Do you know how does your Facebook Page performing?

Thanks to the following tools to provide detailed information about your facebook page in Infographics. The good thing about this, it’s FREE!

It helps Facebook Page owner to realize how a page is performing and take necessary action to reach Social Media Advertisement, revenue goal.

You can also generate Google Analytics report in infographics.

Following data you will realize in infographics:

  • Total number of fans
  • Number of fans added in last one month
  • Demographics popularity
  • Locations of fans, by country
  • Total impressions, engagement, and stories created
  • Storytellers on who is spreading the word
  • Overall virality about your facebook page

Isn’t it cool? 

Page Analysis

Page analysis by Simply Measured generates a beautiful graph indicating brand posts, total engagement, top posts by total engagement, top comments. It comes in three tabs with meaningful information about the Facebook page.

You also have the option to download the data into excel format or export to powerpoint slides. This is how the report looks like.


Insights Analysis

Insights analysis generates an awesome chart containing the following.

  • Total engaged users
  • Engagements + clicks
  • Total Reach
  • Total impressions
  • Post and % Audience engaging over time
  • Post reach and impressions
  • Reach breakdown by type
  • Impressions breakdown by type
  • Interaction by type
  • Clicks by type and much more…

This is how insight analysis looks like


Page Barometer

Page barometer gives you a great insight of information such as fans reached, viral reach, organic reach, click-through rates, negative feedback, people talking about.

Below is the preview of Geek Flare Facebook page.



Sumall analyzes post, post likes, comments, shares, page likes & unlikes. It gives you an individual chart which helps you to research individual metrics.

Below example snapshot of post shares.



Know your Facebook page or group audience with Sociograph. With the help of Sociograph, you get the valuable Facebook data like:

  • Rating
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Likes out (incoming)
  • Posts shares by audience

If you are a managing group, then this would be useful to know your group members. Some screenshot from one of my groups.


It’s fun! Go ahead and try your facebook page or group.