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In EdTech Last updated: July 13, 2023
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Knowing English has become a necessity in today’s world. Here are some of the best English learning platforms to make it easy for your kids.

English is the universal language of opportunities in today’s connected world. Speaking English fluently unlocks doors to multinational corporations, high-flying careers, and groundbreaking ventures. Connecting with influential individuals, investors, and global markets empowers you, which is possible mainly with English as the medium. 

English holds immense value for kids in school, in their future careers, and as global citizens. It is highly valuable for kids as they journey through life. Learning English opens doors to countless opportunities. By learning English at a young age, children can gain a competitive edge in the job market and also increase their chances of success in various industries. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of English for kids and the role of technology in facilitating language learning. We will also look at some of the best English learning platforms for kids to move from ABCs to fluency. 

Why is learning English important for kids?

English serves as the standard communication language in today’s world. It eliminates barriers and brings together people from various ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. A few reasons why children must learn English are discussed below.

  • Kids who are fluent in English can better communicate with others worldwide, express themselves with assurance, and also form relationships. It allows them to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering harmony and understanding.
  • Children who learn English have greater access to various instructional materials, including books and information. Their ability to communicate in English gives students the tools to succeed academically, opening opportunities to further education and enhancing their intellectual development.
  • English proficiency is highly valued in the professional sphere. Moreover, to successfully interact with coworkers, clients, and partners across borders, many multinational corporations demand that staff have a solid command of the English language. Children who learn English at a young age position themselves for future success and a wider choice of professional options.
  • Learning English lets kids connect with literature, music, films, and other art forms. They develop more empathy and a feeling of global citizenship as they get a deeper awareness and respect for cultural variety. Because of English, they can uncover and enjoy the diversity of human expression and heritage.
  • Children who are­ fluent in English develop the­ir self-expression and confide­nce. They expe­rience a heighte­ned sense of assurance­ when expressing the­ir thoughts, emotions, and ideas to others through proficie­nt English communication. This increased self-e­steem motivates the­m to unleash their creativity by e­ngaging in activities such as reading aloud, writing, public speaking, or engaging in de­ep conversations. 

What is the role of technology in facilitating language learning?

Technology plays a crucial role­ in language learning, espe­cially when it comes to mastering English. Technology provides invaluable support by offe­ring interactive resource­s, tools, and language practice opportunities. 

Personalize­d learning experie­nces facilitated by technology also gre­atly benefit pronunciation and listening skills. In the­ following sections, we will explore­ how technology e­nhances our language acquisition journey.

  • English can be le­arned in a fun and interesting manne­r using interactive online tools, game­s, and applications. These technologie­s offer interactive e­xercises, assessme­nts, and challenges that enhance­ engagement while­ fostering fluency in the targe­t language.
  • The inte­rnet has expanded our acce­ss to a range of resources. The­se include online dictionarie­s and grammar guides, websites spe­cifically designed for learning ne­w languages, and also instructional movies. Such resource­s offer various practice exe­rcises, examples, and bre­akdowns of concepts to support individuals in their journey to le­arn English.
  • Technology facilitate­s the enhanceme­nt of our English language skills through online forums and language e­xchange websites. By e­ngaging with native English speakers and fellow students, we gain valuable opportunitie­s to practice both spoken and written English, thus improving the­ accuracy and fluency of our communication abilities. Technology, in fact, has made it easier for parents to teach children.
  • Through adaptive learning systems, technology offers tailored learning experiences. These platforms evaluate our development, pinpoint our areas for growth, and offer lessons and exercises specifically suited to our requirements using artificial intelligence and algorithms.
  • With the help of speech-recognition software and language-learning applications, technology has made it possible for humans to get better at hearing and pronouncing words. We can speak English and get immediate feedback on how we sound, which helps us hone our abilities.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) technology makes immersion language learning opportunities possible. Children can explore virtual settings where English is spoken by putting on VR goggles.
  • Students can study English at their speed because of technology. We may study English at our own pace and according to our tastes due to the ease and flexibility of online classes, language applications, and digital resources.

Now, let’s jump directly to the list of the best English learning platforms.

Novakid School

Novakid School offers a fantastic online platform for kids to learn English. The website has a visually appealing design and user-friendly navigation, making it easy for parents and children to use. The curriculum is expertly crafted, providing interactive and engaging lessons that motivate kids. 

YouTube video

Teachers provide a positive learning atmosphere where kids feel at ease using their English abilities. This website uses technologies to make the learning process easy since it makes learning engaging and efficient through interactive games and video sessions.

Flexible scheduling choices allow for suitable lesson times while accommodating hectic schedules. Novakid School is a highly recommended platform since it offers children a thorough and entertaining English learning experience.


LingoGalaxy‘s online English programs for kids include an easy-to-use website. It is straightforward to access courses and resources because of its simple navigation. Children remain motivated and enthusiastic about learning because of the supportive and stimulating learning environment that skilled and qualified instructors offer. 

YouTube video

The interactive activities, games, and resources which are provided make the learning process enjoyable and effective. Parents appreciate the progress tracking feature, which allows them to monitor their child’s development and witness tangible improvements in their language skills. 

The well-structured curriculum ensures a comprehensive learning experience. For parents seeking a top-notch platform to help their children learn English, LingoGalaxy’s online classes are highly recommended.

Bilingual Bebe

The website Bilingual Bebe stands out as a top-notch resource for online English lessons for children. Its expertly crafted design, engaging material, and dedication provide a worthwhile learning experience. This makes it a top option for parents looking to provide their children with high-quality language education.

YouTube video

The website’s material is carefully crafted to deliver information clearly and excitingly. Moreover, parents like the thorough explanations of the online sessions that emphasize the unique elements and advantages of the curriculum for their kids. 

Young learners are enthralled by the emphasis on interactive and immersive learning experiences, which supports their language development. The website also offers a wide range of age-appropriate tools and materials, guaranteeing a well-rounded educational experience. 


The Kidlingoo website is an excellent resource for parents looking for a high-quality English-speaking education for their children. It is a fantastic option for young language learners because of its user-friendly design, thorough curriculum, and interactive features


The carefully crafted curriculum provides a fun and suitable learning environment for children. Concise course descriptions emphasizing essential characteristics and advantages give parents and kids the information they need to make wise choices.

The website’s engaging games and educational resources captivate young learners. Games, quizzes, and entertaining video lessons make learning a language fun while improving your English speaking abilities.

English Tutor Online

The English Tutor Online website provides ESL programs for children and teens that have received positive feedback from parents and language lovers. Visitors are captivated by the user-friendly layout and in-depth information. Users may easily explore the site’s materials and programs by using its simple menus, which make it easy to navigate.

YouTube video

Carefully crafted ESL programs are created for kids and teenagers, offering an engaging and suitable learning environment. Program descriptions emphasize salient characteristics and advantages. This gives parents and kids the power to make wise decisions.

The ESL experience is improved with interactive learning tools like video lessons and activities. English Tutor Online ensures that studying English is fun while increasing English competence.


LingoAce‘s website is well known for its English-learning programs. It features an intuitive user interface and specific content. The use of many English materials and programs is made simple by the menus’ clarity.


The courses provide an immersive learning environment for students of all ages. Course descriptions emphasize important advantages and features to help learners make educated selections.

The website provides interactive learning resources, exciting classes, and qualified teachers for a fun trip. It’s an excellent option for improving English proficiency because of its user-friendly layout, thorough courses, and interactive tools.


Langaroo is a well-designed website that provides a variety of language learning options. It is an excellent platform for learners of all levels due to its user-friendly interface and substantial material. The website’s clean navigation makes it easy to use.


Langaroo offers a broad selection of customized language courses. The website also offers interactive exercises, quizzes, and tools for practicing languages to facilitate learning. These engaging resources make learning a language enjoyable and successful.


The website Bilingval stands out as an excellent tool for language learning. For learners of all levels, it’s user-friendly design and comprehensive content make it an excellent resource. The website is simple to use because of its user-friendly design and straightforward navigation.

YouTube video

A wide selection of customized language courses is available at Bilingval. You can help your child master English from an early age with the help of these courses. The best part about these courses is that the teachers are from the United States and the United Kingdom, so you can expect your kid to learn those native words easily.

Online Kids Academy

Online Kids Academy is an excellent resource for online learning for kids. It features an intuitive user interface and thorough content. The website offers a selection of exciting courses made just for children.


Clear and detailed course descriptions aid parental decision-making. Learning is fun and successful when it is facilitated through interactive activities, games, and tools. Online Kids Academy is an excellent option for parents looking for online language education for their kids. It is a valuable educational resource due to its user-friendly layout, thorough courses, and interactive features.


Outschool is a fantastic online English class platform. It provides various classes for students of all ages and skill levels. The course selection is extensive and covers many facets of the English language, including conversation, reading, writing, and grammar. 

YouTube video

The program’s interactive format encourages participation and facilitates efficient learning. Students can communicate with teachers and other students, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. For those who want to practice their English in the comfort of their own homes, Outschool is the best option. It offers a convenient and engaging learning environment.


FredisaLearns is a fantastic website with a wide selection of free online training. It offers an intuitive user interface and thorough material, making it a priceless tool for students of all ages. 


Various exciting and interactive courses covering various topics and abilities are available on FredisaLearns. The courses are created with an emphasis on practical application and real-life events to provide a fun and successful learning experience.

In addition, students can access digital materials like worksheets and exercises that support the courses and aid in learning.

LearnEnglish Kids

The LearnEnglish Kids website of the British Council is a fantastic resource for kids to learn English. It offers an intuitive user interface and a wide variety of instructional information.

YouTube video

Children can learn English while having fun because of the range of exciting games, activities, and interactive lessons offered by LearnEnglishKids. Moreover, the website caters to many learning methods and covers a variety of language abilities, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The material fosters language learning and cultural awareness and is age-appropriate. Children can explore subjects like science, nature, and everyday life while expanding their vocabulary and general knowledge.


DinoLingo is an outstanding platform for children to learn English. Moreover, you can expect a fun and engaging experience with this platform. It offers a wide variety of information made just for beginners.

YouTube video

DinoLingo provides fun exercises, contests, and films to make learning English pleasurable. Vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking are the main areas of concentration in the material. It uses vibrant images, enticing tunes, and interactive activities to hold children’s attention.

The website explores various topics to broaden kids’ vocabulary and understanding. Parents and teachers can monitor development and pinpoint areas that need work.


Anglomaniacy is a fantastic website for teaching English to children. It offers a variety of instructional resources and has an easy-to-use interface.


Kids can enjoy learning English with activities, games, songs, and worksheets on Anglomaniacy. The curriculum includes vocabulary, grammar, phonics, and more to accommodate various learning styles.

The learning experience is improved by the website’s use of vibrant images, interactive exercises, and audio pronunciations. The platform encourages active engagement and language use. Parents, teachers, and others can access digital materials and lesson plans to promote children’s language development.


Cambly provides a great platform for youngsters to learn English in an interactive and immersive manner. The website has an easy-to-use layout that makes navigating through it simple. Kids can participate in one-on-one video sessions with trained English teachers through Cambly. 

YouTube video

In a safe and welcoming setting, these workshops allow kids to practice speaking and listening in English. The teachers at Cambly are adept at tailoring courses to each student’s specific requirements and interests. 

They employ various interactive teaching tools, games, and activities to make learning enjoyable and interesting. Furthermore, Cambly provides various scheduling choices so children can progress at their convenience and pace.

ESL KidStuff

ESL KidStuff is a fantastic resource for teaching English to children. It has an easy-to-use design and various resources, such as lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, games, and songs. These tools include crucial language abilities, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. 

YouTube video

For young students, interactive activities and music make learning enjoyable and engaging. They aid in language skill reinforcement and actively engage kids in the educational process. ESL KidStuff offers interactive materials to improve English learning and also make it fun for kids at the same time.

Learning the fun way

In today’s global society, English has be­come indispensable for young individuals. It e­nables effective­ communication, opens up educational and caree­r prospects, fosters cultural understanding, facilitate­s personal growth, and offers exciting trave­l opportunities.

Children can unlock a world of possibilitie­s by embracing the power of English. This fle­xible talent will serve­ them well throughout their live­s, enhancing both pleasure and e­fficiency in their learning e­xperiences. Embracing te­chnology can significantly aid children’s path to achieving compete­nce in English. And why just English? With the use of amazing STEM apps, kids can play and learn science too!

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