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Uno de los desafíos clave que enfrenta una organización es contratar personas sinceras.ates who can take the business to the next level. Hence comes the pre-employment assessment tools that have made hiring a bit fácil.

The hiring manager or recruiters have a frustrating job to filter through hundreds or thousands of qualified and unqualified (often) candidates to hire one top talent that can do well for business. Even businesses spend a lot of money and time to add candidates that can make a difference.

La contratación process includes screening, entrevistas, assessment, and whatnot to finalize the candidate who can’t work on guesswork. The recruiters depend on data and applicant pool to develop an unbiased decision.

As a result, candidate assessment tools are becoming a significant part of businesses. These top pre-employment assessment tools come with several features that fit the business.

Sin embargo, antes de saltar a las mejores herramientas de evaluación previa al empleo, debemos comprender de qué se trata la evaluación previa al empleo.

¿Qué es una evaluación previa al empleo?

Consider pre-employment assessment to analyze a candidate’s skills and ability using tools. The tools can help the human resource department or hiring managers to hire the candidates with desired skillsets that can ace their responsibility.

Es un cuestionario o prueba compilado en una evaluación funcional para encontrar la mejor combinación. Las herramientas de evaluación pueden cubrir varias habilidades con preguntas basadas en la posición, preguntas específicas de la industria, resolución de problemas, personalidad, habilidades blandas, capacidad cognitiva, juicio situacional, comunicación, motivación y aptitud.

Along with these, the pre-employment or pre-hiring assessment is customizable and premade that offers real-time reports about a candidate’s performance. These tools can work well to analyze technical skills, coding, engineering, and IT skills.

¿Por qué utilizar la evaluación previa al empleo en lugar de la evaluación manual previa al empleo?

Pre-employment assessment tests help in boosting the efficiency of the process to screen the candidates at an earlier stage. It offers accurate and quicker employee hiring while avoiding any biases in manual assessment. The aim is to improve the quality of new hires to shortlist candidates and accelerate el conjunto process.

The pre-employment assessment tools decrease employee turnover, which is difficult with manual pre-employment assessment. It also improves candidate experience, allowing them to gain insight into the company that is impossible for manual hiring.

Las herramientas de evaluación previa al empleo pueden ayudar al equipo de reclutamiento a contratar el talento que se merece. Veamos ahora algunas de las mejores herramientas.

Mercer Mettl

Como evaluación digital previa al empleo Mercer Mettl has gained a good reputation in the market. The comprehensive tool helps measure the critical skills and traits of the potential candidates. Compiled with the best-in-class proctoring technology, it has become a backbone to acquire skills and test core traits.

La herramienta holística puede preparar fácilmente la evaluación para probar habilidades de dominio, rasgos de personalidad, habilidades de codificación, tendencias de comportamiento, habilidades de comunicación y habilidades cognitivas: resolución de problemas y razonamiento. Varias otras pruebas o evaluaciones están disponibles en la herramienta Mercer Mettl.

The AI-powered tool is famous for building cost-effective and conducting scalable, proctored assessments. The online assessment platform helps to deliver end-to-end pre-employment tests to get real-time results, schedule or invite multiple candidates, and curate customized evaluations.

It contains a remote AI-based proctoring suite that offers three-point authentication, browser lockdown to regulate browsing environment, and human-based proctoring. The tool is ideal for lateral and function hiring with in-depth functional knowledge to scale up to match requirements.

El índice predictivo

El índice predictivo can easily find the right person for the respective role in less time. The aim is to hire candidates that have potential without wasting time. Start with preparing a job description as data points, invite the candidates for The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (6-minutes test) that can fit the requirements, and hire the candidate that can fit your description.

The aim of using the PI tool is to hire whether it is three candidates or hundreds. It can easily align the hiring team with the candidate’s assessment and results. The team can deep dive into the candidate pool to analyze the performance to hire the ideal fit.

Hiring managers can quickly streamline the interview process probing the gap between requirements and candidates. The aim is to offer an impressive candidate experience with a streamlined and focused strategy

This pre-employment assessment tool can align the sourcing process, sort out the potential candidates, know their efficiency, evaluate the talent pool, and hire the best one out of the lot. It is to make the talent acquisition team efficient, impact, and understand behavioral drives.


Identifique el mejor talento rápidamente con Harver that is packed with validated pre-employment assessments. Using this assessment tool aims to hire better without being biased to the user. This tool will allow recruiters to engage with the candidates and give everyone a fair chance.

Harver can analyze hard skills such as language tests, escribiendo pruebas, pruebas multitarea, agilidad cognitiva y de aprendizaje, como pruebas de capacidad cognitiva y pruebas de agilidad de aprendizaje. La herramienta también monitorea el comportamiento con la entrevista virtual, el cuestionario, la personalidad de adecuación cultural y la adecuación laboral con la prueba de juicio situacional y de asignación.

Along with this, the recruiters can implement data-driven hiring practices with 15+ assessments to evaluate francoates. The aim is to test candidates, obtain insights with creating branded realistic job previews, and give a glimpse into the work culture.

Esta herramienta de evaluación previa al empleo ofrece un análisis de trabajo en profundidad y la optimización de coincidencias a través de bucles de rendimiento. Proporciona puntajes coincidentes totalmente personalizados en colaboración con consultores de I/O y realiza un seguimiento de las métricas de contratación al instante.

Wonderlic WonScore

Wonderlic WonScore focuses on the right talent to ensure that companies hire the best and potential candidates. The intuitive tools are powered-by I/O science while maintaining ethical AI standards. It allows recruiters to identify, analyze, and hire top talent that can succeed in the respective job.

The tool offers predictive power of personality, cognitive ability, and motivation assessments that allows top performers to gain jobs. Wonderlic WonScore is packed with robust science resulting in proven solutions to offer top results. Millions of candidates take the psychometric assessments and predict the potential of the talent pool.


iMocha is an AI-powered digital skills assessment tool that tests 2,000+ skills quickly. The remote hiring is now streamlined with iMocha, the world’s most extensive skills library, including 20+ coding languages, 500+ IT skills, 20+ domain skills, 50+ next-gen skills, and 20+ cognitive skills, to name a few.

This intuitive tool also offers the fastest custom skill assessment to test any requirement and provides live interviews to check analytical, coding, and communication skills. The tool provides AI-powered insights and AI-enabled proctoring, providing accurate skills competency reports.

The user-friendly and seamless tool optimizes recruitment strategies and reduces hiring time. The AI-powered tool is highly customizable where recruiters can add questions, test links, set categories to create comprehensive tests. It also assesses candidates’ knowledge with AI-EnglishPro, AI-LogicBox, and live coding interviews.


TestGorilla helps recruiters hire the best candidates using screening tests to make bias-free, easier, and faster decisions. The tool can quickly analyze the test and predict real-world job performance. It comes with a 195 scientifically IMPORTANTEated tests library that can help create assessments for job-specific skills.

The skills covered in TestGorilla are digital marketing, coding skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, value tests, personality, and cognitive thinking to name a few. The aim of opting for such a pre-employment assessment tool is to avoid wasting time in interviews and screening.

This assessment tool can quickly screen CVs and pre-qualified CVs to rank or grade the candidate accordingly. It also allows recruiters to watch video responses of candidates and custom questions along with screening process automatización.


Alva doesn’t depend on the CV when assessing a candidate’s potential. The tool allows recruiters to go beyond the CV and understand the thought process of the talent pool to save time and give everyone a fair chance.

Alva comes with psychometric tests that eliminate going through hundreds of CVs. It improves screening accuracy for candidates giving everyone an objective and fair chance. Start with creating a job while mentioning skills, qualifications, and descriptiones.

Once done, invite the candidates automáticoally to take the test to assess them with personality and logic skills. Compare the candidate’s result report and match the defined role description. Even the candidate uses this tool to take the test and share it with the recruiters to avoid retaking it.


Sea parte de un enfoque moderno para la evaluación del empleo con HighMatch to deliver personalized candidate insights. The aim is to gain better matches, obtain accurate results at every hiring stage and have happier employees.

es desafiante para empower the organization in a jot job market with throat-cutting competition. The pre-employment tests assess candidates to increase turnover and agilizar la contratación ciclo. El objetivo es obtener información de cada etapa de contratación en comparación con las pruebas manuales.

HighMatch has an exponential impact on the individual, culture, and company weighing on the recruiter and candidate experience. It identifies the matches for the recruiters to ensure less turnover and an inclusive hiring process.

Recruiters can put their best foot forward to offer a streamlined hiring process al sinceroates, giving them a good insight into the company culture. This pre-employment assessment tool aims to provide fair hiring, make better decisions, and improve efficiency.


TestDome pre-employment assessment tool hires better candidates faster with job skill tests. It helps in identifying the potential candidate from hundreds of CVs is time-consuming and frustrating when done manually.

TestDome tool includes customizable job tests that manage skills to find the perfect match candidates for the job. Also, there is no need to spend time screening or interviewing candidates to make a data-driven hiring decision.

Recruiters can paste the job description with the skills test link to ensure that candidates can instantly take it up while applying for the job. The reason is that a CV is not the perfect description of what the candidates can and cannot do. Hence, it is best to shortlist the candidates that are qualified.


TalentSorter ha eliminadoated the requirement for recruiters to read the candidate’s resume. It is an online hiring tool that helps find the best applicant with a streamlined hiring process.

This pre-employment assessment tool is easy to sort with the help of behavioral science and human analytics. TalentSorter uses FitScore to sort the applicant’s details while analyzing the candidates’ attitude, personality traits, and standards fit for the job.


Traitify is a modern age assessment tool that optimizes the talent experience and helps recruiters hire candidates using powerful personality API. It uses personality data from pre-hire assessments to deliver science-backed insights. The visual-based format enables high-volume hiring for the recruiters to personalize employee and candidate experiencias.

Employers can hire top talent easily and quickly while offering an engaging experience to users. Recruiters can include the assessment link on career sites, SMS, or email sent to candidates. It enables job discovery using personality traits to drive applications.

Traitify helps in gaining self-insights to personalize communication to build brands. It creates ongoing engagement between employers and candidates for more employment brand reciprocity. The pre-employment assessment tool prioritizes the right candidate for faster hiring.

It is a data-driven predictive hiring process empacado con benchmarking and prioritization. The tool also offers reduced turnover, recruitment process automation, and send-off acceptance or rejected candidates.


Imagine HireVue as a hiring experience platform to build a friendlier, fairer, and faster hiring process. es una empresarise-level software that can scale hiring processes y automate workflows para mejorar la forma en que los empleadores contratan, involucran y descubren talento.

The end-to-end hiring experience platform has made it easy to engage, screen, assess, interview, hire, and connect candidates. HireVue tiene integrated calendar systems with market-leading ATS to streamline time-consuming and tedious hiring activities.

La herramienta en línea está repleta de video entrevista, conversational AI, automated scheduling, and assessments to overcome significant challenges and enhance the candidate experience. It offers a better hiring solution to overcome manual and flawed models.


Vervoe allows recruiters to see the candidate’s skills and knowledge before putting the offer letter in front of them. It assesses the in-demand abilities of the candidate to predict job performance and talent. The skill assessment tool focuses on the interview process’s performance instead of the candidate’s background.

Vervoe comes with a customizable assessment to include questions to check soft skills, technical skills, software-specific skills, communication, cognitive skills, and aptitude. Make sure the candidate can do the job with 10+ immersive question types to challenge them.

The AI-powered skill testing tool can identify the best performer and test a job-ready candidate to pay attention to details. The recruiters can use customer AI training sets with a few clicks to get desired results. The recruiters can integrate ATS into the hiring workflow or any other tools that work for the organization.


AssessFirst helps recruiters make better hiring, talent development, and management decisions with AI-based features to eliminate biases. It harnesses behavioral science that can easily predict the true potential of the user to make an impact.

AssessFirst collects data points from different sources to develop the perfect details, such as which project and task the candidate will fit perfectly. The tool allows users to build algorithms to analyze top performers using AI to boost talent development strategies, hire better talent, and improve productivity.

It offers accurate predictions to make reliable recommendations for talent management and recruitment to make the best decisions. The AI compiled with human intelligence has made it easier for recruiters to start hiring.

Toggl Hire

Identify the top talent effortmenos con Toggl Hire y automáticoate la contratacion process with innovative skill tests. Toggl Hire focuses on the relevant skill to test the candidates for the right abilities. Several tests are covered in the tool, such as Marketing Digital, Frontend Development, Customer Support, Internal Audio, Finance Manager, and Finance Controller, to name a few.

The assessment test covers all the roles an organization requires without wasting time scanning thousands of resumes or screening each candidate for the skills. Choose the template based on the roles, create a skills test (customization is also available), share the link on social media, hiring platforms, or career pages.


QuestBase can be an ideal assessment tool for customers, employees, and students to test their skills. It is a faster tool that can certify francoates’ knowledge to make better decisions. QuestBase focuses on the questions that can give a good insight into a candidateconocimientos y habilidades.

The tool allows users to distribute questionnaires, indicate the answers, and create questions for the candidates with a few clicks. Along with this, it only takes a few minutes to develop questions, complete the tests, and automate Los resultados.

Employers can also create a database of questions, import them easily, create assessments, distribute them to different users online or offline, and start analyzing the results of candidates.

Para Concluir

The pre-employment assessment tools are a great way to hire deserving and qualified candidates while saving time, cost, and resources. It is a structured recruitment process that makes it easy for recruiters to hire potential candidates.

Las herramientas ofrecen:

  • automated candidiate notifcation
  • Comprehensive screensing to assess skills and knowledge of candidates
  • Recopilación de datos optimizada
  • Mejorar la productividad de los reclutadores
  • Finding potential caididates with top personality traits
  • Mejor retroalimentación para técnicas mejoradas
  • Mayor nivel de compromiso de los solicitantes

The detailed tools help in predictive analytics, gaining insights, reports, and videos to assure talent success. Also, it empowers managers to make better and wiser decisions when hiring candidates.

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