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Are you tired of constantly searching for your Roku remote when you want to relax and watch your favorite shows📺? Do you wish for more practical ways to use your Roku device without switching between multiple remotes or dealing with battery replacements?

Your search ends here! Introducing our top picks for the best Roku remote apps – the ultimate solution to your entertainment needs.

Imagine accessing your favorite channels, exploring movies and TV series, and managing playback, all from the comfort of your couch🛋️.

ProductNotable Features
Roku App (Official)Voice search, control, private listening
RokieSleek design, Wi-Fi-based control
Remote Control (EVOLLY.APP)RokuTV navigation, voice search
Roku Remote TVSimplified Roku TV and player control
TV Remote ControlEasy linking, spacious touchpad
Roku Remote: RoSpikesIR support, private listening
Remote for RokuMultiple remote styles, text writing
Roku TV Remote ControlAutomatic device detection, keyboard

Roku remote apps offer unparalleled convenience, transforming your Android smartphone into a powerful Roku controller and bringing seamless streaming to your fingertips. Moreover, these apps eliminate the hassle of traditional remotes and let you enjoy effortless control over your Roku.

Let’s delve into our list of the best Roku apps that will revolutionize your streaming experience.

The Roku App (Official)

The Roku Mobile App makes controlling your Roku device easier than ever. You can simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet to access most of your Roku’s functions, including channel browsing, volume adjustment, and playback management. The app’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation across various channels and streaming services.

A standout feature of the Roku Mobile App is its voice search capability. You can utilize your device’s microphone to find movies, TV shows, actors, directors, or genres by simply speaking into the app. This speeds up content discovery significantly. The app’s robust search engine scours all available channels for results, ensuring you never miss your favorite shows or movies again.


  • Convenient control of your Roku device using the intuitive mobile app.
  • Quick and effortless content discovery through voice search.
  • Enjoy private listening using your mobile device and headphones🎧.
  • Smooth navigation through channels and streaming services.
  • Instant access to recent channels for seamless streaming.

As an official Roku app, it offers integrated features like private listening via headphones and media casting from your smartphone.


Looking for a top-notch remote for your Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV? Rokie is an excellent choice. Its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and lack of complex settings or button overload make it a joy to use. You can connect your phone and Roku to your Wi-Fi network to access movies, music, and games effortlessly.

The best part? Rokie is a free Roku remote control app! It allows easy management of your media player, including typing text, launching Roku applications, and selecting playback options. The app features a spacious touchpad for navigating menus and content.


  • Effortless control of movies, music, and games.
  • Intuitive interface with a sleek design.
  • Convenient navigation with a large touchpad.
  • Automatic connection for instant usage.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi-based control.

Moreover, Rokie serves as a Roku TV remote control, enabling channel changes and volume adjustments. It automatically connects to your Roku remote, ready for use upon app launch. Enjoy your entertainment without any hassle with Rokie!

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Remote Control (EVOLLY.APP)

The Remote Control for RokuTV mobile remote app offers user-friendly control for your RokuTV via your smartphone or tablet. The app lets you effortlessly navigate the RokuTV interface, search for content, and launch streaming services directly from your mobile device.

The app includes a virtual keyboard for easy text input and a voice search function for hands-free control. Additionally, the remote app ensures seamless integration with your personalized preferences and watchlist.


  • Automatic detection of RokuTV and RokuTV Player.
  • Compatibility with all RokuTV versions.
  • Spacious touchpad for easy menu and content navigation.
  • Direct channel launch from the app.
  • Simple and quick keyboard for text entry.

Quick access to favorites and the ability to resume watching make Remote Control for RokuTV a must-have companion for RokuTV users.

Roku Remote TV

The Roku Remote TV app enhances your Roku device experience by letting you effortlessly manage your Roku TV, streaming player, and soundbars from your smartphone or tablet.

Roku Remote TV by Quanticapps is a perfect companion to your Roku device, especially if you hate juggling multiple remote controls or deciphering buttons. The app’s elegant and simple layout ensures a flawless experience for users of all technical levels and is also its strongest USP.


  • A simple app layout ensures an easy transition for even the tech novice.
  • Compatible with Roku TVs, streaming players, and soundbars.
  • Quick and easy installation process.

Moreover, the easy installation process adds to the overall ease of using this Roku Remote TV app.

TV Remote Control

Developed by TV Master, the TV Remote Control for Roku’s standout feature is its ease of use. Coming to the app’s features, you can adjust the volume and switch channels with the app’s spacious touchpad, which immensely simplifies navigation through menus and content.

To connect the TV remote control app to your Roku device, make sure your smartphone and Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi. The device detection on the app is a swift one, and you should be able to control your Roku without much hassle.


  • Quick and easy linking with various devices.
  • Spacious touchpad for maximum convenience.
  • Easy typing and searching.
  • Content casting across different Roku devices.
  • One-click Roku remote selection.

Moreover, linking with multiple devices is a breeze, allowing you to stream your favorite content with ease. The app supports devices including Philips, Sharp, TCL Roku TV, Element TV, and a lot more.

Roku Remote

While most Roku remote apps use Wi-Fi as a connecting medium, Roku Remote: RoSpikes by Spikes Labs takes the lead and adds IR support too. You can use the app to control various Roku TVs and streaming dongles. Moreover, it supports brands like Haier, Hisense, Element, TCL, Hitachi, RCA Roku, Insignia, and more.

With a neat and user-friendly interface, Roku Remote makes navigating and searching for content easier. Additionally, pairing the app to your Roku device is extremely convenient, thanks to smart automatic detection. Plus, the app offers private listening, enabling you to watch or listen privately.


  • Supports all types of Roku devices.
  • Powered by automatic scanning.
  • Hassle-free screen mirroring.
  • Easy adjustment of control buttons.
  • Shake the phone to play and pause.

If you have a ton of Roku devices around, you can even name them to make them easily recognizable. Additionally, you can cast, watch photos and videos and listen to music on the big TV screen for a complete entertainment experience.

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Remote for Roku

JaviTech’s cutting-edge Remote for Roku app enhances your Roku experience. It’s compatible with Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, and various Roku TV models, including Hisense, TCL, Sharp, Insignia, RCA, and Hitachi.

The app offers multiple remote styles like Dark mode, Light mode, and Large Keys with a Navigation Pad, ensuring swift access to Roku channels and apps from your Android device. You can write texts directly on your TV from your mobile device.


  • Simple, fast search and setup.
  • Quick access to channels and apps.
  • Easy text writing.
  • A large key style for navigation.
  • Dark and light mode options.

Moreover, the developers have gone the extra mile to add features such as responsive touch and long-press functionality to make the experience close to having a physical remote.

Roku TV Remote Control

The Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte is designed to control your Roku Player or Roku TV, RoByte, while eliminating setup hassles with automatic device detection. Moreover, you can enjoy keyboard input for rapid text and voice entry, especially on popular channels like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.

The interactive app layout lets you easily navigate through your TV channels swiftly and access favorites with ease.

You can seamlessly adjust the volume and switch inputs using the user-friendly app, which is optimized for tablets and offers an enhanced experience on larger screens. Plus, you can control playback directly from your wrist with the Android Wear pairing feature.


  • No setup is required to control Roku TV and other devices.
  • Enables you to find devices instantly.
  • Voice entry and keyboard.
  • Easy to change TV channels.
  • A wide range of customizable widgets.

Prevent Wi-Fi from sleeping for uninterrupted streaming. RoByte’s aesthetic design, following material design principles, enhances the remote-control experience with appealing aesthetics.

Final Words

If you have a Roku device and a smartphone (essentially everyone with a Roku) you should definitely try out these Roku remote apps. Additionally, these apps not only make it convenient to control your Roku but also let you browse its content on your smartphone itself.

Moreover, private listening, easy navigation, and seamless control are other significant reasons you should definitely try these apps.

Next up, Top Media Streaming Server for Personal and Business Use.

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