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Experiencing forearm and wrist pain at the workplace is becoming common these days. The problem might just right be there on your desk.

No, not your pen, pads, or other writing material, but your mouse. Your desk is calling for you to purchase an ergonomic mouse. The mouse of a computer system is one standard piece of the many hardware devices used to interact with the computer system’s GUI (Graphical User Interface). 

Using a mouse involves being in a highly motionless position than usual. It further includes small but repetitive usage of specific muscles. This leads to discomfort, pain, and a tint of uneasiness, enough to ruin the rest of your day. 

This overstretching and overworking of muscles more than the usual amount can cause particular problems hindering your daily lifestyle and work efficiency. Some common issues are:

  • Pain and soreness around the wrist area
  • Discomfort along the elbow and just above the forearm area
  • Creation of discomforting nodules hindering your hand movements
  • Tingling and feeling of numbness in the thumb and index finger
  • Stiffness and limited movements
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The usage of a mouse is considerably more than that of a keyboard. It is therefore essential to have a sustainable or an ergonomic mouse.

How is an Ergonomic Mouse different than a Regular Mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is shaped for the health and comfort of the user, unlike a typical mouse. It fits the arm and wrist just like a glove does. It provides a natural fit and a better position for the arm and wrist to rest on it.

Further, it also helps in unrestricted movement of the forearm. It requires less grip strength and force, causing less fatigue, stress, and tension. Along with increasing your comfort levels, it also promotes efficiency in the workplace.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse

Improves Posture

While working on computers, it is observed that people tend to work in an unusual posture for a significant amount of time. Additionally, the usage of the mouse makes our body motionless without us knowing and inducing numbness in the thumb or fingers. In worst cases, this numbness can spread throughout your arm and go on to your neck. 

The ergonomic mouse can keep the posture intact since it provides a comfortable position for the wrist to rest.

Avoids duress on the wrist

While working with a mouse, pressure on the wrist’s outer side cannot usually be prevented. The pressure can be warded-off by supporting your wrist or keeping it at a desirable angle. Resting your palm and fingers through an ergonomic mouse will help remove unwanted stress.

Avoids Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is an irritation caused in the wrists running via the carpal tunnel present in the wrist because of unfavorable movements. Whenever you use a mouse, your arms put tension on your wrists. But if you use an ergonomic mouse, you won’t feel that tension around your wrists or arms.

Extends comfort for Arthritic People

The traditional mouse we have used can be painful in the long run. It could be worse if you have arthritis. After already having joint pains, you definitely would not want to twist or stretch them more. The ergonomic mouse has an optimized angle well-suited for your arm and wrist, avoiding overstretching muscles and joints.

Helps in preventing any further injuries

Using an ergonomic mouse, the short-term and long-term needs are taken care of. Rest your wrists and fingers now to have unrestricted movements in the future. Also, working painlessly reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. 

The buttons of some ergonomic mice can now be programmed as well. If you tend to perform the same function every day, you can program your mouse buttons, and that function will automatically be carried out with a single click. It will also increase the speed of your work.

Now, you will be pretty clear about how an ergonomic mouse can help you increase work efficiency and better care of your health.


Anker is a wireless ergonomic mouse. Get rid of your old and uncomfortable grip. This mouse provides utmost comfort by fitting the contour of the palm easily.

It is a go-to mouse with a futuristic design approach. Its buttons are sensitive that don’t require you to press them constantly for your work providing the mouse with increased functionality. The device offers a cost-effective solution for dragging, dropping, gaming, or any function.

It is easy to use and is compatible with devices like Windows and Mac OS. Anker has high-resolution optical tracking technology for precise tracking on a wide surface. Also, it is battery-powered and saves its power by entering into the power saving mode after 8 minutes of inactivity. 

It has a scientific design encouraging a healthy handshake and wrist position. The primary aim of Anker is to release you from the additional strain.  

Logitech ERGO

Logitech ERGO M575 is a wireless mouse with an effortless thumb control and is as natural as anything. Besides offering increased comfort levels, ERGO M575 provides an improved and more natural posture.

ERGO M575 is the most suitable mouse if you are low on space at the workplace. Its shape naturally fits the palm to relax the arm. It also offers increased control levels by adjusting the speed of the cursor. It is typically designed for tighter workplaces and busy decked-up desks. 

Once connected with Bluetooth or a USB receiver, it ranges up to 33ft without lag-offs. It is eco-friendly and healthy for your pockets too.      

It is highly rated, requires minimal space, and can accommodate itself anywhere in stampede places, providing you the freedom to work efficiently and calmly. 

Evoluent VM4RW

Ergonomic mouse by Evoluent suitably avoids arm twisting and provides better comfort. It has programmable easy-to-use buttons. A user can set the working of buttons within different programs. The thumb rest in this version has been reshaped compared to its earlier version to provide an enhanced degree of comfort.

Optical sensory controls are provided on the side that helps you adjust the pointer speed without releasing the hand grip. Evoluent’s vertical mouse 4 is designed to prevent the pinky finger from rubbing the desk. It is more precise and helps in smooth movements and work operation.

It is best suited for keeping the posture upright while working by keeping the right hand upright in a neutral position. The vertical side supports the hand, just like in a handshake stance. This, in turn, helps in exerting less force overall.


Lekvey is another wireless vertical mouse. It is best used for office and gaming purposes. The main difference against a traditional mouse is that it reduces the pressure on the wrist. So, you won’t have to worry about cramps in the wrist.

Its main advantage is that the mouse is rechargeable and does not work on batteries. You can recharge it anywhere with a suitable cable at your convenience. Its six buttons allow you to add some daily tasks to them and get complete control over the computer systems. 

Lekvey provides the user with the much-needed low-cost and effective solution for various purposes. Its advanced functions of the page back and forward offer you ease when browsing through the web. The product comes with an easy-to-use technical support technology for a lifetime and a 24-month warranty. 

Logitech MX ERGO

Logitech’s MX ERGO, with an ergonomic design, provides the user with personalized comfort due to its adjustable hinge feature. With a single minute’s charge, its power can last one whole day for full use.

It is compatible only with personal computers, and the trackball angle is customizable up to 20 degrees for a natural and comforting arm position. This also helps in reducing overstraining of muscles to a greater extent.

With MX ERGO, one can effortlessly navigate and switch between 2 personal computers. It provides the next generation with a multi-device trackball for file sharing and better computer control.

The mouse can be connected wirelessly with Bluetooth or USB receiver. It has 4 customizable buttons and can be used as per users’ wants and needs. 


Vassink mouse is designed to fit the palm naturally. This helps you control the mouse more comfortably. It is fast, efficient, sensitive, and effortless to use. The presence of optical sensors increases the sensitivity of the standard optical mouse.

It has 6 buttons with adjustable DPI mouse movement speed. Vassink mouse can be used easily on broad surfaces. It has adopted a button mute feature, ensuring more suitability in public places like offices and other workplaces. 

It is a lightweight and fashionable mouse compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The quality is well-tested, and the wireless and rechargeable aspect makes it more durable and long-lasting. One can use the mouse seamlessly, even when it is charging.  

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3 is one of the most advanced mice in the master series. It is suitably constructed to fulfill the needs of designers and engineers to design and work easily. 

Master 3 has a feature of app-specific personalization that saves your time and speeds up the workflow. Its electromagnetic scrolling button and machined steel thumb controls give the user the utmost comfort.

An advanced wireless 2.4 GHz technology provides more precision while working than any other traditional mouse. It supports multiple devices with multiple OS and can be connected to up to three devices. Its flexibility allows it to operate on any surface, providing the best possible service with the help of a top-notch 4000 DPI sensor. 

Goldtouch KOV-GSV-RMW

The Goldtouch KOV-GSV-RMW is an advanced semi-vertical model of the series. The mouse is angled at 66 degrees to prevent the wrist from getting strained and provide comfort.

You can customize its weight since four detachable weights of 5g are provided to adjust the weight according to personal requirements. It also has a detachable flange accessory that keeps the palm from touching the surface. Therefore, It is best recommended for office purposes.

It takes significantly less time to set up as the wireless 2.4 GHz receiver sets it up quickly. The mouse has an ergonomic plot, plug-and-play features, and a programmable DPI. 

Logitech Lift Vertical Mouse

Logitech Lift Vertical Mouse has a subtle grip and a comforting thumb rest that enhances your working ability. While using this ergonomically designed mouse, you can rest your upper body naturally and improve efficiency. 

It elevates the wrist at 57 degrees of angle, aligning your forearm and removing the unwanted duress from your hand that may hinder efficiency. With a speedy and precise scrolling bar, you don’t go to edit your documents. Instead, you fly through them by connecting the lift to up to 3 devices.

You can mend your ways for a specific task by customizing 4 buttons and adding shortcuts. It can work upon multiple devices by connecting it via Bluetooth or the already provided USB cable. It is made of recycled plastic. Hence, it is also environment-friendly with an intuitive built-up.

MX Vertical Mouse

MX Vertical by Logitech is an eco-friendly, ergonomically, and scientifically designed mouse. Hand movements are vastly reduced with its 4000 DPI high-quality, precise optical sensor. 

The mouse’s cursor speed can be thoroughly adjusted by touching a button. It can be used for more than 150 minutes from a single charge of one minute.

It offers the user its top cross-computer control feature by navigating quickly on three computers, transferring media and files, and copy-pasting texts. MX Vertical is further compatible with Windows and Mac OS versions. Quick charging its battery will keep the mouse powered for up to four months.  

It is primarily accorded by people having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as it stretches only the required muscles, avoids overstraining, and takes unwanted pressure off the wrist. 

Razer Basilisk V3

The Razer Basilisk V3 customizable, ergonomic mouse is designed explicitly for gaming purposes. Basisilk V3 is considered to be the number 1 best-selling mouse brand for gaming purposes.

Its high-quality sensor provides pixel accuracy, tracks movements via an optical sensor, and functions like an asymmetrical cut-off. A total of 11 programmable buttons are present in this series. Tasks according to your needs can be assigned to the buttons to carry-out actions like ping and push-to-talk.  

Your finger has very little work to do when it comes to scrolling. The scroll bar keeps spinning until it is stopped and changed to a tangible mode for more enhanced precision and takes the strain away from the finger. Its top design and endless configurations have gained the limelight in the gaming world and are among the best options to go with. If you are looking for a comfortable gaming mouse, this is the right choice.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft’s Bluetooth Wireless Ergonomic Mouse provides a high degree of work comfort. It is a lightweight, long-lasting device with a top-class finishing and a Teflon base.

With the help of 3 personalized buttons ready to be programmed for your comfort, it can save you time by adding certain app-specific functions. It can only be operated in Windows 10 as per the latest updates. However, being straightforward and smooth to use, it cannot be run over glass or mirror platforms. 

You can even make the working environment joyful by adding colors to your work desk as you get to choose from various colors. It aims to reduce fatigue and provide holistic control over the computer system. 


An ergonomically designed mouse not only imparts the user with the necessary comfort, productivity, and painless movements but also improves your postural well-being. An upright posture makes you appear confident and suitable. On top of that, it also builds healthy and durable relations, leaving a long-lasting impression. 

It has diminished the carpal tunnel syndrome since the wrist position remains in an elevated or a handshake position. So, we can say that buying an ergonomic mouse is the need of the hour!

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