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In Mobile Last updated: June 28, 2023
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Music apps are a necessity in everyone’s phone on any day; after all, who doesn’t like something soothing during a hectic day? Music has a way of relaxing you for as long as you listen to it, and it always leaves you wanting more. 

Music playback has always been one of Apple’s main focus areas, and the iPod series is one of the best examples of the company’s musical genius. Even though iPods are now mainly outdated, the principle behind them has been replicated by products like the iPhone and applications like Apple Music.

With each day passing through, music apps, specifically for iPhone, are gaining popularity. This only makes us choose from the multiple options it provides. Have you explored these free music apps for your iPhone?

The popularity of music apps for iPhone

Music apps have entirely changed how we listen to and enjoy music on our beloved devices. Given the abundance of possibilities available, it makes sense why they have become so popular. Users of these apps have fast access to millions of songs and many features. The options are endless, ranging from building customized playlists and finding new talents to listening to your favorite music on the move.


Music apps have something for everyone. They have a bucket of needed song pieces from old to new songs and classics to pop music. Music applications have also improved the sense of brotherhood among music fans. Social media features are regularly included, allowing users to follow friends, discuss their favorite tunes, and even discover new music through personalized recommendations. All you need to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes are your iPhone and good pair of over-ear headphones.

Music and music apps have become integral parts of our daily life, enhancing our activities and keeping us interested, whether exercising or relaxing casually. This is all thanks to the quick and effortless integration that could only have been possible with iPhone. Besides, what’s not to love about free music apps? 🎧

Benefits of Free Music Apps for iPhone

A free music app on your iPhone makes it easier to find your favorite songs without the hassle of Youtube to MP3 convertors. Some more benefits of having the same are discussed below.

New bands & songs with Apple Music

iPhone users can use Apple Music to discover new artists and songs. It allows musicians to share their music all over the world. Additionally, it enables them to interact with their supporters and admirers. Musicians can add songs, create playlists, and communicate with fans in real-time.

Downloading offline playlists can provide hours of entertainment

It’s a great idea to download music offline to save time and money. You can regularly listen to your downloaded music on your phone without a data or Wi-Fi connection. You can download songs for offline use from several offline music services, including iTunes and Spotify.


Travel Partner

Listening to music can kill the boredom that occurs while traveling long distances. It also lets you stay creative for the upcoming work schedule by keeping your brain active and engaged. By incorporating vocal remover apps, you can have your own karaoke version ready to sing along with whenever you want to.

Lighten and better your mood

You might feel less anxious and more joyful as a result. It has been demonstrated that ambient sound and happiness are related. Another reason is that the tone of the music might affect your mood even if the lyrics don’t apply to what you’re doing. Lastly, music has been shown to enhance cognitive function and focus. And suppose you don’t know the name of the song or the band, you can find your favorite music by humming the song too!

How to choose the best music app for iPhone?

Remember a few things when selecting the finest music app for your iPhone. The aesthetically acceptable design of the app’s user interface should be evaluated initially. In order to ensure that an array of genres and performers are represented, the quantity and variety of music collections should be carefully examined.

Look for customized playlists and tailored recommendations to enhance your music discovery process. Read customer reviews to get a sense of general satisfaction and dependability. 

Check if the software supports offline listening and connects seamlessly with your existing music collection. To make an informed choice, compare pricing options, features, and extras like lyrics, social sharing, or original material.

All about Apple Music and the need for third-party apps

The company’s Apple Music app is one of its well-known music streaming services. Users can access various songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations in multiple genres. Users can create playlists, follow favorite musicians, or delve into collections expertly selected to discover new music. Because the app seamlessly integrates with other Apple goods and services, users may access their music on various devices.

iphone-music-app-geekflare-1 (1)

Some users might prefer more functionality and customized choices despite the features’ extensiveness. These gaps are covered by third-party apps, which provide specialized features, including improved music discovery, advanced music organization, lyrics display, and social sharing.

These apps improve user experience by focusing on particular requirements and interests, making them excellent additions for users looking for a more customized and adaptable music streaming experience.

Some of the top music apps for iPhone have been listed here.


On SoundCloud, plenty of music has been posted by other users, including original songs and recordings by burgeoning artists. You can search for music, artists, and audio, follow other users, and search for new uploads to remain up to date.


On your iPhone, you can make a personalized stream of your favorite music by making and sharing playlists. After creating a user account, you can explore your saved songs and other data on the app and website.

The tracks which you like can be found in your library. It can be downloaded quickly from the App Store and help you keep on discovering new music. With SoundCloud, you can enjoy the songs the app brings to you and share them with your peers!

YouTube Music

On YouTube Music, well-known artists and undiscovered niche content creators create a staggering selection of streaming music and films. Even if you need to become more familiar with the artists’ names, you can still find music utilizing its smart search feature.


The YouTube Music video selections cover decades of artists’ work and include well-known music videos, live recordings, podcasts and interviews, concert footage, and more.

Download YouTube Music from the App Store effortlessly and enjoy unlimited music for iPhone. Also, you can try the premium edition free for 30 days and then select a plan as per your requirements with various plans.


Millions of songs, albums, and unique podcasts are accessible for free through the Spotify music and podcast app. The app can notify you via various push notifications when a playlist is modified or the ones you follow publish a new album.


You can choose to hear the best songs from the week, month, and year anytime. Creating a playlist of favorite songs saves you time from unnecessarily searching for them.

Get Spotify from the App Store and enjoy unlimited songs for free. Also, there are Premium subscriptions to choose from if you want to remove commercials and download the songs.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers more than 2 million songs, playlists, and radio stations for your listening pleasure. Your Prime subscription includes the service, which is free of advertising. In addition, a six-user family package is also offered.


It lets you enjoy listening to the artists you love. You may go up to a streaming service with all the bells and whistles by getting an Amazon Music unlimited subscription. 

With the premium subscription, you can gain access to tens of millions of songs and radio stations. For offline listening, you may also download music from Amazon Music. Get the app now from App Store and enjoy streaming.


Tune in to local radio stations when traveling is always a good idea. Check out TuneIn free music if you enjoy listening to the radio but prefer the portability of a mobile device that works effortlessly with Alexa and other such assistants.


TuneIn allows users to stream over 100,000 radio stations that broadcast music, news, commentary, and sports. These streams include a few NBA games as well as the MLB playoffs. TuneIn also provides an extensive podcast library without charging users.

Download the app from App Store now to take advantage of exceptional songs and sports broadcasts. If you like the service, consider signing up for TuneIn Premium to listen without commercials and with fewer ads.


You can discover any new or old classic, even if you don’t remember the correct lyrics of the song, using Shazam. You can identify or discover the music around you using this app.


Listen to the song, then add it to your Apple Music or Spotify playlist. Sing along with the timed lyrics. You can also view your favorite music videos using Apple Music.

You hear the tune you like somewhere on the road, tap Shazam, and you can know the name of the song and can then play it then and there. Download the app from App Store and tap on Shazam.


Musi lets you stream your favorite music without putting you under any limits. It enables you to create playlists, share with friends, bookmark, and organize your favorite music videos without hassle.


Share the playlist with your friends, build your dream library, and stream the music using any AirPlay-accessible device. You can now also fine-tune audio using the built-in equalizer.

Download the app now from App Store and listen to the amazing songs the app has to offer. Search all your loved songs and artists, curate them into a single playlist, and enjoy listening while relaxing entirely. 


The most popular albums, songs, mixtapes, and playlists may be downloaded and listened to offline with the help of the international streaming music app Audiomack.


Listen to the trending tracks of all time whenever you feel without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. You can even upload your own sound or music and share it with the community. You can relax to a Curator Spotlight mix or turn up Hometown Heroes from the app. 

Audiomack has everything from Certified Series to Top 20 playlists. Download it from the App Store quickly and indulge in fantastic music delicacies.


For just about every genre, LiveOne features pre-programmed streaming radio stations. Tune a station to play more of your favorite songs while listening, or leave things open to discovering new genres.


It creates an actual concert atmosphere by merging excellent audio with spectacular visuals. LiveOne provides the thrill of live music to your iPhone, wherever you are and anytime, whether it’s a solitary musician or a full band.

Get LiveOne Music today on the App Store and enjoy its music while relaxing and immersing yourself wholly in music. Hunt new talents, create a playlist of the same, and listen whenever you want to.


Melodista delivers an easy and customized music listening experience with its slick interface and strong features. It is deemed the perfect alternative to a Spotify Premium subscription.


Additionally, Melodista provides offline listening so users may listen to their preferred songs even when there is no internet connection. It has a vast library of songs ranging in various genres.

Due to its simple layout and extensive music library, Melodista has become the perfect partner for iPhone users seeking a happy and profound musical experience. Get it from the App Store now, gather friends and families, and soothe your ears by listening to the music.


Pandora is one of the most widely used free music apps on the App Store because it is simple and dependable. It resembles a radio station where you may type in a song or artist, and it will create a station with music you’ll like based on that choice.


Add new artists or track to a station, or edit the stations by giving each song a thumbs up or down. Pandora is an excellent resource for finding new music because a massive database of music preferences and connections powers it.

Pandora lets you listen to podcasts while saving your favorite artists for later access. Wi-Fi is advised when using the app so that you can stream music with little to no buffering.


With VOX music player for your iPhone, you can enjoy uncompromised audio quality right from your pocket. It contains a built-in equalizer with a variety of presets, a graphical user interface, and a gapless playback option so you may customize the sound to your preferences.


In addition to playing local music files, VOX Music Player allows you to link your SoundCloud and Spotify accounts so that you can access all of your music in one location.

Vox is readily available on the App Store and gets you grooving within minutes. Available for free, but you can always subscribe to the premium version for advanced features.


Even if you merely hum or sing a few phrases, SoundHound can quickly recognize songs that are being played nearby. The app offers comprehensive details on the recognized songs, including the lyrics, album, and artist.


Along with many other features, SoundHound lets you stream music, follow your favorite artists, get personalized suggestions, and create playlists. All the searches are recorded and are kept in your personal history.

SoundHound is a must-have app for every music lover and can be downloaded from the App Store. Providing a soulful experience, listening to your favorite songs via this app always remain in style.

My Mixtapez

Fans of rap & hip-hop will enjoy listening to music via My Mixtapez. It lets you listen to the hottest releases at home or on the go. By saving your best tracks and streaming your favorite DJs and musicians, you can create playlists suitable for every mood and occasion.


You may share music and new artists with the world via various social media platforms. To receive updates whenever a new song, mixtape, or album is released, subscribe to your favorites. Hurry and get My Mixtapez from the App Store now and create your dream playlist. 


eSound mainly serves as a music streaming app with over 150 million songs accessible from several streaming services. Still, it also performs as a music player with the ability to download songs.


One of the most outstanding music player applications for the iPhone is eSound if playing music directly from your device or from a cloud service is your top priority.

Hit the sack while listening to the songs from your beloved artists on eSound. Recommend the songs and also share the songs with them. Download the app for iPhone now from the App Store and enjoy the music for free. 


Users of TREBEL get access to a sizable selection of tracks across several genres, including both current hits and timeless favorites. Users of the app can make custom playlists and have infinite skips.


With high-quality audio sound and its friendly operational interface, the app is a must-have on your iPhone. Get TREBEL from the App Store and share the songs with your friends and family members.


With an eye-catchy visual interface, TouchTunes acts as your go-to virtual DJ having all the viral hits of all time. Select the artists and genres you love; the app will recommend the songs.


A personalized experience based on your musical preferences and song play history is available to you. Quickly queue up tunes by choosing a playlist or syncing the music on your iPhone.

Get it on the App Store and reminisce your favorites using the app. Even if you have trouble, the support team of TouchTunes is always at your disposal and provides legitimate assistance.

Which Music Apps for iPhone?

Downloading these music apps will enhance your listening experience and lighten your mood. Listening to good songs also elevates your productivity. Each app has its unique qualities and caters to different interests. Personal requirements, tastes, and the preferred music streaming experience ultimately determine the best music app for your iPhone. And once you have your playlist ready, you can use DJ Apps to mix songs on your smartphone!

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