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The background music gives a different dimension to a video and increases its intensity.

Music is one of the most effective stress busters and medicine in itself. It has endless benefits. 

Music helps in relieving anger by calming and relaxing our nerves. It helps us raise our moods by handling mood swings and lightens our stress and anxiety. On top of that, it also helps a person think clearly.

It is a perfect getaway or a short-term break from our daily routine and hectic tasks. With music, you can expect peace in your lives. Good music releases dopamine in our bodies, making us feel on top of our mood.

Music has found its application in the digital and communications industry and has become an integral part of various sub-industries such as songwriters, artists, media and publishing, videography, and other content.

For the video to be eye-catchy and generate viewership, a video must have background music. Viewers tend to concentrate more on videos having background music. It also helps send the message quickly through its tone by producing emotions.

Challenges faced by Video Creators

People in these industries face various issues when working with music to create content. Let us take the example of video creators. To develop free usable content, they have to put in massive hours and effort to come out with that one video. Additionally, the cost to create that one perfect content rises as professional tools are required along with skilled labor.

One of the significant troubles faced by video creators is copyright infringement. Here, a person who claims to own the music could seek damages for unethical use or duplication of their original work without permission. Every country has its laws and varies from one country to another, and everyone must abide by them. Some other major problems faced are:

  • Time-Taking process: It takes a considerable amount of time to cut out the unnecessary portion from the video and make the video look the best. Apart from that, if collaboration is required, merging one clip with another is very time-consuming, and inserting the right tuned music can take a fortune of research. 
  • Quality Variation: The clients’ requirements might vary from the actual video quality required to see the best version of the video—perspectives of the client and video creators matter.
  • Finding the right market: It is often seen that the video doesn’t attract the audience it was supposed to attract. For this reason, the content of the video should be made different from what already exists. The content should make people curious to watch it time and again.

Also, this requires a considerable budget. But for small and medium companies, creating and inserting upbeat background music is a hectic task on a tighter budget and with limited skills since the wherewithals required are pricey. 

To overcome this, you can use royalty-free intro music that allows you to use the music for as long as desired by crediting the artist or the platform or buying the premium version. 

To solve this issue, below are some of the best resources to get intro and background music for free.


Artlist has plenty of studio-quality music and sound effects to make your video truly captivating.

You can find the perfect background music based on mood, theme, genre, and instrument. Similarly, the sound effects are divided into ambiance, essentials, human, musical, and special.

Besides, you can filter the music as vocal, instrumental, male or female voice, etc., making the search for the perfect clip easier.

On average, Artlist’s library is home to over 60K songs and 45K sound effects that get updated daily.

The best part about Artlist is no-restrictions royalty-free clips. You can use this for personal projects to widespread commercial use. In addition, Artlist mentions all such assets will have the same terms on any future platform.

Based on the need, the subscriptions are divided into personal and unlimited.

  • Personal plan – covers all your own social channels Yearly: $9.99 per month ($119.88 billed annually) Monthly: $14.99 per month
  • Unlimited plan – covers everything from personal to commercial projects Yearly: $16.60 per month ($199 billed annually)

While projects created under the personal are forever yours, the unlimited subscription is genuinely excellent. This plan lets you download unlimited assets and use them even after your subscription expires.

And finally, you can check all its features with its free tier without paying anything.

Join Artlist now and receive 2 extra free months with our link.


Mixkit is an online content gallery of video templates and sound effects. It was founded in 2019 to provide free stock music to video creators. Mixkit has its own free library of music and soundtracks, which is increasing rapidly with the addition of new items every week.

The team of creators at Mixkit ensures that there is no compromise with the quality of the content. You can download as many media tracks as you desire without signup or attribution. Here, the tracks come under a license and are ready to be used in any project.

The best feature of Mixkit is that every content available here is free of cost and is easy to use. You can download over 50,000 different videos and music tracks of premium quality. You can make your video eye-catchy using free intro music provided by Mixkit.


Bensound is another destination where you can look for royalty-free intro music to add to your project. It doesn’t let you produce your own music, but you can edit and use the track for your YouTube videos.

Here, the music has a short description written just below the title. This brief stint of words will help you choose the right track even if you are confused. 

You can use the music for free only after giving the credit to Bensound. You can use the music in non-profitable applications, online videos, educational skits, and even any software with a free license by crediting Bensound. If you are a pro license holder, then you need not provide any attribution to Bensound and use the soundtracks wherever needed according to your desire.

Free stock music

This is a stop for passionate video and content creators. Free Stock Music assists you in your work by tendering you the royalty-free music required for your project.

The services can be used to insert background music in YouTube videos, vlog posts, podcasts, business work, and much more.

It has over 3500 soundtracks to choose from various genres. The best thing here is that attribution is not required. You must first create an account and then browse for the best-suited songs to get authorization to the platform.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is free to use, and the requirement of attribution varies from music to music. Use of track for commercial purposes is not allowed on this platform.

This platform consists of various soundtracks taken from different sites and has multiple licenses for the same reason. The music which can be used commercially is displayed by default at the top menu.

Some music cannot be used for YouTube videos, so you need to choose accordingly. However, you can cut short your research by specifying your genre at the start.


AShamaluevMusic is one of the best platforms that provide free background music to be inserted into videos. The platform has over 400 music tracks and keeps adding new tracks every month.

Any copyright issue does not take place on any social media platform. This allows you to post your videos freely without worrying about copyrights. You can use the music limitlessly. You can always use the music tracks for profit-oriented purposes and scale up the business.

The platform allows you to choose the soundtrack according to the mood of your video, as there are various moods and genres to look into. If your requirements are more, you can even take up the membership that has nominal charges.

Silverman Sound

Silverman Sound provides you with the best possible music quality for your dream project. The platform aims to render copyright-free music to its user. The soundtracks are 100% free to use. You only need to give credit to the platform while using the free version.

The music can be used for commercial and profitable purposes and downloaded in MP3. Modifying and adjusting the music according to personal and project needs is easy.  

Because of the high level of professionalism and skills, this platform can create personalized music tracks as per the requirements. If you are an admirer and want to keep up with the pace, you can always subscribe to the platform’s newsletter to know the recent ongoings.


Jamendo provides you with ten radio stations from electro and hip-hop to rock and the best of Jamendo. Here, the platform makes sure that you are involved in each step of the innovative process.  

The music track you get is of original quality and without any duplication. Jamendo contains over 10,000 ad-free albums to choose from for your ongoing projects. 

No registration is required to use the music, but you need to possess a license if you want to use it for purposes not mentioned in the free for use column.


Pixabay has a wide range of expertise in various fields like images, videos, and also soundtracks. You can share anything from Pixabay for free without having any copyright issues.

Every content is protected by a license and terms of use and can be used for commercial purposes. The platform doesn’t require you to attribute for using the music in your videos. You can make changes anytime and use the media according to your needs.

Pixabay offers a variety of royalty-free intro music to choose from. Whether you want to add images or music tracks, it is a one-stop shop. It offers a vast horizon of genres to select a soundtrack from as per your needs. 

The platform is easy to use, and the team is very professional and has done commendable work. Many video creators look up to this platform for their day-to-day work as it does not sacrifice quality.


Tunetank is another platform that is well suited for video creators. Here, you have all the control over copyright protection. It has over 2000 tracks free to download and requires attribution, that is, to credit the platform.

Tunetank allowlists the work done by you. This means that any copyright claims protect your work by showing that the services provided are used legally. You can only use unmarked tracks in the free version because the ones marked are for pro versions. 

The tracks that can be used in a video are limited, but the tracks’ quality is not. Access to premium quality music is freely available in the form of WAV files. The music tracks are well organized and exclusive, making the search easier.


The musical content in Audionautix is royalty-free. You can use the services everywhere, even for business-oriented and other profitable services, as long as the credit is rendered.

The music is available for all moods and different kinds of genres. You can refine your search by typing your needs in detail. For example, if you want calming tempo music, search for it, and there it is. The music can be used as background music in your video projects, in a restaurant or a bar, and even in software applications. 

The tracks can be loaded in MP3 format. New tracks are added regularly with time. It provides the user with a YouTube-friendly button as most users search to put their work on YouTube.


Chosic is free to use in video projects and for other commercial purposes. The music is of two types here. One is the public domain music, wherein no attribution is required. Another is creative commons music. Here, the users have to give the attribution and are marked with a special symbol.

Chosic shows the popular tracks that are high in demand at the top. This makes it tidy for the user to browse through. You can sort music according to your type: New, Popular, Latest, or Random.

The downloading of the tracks is the easiest thing on this platform which happens in seconds and in MP3 format. The music can also be used in games and other applications as long as due credit is given.

If you are not in line with the services provided or your requirements exceed, you can always opt for a premium version. Here, we list some of the premium background music resources that you should check out to fulfill your requirements.

Best Premium Background Music Resources

#1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is among the top premium options to choose your music track from. It lets you download an unlimited number of soundtracks for your projects under a single subscription.

This is a go-to platform for WordPress developers with an unlimited number of plugins. If you are a student, you are at an advantage. Envato lets you use its services free for seven days on a trial basis. All the rights for commercial use have been brought under one license to make it easy for the user.

It not only includes music but also has royalty-free videos and photos along with fonts for designing the websites and logos. Envato offers a high value for money and is worth giving a shot.

#2. Storyblocks

Storyblocks lets you download an unlimited number of music tracks. You can access the services as long as you desire by purchasing a one-time subscription. It also offers access to images and effects for animation.

It has over 100,000 tracks to choose from with exceptional sound quality. New items are added with no extra cost for the members. The cost of the subscription is at par with other companies. You can also opt for your desired subscription if you don’t want to subscribe for everything.

It is advisable to purchase the yearly plan for limitless downloads. You can download only several tracks per month as in the basic plan.

#3. Shutterstock

It is one of the rapidly-growing platforms and has customers in more than 150 countries, and the site is in 21 languages. Shutterstock has many contributors that have provided millions of images and soundtracks to browse from.

You can find your tracks quickly by using the sorting filters. It helps you in a quick search and saves you your time. After creating your profile, you can permanently save and keep a record of your work.

Further, it has two pricing categories. The introductory price is nominal if you want to use it as a single user. The price is adjusted accordingly when you want to use it with multiple users. 

#4. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is an online platform providing its services to designers and video creators for their businesses. It offers high-quality, royalty-free music and images.

The music on the platform is well organized. A fantastic feature it provides is that of genre description. If you are confused about choosing a genre for your video, a short description is written about it below each genre. This helps you in understanding your requirements.

It offers a variety of soundtracks and images to choose from. On top of that, the prices are comparatively lower. The platform aims to provide an uninterrupted work experience to its users and saves time with a fast search process.

Conclusion 🎵

Music opens new dimensions and horizons to look up to. For video creators and designers, these royalty-free intro music sites only give a boost to their creations. Some platforms do not require any credit or attribution, but you may consider giving credit just to appreciate and encourage the creator.

Almost every platform offers music under a creative commercial license for ease of use. This also saves time and your work from any copyright issues that come your way. You can bring your dream project to pass with no extra effort.

Here are some of the best movie maker apps to create videos.

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