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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 20, 2023
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Find out the social media strategies your rival businesses are using on Facebook and the secret to their success in running social media ads using these Facebook ads spy tools. 

When you enter any digital business that relies on social media ads, like affiliate marketing, social media influencer, etc., you must learn the tactics your competitors use. It is not likely that the most successful influencers and affiliate marketers will simply divulge their secret recipe to success to you. 

You may learn bits and bytes from some website blogs and YouTube vlogs, but that is not enough to survive in this competitive market.

Hence, you need to find ways to hunt down the advertising and promotional tactics and strategies your rivals are using. One reliable way is using one of the best Facebook ads spy tools, as mentioned below.   

What Is a Facebook Ads Spy Tool?


Facebook Ads Spy tools are mostly web-based software that helps you to track some valuable data that helps you in creating strategies for your own social media marketing campaign.

Apart from SEO-optimized posts and customer engagements, digital brands mostly use social media ads to promote brands, products, services, etc. One of the best and most explored social media ecosystems is online advertising on Facebook using Facebook Ads.

Now, when you use an ads spy tool to specifically track ad data like creative content, target audience, keywords, etc., used on a successful ad run by your rival, that tool is known as a Facebook ads spy tool.

Such tools mostly deliver the following broadly categorized information of the Facebook Ads platform:

  • Facebook Ads creatives created and published by your competitor’s digital business.
  • How the competitor places their Facebook ads so that the return on investment (ROI)  grows.
  • It suggests how you should position your social media ads so that you can beat the rivals.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Ads spy tools are primarily web data scraping, analysis, and visualization tools. You need one to collect data on how your rivals market their products on social media sites like Facebook. 

Find below the reasons to use a Facebook Ads Spy tool: 

  • Get access to all sorts of Facebook Ads data about your business competitors.
  • Create an integrated social media strategy affordably by importing data from a trusted Facebook ads spy tool.
  • Come up with a better creative strategy than your rivals.
  • Overhaul the existing digital media plan to a better one.
  • If some of the ad campaigns become stagnant, bring them to the mainstream.

In a nutshell, you need one of these tools to strategically plan social media ad campaigns and ultimately grow the business revenue by direct conversion. 

How Does a Facebook Ads Spy Tool Help You With Competition?

Different Facebook Ad Spy tools work differently, but the objective remains the same. They help you to get a bird’s eye view of the Facebook or other social media ads your competitive business houses, affiliate marketers, or social media influencers are running.


Among many, one group of Ad spy tools behaves like a database of ads. They are simply the Google search equivalent for everything about online advertisements posted by various industries, businesses, brands, and marketing agencies.

In such social media ad databases, you get various filter options. For example, the main text search could give you options like searching for Ad Text, Comments, Advertiser, URL, and Landing page URL.

Then, you can select many other supportive search filters to narrow down the search event to high-quality results. These additional search filters are outlined below. But there could be more or less, and the options vary with the exact tools you use: 

  • Audience demography like country, age, gender, etc.
  • Daily and total comments
  • Daily and total likes
  • Technology
  • Affiliate ID
  • Networks, Labels, Seen After, etc.
  • Media type

Once you feed the above data, the Facebook ads spy tool will pull the right advertisement from millions of ads. Then it will analyze it from many angles, like audience targeting, positioning, ad copy, creatives, etc.

Once done, the tool will offer raw data as well as suggestions to create and place your own ad campaigns on Facebook Ads.      

Find below the broad components of ad spying tools that help you to outrun rivals:

  • Find out a social traffic group that buys products and services by clicking social media ads.
  • The look and composition of rivals’ landing pages, sales pages, call to action (CTA) buttons, etc.
  • Find out what works in the short term and what should be kept for the longer run.
  • Discover ads that fetch maximum conversions globally.
  • Optimize your bidding strategy.
  • Enhance cost per conversion (CPC).

Now that you know the what, why, and how’s of Facebook ads spy tools, find some of the trusted and winning ones below:  


YouTube video

PowerAdSpy uses thousands of data points and online sources to collect Facebook Ads or any other social media ads you are targetting. The vast source for social media ad sources ensures that the tool developer can accumulate the right Facebook ads structure you are looking for from the Facebook marketing ecosystem. 

The tool fetches its data from a centralized PowerAdSpy data processing server. This server collects, analyzes, visualizes, and stores Facebook ad campaign data for on-demand usage. When you look for a rival’s ad data, look for examples and offer the following data points: 

  • Data insights directly authorized by the Facebook Ads advertisers
  • Collect and process a large amount of data from local Facebook advertisers and agencies across the globe
  • It also fetches Facebook Ads data intelligence from its third-party partners across the globe
  • Offers impartial and unbiased ads intelligence from rivals of your business domain


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If you constantly see that your Facebook Ads campaigns are not bringing in the ROI you expect, you need a fresh perspective. SocialPeta can get you that perspective by spying on your competitors’ ads and suggesting your ad positioning, ad creatives, ad copies, and more.

It offers one of the best and most exhaustive spying tools to discover ad data from competitor businesses and explore insights from top social networks, app advertisers, content publishers, and eCommerce advertisers. 

Its top features are as outlined here:

  • Create and optimize the user acquisition plan for your brand or other clients if you are an agency
  • Explore creatives and ad copies that sell well and hook the visitors to the checkout page
  • Get high-quality market dynamics and advertising strategy data from many databases
  • Its database hosts creative materials of 1.2 billion, ads from 70 mainstream social networks, and advertisers from 69 countries



The advertisers, marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, and social influencers consider AdSpy a leading database for all Instagram and Facebook ads running globally. Its search engine consists of innovative search functionalities and an unparalleled array of ad data.

AdSpy lets you create an advanced and complex search for Facebook Ads from its database. For instance, you can create a search query that will include keywords, ad text, advertiser brand name, type of media used, target audience, country, daily likes, daily comments, total likes, total comments, last ad seen, and so on.  


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BigSpy is a cloud-based Google and social media ad spy tool that helps agencies, businesses, and individuals explore advertising strategies. It also enables you to track advertising trends to improve your marketing campaigns. 

Furthermore, it enables you to gain access to a database of a vast library of Facebook ads from the global markets. The search tools come with advanced sorting and filtering options too.

When using BigSpy, you can think up creative ideas from many platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Admob, Pinterest, etc. The web app enables marketers like you to explore the latest and viral ads that others are also tracking.


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With AdFlex, you can spy on successful Facebook Ads campaigns to make smarter business decisions for your company. Besides saving your valuable time and energy, it lets you earn more revenue. Using this software, marketers can get their hands on proven ideas and strategies from successful FB ad campaigns. 

With pre-approved and best-selling ad copies, it lets you pick up the ad publishing speed. From these ads, you can choose compelling CTAs for more leads and conversions. The accurate data generated by this application will also allow you to select the right placement. 

AdFlex also has a region filter option that you can utilize to search for ads based on location. It also lets you narrow down your search based on age, demography, gender, business category, and audience interest.

Moreover, it is capable of unveiling the marketing tools that your competitors use. You can find out about the methods of your rivals; you will know what is missing from your campaign strategy.


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Your search for a powerful Facebook Ads spy tool ends with AdSpyder. With this software, you can get an in-depth analysis of the advertising campaigns of your competitors on Facebook. Furthermore, you can get an idea about the brand positioning of your rivals in any niche domain or market.

Find below the matrix that AdSpyder uses to help you explore Facebook Ads secrets from your rivals and overrun their ad campaigns: 

  • Its Facebook ads spy tool can search almost any ad creative from the global Facebook platforms
  • Find out which call-to-action buttons (CTAs) are getting the most clicks and conversions
  • Discover the winning ads from your rivals and see engagement metrics for those ads
  • Intelligent suggestions on ad creatives and ad copies
  • It helps you create ad copies with direct messaging that sells more

Unicorn Ads


Do you belong to the eCommerce industry and want to discover the secret recipe for a successful Facebook ad campaign? Use Unicorn Ads to view online ads run by the world’s top 100 Shopify stores. The platform has a collection of more than 50,000 FB and Instagram ads that you can browse through easily.

For that, you can filter the niche to find the top players in that industry. Then click on the card of that company to open the whole library of their Facebook ads. You can derive inspiration from these ads and create your own ad copy. 

If you want, you can also upvote the companies that create stunning and effective ad campaigns. Thus, others can easily find out the best Facebook ad creators.


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AdPlexity is a game changer in the world of native ad intelligence that helps you monitor your rivals’ most profitable ad campaigns on native traffic sources. As you get the most comprehensive data about the most successful ads, you can make better marketing decisions.

It offers campaign analysis running in 32+ countries, including all major ones. Also, this application supports campaigns for all popular devices, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android (phones and tablets).

Downloading the data is also easy — download the landing pages straight from this tool interface.


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Anstrex is an amazing software for unlocking the campaign secrets of your competitors. It lets you spy on ads others are creating and allows you to build winning campaigns based on those. As a result, it saves you precious working hours you would have spent otherwise on research.

It provides you with the most accurate data from all major countries using high-quality residential proxies. The data is also available in a format that anyone can understand easily.

Use category, country, ad network, device, tracking tools, and affiliate network to filter ad copies. For sorting the ads, you can use parameters like popularity, duration, date, and more. 

You can also search using keywords for more precise targeting. Furthermore, advanced users can use boolean operators to combine multiple search and filtering criteria. Using the generated data, you can understand how to target your campaign by accurate targeting. 

This industry-leading software helps you find all the relevant ads and landing pages for any campaign.

Wrapping Up

So now you know which Facebook Ads Copy tools are buzzing in the pay-per-click (PPC) and social media ads campaign space. You can try out any or all of the above and decide which suits your digital brand or business best.

Next, you can check out the best Facebook ad optimization tools.

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