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Field service management software is essential for tracking employee activities, communicating with them, tracking sales, and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

When an employee is out in the field, you need to track the activities to keep them organized and ensure complete safety. 

This is especially vital for small businesses where efficiency is the most targeted part of conserving resources.

Field service management software allows you to unite all essential functions of field operations into one platform. It allows you to track technicians and employees when they are out while processing service orders to keep customers happy.

Let’s start with a quick introduction to field service management, and then we’ll discuss some field service management software solutions with their features and benefits. 

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software is a smart tool that helps organizations and businesses manage their field operations, such as scheduling, work order management, dispatching, and invoicing. It is designed to enhance the efficiency of field service teams by improving their productivity and providing better service to your customers. 

Different field software solutions may work differently. Often, the software enables you to craft employee schedules and assign them tasks based on the team’s availability, location, and qualifications. Field service management software allows you to handle sudden changes and development in your workflow. 

From the admin dashboard, you can track the work orders, ongoing works statuses, and more. Field service management tools let you collect customer payments and also provide integration options with third-party tools. 

Features of Field Service Management Software

While looking for good field service software, keep your eye on the following features:

  • Ease of use
  • Customizability
  • Mobile access
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Work order management
  • Time tracking and billing
  • GPS tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Data and Reporting
  • Digital forms and checklists
  • In-app chat
  • Pricing and support

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

The primary benefits of using field service management software include the following:

  • A boost in efficiency by automating and streamlining the daily process, such as scheduling, work order management and dispatching. 
  • Enhanced control and visibility into performance, job status, and inventory levels. 
  • Increased revenue by allowing contractors to prepare invoices more accurately, reducing the effort and time required to produce manual invoices. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction by quickly handling service orders, assigning jobs, providing real-time access to your employees, and more to offer personalized and faster service. 
  • Ensuring the safety and compliance of the employees by allowing them to be in constant contact, stay up-to-date on work procedures, and instantly communicate issues. 

How Do You Choose the Best Field Service Management (FSM) Software?

The following points will help you to shortlist the best field service management software for your business:

  • Business needs: What particular problems are you experiencing in the field service operations? Which features will be quite necessary for you, and which features will be an added feature?
  • Budget: The price can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands per month. Setting a budget before you start shopping is suggested so you do not end up overspending.
  • Size of the team: The FSM software can be used by any business and at any possible scale, but ensure that you have always chosen a solution that will meet requirements when your organization grows.
  • Efficient automation and forecasting in field service management software can accelerate the resolution of common service requests and optimize delivery/service times by automating repetitive tasks and predictive abilities.
  • When choosing field service management software, it is important to consider its ability to integrate with other systems, such as CRM, billing software, and tracking APIs.
  • A mobile field service app is essential for keeping field agents connected to the helpdesk during their visits, maximizing their potential.
  • Customer support: One should have access to customer support whenever help is required in using or integrating FSM software.
  • Many solutions are available in the market; therefore, you should look at different features and price options side by side before settling for a solution.

Choosing the right FSM software can make a big difference in the efficiency and profitability of your field service operations. Following the points above, you can select the best solution for your business needs.

Now, we’ll discuss some good field service management software.

Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is an end-to-end field service platform that helps to lower operating costs, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Companies using Salesforce Field Service reported a 30% decrease in operation costs, a 32% increase in mobile worker productivity, a 31% increase in overall revenue, and a 33% increase in customer retention.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud field service is a highly-regarded software solution for customer service worldwide. It provides a variety of communication channels such as phone, web, chat, or email making it possible for agents and clients to establish quick contact to address issues or inquiries.

It combines AI, real-time data, and CRM technology to provide seamless customer service by streamlining field operations and enhancing team connectivity through a single, integrated platform.

As per the Forrester Research Total Economic Impact report, four organizations saw a 180% increase in return on investment and a total of $5.2 million in benefits over three years.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves employee productivity by providing field staff with the required data and tools.
  • With AI and real-time data, the mobile app provides guided workflows to improve the efficiency of mobile workers.
  • Intelligent Asset Service Management gives a comprehensive overview of assets to detect possible difficulties, resulting in proactive problem-solving for clients, reduced downtime, and enhanced service accuracy.
  • Automation can help in scheduling and dispatching to match resources with routes, resulting in cost savings and speedier emergency response.
  • Real-time remote assistance.
  • Connection with legacy data systems.
  • Integration with third-party apps.
  • Queue management.

Its pricing structure is based on various features adoption and has four different versions: Starter, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Overall, Salesforce Field Service streamlines service team processes enables businesses to provide better customer service, and improves customer satisfaction.

Housecall Pro

Access all the necessary features you need to run your service business with Housecall Pro. It provides multiple useful features that save you time and enhance your business growth. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Housecall Pro makes invoicing super easy with single-click digital invoicing, integration with QuickBooks, and an auto reminder to your customers. 
  • It offers instant financing to track payments and get paid faster. 
  • Set new or recurring jobs easily, organize calendar, manage job details, and notify technicians of the details. 
  • Convert more leads by managing the sales funnel with the workflow management board. Also, it helps you convert estimates into jobs with robust automation. 
  • It allows you to take or make calls, simplify the intake process, track the lead source, etc., with its call tracking and VoIP features. This helps you boost your business.
  • You will get additional features like HCP assist, Google Local Services, reporting, email marketing, dispatching, estimating, online booking, price booking, job costing, GPS tracking, and more. 

Set up your free trial today and grow smarter by reducing admin tasks and paperwork, boosting revenue, and exceeding customer expectations. 


Experience intelligent field service management software with Zuper that helps you in service scheduling, timesheet management, work order management, invoicing, job reporting, estimating, dispatching, and more. It will also help in automating field service operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can add notes, communicate with a back-office team, and attach images within the word order.
  • Work order management helps technicians manage their shifts, time-off requests, and schedules from a mobile application anytime, anywhere. 
  • Easily route your technicians to the next service location with location intelligence. 
  • Configure and set statuses, notifications, alerts, workflows, and checklists. 
  • Streamline your invoice processes
  • Enable your customer with payments and self-service
  • Integrate Zuper with leading Help Desk, CRM, and other business applications to boost your productivity
  • Automate estimating, payments, and invoicing to get faster payments

Schedule a demo or start your free trial today.


Manage your field service operations with Connecteam’s field employees application to communicate, and train your employees in a single application. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Dispatch jobs for your employees in a click. 
  • Attach the necessary information so that your employees use the data to get the job done. 
  • Use GPS tracking to track equipment usage and work time. 
  • Get rid of paper and pen, and automate regular processes with online checklists, hazard reports, and ticket forms. 
  • Share company regulations, safety procedures, company policies, equipment manuals, etc., via chat to ensure all field persons are on the same page. 

Getting started with Connecteam is easy and simple. Just sign up first to get the free trial, set up a company account, invite employees to install the application, and manage operations on the go. 


Build a profitable field service organization with Freshdesk’s end-to-end solution that gives you all the capabilities you need to help your customers. Grow customer loyalty and trust by boosting operational consistency, efficiency, and speed. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Engage with your customers through preferred channels, build a better customer relationship, set up appointments, and more with the omnichannel brand presence. 
  • Expand the service areas, provide tools to your teams, and enhance field response time to empower your team members.
  • Simplify your complex workflows and respond to your customers easily with no-code bots for faster and better service task resolution. 
  • A robust scheduling dashboard makes balancing workloads, responding to emergencies, and managing appointments easy, thus, improving efficiency and saving time. 
  • Freddy AI helps you interact with your customers, set up appointments, and respond to queries automatically, saving you from manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Allow field employees to access your customer information and deliver better service everywhere via Android and iOS apps. 

Start using Freshdesk for free.


Organize your field service operations with Jobber and impress your clients with better services. It helps you manage customer and business communication in one place. It also keeps your business-related things organized in every stage of the job so you can visualize customer details at one glance. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Send professional-looking quotes via text messages or email and track essential data for review and approval.
  • Check technician availability faster and assign or schedule service on time. 
  • Allow your field technician to click over ‘complete’ to automatically generate and send an invoice. You can also keep track of overdue invoices. 
  • Accept different payment options like auto-charge credit cards, offline payments, and other online payment options. 

Try Jobber for free and access all features for 14 days. From customer communications to job tracking and invoicing, experience better operations and growth of your business.


Get an easy-to-use, DIY, and no-code SaaS platform for your business that enables automating and digitizing aspects of process management, field force operations, and workflow management. Effort helps you customize location-sensitive and time-critical workflows to simplify field operations. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhance resource and team management with sign-in and sign-out, geotag and proximity check, activity-based distance tracking, route plans, knowledge base, chat, day plans, face recognition, leaves, assign customers, and more.
  • Improve data collection capabilities with repeatable sections, multiple languages, validations, computed fields, multiple pages, remote fields, conditional logic, barcode support, public or private, scorecards, geo-tagging, forms reports builder, payment gateway, voice command support, Bluetooth printer, and more. 
  • Increase your business productivity through better workflows, including approval workflows, conditional action flows, work check-ins, sub-tasks, attachments, checklist flows, data provider bots, decision provider bots, automatic conditional allocation, external public actions, escalation matrices, bulk uploads, REST based work creation, and more.
  • Boost your organizational efficiency with notifications, integrations, Google data studio, configurator, offline mobile application, Web Lite, and Web App. 

Try Effort for free. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The field service management application by Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures staff members are working on a provided location proactively and giving attention to the customer’s problems with efficiency. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Dynamics 365 is a complete field service management solution for your entire business that uses built-in remote monitoring, mixed laity, intelligence, and more to optimize field operations. 
  • The software blends the lifecycle of service operations with analytics, intelligence, and automation.
  • This field service solution provides an integrated system that tracks and manages all business field functions. 
  • It can transform on-site operations based on installations, in-home care, on-site repair, cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance. 

Try the software today. 

Field Promax

Get a mobile integrated field service management application with Field Promax and simplify the hardest tasks into simple and easy operations. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Field Promax helps you standardize and streamline your service workflows, manage your technicians, process work orders, communicate with your customers, and grow your field business. 
  • With its prompt scheduling function, work order management is way simpler so that you can create work orders instantly and also convert service requests to new work orders. 
  • It works across devices and systems so that technicians can update their work progress from the field and supervisors can keep track of the movement in real time. 
  • It has better time-keeping functionality that helps you monetize all the resources, including hours of saved paperless tasks, quick conversion of the order, work of each technician, and more. 
  • Using Field Promax, you can have multiple advantages like an affordable solution, strong customer support, reduced labor costs, getting paid faster, industry-specific solutions, training your field teams, and more. 

Try Field Promax for free and streamline the entire business operations. 


Power up your field business with Fieldpoint’s field service application. It provides several solutions that can help manage customer needs so that operations run smoothly, business integration to get faster payment, complex processes, and productivity of field technicians. 

In addition, Fieldpoint enables you to streamline your word order process, drive efficiency, and optimize the complete service management experience.

Features and Benefits:

Fieldpoint offers numerous features for your field service.

  • Managing work orders efficiently 
  • Scheduling and dispatching of work orders 
  • A mobile field service app to manage operations at any time, anywhere
  • Contact management and subcontractor management
  • Quoting management with accuracy while avoiding errors 
  • Business reporting and intelligence 
  • Projects and job costing
  • FSM software deployment
  • Internet of Things (IoT) to enable operational automation
  • Mobile checklists for easy tracking
  • Proper resource routing 

Integrate Fieldpoint with your business software, including Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, QuickBooks, NetSuite, and more, to improve productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. 


Complete more jobs faster, increase profitability, and streamline field operations with FieldEdge field service management software. Connect everyone from technicians to the office team and see how easily you can process all the field jobs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Gain complete business insights and identify top contributors of your company by tracking the technician’s and office staff’s performance. 
  • Compare marketing spending and sales revenue to check how many leads are converting. 
  • Get a snapshot of the financials to get insight into the biggest revenue drivers. 
  • You can access customers’ full history, which you can share with your technicians to get the job done faster. 
  • Schedule, dispatch, and track technicians easily on a single screen.
  • With a built-in payment system, you can get your payments faster. 

FieldEdge offers both desktop and mobile applications so that you can sync between them to track every action and information. 

Service Fusion

Explore an all-in-one field service application that provides the tools service contractors needed to maximize your business potential. Service Fusion allows you to manage your business processes from anywhere at an affordable price. 

Service Fusion’s field service management software is a single organized platform to manage operations and simplify day-to-day tasks. This ensures customers, technicians, and staff are on the same page. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Create numerous customer contacts and their locations
  • Set billing terms and communication preferences
  • Store public and private notes, images, and documents
  • Track referral sources
  • Craft and send estimates with prepopulated product line terms
  • Prioritize different opportunities and assign jobs to sales representatives to calculate the commission
  • View all the estimates and jobs to shift dates and times with a drag-drop dispatch grid
  • Send job info to your workers through text or a call
  • Convert single jobs to multiple invoices with just a click
  • Receive checks, credit card payments, and cash with a built-in payment gateway
  • Use field service mobile applications to receive and manage created jobs easily right in the field. 

In addition, you will also get text message notifications, estimate options, contactless eSign solutions, progressive invoicing, job photo upload, GPS fleet tracking, call tracking, time tracking, payroll reports, inventory management, and more. 


ServiceMax is a purpose-built software for field service providers, offering services, integrations, and features to improve asset uptime and remote services. This will boost technician productivity via mobile tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • Proper metrics assist in making better decisions confidently
  • Real-time and secure communication solution that connects field workers with the expertise and knowledge to drive results
  • Technicians can connect to back-office experts, management, etc., using any mode that works best, including voice calls, video calls, broadcasts, hotline groups, group messages, and more. 
  • The scheduling environment gives comprehensive capabilities to improve service efficiency, technician utilization, and customer experience. 
  • Manage your work orders in the center of field operations to reach service goals and delight your customers. 
  • The KPIs and dashboards provide insights into service operations, giving you complete visibility and a roadmap for improvements. 
  • Get analytics and data on asset uptime, spare parts management, work order status, etc.
  • Leverage self-service dashboards and reports to know the health of your field business. 


Your operations need to be efficient and organized in this technologically driven world. Here, customers don’t want to wait much, while outdated methods can cost you significantly. This is why using field service management software makes total sense in order to improve your operational efficiency. 

Thus, choose any of the above field service management software based on your business requirements and budget. 

You may now learn more about how to get field marketing right.

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