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In Mobile and Windows Last updated: November 25, 2022
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As technology advanced, different companies launched different apps that aided communication.

Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams, and many more apps ensured that there was no interference in meetings and group calls. Another such app was Facetime. However, its exclusivity for Apple users. This was a massive barrier to its popularity and usage. 


Despite its impressive features, Android and Windows users could not access and use the app. This was when Apple realized the importance of making Facetime available for one and all. This article will cover information about the new update brought out by Apple. Here, you will learn how Android and Windows users can also be a part of the Facetime call.

What is Facetime?

Facetime is a top-rated videotelephony app. Apple Inc. exclusively developed the launching of Facetime. It is available for devices supporting iOS 4 and later. It is also compatible with Mac devices with OS X 10.6.6 and later. Facetime also offers the feature of audio-only, which is available for use in iOS 7 and later. 

Facetime is a part of all the iOS and Mac devices for free. Users do not pay any extra cost for downloading or using the Facetime app.

iOS 15 update for Facetime

Earlier, Facetime was an exclusive app available only for iOS and Mac users. Due to this, Android and Windows users had to rely on Zoom and Google Meet to fulfill the purpose. With the launch of iOS 15 on all Apple devices, an update enabled people owning Android and Windows devices to join Facetime calls. 

iOS 15

This does not imply that Apple devices do not support Facetime. It means that Facetime is now working on the new iOS 15, which tries to make Facetime work more like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Apart from the feature of connecting with people outside the Apple bubble, Facetime has a new grid view update available in portrait mode. This enables the user to schedule a call. The update also included a watch party feature. 

Now that the new update has entitled the Android users to join Facetime calls, one must learn the correct way to do so.

Steps to join Facetime on an Android device via Chrome

Android device owners can also be a part of the Facetime call since the launch of iOS 15. All they need is a good internet connection and a web browser on their device. You may use many other browsers to launch Facetime, but Apple advises using Google Chrome.

Following are the steps you may need to follow for using Facetime app on an Android device: 

  • Before entitling an Android user to enter a Facetime call, the host (an Apple user) may need to create a link for the call. They can then share the link using apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. 
  • Once Android users receive the link, they may open it via Chrome.
  • As the link opens in the browser, the Android user may enter their name and continue further.
    Facetime on Chrome
  • Once they enter their name in the window, they may click on the green ‘Join’ button that appears as a floating Pop-up.
  • Once an Android user clicks on the join button, a notification is sent to the Apple user who initiated the meeting. They have to accept their request to join the Facetime call.
     Facetime Call
  • You can then enjoy being a part of the Facetime call without any trouble and interruption.
  • Once the joining is complete, the Apple user may close the Facetime app on their device, and the meeting will continue.

It’s an exciting thing to note that an app that was exclusively available for iOS and Mac use is now accessible to Android users as well. 

Steps to join Facetime on a Windows device via Microsoft Edge

Now for those who own a Windows PC, the following are the steps you need to follow to open a Facetime meet on your devices:

  • An Apple user will initiate the Facetime call by creating a link for the call. 
    Create a Facetime Call
  • They will then share the link with every person who wishes to participate in the Facetime meeting.
  • Locate and launch the link on your Windows PC. You can use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to launch the Facetime app on your Windows device.
  • Once you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your name. After completing that, you may click on the ‘Join’ button. 
  • This will send a notification to the person who initiated the Facetime call. They may need to grant you access to be a part of the Facetime call. 
    Grant Access
  • As soon as the permission is granted, you may now be able to access Facetime through your Windows web browser. 
  • The person who initiated the meeting can close the Facetime app on their device if it is not needed, and you may still be a part of the Facetime call.


Mentioned above are the ways you can use Facetime on Android and Windows.

Earlier Facetime was an exclusive app that only Apple users could utilize. With the introduction of iOS 15, Android and Windows users can also take advantage of all the features offered by Facetime and be a part of Facetime calls. With this development, the popularity and usage of Facetime increased to a huge extent. 

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