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There are a plethora of gaming accessories to enhance your gaming experience, whether you are seeking comfort, style, or a competitive edge.

An ideal gaming setup extends beyond the essentials like a gaming PC, keyboard, mouse, gaming headset, gaming chair, or LED lights. The actual comfort and enhancements come from additional gaming accessories.

To help you find the right gaming accessories, below I am listing some types of unique gaming accessories that will ensure you fully enjoy your gaming sessions.

Gaming Glasses

Playing games for a prolonged time isn’t only bad for overall eye health but also leads to other problems like headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision that affect your ability to play games. Gaming glasses are specifically created to block blue light from the screen since it’s responsible for most eye problems.

Not only blue light, these glasses also have built-in anti-glare and a unique design to minimize eye strain and dryness. I know blue light blocker apps exist, but those apps can hardly block 20-50% of blue light. However, gamer glasses can block 70% to 98% of blue light. Not to mention, most of them look really cool.

My Recommendations

GUNNAR Premium Gaming Glasses

Comes with a patented lens that reduces eyestrain and enhances vision. Comes with multiple intensities.

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It uses a clear lens and has many frame styles to choose from.

MAXJULI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Among the cheaper options, MAXJULI has many frame colors to choose from and uses clear lenses.

Cable Management Tool

I personally don’t like wireless gaming setups since they require constant battery management and introduce a minor lag that I can’t afford in the fast-paced games I like to play. If you are like me and have a fully wired setup, you are probably having a hard time managing the keyboard, mouse, ethernet cables, etc.

Thankfully, there are many cable management tools that can group together wires to help organize them and prevent tangling. You can use sleeves, clips, bands, and even mountable trays to secure all the wires.

My Recommendations

VELCRO Brand Mountable Cable Sleeve

A soft cloth sleeve that can handle multiple cables and is easily adjustable.

YUANYE Cable Management Box

It’s a hard box that can prevent pets and kids from touching the wire ends and manage everything in one place. Comes with additional clips and strips too.

Monoprice Under Desk Cable Tray

Under desk cable tray, mainly for managing the extension cord and offering easy access.

VELCRO Brand White Cable Ties

For those who want something simpler. It’s a long strip to tie a bundle of wires.

MOOCY Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

50 plastic clips to manage cables anywhere. They can stick to flat surfaces to easily manage cables.

Cleaning Gel

Gaming and snacks go hand in hand, which means the keyboard and mouse have to bear the crumbs and residue. Cleaning the tiny spaces in the keyboard or mouse can be quite problematic, and an air blower doesn’t work on sticky dirt. A cleaning gel or slime can be an effective solution since it can reach tiny spaces and collect even stubborn dust with ease.

All you have to do is turn the gel into a ball and press it against the spaces you want to clean. Afterward, gently remove the gel, and it will come out with the collected dust. You can use a single box multiple times, making it a good investment.

My Recommendations

Turoxo Super Clean Dust Remover Gel

If you want a cheaper cleaning gel, then this is the one. 160G of cleaning gel at a great price.


It has a nice lemon smell to ensure your PC accessories don’t smell bad after cleaning.

Fesciory 4-Pack Keyboard Cleaner

It comes with additional tools to make cleaning easier, like a key puller, hard/soft brush, blower, wiping cloth, etc.

Gaming Gloves

Hand grip is very important for controllers or hand-held gaming devices for a smoother experience. Unfortunately, having sweaty hands while gaming isn’t uncommon, which makes it uncomfortable to hold the controller or device. Gaming gloves are made to absorb sweat while still being breathable.

They are usually half-finger with silicon pads on the palm area to ensure a firm grip. They will ensure you have a firm grip while still having a natural feel, thanks to open fingers.

My Recommendations

Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves

Very breathable with an open back to ensure a comfortable gameplay experience.

Ironclad Gaming Gloves

It comes in many different designs and has a silicon grip palm.

Gaming Finger Sleeves

If you game on your smartphone, then extended gameplay is difficult on the touch screen. Sweat can be a big problem while playing games that require precision, such as FPS games. Furthermore, most arcade games like Fruit Ninja require lots of swiping, so friction can cause very painful blisters.

Finger sleeves are specifically created to provide precision, comfort, and protection. They are usually made of carbon fiber, so the touchscreen response is high. Best of all, they prevent fingerprints and smudges on the mobile screen. You can also combine gaming gloves and sleeves for a firm grip and control while playing.

My Recommendations

MGC ClawSocks Finger Sleeves

These Breathable sleeves are made of carbon fiber and woven with 18-pin density.

Yuly Gaming Finger Sleeves

It’s cheap and comes with dense 24-pin knitting for smooth touchscreen response.

Portable Gaming Monitor

If you are on the lookout for a gaming monitor, you might want to consider buying a portable monitor. It can be a great addition to your existing setup if you are looking for a dual-monitor setup. Furthermore, if you travel around often or compete in tournaments, a portable monitor can ensure you don’t have to deal with unfamiliar screens.

A portable monitor is slimmer than a laptop, and you can carry it anywhere. They usually have a built-in stand, so you can place them on any flat surface and start using them. Most of them are also very powerful, with up to 240hz refresh rate and full HD display.

My Recommendations

ViewSonic VX1755

17.2-inch screen with 144Hz refresh rate for the best gaming experience. Offers flexible connectivity for PCs, phones, and gaming consoles.

ViewSonic VA1655

For those who want a bit lighter option, it has a 15.6-inch screen and built-in speakers.

Dragon Touch 4K Portable

It’s a 4K monitor with FreeSync, speakers, and HDR technology support.


A premium full HD portable monitor that supports 240Hz refresh rate and has a built-in battery to use anywhere.

Mini Beverage Refrigerator

Don’t have time to get up and reach for the drinks in the fridge? Well, you don’t have to with a mini fridge right on your gaming desk. You can get a mini fridge that is specifically created to hold multiple cans and in some cases, snacks.

These fridges use thermoelectric cooling to keep your drinks cool. I won’t recommend them for cooling room-temperature drinks since it will take too much time. However, they are really good for keeping drinks chilled and within arm’s reach. Not to mention, they usually have cool designs and RGB lights to compliment your gaming setup.

My Recommendations

Frigidaire EFMIS179

It can easily hold 6 cans and comes with a transparent door with LED lights making it a great addition to your gaming setup.

Cooluli Retro Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

For Coca-Cola fans, it comes in 4L and 10L sizes with two separate compartments to store drinks and food.

Frigidaire EFMIS188-SS

A big table fridge that can easily hold 15 cans and cools up to 20° F below room temperature.

HCK Beverage Fridge

It’s too big to put on the table, but it can work fine next to your desk. It’s a Cyberpunk theme fridge with 98L of capacity.

Gaming Wrist Rest

Without a wrist support, we use the mouse or keyboard with our wrists bent up or down. This is not only tiring in extended use but also causes bigger problems like carpel tunnel or chronic pain. A cushioned wrist rest gives support to the wrist to prevent damage due to extended use and also provides comfort.

They usually come as cushions or bands that support your wrists to a comfortable height. Not all sizes are the same, so your experience may vary depending on which product you buy. However, I recommend getting a band as it’s more manageable and isn’t bound to a specific location on the desk.

My Recommendations

DELTAHUB Carpio G2.0

It’s a silicon wrist rest strap that you can tie around the wrist for support anywhere.

Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Support

A wrist rest for keyboard and mouse with a built-in mouse pad.

Kensington ErgoSoft wristrest

A gel cushion pad that comes in different sizes for both mouse and keyboard support.

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest

It has breathable massage holes to minimize sweating and even massage the wrist.

DINKY Keyboard Mouse Pad Set

It’s a full set with a large mouse pad, mouse support, keyboard support, and a drink pad. Comes in dozens of styles too.

Gaming Keypad

A Gaming keypad is worth buying for more comfortable gameplay and customization options. Gaming keypads work similarly to a regular keyboard, but they are much smaller in size as they only offer the essential buttons. They also have an ergonomic design with easier access to important buttons and functions.

Usually, they have their own software to individually configure each button and even create macros. They have great portability due to their compact size; you can carry one anywhere in your backpack side pocket.

Of course, unlike a keyboard, you won’t be able to use in-game chat due to limited buttons. So it’s best to use it alongside a keyboard.

My Recommendations

Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

It has 32 mecha-membrane switches with an 8-direction thumbpad.

Advanced K-700 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A full mechanical keypad with 44 keys and dedicated macro keys to record and use key macros.

Cakce RGB One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

35 non-conflict keys with individual RGB lights and 6 macro recording buttons.

RedThunder One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

It’s on a cheaper end but offers all essential features like anti-ghosting, macro keys, wrist rest, and backlight.

Final Thoughts 🎮

Most gaming accessories are designed to enhance comfort during gameplay and prioritize the overall health of gamers, a significant concern of gamers. From the above list, I believe a gaming wristrest and a cable management tool are essential.

However, based on my past experience of developing thumb blisters while playing fighting games, I strongly advise considering a gaming sleeve, particularly for smartphone gaming.

Next, you may also explore some best streaming gear and equipment for professional gaming.

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