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In Customer Service Last updated: September 18, 2023
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A call center’s first call resolution (FCR) rate shows how frequently customer concerns are resolved during the initial contact and is a sign of superior customer care.

When a customer calls an IT help desk, they are looking for answers to their technical problems and expect quick fixes that save downtime and guarantee a seamless experience.

What is First Call Resolution?

A vital component of customer relationship management (CRM) and a key call center performance statistic is first-call resolution (FCR). The definition of the term is self-explanatory: a contact center’s capacity to address client issues, inquiries, or demands within the initial phone conversation without further follow-up.


FCR is essential to raising customer happiness and developing loyalty for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, clients frequently seek assistance because they need rapid and practical solutions to their issues.

It saves them time and shows that the business prioritizes their concerns when problems are fixed on the first call. Customers feel acknowledged and appreciated due to this pleasant interaction, which raises customer satisfaction levels.

FCR not only helps measure customer satisfaction and drives customer loyalty but also measures the efficiency of the agent and further acts as a crucial factor in profitability. 

Importance of FCR

FCR and client loyalty are closely related. Customers are furthermore likely to stick with a brand if their problems are treated quickly. They have a sense of trust and dependability, knowing that the business can successfully meet their needs.

Contrarily, persistent calls or unresolved issues can irritate clients, erode their confidence, and even cause them to go to rival businesses.


Retaining devoted clients is crucial in today’s choice-rich, competitive business environment. FCR is an effective tool for attaining this objective because it increases customer happiness and lowers operating expenses by reducing the need for extra support contacts.

Fundamentally, First Call Resolution is the foundation of top-notch customer service, fostering client pleasure, adherence, and business success.

Why does FCR Matter?

First-call resolution is an essential customer stat; you cannot ignore its importance. For various reasons, this is important. It first has a direct effect on consumer satisfaction. Customers remain loyal to a brand when their issues are resolved quickly, and they feel more valued.

It further improves operational effectiveness. The client and the business save time and resources when problems are resolved simultaneously. It decreases support expenses, lowers call volumes, and frees up staff to take care of other client needs.

It also improves a business’s reputation. Positive online evaluations and word-of-mouth endorsements are frequently the result of exceptional customer service interactions. Providing for the customer’s needs during the initial call fosters trust and goodwill, which can result in additional referrals and potential new business.

In today’s competitive business climate, first-call resolution is critical to set a company apart. Both customers and businesses gain from its promotion of customer satisfaction, effectiveness, and a positive brand image.

Benefits of Achieving FCR


As seen above, FCR should be a topmost priority for companies. Here are some of the advantages that come with achieving FCR.

Customer Retention

Poor customer service attracts customer attrition. An excellent strategy to guarantee customer loyalty is to attend to a problem and offer a remedy during the initial interaction. If a consumer is unhappy with the level of service, they can turn to your rivals.


Increase Agent Output

Repetitive requests for the same service decrease when a problem can be resolved on the first attempt. This saves customers time and also frees up call center employees to focus on more complex customer demands.

Improved agent performance also leads to increased efficiency and company success, which is directly tied to enhanced contact center FCR and improved customer happiness.

Impacts Operating Costs

FCR may also impact operating costs. Call centers can experience a 1% reduction in operational costs for every 1% improvement in FCR because a higher FCR suggests your employees are handling customer service questions more quickly.

Increases Customer Confidence

FCR ensures that consumer questions about product availability, pricing, or order tracking are promptly answered in every industry.

This increases customer confidence and promotes repeat business. Furthermore, FCR helps banks and other financial institutions quickly resolve account- and transaction-related issues. It increases the banking system’s confidence and preserves patronage.

Challenges & Factors Affecting FCR


Businesses frequently encounter a variety of difficulties while attempting to increase FCR rates. Most call center managers find it challenging to define and measure it accurately.

Ineffective internal procedures could be another typical problem. These agent knowledge gaps could be brought on by a lack of information or information that is difficult to get, a high agent turnover rate, inadequate agent training, or a lack of authority to handle ordinary problems without escalating them.

Apart from the challenges mentioned above, FCR is a complex metric. It is affected by some more variables.

Call-routing Systems’ Efficiency

ACDs and IVRs typically direct incoming calls to the departments or agents most suited to satisfying consumers’ demands. First, call issue resolution efficiency is significantly impacted by how well these call routing systems perform.

Product/Service Complexity

Businesses that sell sophisticated goods or services (often IT and SaaS) are likelier to have lower first-call resolution rates. The intricacy of typical client calls is to blame.

Long Hours of Holding

Callers may be placed on hold for an extended period for various reasons, such as when an agent wants to consult a knowledge base or confirm customer information. Long wait times might result in unfavorable interactions and dropped calls. Lower initial call resolution rates are the end outcome of these.

Best Practices to Achieve FCR


Simple access to reliable information

Agents are less likely to successfully resolve client concerns on the first try if they lack correct product expertise, immediate access to extensive customer information (history of prior encounters, purchase history, etc.), and access to an internal knowledge base.

Giving agents specialized contact center software that offers a 360-degree customer perspective and makes it simple for them to access comprehensive corporate knowledge resources is crucial for boosting FCR.

Empowering Agents

The FCR rate could decrease if agents aren’t allowed to take on specific activities (such as issuing refunds, applying discounts, handling billing difficulties) or making decisions without seeking permission from their superiors. By revising corporate rules and processes and enhancing agents’ problem-solving abilities, FCR rates can be raised.

Effective cross-training and coaching

Call center agents need to know about the goods and services offered by a firm. They ought to receive instruction on responding to diverse inquiries, fixing intricate problems, and dealing with challenging clients. Agents receive ongoing coaching and cross-training to ensure they are always knowledgeable and ready to fulfill consumer needs during the initial encounter.

Consider the bigger picture

Remember that your customers communicate with you through various channels, such as chat, email, social media, and self-service options. They don’t just give you a phone call. Assign agents that are knowledgeable about and skilled in all of the FCR objectives for the channel.

React and respond to your clients

Customer feedback is the secret to raising customer satisfaction, agent performance, and FCR as a result. Utilise client feedback to strengthen policies and clarify objectives after gathering them through social media, surveys, and other means.

Making use of conversation analytics

You may further quickly gain insight into customer-agent discussions across channels by implementing conversation analytics to examine every encounter.

Best Strategies to Achieve FCR in Various Industries


#1. Retail & Financial Services

In Retail, FCR can be achieved by ensuring solid freight & inventory management systems. It ensures accurate levels of stock & conducts staff training to provide the latest info on products. In Finance, precise personalized banking services resolution is needed. Equipping the tech with real-time insights for the customer is deemed helpful here.

#2. Telecom

Telecom firms can achieve FCR by investing in easy & quick-to-use applications. By offering smooth troubleshooting guides for common & recurring issues, robust customer satisfaction can be achieved. Having proper data for the issue is crucial over here.

#3. Healthcare & Education

Healthcare providers can achieve FCR by ensuring smooth & quick scheduling of appointments. FCR is also possible by streamlining the process & giving online access to customers & further ensuring that the staff has access to the latest patient information or not. For educators, providing online registration for courses can aid in achieving FCR quickly.

Prompt & to-the-point responses against student queries and offering detailed guidelines will aid the mission further.


#4. Hospitality & E-Commerce

Hospitality chains can enhance their FCR by equipping the staff with the latest info. Investing in training programs for the crew and the staff can further prove to be helpful in the long run. Implementing feedback systems will only further improve the one-to-one relations with the customer & increase brand loyalty.

In E-Commerce, upgrading the search functionality on websites & improving the navigation helps highly in achieving FCR.

#5. Manufacturing & IT

Manufacturing & product-based firms can achieve FCR by focusing their attention on product quality & reliability. Furthermore, the focus should shift to maximizing the customer support channels. Quick responses to the queries can play a crucial role here. In the IT sector, constant & timely monitoring wins the game. Tracking & further prioritizing the IT support for customers helps achieve FCR at a faster rate.   


To guarantee customer satisfaction, first-call resolution (FCR) is necessary. Businesses should put priority on excellent communication, well-trained employees, and practical problem-solving if they want to keep customers pleased right away. The essential techniques are to respond to client questions and concerns as soon as they arise, to offer thorough solutions, and to forego needless transfers or calls.

Agents can further be equipped with relevant finesse by utilizing technologies like CRM systems. Improvements in the FCR rates can also be made using continual training and feedback systems. A high FCR rate, in the end, benefits both businesses and their customers by improving both the customer experience and lowering operational costs.

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