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In Collaboration Last updated: May 3, 2023
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Life is merely a series of events, isn’t it?

But, there is no rule that all events must be in person in a crowded venue. Nowadays, more and more events are taking place online.

So, are you looking for someone to coordinate your next business conference? Make sure you take advantage of great event management software!

A well-designed event management software package can greatly impact your event’s success. It’ll help you plan, set up, and carry out your conference like a pro. You can use this event management tool to send invitations, follow up on RSVPs, and arrange speakers.

What Is Event Management Software?

Event management software helps event managers manage specific areas of their daily operations. They assist them in planning and executing events, including registration, planning, and billing.

Event management apps offer all-in-one solutions, thereby reducing workload. The platform can manage events and staff either internally or externally based on the chosen solution. Also, the software allows you to interact with attendees.

What Aspects Organizing an Event Entails?

There are a lot of aspects involved when planning an event.

  • Plan and budget – This process is all about budgeting. It’s also about figuring out what the event is all about.
  • Choosing a venue – Factors like event size, type, location, and amenities play a role in venue selection.
  • Event marketing – Promoting the event and advertising to target audiences is part of marketing.
  • Volunteer Management – It is important to recruit, train, and schedule volunteers when managing volunteers.
  • Transportation – The logistics department arranges transportation, lodging, and food services.
  • Managing risks – Risk management involves identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Customer ServiceCustomer service is about ensuring everyone has a good time.

Features of Event Management Software for a Smooth Experience

  • Scheduling & Customized Processes: Event management systems let you design and publish online request forms, request approvals, and create custom fields.  
  • Documentation & Resources: These management systems have a library of resources and documentation planners that users can access.  
  • Mobile access on the go: Making event management systems easy to use requires mobile apps. We live in a technologically advanced age, so a mobile-friendly event management system is essential.
  • Manage and secure data: A secure event solution lets planners show or hide data based on rooms, status, event type, or user. Event security should also have access to ensure protocols are followed. Student and faculty data should be monitored securely, backed up often, and encrypted. 
  • Track & update events easily: You can keep track of events and edit them easily with a simple interface. You shouldn’t have to cancel and rebook to change the time, date, status, or service requirements.  

Now that you understand the requirements for event management software. Let’s explore some of the top event management software.


Zoho is a cloud-based event management tool that helps plan, organize, register, track, and pay for conferences. The software is for companies of all sizes, from startups to big companies, and it lets sponsors create attractive sponsorship packages and manage sponsorship requests. Customizing and integrating with other Zoho apps and third-party tools is easy.



  • Automated operations to optimize productivity and reduce manual labor
  • Data analytics and reporting in real-time
  • A robust data protection mechanism
  • Incorporating other services and applications
  • The ability to scale up and down as your business grows

Start Zoho with the free plan. Depending on the requirement, you can switch to paid plans.

Zoho is a user-friendly, intuitive platform that combines team collaboration, project management, and customer service. Attracting business owners will be the easiest part of using Zoho Backstage.


RSVPify is a cloud-based event management platform that helps you manage invitations, tickets, guest lists, and attendees. Its dashboard lets you see upcoming events, track registrations, and follow up.

You can also drag guests to specific tables. It offers a white-label solution so businesses can customize forms with their images, logos, themes, and fonts.

The QR code simplifies check-in, manages age-restricted events, and secures confidential info. Users can manage seating charts from anywhere, including primary and secondary events, and view guests’ meal preferences.



  • Streamline your event registration process with flexible registration forms
  • Online ticket sales have never been easier, faster, or more convenient
  • The easiest, quickest, and most customizable way to manage virtual events
  • Boost your event’s and brand’s visibility with powerful customizability
  • Make customized and branded save-the-dates, invitations, updates, and reminders

Personal use costs start at $19 monthly, and business & Profit costs $39. A monthly enterprise plan starts at $5,988. 

RSVPify is a comprehensive event management tool that helps you plan, manage, and market your events. Event planners and professionals will love the easy-to-use app with tons of features.


Cvent is a platform for event management that helps event organizers plan and execute successful events. It allows you to streamline event operations, such as registration, ticketing, venue sourcing, and promotional activities.

The platform simplifies event logistics, provides event planners with engaging experiences, and facilitates the measurement of event success.

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  • Event planners can use this tool to manage all aspects of their events
  • Tracking, recording, and optimizing attendance, engagement, and feedback is easy
  • You can market an event in multiple ways to make it more impactful
  • There are performance reports, event insights, and 24/7 customer support
  • It’s a mobile-friendly application compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices

Pricing info is only available after submitting credentials (quote-based pricing). Entry-level training and setup are included.

Cvent is suitable for nonprofits and businesses. It’s the best for big events. It’s got great features at a great price, so event organizers love it. Data and field management ideas and implementations are the best.


The Stova meeting and event management platform enable businesses of all sizes and industries to manage the various processes involved in an event.

Stova lets users create webinars, manage and customize sessions, add attendees, and create customizable reports. Stova integrates with several third-party apps and has an API that users can use to integrate with their apps.



  • It’s a great way to promote events, create awareness, and communicate with your audience
  • Check-in is easy and secure with STOVA’s badge check-in and contactless entry
  • The Stova virtual booths allow you to connect face-to-face with event leads and convert leads into sales opportunities
  • Stova keeps your virtual and in-person attendees connected. All events are managed in one place
  • It also tracks user journeys for detailed insights into your event’s key metrics

You can customize your pricing with Stova based on your specific requirements.

Stova’s easy-to-use interface simplifies event planning and coordination. You can easily manage events, collaborate with other team members, and track event performance.

Planning Pod

The Planning Pod is a powerful online event management tool that keeps all your details in one place. There are over 30 easy-to-use tools that your team can use to manage tasks, checklists, calendars, files, surveys, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers. This platform integrates 30+ tools to simplify and streamline the event planning process.

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  • You can create tasks, assign them to your team, and track their progress
  • You can schedule resources efficiently and manage your team’s availability with resource scheduling
  • It syncs with your calendar, so you’re always on top of things
  • Connect your team with integrated messaging, file sharing, and collaboration tools
  • Stay on top of your business with comprehensive reporting and analytics

Planning Pod offers a basic monthly plan starting at $19.

This event management software simplifies planners’ workflows and makes events easier, faster, and more efficient because of its intuitive interface and powerful features.


Eventbrite is an online event management system that allows people to plan, market, and manage events. Using the software, users can create, customize, and share events online and manage sales, registrations, and payments associated with such events. Further, Eventbrite offers robust analytics and reporting tools for tracking and analyzing event performance.



  • It simplifies the process of creating, managing, and promoting events
  • Eventbrite provides detailed analytics to help users track ticket sales and attendance
  • Integrated payment processing makes it easy to take payments and distribute money
  • Users can use Eventbrite to promote events through event pages and social media

You can try the free option offered by Eventbrite. The pricing plan starts at a 1% plus $0.99 charge for the Essential plan, a 2.5% plus $1.99 charge for the Professional plan, and a 5% plus $4.99 charge for the Premium plan.

Eventbrite is great for concerts, celebrity performances, seminars, etc. The free plan has few features, and friendly vibes and open APIs make it even more secure.


Swoogo lets you make registration forms with unlimited conditions, registrant types, and custom questions. Customizing those forms for every event is easy, and you can clone them for other events.

Swoogo offers free integrations, a drag-and-drop event site builder, and native analytics. It’s outbound Webhooks and API integrations make it easy to integrate with complex martech stacks. You can build events using Swoogo’s drag-and-drop builder, BYOC (bring your code), and mobile-responsive backend. 



  • You can add your branding to every registration page with the drag-and-drop form builder
  • Put all your event info, content, sponsors, and networking opportunities in one place
  • Swogo Analytics gives you a clear picture of how engaged your audience is and what interests them
  • You can drag-and-drop (or bring your HTML) to make event marketing easy
  • You can free integrate HubSpot, Zoom, Pigeonhole, Marketo, Salesforce, and more.

Swoogo has four plans. Pricing starts at one plan for $9800 a year, a three plan for $15,000 a year, a five plan for $2400 a year, and an enterprise plan for a custom price.

The Swoogo event management software simplifies organizing, managing, and promoting events. It can help event organizers of all sizes, from small businesses to big corporations.

Social Tables

Social Tables lets you pick your venue, diagram the event, manage guests, and check in at your event. The free tools allow you to share a comprehensive strategy with your venues, clients, and partners. Managing VIP visits, special food orders, and seating diagrams is also easy.

You can navigate Social Tables events easily with an intuitive user interface. You can let partners use your system without any training. Also, all event information is stored in one central location.



  • This platform is an easy and quick way to create and manage floor plans
  • You can maintain a checklist and task list to stay organized
  • Identify other planners and vendors and form relationships with them
  • Make use of powerful analytics to analyze event performance
  • Integration of ticketing platforms and software is possible

You can choose between two plans for their event management software: Free includes 150 attendees, one account, and real-time collaboration. Professional starting at ($199/month) includes 250 attendees, email support, and two events.

The Social Table is more beneficial for event planners who need floor plans and other front-end stuff. Many global hospitality brands recommend Social Table. The app makes organizing a breeze, especially for medium-sized companies, easily checking in and arrange seats.


Hopin is a cloud-based event management platform that helps businesses organize, market, and coordinate virtual, hybrid, and live events. The Hopin analytics software lets event planners measure visitors’ engagement and engage with attendees with polls and quizzes.

The manager can create multiple ticket types, email marketing, generate leads, and manage tickets. You can make landing pages with modular blocks, add custom layouts and themes, create promo codes, and issue refunds.

Besides Hopin, there are a lot of apps Hopin integrates with, such as HubSpot CRM and Slack. A monthly subscription option is available, such as email and chat support.



  • Hopin offers event management tools like registration, ticketing, promotion, and virtual expos
  • Attendees can watch live streams and videoconferences from anywhere
  • There’s drag-and-drop agenda building, automatic reminders, and post-event surveys
  • Hopin offers more than just password protection and two-factor authentication
  • Hopin’s reporting and analytics tools let event planners track engagement metrics.

Hopin comes with a free plan with exciting features. You can also try the paid plans starting at $67 a month, while business plans cost about $6,000.

Hopin event management software helps you plan and manage virtual events easily. There are a lot of features, like ticketing and streaming. Organizations and businesses that want to host events online can use this service.


Bizzabo is an event software for mediums and large companies. It’s easy to plan concerts and fundraisers so event managers can focus on marketing. It has everything you need to speed up work and collaboration.

The data-rich Bizzabo Experience OS helps event planners turn events into big business. Bizzabo enables you to get more people registered for events. Bizzabo makes email campaigns and landing pages. It also improves sponsors’ ROI. Post-event analysis happens right away. Also, you can create mobile apps for events with Bizzabo.



  • Bizzabo combines all your event data, like registrations and attendee profiles, in one place
  • Bizzabo lets you customize, monitor, and fine-tune event marketing campaigns
  • Event attendees can use Bizzabo’s attendee directories and personal profiles to network online
  • You can handle everything about your event with Bizzabo, from planning to budgeting
  • Bizzabo’s advanced analytics provides a comprehensive analysis of attendee behavior and engagement

Bizzabo offers a starting price of $15000.00 per year and goes up from there.

The Bizzabo event management software makes creating, managing, and analyzing events easy. It has an intuitive user interface, powerful analytics, custom registration forms, automated email campaigns, and more. You’ll save time and money while hosting great events with Bizzabo.


Ungerboeck helps sports venues, expos, theaters, event planners, and museums manage everything from guests to audit-free invoices.

Using the CRM and sales management modules, supervisors can handle promotional campaigns, customer communications, contracts, and proposals. A company can place products on a brand-specific website and drag them into booth layouts with the help of an expo service.

Organizers can keep track of attendees across a wide range of events, including seminars, camps, training, workshops, and events.



  • It is easy to create and manage registrations for events using this comprehensive system
  • Automated ticketing enables customers to generate and manage tickets online
  • Resources scheduling lets customers schedule staff, resources, and venues
  • Customers can accept payments online with online payment processing
  • Provides insights into customers’ events through analytics and reporting

The Ungerboeck event management platform simplifies the planning and execution of events, making it worth a try for anyone who wants to manage big events.


Attendease was established in 2001 under the name Coverall Crew. Initially, it offered online event registration and web design for event websites, and it is now an integrated event management system. Whether planning a big or small event, Attendease is the perfect event management software. It’s great for public, private, and free events.

Also, event managers can work on multiple events at once. Your event planning process can be automated to make it repeatable and scaleable. You can build a mobile app that engages attendees via social sharing. Attendees get a fully branded event experience, from the website to online registration to email marketing.

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  • Attendease lets users create custom forms and manage attendee information
  • Its agenda builder makes it easy to create and customize agendas for events
  • Users can create and customize their event websites with Attendease’s event management software
  • You can process payments and manage tickets with Attendease event management software
  • Attendease’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights into event performance, attendance, and more.

You can contact Attendease for information about their pricing.

The Attendease event management platform lets you organize events. It takes no time to get started and gives you valuable insights into event performance. Attendease is an excellent option if you need a comprehensive event management solution.


Accruent is a cloud-based platform for managing real estate and facilities. You can customize it for education, health care, the public sector, retail, utilities, and manufacturing.

The Accruent platform manages requests, streamlines maintenance, boosts visibility, and automates preventative maintenance. Accruent lets users manage goods and purchases based on inventory metrics.

There are Accruent apps for managing maintenance, assets, inventory, space, moves, preventative maintenance, and work orders. There’s also a market planning and site selection feature. Accruent’s subscription service includes phone, email, and online support.



  • Manage multiple events easily with robust event calendars
  • It provides an easy-to-use dashboard for managing events, attendees, and venues
  • An attendee’s data can be captured using a custom registration form
  • Send automated email campaigns to attendees to keep them informed and engaged
  • A comprehensive reporting system for measuring event success and return on investment

Accruent’s event management platform prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars monthly.

Accruent’s event management platform simplifies event planning and management processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Certain platform automates and facilitates various event planning tasks with their comprehensive event management and marketing platform. It helps create a cohesive user ecosystem by integrating payment systems, check-in apps, and CRMs.

The Event Planner can use Certain Platform to create websites and registration forms. The payment processing system lets attendees pay for registration. Check-ins work not just for the event but for individual sessions, too. You can get real-time analytics to make better decisions for the planning, marketing, and sales teams.



  • Planners can customize specific website templates to meet their needs
  • You can prefill some forms with CRM data if you match the domain/URL
  • You can also pre-badge and print badges on-demand if you have printers on site. Attendees get badges when they check in. You can customize the badge fields.
  • Some platforms integrate GDS to book travel and lodging when you register. 
  • When registering, attendees can search sessions by date, track, speaker, and location. 

You can choose from available pricing options. Certain Pro plans cost around $24,990, and certain Essential plans cost around $14,990. 

Certain is a complete event management platform that helps users manage their events from start to finish. It has features like event registration and analytics, and this powerful and easy-to-use platform streamlines event planning.

Final Words

Nowadays, people can achieve amazing and dramatic results using event management software. These tools promote excellent venue arrangements and skillful management.

In fact, there’s a bright future for this software. Moreover, the features and capabilities of each event management software solution make it suitable for different types of events. And you need the right event management software to ensure a successful event.

Next, check out the best webinar software to grow your business.

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