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Google is a hub of many free online course certifications for the IT sector. Anyone can access them to learn varied professional skills, enhance their knowledge base, and achieve greater heights in their career.

It is evident for professionals to upgrade themselves in their respective careers. The corporate world keeps expanding and is determined to deliver the best output with the inclusivity of creative and confident employees. This paves a high level of competition in the job market.

Whether it is a product, service, academics, profession, or any other industry, one cannot avoid healthy competition with the counters. Therefore, it is essential to learn and grow through authentic solutions while staying relevant.

Google has designed some online course certifications with high industrial recognition for the quality of skillsets prepared in an individual. If you are a professional in the IT sector or planning to make your start in this field, then check out how Google can assist you in competing with your peers.

Here are some of the best free online courses by Google to upskill your knowledge. Let’s first understand how it works.

What is Google Free Online Courses?

Google offers an opportunity to candidates who are looking forward to advancements in their careers by taking quick online training. It is convenient for anyone seeking a trusted learning environment without taking a break from the regular schedule of jobs or studies.

It applies the latest techniques with precise study material to enlighten on the subject. There are short videos to explain each module, and you can re-access the content multiple times until you grasp the concept.

Once you successfully finish the selected course, Google will also provide you with an online certificate to authenticate your skill development. It is among the best ways to step ahead in your profession via credible technology experience.

One of the major benefits of these Google certificate courses is that they are free of cost. Almost anyone with a Google account can study directly and instantly through the panel from anywhere around the World.

More than 100 such courses are available on Google, for which you can claim a certificate after finishing. These certificates are shareable on LinkedIn to demonstrate your abilities. You can enroll in any of them without worrying about eligibility regarding age, educational qualifications, or professional experience.

I have listed the most in-demand Google free online courses in this article to make you aware of its features and benefits in the current scenario.

Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

You can earn the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate by completing all eight courses of the series. It takes approximately six months duration to finish the course by dedicating 7 – 8 hours a week and beginning your career in cybersecurity with a professionally high-demand skill.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Operations Center Analyst (SOC)

Prominent Skillsets: Python, Linux, SQL, SIEM tools (Security Information and Event Management,) IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)

Duration6 Months (7 hours per week)
Star Rating4.9

This online course briefly explains its role in organizations, considering the risk of potential threats or weaknesses. With 170 hours of sessions, you also cover practical training with practice assignments to get insights about real-world queries.

You will learn about many useful skills to handle the devices and networks for unauthorized access. It is a beginner-level training certificate that helps you qualify for many responsible roles in an organization for maintaining cybersecurity.

A survey in 2022 USA proved that more than 75% of certificate holders attained positive career outcomes. More than 150 firms like Deloitte, Adobe, Walmart, etc., consider individuals with Google’s certificate for direct openings in cyber security.

Google Cybersecurity Action Team: Cybersecurity Essentials

The Google Cybersecurity Action Team certificate course provides basic knowledge about the field. Here you will learn about the fundamentals, terms, acronyms, or control systems, which are critical for engineers to understand the core details.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Cybersecurity professionals

Prominent Skillsets: Controls, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cybersecurity Concepts, Threats & Risk Management, Threats & Risk Identification.

Duration3 Weeks (3 hours per week)
Star Rating4.6

It is a short certificate course with 9 hours of theoretical time frame, and you can finish it with complete conceptual knowledge in less than three weeks. This certificate ensures you have the intellect to be decisive in adverse cyberattacks.

After the course completion, you will be able to track the vulnerabilities in firewalls, encryptions, antivirus, malware detectors, intrusion detection systems, etc.

The course is extremely beneficial for business professionals to give them a basic understanding of the terminologies and methods involved in securing from cyberattacks. The six security domains include business continuity and disaster response, along with examples of task management.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

The Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional certificate is an advanced-level course for individuals to upgrade their skills in the Data Science and technology field. You get complete details about the working of organizations by investigating the data models using statistical analysis, regression, and other techniques.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Data Analyst, Junior Data Scientist, Data Science Analyst

Prominent Skillsets: Python, Data Science, Regression Models, Statistical Analysis, Exploring Data Analysis (EDA) Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebook, Predictive Modelling, Tableau, DataViz, Kaggle

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.7

With a certificate in this course, you can apply for jobs that require analysis and interpretation of large data sets. You will be able to use the advanced tools and techniques covered in this certificate course.

It is designed by experienced professionals working with Google in the data science stream and includes seven specific modules. You will go through 200 hours of instructions, inclusive of videos, assessments, and hands-on lab sessions.

People working in the field of data science or possessing degree certificates in Data Analytics can enroll in this advanced featured course and upskill themselves in less than six months.

Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate

The Google Business Intelligence Professional certificate is a short-duration course for getting advanced knowledge in data modeling, data visualization, dashboarding, and other skills.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Business Intelligence analyst, Business Intelligence engineer, Business Intelligence developer.

Prominent Skillsets: BigQuery, SQL, Data Modelling, Business Analysis, Sheets, Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL), Tableau Software, Data Analysis, Business Process, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Dashboarding and Reporting

Duration2 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.7

The professionals in the BI field will better understand the business questions while practicing the data extracts, transform, and load (ETL) process. They would learn to efficiently monitor business progress, track revenue and expenditure, and organize the data in a dashboard.

The stakeholders in business leverage this collected information to make quick decisions. Thus, certified professionals in business intelligence are always in demand by large organizations like Target, Verizon, and others.

With this certificate, you can qualify for multiple job roles in business intelligence. Over 75% of Google-certified professionals have excelled in their careers within six months of course completion.

The 70 hours of video instructions and 50+ practice assignments will help you gain insights into real-world issues in the field. You will also go through a portfolio project in this duration that can be shared with the employers.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

The Google Data Analytics Professional certificate enables you with beginner-level skills in the field, and makes you job-ready within six months of course completion. You will get a deep understanding of the procedures applied by professionals in data analysis.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, Associate Data Analyst

Prominent Skillsets: Job Portfolio, Data Cleansing, SQL, DataViz, Case Study, Spreadsheets, Metadata, Data Collection, Data Ethics, SQL, Data Aggregation, R Programming, R Markdown, Rstudio, Tableau, Sample Size Determination, Data Integrity, Questioning, Decision Making, Problem-Solving

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

It prepares you for critical analytical skills along with tools for data cleaning and visualization, which you can use in predicting and decision-making processes. You will gain confidence in using SQL, R Programming, Spreadsheets, or Tableau and present the data findings on dashboards or other platforms.

The set of eight modules is designed to cover 180 hours of lessons along with practical assessments to prepare you for entry-level jobs. You will also work on a case study for realistic learning, and you can share the details with your potential employer during an interview.

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional certificate is for individuals seeking career in digital marketing. You do not need to possess a prior degree or experience for enrolment.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Marketing Coordinator, E-commerce Associate, Paid Seach Specialist

Prominent Skillsets: Marketing, E-commerce, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

The course material is designed for beginners to gain insights into marketing performance through analytics. You will be able to analyze its performance in attracting online traffic and customer conversions via multiple channels.

The skills learned through this course will help you in creating online e-commerce stores. You will also learn to use Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, X (Twitter), and other tools.

About 86% of business leaders accept that digital marketing has a huge scope for employment, and that is why many marketing professionals prefer to get this certification.

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

The Google Project Management: Professional certificate course will upgrade you in a large number of professional skills. It is in high preference among job seekers, as it can train you professionally in less than six months with no compulsion❌ of educational qualifications or career experiences.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Assistant

Prominent skills: Organizational Culture, Career Development, Strategic Thinking, Change Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Project Execution, Risk Management, Coaching, Influencing, Agile Management, Problem Solving, Scrum, Stakeholder Management, Effective Communication, Business Writing, Project Charter, Project Planning, Task Estimation, Procurement

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

It prepares an individual for handling various junior project management positions while understanding and creating project documentation with artifacts. The course also includes critical knowledge about Scrum and Agile project management systems.

After finishing the course certificate, you get qualified for 100 hours of project management education. It makes you suitable for globally recognized certifications like CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management).

It requires 140 hours of instruction and a few hundred assessments to get certified in the field. The six module sessions will provide you with an understanding of team and budget management as well.

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

The Google UX Design Professional certificate will let you become in one of the most happening skills for understanding user experience in websites and applications.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: User Experience (UX) Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer

Prominent Skillsets: User Experience (UX), UX Research, Wireframe, Prototype, User Experience Design (UXD), Mockup, Figma, Usability Testing, Adobe XD, UX Design Jobs

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

You will gain basic UX research knowledge, including multiple aspects like interviews or studies. To get optimized results, it defines the most effective design process, which includes the product, solution, wireframe, prototype, etc.

The course material includes making a project that comprises of designing a website, a mobile📱 app, and a cross-platform. The series of seven modules includes making paper as well as digital designs on Figma or Adobe.

Thus, the course completions will additionally get along three considerable projects with your UX portfolio that you can display while applying for job profiles. The 200 hours of instructions, inclusive of videos with theory and practical lessons, are sufficient to teach you about design and testing solutions.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is highly suitable for getting an entry-level job in an IT firm. You need not to present any degree or experience to get enrolled in this course.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: IT Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, IT Support Specialist

Prominent Skillsets: Debugging, Encryption Algorithms and Techniques, Customer Service, Network Protocols, Cloud Computing, Windows, Linux, System Administration

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

It will provide you with deep learning about the work pattern in tasks related to IT support that may include computer assembly, wireless networking, program installation, or customer-related services.

In the six-month course duration, you will gain knowledge about multiple tasks, such as customer support📞, by identifying issues. Additionally, it benefits you to get familiar with multiple tools like Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command Line Interface, or Binary Code.

The course is highly preferred among new job seekers for its highly positive career outcomes. The 100 hours of instructions and practice sessions will also help you qualify for CompTIA A+ exams that are standard in IT certifications.

After the course and exam completion, the dual credential will earn you fifteen college credits, which is as good as taking five bachelor’s degree courses.

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

The Google IT Automation with Python Professional certificate is yet another highly demanded foundation course in the IT segment. It paves the successful path for career advancement by enabling core knowledge about programming in Python, Git, and along with other IT automation skills.

Top Qualifying Job Roles: Advanced IT Support Specialist, Junior System Administrator

Prominent Skillsets: Using Version Control, Troubleshooting and debugging, Python Programming, Configuration Management, Automation, Git

Duration6 Months (10 hours per week)
Star Rating4.8

You will learn to write scripts in Python to automate common system administration tasks or use GitHub for version control. The candidates will learn to debug problems and resolve them strategically with scale automation. You will learn to use IT resources effectively in configuring machines or for cloud management.

This complete course of 107 hours⏲️ will make you a skilled professional in Python programming. You can successfully finish all six modules in less than six months, irrespective of whether you have previous knowledge about coding.

My Take: When to Enrol for Google Free Online Courses

It is always recommended to keep upgrading your knowledge from reliable solution providers, and Google is undoubtedly the most credible platform for learning and upskilling.

Most often, the students or professionals in their respective fields ignore to think out of the box to study and gain new skills for their career🤵‍♂️ advancements. It is the most crucial step in today’s World if one has to beat the competition by appearing more relevant for any desired position.

The best part of enrolling in Google courses is that they are free and can be accessed from your personal computer online without physically joining a classroom. Therefore, you don’t lose anything by joining these courses. After completion, Google provides an online certificate that you can attach to professional sites.

Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT also offer free courses, which you can access directly on Coursera or other portals. Also, check out the courses listed by Harvard University that you can take right now for free.

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