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Empyrion Galactic Survival is a 3-dimensional open-world space adventure game that lets you fly across different planets and immerse yourself into the mysteries of the galaxy. 

You can build space stations, design huge ships and find guns to survive a hostile world filled with many dangers. 

Playing it in a single-player will give you one kind of adventure, but playing it in multiplayer mode will give you a different level of thrill. Since it is an open-world sandbox space adventure game, you will have a lot of fun traveling the unknown environment of different planets and building settlements with your friends. 

However, you will need the best game server to have a seamless adventure while playing multiplayer games with your friends. 

That is why I have come up with some of the best Empyrion Galactic Survival game servers that will quench your thirst for a space adventure with your friends.

What Is Empyrion Galactic Survival?

Empyrion Galactic Survival is an open-world 3D sandbox survival video game that offers a vast alien world that will leave you flabbergasted with its beautiful environment filled with many attractive attributes.

This space adventure game was designed by Eleon Game Studios, and it was released on 5th August 2015 for the Windows platform.

YouTube video

In this game, you can explore the mysterious open world of Empyrion Galactic Survival and fulfill your desire to go on an epic space adventure with your friends. From building giant spaceships, creating your own spaceship, and constructing your own planetary settlements to conquering different planets, you will have a lot of tasks while you embark on the journey. 

Empyrion Galactic Survival can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes, making the exploration much more enjoyable. The story begins when your plane crashes and lands on an alien planet, and from there, your survival journey begins.

Your escape pod’s constructor will be your primary forging tool, and you can utilize it to build many things, including spaceships. 

While surviving the world in multiplayer mode, you can interact with your friends to trade rare items and guns. Overall, the game has been designed to combine the flavor of space simulation, survival shooting, construction, and co-op.

Why Do You Need an Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Server

Having a dedicated game server for playing Empyrion Galactic Survival has many more advantages than you can fathom. You will not only gain lag-free performance but impressive features and many benefits.

#1. Powerful Enterprise Hardware 


When you opt for the best hosting server for Empyrion Galactic Survival, they offer powerful, advanced enterprise-level hardware configurations. 

These high-end hardware configurations are mostly Intel i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processors along with powerful RAMs and high-storage SSDs, and these help the game to run smoothly even if you are playing with six others.

#2. Complete Control

Another good advantage of getting a dedicated server is that you will have complete control over the server, and you can customize it to enjoy the best gaming experience. From setting game configuration and installing mods to modifying the script, you can do many things.

#3. Enhanced Security

A top hosting server for Empyrion Galactic Survival will ensure better security and data protection by safeguarding the server using DDoS protection and sophisticated firewalls. Game hosting services also provide manual and scheduled backup so that you are always protected from any sudden crash.

#4. Reliability


You will not only experience reduced latency but also a stress-tested server that will give you the optimal gaming experience while playing with your friends. Moreover, the server stays active throughout every hour, so you can play anytime you want.

#5. Handles High Traffic

Whether you are playing with one of your friends or many, you won’t face any lag or limitation while playing Empyrion Galactic Survival. The servers are configured to handle high-traffic demand without compromising your experience.

Now, if you are wondering which Empyrion Galactic Survival game server you should choose, don’t worry. Let’s talk about some of the best game servers to enhance your gameplay. 


When getting the best Empyrion Galactic Survival server hosting, many recommend Nitrado. It truly offers one of the finest game servers backed by high-end failsafe hardware and DDoS protection to ensure you have lag-free gaming with your friends. 


This hosting service even treats you with complete flexibility in functions and a simple server management interface so you don’t face any inconvenience during your gameplay. As the service uses the shortest internet routes, you can enjoy the game at the lowest ping possible, even if you are playing the game from different parts of the world. 

The Nitrado hosting service charges you according to the slot and time period, and the minimum subscription cost you will have to pay for ten slots is $3.44. 


If you want to enjoy lag-free gaming of Empyrion Galactic Survival with your friends, you need to have a top game server like HostHavoc. It offers the best-in-class features to make sure you can explore different planets in the galaxy without any interruption. 


To ensure you have the lowest ping in the server, HostHavoc has strategically segregated its network into ten different cities. You can explore the mysterious planets anytime you want, and the credit goes to its reliable data centers that maintain 99.9% network uptime. 

Whether you are building something or surviving some harsh environment, the customizable server will always make sure you don’t face any lag or stuttering issues in the middle. The cost of each slot starts from a mere $0.80 per month, which makes it a great value-for-money deal. 


Consider GTXGaming when choosing a dedicated game server for playing Empyrion Galactic Survival. It is one of the best in this segment. It boasts a worldwide data center coverage spanning from Dallas(USA), London(England), and Madrid(Spain) to Singapore(Malaysia) and Sydney(Australia). No matter where you play from, they ensure low-ping gameplay. 


It extensively uses powerful technologies like Intel CPUs like 13900K and AMD Ryzen 79503DX to ensure there is no FPS drop, even if you are searching for a rare item with ten of your friends. 

Another good thing about GTXGaming is that they have integrated the server with enterprise-level DDoS protection so that no one can intrude and ruin your exploration. Unlike other game servers, the chance of losing a saved game is almost null because the server automatically saves a clone backup in their offsite backup machines.


Rent your Empyrion Galactic Survival game server from 4NetPlayers and enjoy a seamless gaming marathon with your friends. The top-quality hardware setup of this hosting service allows you to fight against aliens and other dangers while you are surviving the hostile galaxy without facing lag. 


Most importantly, the servers are located in many places worldwide to offer the lowest pings and fastest response times. In addition, you will get top-notch DDoS protection to enjoy an uninterrupted playing experience. 

Even if you use a game server for the first time, you won’t face any difficulty because the web interface has been designed to cater to everyone with varying server management skills. Once you opt for a plan,  the server will be ready to play within a few minutes.

The pricing plans are – Starter plan at $5.36/month, Professional plan at $5.36/month, and Premium plan at $15.15/month, 


PingPerfect has emerged as a plausible choice for a game server, and there are many reasons – performance, rich features, usability – you name it, PingPerfect has it. 

When playing Empyrion Galactic Survival with your friends, you need a hosting service like PingPerfect because they don’t compromise on the performance to accommodate multiple players. 


When you rent a game server from this hosting service, you will be rewarded with a free 1GB web space which you can utilize for various purposes. This hosting service is known for using the best data centers in the world, which is why you won’t have high pings no matter where you are playing from. 

All the game servers of PingPerfect are equipped with in-house DDoS protection so that no one can hamper your survival events with your friends. It offers many lucrative features like instant server setup, a complete backup system, free debranding, and FTP/file browser. 

Streamline Servers

Considered one of the leading game hosting services in the world, Streamline Servers gives you all the benefits to enjoy your survival events in Empyrion Galactic Survival. Not only does it come equipped with low ping servers, but it also has a server modding option so that you can have the best experience while blazing through enemy territory. 

Streamline servers

With its presence in 22 locations spread across different parts of the world, you can play with your friends without facing lags due to high latency. Many gamers have appreciated Streamline Servers for its streamlined control panel that makes it easy for players to make adjustments without having to go through any learning phase. 

Whether you want to play as a lone wolf or build your team with your friends, you can enjoy the multiplayer mode by paying $1.50 per slot every month. 


To get incredible gaming performance while playing Empyrion Galactic Survival, you need a dedicated game server like 1GServerhost

The game server comes equipped with powerful 16-core 5.2 GHz processors from Intel or AMD, 128 GB RAMS, and 7000 MB/s NVMe SSDs, meaning you will have jaw-dropping performance for your survival events. 


The top-notch gaming performance is upheld by the low ping servers that are spread across different parts of the world. The hosting service has safeguarded the server’s world-class DDoS protection as it serves as a primary requirement for all gamers. 

The chances of losing saved data are almost nil with this server because they provide a backup & restore option after you restart the server.


Playing a hardware-intensive game like Empyrion Galactic Survival with your friends requires high-end servers, and LogicServer perfectly fits that requirement. It is a widely popular game server that has been opted for by numerous Empyrion enthusiasts as it ensures smooth performance and instant setup. 


The chances of your exploration in the game being affected by attackers are almost zero, and the credit goes to the automated DDoS protection offered by the hosting service. The TCAdmin control panel embedded in the game server makes making changes in the server seamless, and you won’t face any difficulty using it. 

If you want to spice up the environment of Empyrion Galactic Survival, you can even install mods, and that too by paying a monthly rental of $10.81 for ten slots. 

image-132 is a unique hosting service that wants to ensure you have an extraordinary gaming session with your friends when you embark on a journey on Empyrion Galactic Survival. 

With this hosting service, not only can you choose the CPU type and player limit, but also the RAM and SSD disk space you need to enjoy a fluidic performance. It is one of those hosting services that allow you to see the CPU and RAM consumption while playing on the server so that you can adjust the configuration according to the need. 

You can stay assured that you won’t be bothered by any issue while you are in the middle of a fight against alien creatures. Just pay $15.99 per month for a minimum of 10 player slots and enjoy the top-quality servers by 

Citadel Servers

With a presence in over 18 different locations in the world, you can consider a dedicated game server by Citadel Server for playing Empyrion Galactic Survival. 

Citadel servers

Since it is equipped with low latency infrastructure and offers complete DDoS protection, you would love to go on a gaming marathon with your friends. In addition, the servers are backed by high-end hardware configuration and integrated backup. This will enable you to enjoy the mysterious environment without facing any issues. 

The fully featured game control panel plays a considerable role in making the server convenient for users because you can easily do all the customization and configuration. The one-click mod installation makes the installation process much easier and ensures complete convenience when preparing to start the game. 

Citadel Servers offers an affordable plan starting from $0.16 per slot.


Anyone playing Empyrion Galactic Survival for years will swear by the quality hosting service that ServerBlend offers. 

This hosting service offers all the necessary features like a high-performance server, DDoS protection, and a low-ping network to ensure you have a wonderful time while exploring the planets in the game. 


From Montreal-Canada, Los Angeles-California, and Frankfurt-Germany to Sydney-Australia, the data centers are located in almost every part of the world. Thus, the chance of any latency issue is minimal. Setting up the server for your friends will be an easy task for you with one-click plugin installation, a customized control panel, and mod support. 

Many consider ServerBlend the best bang for the buck because they only charge $15 monthly for 15 slots.

Hyper Layer

You can consider Hyper Layer if you are looking for a reliable game server for Empyrion Galactic Survival at an affordable rate. 

With a minimum support of 8GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage, and a high-end CPU, this hosting service ensures an immersive gaming experience even when you’re playing with six players. 

Hyper layer

Hyperlayer strives to maintain a 99.95% uptime and allows gamers to enjoy the game with their friends whenever they want. What’s more? You will get 1 MySQL database per game which is a unique feature for a game hosting service.

With every rental subscription, you will also get a free subdomain, making it easier for everyone to join the game at any time. 

Gaming Deluxe

Gaming Deluxe serves as an excellent choice for most space adventurers who want to play Empyrion Galactic Survival with their friends. 

Gaming deluxe

The hosting service has worldwide data center coverage with DDoS protection as they wanted to make sure players face no issues of latency and intrusion during the game. Whether you are building a spaceship or exploring the area for rare items, you will always experience smooth gameplay with your friends. 

Moreover, the Gaming Deluxe team also conducts an automatic offsite backup through their in-house tool, ensuring you never lose any saved game. To prevent unauthorized access, all the server is secured by 2-factor authentication, including the game panel, thus, offering enhanced security.

Final Words

When you have the support of the best game servers, your gaming experience will reach a new high. All the Empyrion Galactic Survival game servers I have listed above are considered the best in the business, and you can choose any of them to play with your friends. These servers will impress you with their performance, features, and competitive pricing per slot.

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