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La toma de decisiones puede ser cómpliceated process, pero plantilla de árbol de decisión libreates puede facilitarle el trabajo.

In any business organization, decision-making involves considering multiple related factors before opting for the right option. Using a decision tree can make the procedure seamless and help organizations easily make tough choices.

This article will offer you a complete guide on the decision tree and discuss its importance, component, use cases, and decision tree-making process. Also, we will share some free decision tree templateestoy contigo

¿Qué es un árbol de decisión?

Un árbol de decisión es un tipo de diagrama de flujo que puede utilizar para analizar todas las decisiones posibles y sus resultados. Cada rama de un árbol de decisiones se refiere a una opción que puede elegir. Lo bueno del árbol de decisiones es que puede ampliarlo en función de la causa y el efecto. Todo lo que tiene que hacer es extender una rama cuando un resultado lleva a otro curso de acción. 

Importancia de un árbol de decisión

Those involved in any type of professional decision-making would know that it is a complicated process. To come up with a decision, you need to have a deep understanding of facts and intuition. 

People often use tools like a decision tree template to outline all possible outcomes. It also helps you visualize the necessary steps for arriving at the best decision.

Decision-making is a kind of problem-solving that needs you to apply logic and probability. Using a decision tree template, users can readily organize all the data available. They can also fill the gaps by combining probabilities with the information to make the right decision.

Startups and SMBs will find decision trees particularly helpful because these companies have limited resources, and it is not easy to get financial buy-in. On the other hand, large companies and enterprises can utilize decision trees to find the right options before presenting them to their stakeholders or an internal . 

You can use decision trees to find out if a new product is viable or if a product can get investments. All you need is to utilize your creativity to evaluate the endless options. 

Componentes comunes de un árbol de decisión ideal

Aunque los árboles de decisión lo ayudan a manejar datos complejos, no son diagramas de flujo difíciles de entender. Los siguientes son los componentes esenciales que encontrará en todos los árboles de decisión.

  • Nodo raíz: Cada árbol de decisión comienza con un tema o pregunta central. Se llama la raíz de un árbol de decisión. Todos los demás nodos y ramas salen de él.
  • Nodo hoja: Estos nodos representan varias decisiones y resultados. Podría ser un nodo de decisión (square forma) que representa una decisión, un nodo de probabilidad (forma de círculo) que representa la probabilidad y un nodo final (forma de triángulo) que representa el resultado.
  • Rama: Estos se utilizan para conectar diferentes nodos. 

Aquí hay algunas terminologías adicionales que se usan a menudo en un árbol de decisión:

  • Internal Nodo: Every node between the root and leaf nodes (decisions and chance nodes) is called an internal node; you can have any number of internal nodos 
  • Poda: La poda es el método que utiliza para eliminar nodos que contienen datos irrelevantes cuando los árboles de decisión se vuelven complejos. 
  • Terrible: When a node gets divided into two or more sub-nodes, we call it splitting or branching. These sub-nodes can be internal or end nodes.

Guía paso a paso para crear un árbol de decisión

When you are about to create a decision tree, these are the steps you should follow consequently.

1. Tenga la pregunta central: para crearate a decision tree, you should start by putting your main question in the decision tree template.

2. Agregue ramas alrededor de la pregunta: Piense en algunas opciones posibles que puede elegir. Para cada uno de estos, dibuje una línea con un nodo al principio y un nodo de hoja al final.

3. Incluir hojas: Use an if/then statement to label each leaf node. Thus you can point out the consequence of each choice. 

4. Coloque más sucursales si es necesario: Guardar growing the tree with more branches and leaves with proper labeling. 

5. Evaluaciónate and Decide: A medida que vaya respondiendo todas las preguntas del árbol de decisiones, podrá llegar a su decisión.

6. Verifique con las partes interesadas: If you have come up with a decision alone using this decision tree template, share the result with the other involved parties before proceeding with your decision.

Casos de uso de la vida real de un árbol de decisión

A decision tree is a powerful tool and highly popular among data analysts who create business operations strategies. It is also used in machine learning and artificial intelligence for training algorithms.

El uso de árboles de decisión se puede ver en las siguientes industrias:

  • A technology company that wants to evaluate growaésima oportunidades.
  • Los bancos y las organizaciones financieras necesitan predecir la posibilidad de incumplimiento de pago utilizando datos históricos.
  • Un hospital debe priorizar la atención del paciente en función de factores cruciales como la edad y los síntomas.
  • A logistics company with the need to decide on strategestión mágica.

Now that we know the benefits of decision trees let’s look at some of the best sites to get decision tree templates.


Miro is a team collaboration tool that offers you a variety of templates for businesses. You can access its decision tree template for free by adding it to your team board of this application. It even comes with a video that will help you use the template.

este temploate offers you a wide variety of customization options, such as node color, font size, font color, lock, grouping, and filtering objects. You can add or remove any node according to your requirements.

Miro also lets you save the template as a PDF and image; or export it to a spreadsheet (CSV) and Google Drive.


TemploateArcohive also offers a collection of 25+ decision tree templates that you can download and edit in simple steps. The templates available on this website contain different formatting and tree styles, so you can choose the template that goes with your brand style.

Algunos de los templosates have designs to solve simple issues in a handful of steps, while others can help you find answers to complex questions. Open these on MS Word and edit accordingly to reach your decision.


Mural is a visual collaboration platform where you can get a free decision tree template for your team. Choose the “create Mural from template” option after opening the template, and it will be ready to edit.

It has tooltips located on the left panel of the template to help you with navigation. You can seamlessly move any node or branch to personalize it. You can export the completed tree in PDF, PNG, or ZIP formatos.

It also supports branch type change, node color change, zoom, lock and facilitator lock, tip change, direction change, labeling, tagging, adding a link, text formatting, border, and stroke width. You can switch to sketch format to draw a decision tree manually.


SmartDraw is an ideal option if you want to get tailored templates for your decision-making. Here, you will get separate decision tree templates for Financial Risk Analysis, Development, Company Merger, and Project Development.

Le permite agregar rápidamente nodos adicionales en diferentes direcciones de un nodo con un clic. También puede agregar notas, hipervínculos o comentarios a un nodo. Desde el panel izquierdo, puede personalizar las formas, el diseño y el formato del árbol de decisiones.

Puede exportar el árbol de decisiones en formato CSV e importar datos desde archivos CSV, XLS y XLSX.


Muchos Canva users do not know that this platform offers free decision tree templates for decision visualization. It provides multiple professionally-templo diseñadoates that will simplify your strategic challenges. 

The platform has many drag-and-drop tools that non-designers can use to modify the template. You can change the font size, font style, alignment, and text format easily on this tool. Users can also add animation and effects to the template para hacerlo attracthe. 

Canva también admite compartir o descargar sus árboles de decisión en alta resolución. También puede incrustar el árbol de decisión en presentaciones e informes sin problemas.


drawmax offers several curatetemplo dates of decision trees, including App Development, Python, Asset, Statistical Test, Extracción de Información, and Operation Airbridge. Choose any template and click on Duplicate to open it for editing.

From the left panel, you can add and modify the shapes included in the decision tree. The right panel options let you customize line, fill and shadow. Moreover, you can personalize the template using numerous other options this platform offers.

EdrawMax le permite exportar el árbol de decisiones en formatos PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, SVG y gráficos.

Palabras finales

Whether you are stuck between two business options 🤔 or looking for a guideline to resolve any issue, a decision tree can help you with much-needed motivation. Regardless of the company size and problem criticality, a decision tree is a handy approach to coming up with the ideal decision.

Using the websites mentioned above, you can get a decision tree template suitable for your needs. Before finalizing a decision, you can also check out free SWOT analysis templates para encontrar sus fortalezas y debilidades.

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