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  • HTTP Server by IBM is based on Apache HTTP, which can be installed on AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, HP-UX or z/OS.

    There is four major version of IHS available.

    Knowing which version is installed on your server is essential for technical stack auditing and ensuring you have the latest version.

    Here are two ways to find out the installed IBM HTTP Server version and Architecture.

    Find through versionInfo.sh

    Probably the most reliable and best way to find the version installed on the server.

    • Log in to the IBM HTTP Server
    • Go to the path it’s installed
    • Go to the bin folder and execute below file
    [[email protected] bin]# ./versionInfo.sh | grep Version
    WVER0012I: VersionInfo reporter version, dated 2/8/12
    Version Directory       /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/properties/version
    Installed Features   IBM HTTP Server 64-bit with Java, Version 6
    [[email protected] bin]#

    To know the architecture, you can use below grep

    [[email protected] bin]# ./versionInfo.sh | grep Arch
    Architecture         x86-64 (64 bit)
    [[email protected] bin]#

    So now you know it’s with 64 bit in above example.

    Check the IHS version through log file

    If you are not into production support then you may not have the server access to execute versionInfo.sh file to see the version. In this situation, assuming you have access to the log file you can use following technique.

    Login into IBM HTTP Server and access the path where IHS logs are generated

    View the error_log file and look at the startup line, it should read the version under notice as shown below.

    [Mon May 02 06:13:54 2016] [notice] IBM_HTTP_Server/ (Unix) configured -- resuming normal operations

    Note: log file will not have the architecture details.

    If you are looking to find out the IBM HTTP Server historical versions on the server then you can use historyInfo.sh.

    [[email protected] bin]# ./historyInfo.sh
    WVER0210I: Copyright (c) IBM Corporation 2002, 2012; All rights reserved.
    WVER0212I: HistoryInfo Reporter Version, Dated 10/18/11
    IBM WebSphere Product History Report
    Report at date and time May 2, 2016 6:21:57 AM PDT
    Product Directory   /opt/IBM/HTTPServer
    Version Directory   /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/properties/version
    DTD Directory       /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/properties/version/dtd
    Log Directory       /var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs
    Installation Event
    Install Manager Offering ID       com.ibm.websphere.IHSILAN.v85
    Action                             install
    Package                           com.ibm.websphere.IHSILAN.v85_8.5.5009.20160225_0435
    Log File Name                     20160502_0337.xml
    Timestamp                         2016-05-02 04:47:47-0700
    Result                             success
    Installed Features                 IBM HTTP Server 64-bit with Java, Version 6
    End History Report
    [[email protected] bin]#

    I hope above procedure helps you to find the IBM HTTP Server version and architecture level.