Check Alfresco version in two easy steps

Lately, I started working on Alfresco and the first thing I wanted to confirm is version. Well, I couldn’t find any script to check the running alfresco version and it took few minutes to actually find it. So here is the way two ways to check the alfresco version.

Through Share or Alfresco Explorer Console

  • Login into either Share or Explorer Console
  • Move your mouse towards left top corner and click on alfresco logo

alfresco-share-logo       alfresco-explorer-check-version

  • From Share, you should get a popup that reveals the alfresco version


  • From Explorer console, it will display the version in the main body


Through Alfresco.log

  • Login into Alfresco server
  • Go to alfresco installed path
  • grep for “alfresco started” in alfresco.log
[[email protected] alfresco-3.4.e]# grep -i "alfresco started" alfresco.log
 02:40:35,994 INFO  [org.alfresco.service.descriptor.DescriptorService] Alfresco started (Community): Current version 3.4.0 (e 3419) schema 4113 - Originally installed version 3.4.0 (e 3419) schema 4113
 [[email protected] alfresco-3.4.e]#

It’s easy once you find the way. Isn’t it?