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Hay miles de canales para niños en YouTube que ofrecen entretenimiento y educación adecuados para niños.

Sin embargo, no todos los canales son un refugio seguro para que los niños se diviertan y aprendan.

Si está buscando aumentar el conocimiento de su hijo usando videos de YouTube, entonces tendrá que tener mucho cuidado. Lo último que desea hacer es dejar que su hijo mire cualquier video solo porque dice "para niños". Sus hijos no obtendrán un buen conocimiento al ver videos que muestren caca en la cara de Elsa en la vida real o niños matando insectos gigantes con utensilios de cocina.

YouTube’s definition of “for kids” is very loose, so you need to be careful yourself as a parent. A aplicación de control parental may protect them from inappropriate .

I have once made the mistake of letting my kids freely navigate kids-friendly channels, and somehow they always ended up on channels I didn’t find appropriate for learning (or even watching for fun). So I created a dedicated Cuenta de YouTube para mis hijos y suscrito a muchos canales I find right for them. This keeps their recommendations similar, and I have to moderate them less.

Si quieres hacer lo mismo, conozco muchos canales de YouTube para niños que son muy educativos y divertidos al mismo tiempo. Sigue leyendo y encontrarás algunos de los mejores canales educativos de YouTube seguros para que los vean los niños.

SciShow Niños

Como sugiere el nombre, es un canal para ayudar a los niños a aprender ciencia. SciShow Niños use kids friendly tone and graphical material to teach about fun facts and discoveries of science. There is no specific focus of the channel; you can find videos about making something, why and how some natural things occur, new science discoveries, facts about things, and pretty much anything as long as it comes under science.

ellos usanally upload a new video once a week, and the videos are near 5min long. Their funny jokes and kids-friendly setup that includes a mascot keep kids entertained while gaining knowledge.


Otra gran fuente de conocimiento, pero no se enfoca en un nicho específico. TED-Ed covers 5min animated education videos about pretty much anything. This includes design, science, history, religion, and even current world events. Different designers and narrators make the videos, so the animations and delivery style can be different from video to video.

The channel is updated with a new video 2-3 times a week. They also have dedicated sections for videos covering mathematical facts, nature, Einstein discoveries, poems, coding, viruses, and more.

plaza Sésamo

Estoy seguro de que ya conoces plaza Sésamo. También tienen un canal de YouTube, donde están disponibles todos sus programas. La mayoría de sus videos son historias y actividades divertidas que indirectamente ayudan a los niños a aprender muchos aspectos de la vida, como la ética, la limpieza, las manualidades y más.

They also have direct academic videos about counting, basic math, ABCs, Art, history, etc. Videos are usually 1-5 minutes long unless it’s a compilation, and they upload 4-5 new videos in a week.


Inspirado por el Institución Smithsonian museo e investigación, el Canal de YouTube del Smithsonian offers videos about history, animals, and culture. However, most of the videos are about animals showing fun facts, unique interactions, and rank lists.

Videos are usually documentary style with real clips and pictures, and some of them also contain interviews. Most animal-related videos are 2-5 minutes long, but history documentaries are usually over 30min long.

Historia sencilla

Si quiere que sus hijos aprendan la historia del mundo, entonces Simplemente historia is the perfect place. Simply History does an amazing job of bringing historical events to life by animating them. The animations are repetitive and not too great, but they work fine for telling the story.

However, I will not recommend you to show these to young kids as they also cover the history of wars, including blood and injuries, etc. They cover many stories from history that aren’t very popular, especially stories about heroes of the past that many people don’t know about. The videos are also 5-8min long, and they upload 2 videos every week.


Alfabloques is your child’s one-stop place to learn alphabets, spellings, and how words are formed. The channel consists of animated shows where all 26 alphabet letters are cartoon characters with a dedicated identity. When these letters connect, they make a word that also magically makes the word’s meaning come to life.

En base a esto, estas letras se involucran en actividades divertidas y forman palabras que también cuentan la historia del episodio. También hacen un trabajo increíble al rimar palabras. También puede consultar Bloques de números Canal de YouTube que realiza actividades similares pero con números.

PBS Kids

PBS also has a dedicated YouTube channel for kids where some of their most popular shows for kids are uploaded. At PBS Kids, sus hijos pueden encontrar programas como Molly of Denali, Elinor Wonder Why, Word World, Arthur, Mister Rogers 'Neighborhood y más.

Apart from TV series, PBS Kids also hosts some of their own shows where kids talk about their thoughts on different matters and involve in other fun activities. Most of their shows are 13-30 minutes long, and they usually upload at least 5 videos/week.

Acerca de la magia

Aprender trucos de magia también puede ser una gran experiencia de aprendizaje que también es bastante divertida. Acerca de la magia muestra trucos de magia rápidos que se pueden hacer fácilmente usando objetos domésticos comunes. Utilizando las leyes de la física y algo de ilusión, tus hijos pueden aprender divertidos trucos de magia que parecen imposibles de realizar hasta que se descubre el secreto. revcurado.

Además de trucos de magia, el canal también tiene algunos vídeos para aprender a hacer objetos con globos o hacer algunos trucos con cartas como barajar con una mano o sin cambiar el orden. Tanto el truco como su secreto son revealed in the same video, and videos are usually 15sec to 5min long.

Física del minuto

Como su nombre indica, Física del minuto has quick videos about physics-related topics that are just a few minutes long. Videos mostly consist of whiteboard animations along with real pictures and clips to help understand the concept.

Although most of the videos are related to physics, there are some other types of videos too; but they all come under science. Unfortunately, their upload schedule is slightly slow; they only upload 1-2 videos in a month. However, each video is worth watching, so it’s good to subscribe.


Another YouTube channel with topics related to science. However, at Veritasium, Derek Müller adopta un enfoque un poco diferente al desafiar directamente algunos conceptos científicos, o se discuten algunos de los conceptos menos conocidos.

Los videos son en su mayoría entrevistas directas de otros científicos y experimentos realizados por Derek o aquellos a quienes entrevista. La mayoría de los videos duran más de 15 minutos y puedes encontrar 2-3 videos nuevos por mes. Además de explicar la ciencia con experimentos, también hay algunos videos de estilo documental sobre la historia de la ciencia.

I must mention that these videos are usually good for teenagers as they talk about more advanced concepts and are also not directly catered to kids.

Doug misterioso

At Doug misterioso, kids ask questions related to science, and they answer them using both animated and real clips. As most of the questions are asked by kids, they are usually simple thoughts about things that are around us.

They also cover some off topics based on requests or current world events, like “Do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving?” or “How do magicians trick people?”. All the videos are made and narrated por doug peltz self, and he makes sure they are kids friendly.

Canal de ciencia

I know this is yet another YouTube channel discussing science, but I will specifically like to recommend Science Channel for its "Como está hecho" serie. En esta serie, Canal de ciencia shows us how specific products are made in a factory by making videos of the complete process como sucede.

Kids can learn exactly how things are made, such as fishing lines, footballs, skin cream, chocolate mints, fireworks, and many other things. As of writing, there are over 220 videos under this series, and video is uploaded every week showing how something is made.

También tienen una serie de videos sobre la galaxia, la historia de la tierra y experimentos científicos locos.

Pensamientos finales

These channels offer educational material in a fun way, either with a kids-friendly tone or animations that keep them attracted. Furthermore, nearly half of these channels are directly or indirectly related to science, but they all cover the topics differently, so they all are worth subscribing to.

A continuación, descubra algunos de los mejores Rastreadores para niños para mayor seguridad.

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