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9 Floor Plan Creators To Visualize Rooms in 2D and 3D

9 Floor Plan Creators To Visualize Rooms in 2D and 3D
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Whenever you want to construct or renovate any building, floor plan creator tools make the planning process a breeze.

Whether you are an architect, builder, interior designer, or remodeling professional, floor plan creators let you seamlessly communicate your vision to contractors and home-buyers. These tools will help the clients visualize the project and allow you to make quick revisions at any point in the planning stage.

So, If you are wondering what the best floor plan creators are, read on. We will also tell you about the types of floor plans and the must-have features of a robust floor plan tool.

What Is a Floor Plan Creator?

What Is a Floor Plan Creator

A floor plan is a way of representing how a piece of construction will look when it is completed. Often, it is the first stage of project design that works as the base of that project. It lets you illustrate the foundation and layout for the execution stages. 

However, developing these floor plans is not so easy. Instead of doing it manually, you can seek assistance from floor plan creator tools. People often choose floor planning software to quicken up the process and reduce manual effort. Also, these tools are capable of creating plans that are accurate and precise.

Types of Floor Plans

#1. 2D Floor Plans

The 2D floor plan is a basic home layout that represents only the technical information and space measurements. This view is usually presented with 3D floor plans so that the clients can envision their future buildings with clarity.

This type of plan is suitable for professional home builders, interior designers, and remodelers. With a nicely presented 2D floor plan, you can make the clients easily understand the project.

#2. 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

This view comes with a 3D perspective; hence, clients can understand this fully furnished and decorated layout. Besides, this floor plan includes exterior features, making it the most attractive way to showcase a home project. Especially, the top view of this floor plan lets clients see floor space and room connectivity. 

#3. Live 3D Floor Plans

With this plan, you can offer your clients a first-person virtual tour of the project as if it is already finished. It lets you show specific details and switch viewpoints while talking about the project.

Common Features of an Ideal Floor Plan Creator

While choosing floor plan creator tools, people tend to choose an application with an unaffordable price and a flat learning curve. But, if functionality and performance are important for you, you should select a software application that contains most of the following features:

Customizable Surface Areas and Measurements

For a home designing or remodeling project, drawing the floor plan is a mandatory task. However, not all tools allow customization of different parts of the floor plan like windows and doors. So, look for a floor plan creator where you can create the blueprint according to your specifications.

Import and Export Floor Plans

If there is a need to work on an existing floor plan, the tool should support importing plans. It will not only save your time but also makes sure the dimensions are accurate. Exporting the floor plan is another useful feature that will let you easily share the blueprint with the stakeholders.

Concurrent 2D and 3D Views

Concurrent 2D and 3D Views

It becomes quite frustrating if you have to switch between 2D and 3D while creating a floor. A good floor plan tool lets you see 2D and 3D layouts simultaneously on the same screen. Besides saving your time, it makes the process of 3D tool creation intuitive and accurate. 

System Requirements

Contractors and designers need to work on the go. That’s why getting a traditional tool that only supports Windows and Mac is not enough. You need a floor plan tool that supports iOS and Android. Also, before opting for a tool, check if its specification requirements match your hardware specification.

Training & Demo Facilities

Ease of use is one factor you need to consider while choosing a floor plan creator. Besides selecting an application that can be used easily, you can also check if the company offers a free demo. It will help you understand if you or your team can use the features of the software.

Reusable Templates

Sometimes, home builders need to reuse floor plans from previous projects. If the floor plan tool comes with reusable templates, you do not need to start from scratch, as changing the layouts according to the new proposal will work.

2D Floor Plans Into 3D Conversion

3D floor plans play a big role in selling projects by visualizing a floor plan and assessing how much open space will be there when the project finishes. But 3D floor plan creation can be difficult at times. Fortunately, some tools can simplify the process by automatically converting a 2D layout into 3D.

Print Floor Plans to Scale

Print Floor Plans to Scale

The print-to-scale feature lets you print a 2D floor plan on a single page that you can use to communicate with contractors and buyers. It is essential for housing professionals who want to use it for commercial purposes. Professional floor plan creators should come with this attribute.

Now, have a look at our list of best floor plan creators for creating a stunning plan for their construction project:


Roomle is a floor plan creator software that enjoys high popularity among interior designers and real estate agents due to its high-quality output. This tool helps clients to visualize their space and let you design and furnish their floors according to their taste.

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Using its 3D catalog, you can easily customize the objects to make a bespoke design. It creates aesthetically appealing floor plans with high-end realistic images. The lively presentation of layouts increases sales and efficiency.

Roomle is also available as a smartphone app that you can access readily. Moreover, this platform supports easy collaboration and sharing with others. If you want to create business-branded online portals to let your clients view hosted floor plans, this is one of the best options.


RoomSketcher is a useful floor plan creator for homeowners, interior designers, and businesses. Being a dedicated tool for floor plans and home design, you can use it without difficulty. It comes with a click-and-drag editing tool to facilitate convenience.

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With it, you can make adjustments to your plan on the spot and share it with buyers and contractors. Furthermore, this tool allows you to upload existing floor plans, blueprints, or sketches for the professional who can work on the floor planning for you.

Floor plans created with RoomSketcher can be downloaded in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats for sharing purposes. You also enjoy the freedom to show your design in interactive 3D walkthroughs or 360-degree views.


People who want to create 2D and 3D floor plans quickly should go for Floorplanner. Thousands of professionals take assistance from this tool to create top-notch floor plans. With its help, users can draw 2D plans accurately within minutes.

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It lets you use more than150,000 items for designing and offers 2D and 3D image renders. Since it is a cloud-based tool, you can access it from anywhere, on any device of your choice. 

You can start working on your project by uploading the project blueprint. Moreover, it supports sharing your plans with others in a few clicks. Both personal users and businesses will find this tool befitting.

Foyr Neo

If you are into interior designing and planning, you must be already familiar with Foyr Neo. It enables you to create impeccable floor plan layouts by automatically calculating room settings and easily making designs. Even if you choose to create a plan from the start, its effortless features will make the task easier for you.

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Using easily accessible 50,000+ 3D models and textures, one can create floor plans and design at a quick pace. Simply add the details and descriptions of the major components of the floor, and the software will offer a digital tour of your plan to the clients. 

Also, it only takes some minutes to get 4K photorealistic renders. This tool is also compatible with other sketch apps and supports importing laser meters to other devices.

Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator is a fast and accurate floor plan creator with support for blueprints. You can materialize your vision of a perfect layout with the help of its Symbol Library. Besides 2D, it lets you view the design in 3D. 

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Floor Plan Creator also lets you use your handmade plan as the template for online floor plan design. This online platform automatically synchronizes the projects in real-time, which you can simultaneously access from multiple devices.

Here, you can create designs for rooms of any shape or size and add elements like doors, windows, furniture, fire exit, and EVAC setting. Its support for metric and imperial units makes it convenient for all users.


Cedreo is a cloud-based 3D architectural tool that anyone can use with ease. This home design and floor planning software application enables you to create and manage various projects. This tool is ideal for homeowners, architects, landscape designers, and interior designers. Even people with no 3D design experience can run this tool. 

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Besides an intuitive interface, Cedreo offers its users a set of guided steps to go through the process. Even if you create floor plans for multiple projects on it simultaneously, you can keep track of them all. 

It also lets you organize projects per client, save multiple versions of the same project, and search for them. Additionally, its floor plan symbols library is useful for creating accurate design layouts quickly.


Homestyler is a unique floor plan creator that boasts cool features for making your own home design. With the help of its 4K graphics design tools, you can visualize 3D and 2D floor plans. 

Thanks to its virtual walkthrough of your design in photorealistic renders, you can have an immersive experience.

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Using Homestyler’s enormous furniture library, you can design any corner of your home and see how it looks. It also enables you to customize doors, windows, and wall colors according to your preference. 

Being one of the most user-friendly interior design apps, it offers various useful features both professionals and amateurs can use. Collaborative teams will find this platform to be highly effective.

Planner 5D

If you are looking for a reliable tool for home plans and interior design for non-professionals, Planner 5D is the software for you. It has a rich collection of shape libraries that you can utilize to create blueprints of your ideas. Its advanced floor plan designer uses Artificial Intelligence to convert your blueprint into a high-quality digital and interactive plan. 

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Whether it is about creating floor plans for your home, office, or commercial space, this application lets you create 2D or 3D layouts quickly and efficiently. After creating the plan, the tool can transform it into an HD photorealistic 3D representation. 

Though new users might find it difficult to use this app, they will get used to it over time. This online platform also has downloadable apps for Mac, iOS, and Android.


HomeByMe is a floor plan creator with all the smart features one needs to plan their next projects and manage them effortlessly. With this intuitive tool, you can seamlessly create your plans in 2D and furnish them in a 3D layout.

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If you need inspiration while creating your floor plan, you can always take help from the HomeByMe community. It has a helpful community where you can discuss your project with others and check out the project gallery displaying the works of other users.

Some of its other features include conversion of a 2D plan to 3D, realistic photo image creation, and a 360-degree overview. Users can easily share the plans online with others and get their feedback. Its mobile app lets you use this floor planner on the go.


With floor planning creators, you can work faster, collaborate with your distributed team, and make stunning designs that your clients will love. The powerful features of these tools ensure that you can show the plans just as you have visualized.

Opt for any of these tools and start designing better floor plans. If necessary, you may use building information modeling software for your projects.

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