following these easy steps:

  • Browse through the awesome collection of Swag’s wide range of products and add products that you need to the cart. 
  • After adding to the cart, click the “Build a Box” button. 

Here your swag box is ready for delivery. Swag creates an easy-to-use environment for its clients. An overnight delivery option is also available if needed. Swag’s API supports seamless automation, making Swag brighter, digital, and a better option. 


In summary, everyone wants to work in a place that helps them stay healthy and happy. The best thing you can do would be to appreciate your employees’ efforts to make the workplace healthier and happier. Employee gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your workers and make the office a happier place to be.

In the end, a good work environment encourages employees to think outside the box and be creative, which leads to more productivity. Indirectly, giving gifts to employees will bring about good changes that will help the company be more successful.

You may also explore the best digital certificate maker platforms to reward your employees.

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