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In Career Last updated: August 21, 2023
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Harvard University comes at the top of the list of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Whether academic excellence or research; it stands tall as the most preferred choice for learners. Luckily, the university has extended its well-esteemed on-campuses courses to online learning programs.

The university recognizes the value of online learning and has two famous platforms, Harvard Extension School and HarvardX platforms providing a variety of online courses and degree programs.

What makes it even more exciting is that many of them are free. If you want to learn from Harvard University and improve your career, follow along as we uncover the top free online courses available by Harvard University.

Computer Science

HarvardX features many free online courses on Computer Science, including.

CS50’s Intro to Programming with Python


CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python is a free course that teaches programming starting with the most basic language, Python. Whether you’re a novice to the programming world or an experienced programmer, you will get value out of this course.

It educates you on reading, writing, and testing code. The best part about this course is that it doesn’t require you to work on complex software to code; all you need is a web browser.

CS50’s Intro to Computer Science


CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is a renowned introductory course that teaches the basics of computer science. It covers the fundamental topics of computer science and programming for both experienced and naïve.

It gives you insights into algorithms, data structure, encapsulation, resource management, and security, among others. You can proceed with this free course if you want to get educated on this subject.

S50’s Computer Science for Business


CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals caters to individuals who are into business and keen to learn computer science concepts. Whether you’re a manager, product manager, or founder, you can proceed with this course.

The course adopts a top-down approach, focusing on high-level concepts and design decisions. It covers computational thinking, programming languages, web development, and cloud computing, which enables more informed technological decisions.

Art & Design

For people interested in art and design, HarvardX has a great collection of free courses:

First Nights – Handel’s Messiah


First Nights – Handel’s Messiah and Baroque Oratorio are one of the top free art and design courses, and the course guides you through Messiah’s musical highlights and reveals Handel’s composition process, preparations, and premiere performance.

To get started with this module, you don’t necessarily need any prior experience. Inside the course, you will explore musical form, analysis, genres, styles, the historical context of the first performance, and the piece’s subsequent history.

The Architectural Imagination


The Architectural Imagination by three renowned and leading educators and professors of Harvard University. It is an excellent source for someone looking to explore architecture.

The course delves into the cultural and technical aspects of architecture. It’s a 10-week course that is also self-paced, perfect for learning essential details and knowledge of the architecture world.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost


If you’re interested in learning Arts, especially themes in remembrance, death, and mourning, Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost might be what you’d like to watch. This free online course explores the Ghost’s significance in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

It delves into the character’s theatrical power, historical context, and religious beliefs of Renaissance England. It’s a must for both newbies and Hamlet enthusiasts looking to explore Shakespeare’s masterpiece.


No wonder Harvard University is known for its extraordinary business on-campus courses. Luckily, plenty of them are also available for free.

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies


Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies is a business and management course. It is a great source for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to address complicated issues in dynamic markets. The course covers the essentials of launching and growing ventures in emerging economies. Inside this course, you’ll discover innovative strategies and navigate the challenges of an emerging economy.

Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health


Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health online course is perfect for business owners and managers looking to enhance productivity and well-being in the organization. It emphasizes how building a healthy work culture and employee wellness programs contributes to long-term success. If you’re interested in fostering a culture of health and gaining a competitive edge, go ahead with this course!

Exercising Leadership Foundational Principles


If you’re eager to enhance your leadership skills, Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles is the course for you! The course focuses on addressing adaptive challenges in the changing world. It delves into practical insights perfect to step up your leadership game and make a real impact in your personal and professional life.

Data Science

Data Science is one of today’s most emerging and interesting fields. It has led Harvard University to launch great online courses in this field.

High-Dimensional Data Analysis


If you’re excited about the data science field and want to learn how to manage lots of complex data, a High-Dimensional Data Analysis course is your key. Divided into seven parts, the course starts by laying a foundation of the basics, such as mathematical distance, dimensionality reduction, and clustering. All in all, it’s a great resource to start with.

Data Science: Capstone


Data Science: Capstone course is a detailed course that emphasizes hands-on training rather than merely focusing on theoretical knowledge. It is a 2-week course that teaches you how to apply data analytics skills to real-world problems. If you’re planning to build a career in data analysis, this is a must!

Data Science: R Basics


Want to learn to use R? This course is just what you need! This 8-week-long program is ideal for anyone putting their feet in data science and R coding. Inside the Data Science: R Basics course, you’ll explore basic R syntax, foundational concepts, and how to work with R. Basically, this course can be a good start for anyone starting an adventure with R.


HarvardX has a great library of educational courses. We’ve found three amazing courses for people interested in expanding their knowledge.

Intro to Family Engagement in Education


Introduction to Family Engagement in Education is an educational course that establishes collaboration between parents and educators. It’s a 6-week program that emphasizes the importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s school learning.

Early Childhood Development


Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies for Implementation course can be useful for people interested in learning about child development. It can be an effective program whether you’re a parent, educator, or policy maker.

It emphasizes how the new generation struggles with early child development and how we can address them. If you want to invest in a brighter future for our youngest age, it is a must-watch for you!

Introduction to Data Wise


Another transformative course on our list is Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching. The program exposes you to insights on implementing effective learning in classrooms and schools. It delves deeper into the best practices of data collection and implementation to build a collaborative culture.


There’s no shortage of people passionate about Medicine. If you’re among them, here are some courses you cannot afford to miss out on

PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic


PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854 is a fascinating course discussing Dr. John Snow’s groundbreaking investigation into cholera. Inside, you’ll discover Snow’s data-driven approach that has helped transform how people perceive disease transmission.

The Opioid Crisis in America


The Opioid Crisis in America course focuses on medicines and their overdose. It talks about how mistakenly overdosing on a drug led to countless deaths in America and why it is still a threatening cause in America. If it sounds like something that can help you in your career, go ahead with this course!

MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe


MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe is a good medicine course by Harvard University for people curious about science and technology. It gives you cutting-edge insights into how science can help eliminate life-threatening diseases. The course has engaging lectures and expert discussions that make it accessible to learners of all levels.


HarvardX has some incredible courses on the humanities that are available for free. Here are some of them:

PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude


If humanities are your matter of interest and you always look for ways to expand your knowledge, you’ll love PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude. It delves into the history of navigation and the quest for longitude. It’s perfect for history buffs, curious minds, and aspiring sailors. The course takes you through seafaring challenges and longitude’s impact on global exploration.

Global China: From the Mongols to the Ming


If you love to explore history, this is a valuable resource to take advantage of. Global China: From the Mongols to the Ming course takes you back to China’s history from Mongol rule to the Ming dynasty. The course discusses how Mongols created the largest empire in human history. So if you are interested in discovering the history and culture of China, this course is meant for you!

Invasions, Rebellions, and the Fall of Imperial China


Invasions, Rebellions, and the Fall of Imperial China is an excellent resource focused on exploring China’s history. Invasions, Rebellions, and the Fall of Imperial China is a comprehensive course that teaches you about the reason behind China’s downfall, how China contributes to world history, etc. If this spikes your curiosity, go ahead with this exciting course.


Looking to polish your maths skills? We got you! We’ve discovered some great courses from Harvard University that are perfect for anyone interested in learning mathematical concepts.

Statistical Inference and Modeling


Do you want to hone your maths skills for high-throughput examples? Statistical Inference and Modeling for High-throughput Experiments course has got you covered! It’s a great resource for anyone looking to learn about statistical interference. It delves deeper into the basics of statistical topics relevant to solving high-throughput problems.

Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra


Analyzing high-dimensional data is no joke, and this course perfectly breaks this complex concept in an easy-to-understand way. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra course introduces you to the basic concepts needed to analyze high-dimensional data. It’s a perfect program for new people who wants to enhance their learning.

Case Studies in Functional Genomics


Case Studies in Functional Genomics is a course focused on genomics. The course includes real-life examples to demonstrate how functional genomics is used in practical ways. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to keep up with the latest developments in this field. So if you love being in the know about the latest happenings in genomics, this course gets a big yes!


Programming is no wonder becoming a matter of interest with the increasing adaption of technology. HarvardX, in its suite, has many great resources for people looking to gain knowledge in this field.

CS50’s Intro to Game Development


The first best programming course on our list is CS50’s Introduction to Game Development. It’s an incredible program for aspiring developers ready to dive into game development. The course will give you insights into essential game development concepts, tools, and programming languages required to build your games.

CS50’s Intro to Programming with Scratch


CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch course has a gentle introduction to programming that is perfect for to-be coders. It is a well-structured and engaging course for someone aspiring programmers. So kickstart your coding journey and build a strong foundation in programming with this course.

CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript


Interested in learning Python and JavaScript? Watch this free online course: CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript. The instructors inside this course guide take you through Python and JavaScript with the help of engaging examples. The course covers essential web development concepts and caters to beginners and intermediate learners.


Want to expand your knowledge of science and technology? Here are some best resources for you:

Introduction to Bioconductor


Just starting to learn about Bioconductor? Here is a great learning course for you. The free online course Introduction to Bioconductor provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand material. The course educators do a great job breaking complex topics into consumable chunks.

Advanced Bioconductor


If you’ve got the basics of Bioconductor down and want to learn more, we’ve got the right course for you. Harvard University offers a free online course, Advanced Bioconductor, with next-level knowledge. This course offers deep insights into Bioconductor.

It breaks down the complex subject with simple explanations and practical examples, allowing you to sharpen your skills and immerse yourself effectively in research in genomics.

Entropy and Equilibria


The free online course Entropy and Equilibria from Harvard University gives a complete guide to these complicated ideas. It’s made for folks who want to grasp the rules of entropy and equilibrium in different situations. The teachers also use examples and explanations, so it’s helpful for beginners and people who already know a little about these topics.

Social Science

If you’re eager to learn about Social Science concepts, there’s no better way than to explore HardvardX to access some free resources.

PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies


PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies is a great free online course that includes ancient divination practices and their relevance today. The course is perfect for curious minds interested in understanding how predictions have shaped cultures and influenced human beliefs across history. For those with an interest in ancient civilizations and the secrets of divination, it’s an excellent course.

Big Data Solutions for Social and Economic Disparities


Big Data Solutions for Social and Economic Disparities is another excellent course that comprehensively understands how big data can address pressing societal challenges. The course is accessible to anyone interested in leveraging data to tackle social and economic disparities.

CitiesX: The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Life


If social science, especially the process of development of cities, is something you’re passionate about, you’ll enjoy the CitiesX: The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Life course. The course profoundly examines how cities change, the processes involved, and today’s challenges.

Conclusion: Affordable Ways To Expand Your Knowledge

The free courses outlined in this post are worth taking advantage of. These courses are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge without investing any hefty costs. Whether you want to learn about any topic or polish your skills, there’s a course to help you.

Grab this opportunity to boost your abilities, widen your view, and start a lifetime of learning. Don’t hold back from using these resources to uncover all your capabilities without spending any money.

You may also explore some platforms where to find free online courses to learn something new.

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