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In Design Last updated: February 9, 2023
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Is 3D printing something that entices you a lot? Well, then, you shouldn’t miss out on these FBX to OBJ converters for your 3D models.

3D printing has become a recent technology that is gradually gaining the limelight. It is said that 3D printing can take industries like architecture, designing, and crafting to new heights. No wonder various institutes and organizations are focusing on making this technology more feasible. 

3D prints and models can only be made on computers. Like all other files, these files also need different file types to be stored on computers. One size does not fit all in the field of 3D printing.

The models you create may be saved in 3D formats, including step files, FBX, GLTF, and OBJ. The choice of format may have a significant impact on 3D modeling efforts.


In this article, we will discuss the two commonly used file types in the world of 3D printing; FBX and OBJ. We will also see what 3D printing is and how it impacts us. Lastly, we will have a look at some of the best FBX to OBJ converters that you can use for your 3D models. 

What is 3D printing, and how has it impacted us?


In the early 1980s, 3D printing was introduced in Japan in its earliest known forms. Hideo Kodama found a method of creating a quick prototyping system in 1981 which turned out to be 3D modeling. Using a UV-polymerized photosensitive resin, he developed a layer-by-layer manufacturing process. 

In the additive manufacturing method of three-dimensional (3D) printing, small layers of material are printed, fused together, and then used to produce a real product from a digital design. The method involves first applying thin layers of material—such as liquid or powdered plastic, metal, or cement—and then joining those layers together by melting them.

Manufacturers of hearing aids, aircraft, and automobiles, among others, utilize 3D printing to make prototypes and then mass-produce their goods using personalized scans.

Despite being too slow for scale production at the moment, 3D printing technology is continually developing and has the potential to disrupt both the industrial logistics and inventory management sectors significantly.

What is an FBX file?


FBX is a common 3D file format for high-end game graphics. The term “FBX” is an abbreviation for “Filmbox,” a tool Kaydara developed to record video in 2005. The adaptability of the FBX file format is its key asset. A few points on FBX file types are given below. 

  • A wide range of different data types may be found in FBX files. Skins, animation information, bones, scene structures, lighting, and material parameters can all be encoded into models.
  • By including numerous topologies and supporting geometry like segmented surfaces, models created using the FBX file format can be far more complicated than they otherwise would be. 
  • When moving designs from CAD designers to graphics processes, the FBX file format is useful since it is compatible with CAD files with NURBS code.
  • FBX is a rather quick file format, even with the addition of new capabilities. These files are faster to read than earlier text-based equivalents because they contain digital information encoded in binary code. 
  • FBX is a closed file format that may only be used with official SDKs, which may limit its application in specific development environments. 
  • After rendering, FBX files will likely need to be reprocessed if realistic material characteristics, such as metal textures or intricate anisotropic effects, are required.

What is an OBJ file?


Nearly every single 3D model user must be acquainted with OBJ (object) files because they are the most widely used 3D file formats. This 3D file format is the oldest and least complex due to its age. Given below are a few points about this file format. 

  • The default 3D file format for most 3D modeling programs is often OBJ.
  • OBJ file’s ability to be readily exported and transformed into other file types makes it an excellent interchange format. 
  • The simplicity of OBJ files and their capability for infinite colors make them useful for activities like 3D printing.
  • The OBJ format may be viewed as a base upon which designers can construct more intricate 3D works. Additionally, it is one of the most often used formats for 3D printing processes like rapid prototyping. 
  • As OBJ models hold data in plain text rather than binary, they often take up more space than other 3D file formats. This makes using this 3D file format more time-consuming and labor-intensive. 
  • Only individual objects may be stored in OBJ files; no information regarding animation or skins is supported. When making visuals for video games, advertisements, or digital goods, there are significant downsides to this format.

Why is FBX to OBJ conversion needed?

The reason why it is necessary to convert FBX files into OBJ files is the numerous benefits offered by OBJ file types. By splitting an object’s surface into tiny, triangular “tiles,” the user may depict complicated or irregularly shaped items.

Due to the ability to alter each tile independently of the others, this tessellation procedure makes it simpler to control and render the design.

The ability to express the geometry of 3D objects and their surface qualities, such as texture mapping and shading, is another crucial aspect of OBJ files. Because of its adaptability, the OBJ file format is strong for producing realistic depictions of intricate three-dimensional situations.

Free-form surface patches are also described in OBJ files. These patches provide designers the ability to create smooth, seamless surfaces devoid of seams or distortions, making them perfect for producing very realistic textures like skin or cloth. Unlike other file formats, OBJ offers high-resolution data.

Now, let us directly jump to the list of FBX to OBJ converters for your 3D models.


Aspose’s FBX to OBJ converter is used to convert FBX files to the OBJ format easily. Here, you don’t need to install any extra software. You can just use a web browser to access the application. All you have to do is to drag your document into the upload area and click the ‘View’ button.

YouTube video

There are two great features of Aspose’s converters that you should keep in mind. Firstly, your file gets deleted within 24 hours of uploading.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your files getting leaked or tampered with. Secondly, you can manually convert your files using programming on a special platform provided by Aspose, which is Aspose.3D


Online file conversion is easy with AnyConv. Over 400 distinct formats are supported for documents, photos, databases, e-books, archives, slideshows, audio, and video.

Since AnyConv operates online through a web browser, no software installation is necessary. Drag and drop your FBX file into the window, click “Convert,” and you’re done.


Simply click on ‘Choose File’ from the drop-down menu to begin uploading your FBX file to their website. Once you’ve chosen, you can import your design into the website by going to the location where you’ve saved it on your computer.

Your design will be available for conversion to OBJ, among other file types, once it has been imported. The converting procedure will begin after you click ‘Convert.’


Converting FBX files to OBJ format is simple using Fabconvert. You can utilize your FBX models in the software of your preference with only a few clicks.

You won’t ever have to spend time attempting to work with file formats that aren’t compatible, thanks to the quick and simple conversion procedure. Your FBX file will be changed utilizing their unified 3D model and mesh conversion tool into an OBJ file.


With the help of this conversion tool, 3D components, including vertices, faces, normals, and pertinent material data, are accurately converted.

Their software won’t try to transfer any color information because FBX supports color materials, whereas OBJ does not; therefore, your final 3D model will just have geometric data. After one hour, your file will be removed from the server.


You can convert your FBX file to an OBJ file or one of the other 12+ edition formats offered online by 3D-Convert. This is the perfect page if you want to swiftly and easily convert a 3D model.

Their straightforward conversion gives you 627 options. This website can convert any file type, including STL, OBJ, Blend, FBX, and PLY, in a matter of seconds.


The download link can be used to obtain the model when it has been submitted and converted. After conversion on 3D-Convert, the submitted model is instantly destroyed. However, if you want to download the converted file again, it is still accessible for 24 hours.


Miconv is another FBX to OBJ converter that is quite effective. To convert .fbx files to .obj format, there is no need to download or install any program. The Miconv cloud storage is where all conversions take place. The file security that Miconv provides is its finest feature. Your files are totally secure and only available to you.


After conversion, all files will be permanently destroyed within two hours. Miconv is also quick and cost-free to use. Your FBX files can be converted to OBJ in only two clicks.

Additionally, there is no cost associated with it. All customers have free access to the Miconv FBX to OBJ Converter, which includes all the premium features.

Image to STL

Most 3D mesh or FBX model files can be converted to a standard OBJ file using Image to STL‘s free and quick tool, which can be altered further in most well-liked 3D editing tools or directly 3D printed.


This tool can read text-formatted FBX files version 6.4 and higher and binary FBX files version 7.0 and above. One hour after being uploaded, the generated OBJ file is destroyed, and the download link becomes inactive.


Blender is a free and open-source software with a ton of capabilities that make it easy to produce stunning models, and it can also be used as an FBX to OBJ converter. If you don’t already have Blender, the best part is that you can get it free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Once it is installed, the conversion procedure is simple.


You can launch Blender and import the FBX file you wish to convert to begin the conversion process. After you’ve loaded your design into Blender, export it as an OBJ file. You can accomplish this by choosing File -> Export -> OBJ, from the list of available file formats.

Autodesk FBX Converter

You can convert between FBX files with the free standalone computer application Autodesk FBX Converter. Moreover, the software is accessible on the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Anyone who wants to convert between several 3D file formats will benefit from this software. It is simple to use and can be a useful tool for any animator or 3D artist.


You must download and set up the conversion tool before you can begin converting your FBX files. After installation, select the ‘Add FBX converter’ option by clicking it.

To import your FBX file into the tool, click on ‘Add’ under the source files area. After importing, select ‘OBJ’ under “Destination format” to begin the conversion process.


SelfCAD is a robust yet user-friendly CAD application with many features and functions. You can instantly share your creations with others by converting FBX files to OBJ format with SelfCAD.

YouTube video

Additionally, the application comes with a large selection of modeling and sculpting tools that make it simple to make intricate patterns.

You must first load the design into SelfCAD using the ‘Import’ option in the File area to convert FBX to OBJ in SelfCAD. Once your design has been imported, you may edit and modify it to suit your needs. When you’re finished, simply select ‘File,’ pick ‘Export,’ and export it in OBJ format to convert it to OBJ.


It is essential to have a powerful tool that enables you to deliver customer applications, export assets to numerous file formats, and make an entire product catalog accessible in 3D. The complicated process of converting 3D models from FBX to OBJ can be simplified using the tools and techniques described in this article.

You can quickly convert your 3D images into formats that work with various software or hardware, provided you have the necessary information and tools. Finding the best software for your requirements and utilizing it effectively are the keys.

You may also explore some best 3D animation and design software for professionals.

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