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In Customer Service Last updated: June 16, 2023
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Looking for a smart, affordable, and total solution for all customer support and experience needs in your business? Try Freshchat now!

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, customer experience software is of paramount importance. You must deliver exceptional support and personalized interactions—it is no longer an optional thing. 

That’s where Freshchat comes in, your secret weapon to elevate your customer experience to new heights. With its powerful features and seamless omnichannel capabilities, Freshchat empowers businesses to engage with customers in real time across various platforms. 

Keep reading to discover how Freshchat can revolutionize your customer experience strategy and take your business to the next level.

Freshchat: An Overview

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Freshchat is an all-in-one software that helps your business to communicate and engage with your customers. It is a cloud app, so setting up and getting started is quite easier than other live chat tools. 

It enables you to bring your whole customer support team to the doorstep of every customer virtually. What does it mean? It means customers can contact you in their preferred way, and they no longer need to stay in the queue.

One customer experience agent can engage with multiple customers over calls, WhatsApp, web chat, mobile app chat, Instagram DM, Telegram chat, etc.  

Another smart thing about Freshchat is your business’s ability to set up ultra-smart AI chatbots. You can customize these AI chat agents according to business verticals, products, and services to offer a personalized touch to AI communication.

Role of Freshchat as a Live Chat Software

The role of Freshchat is simple and straightforward. It brings all the modes of customer support and experience conversations in your business in one place. Before Freshchat, you must use multiple tools and apps to manage your customer support and engagement team. 

For example, you use customer support software to receive and route incoming calls to the phone support team. If you got a mobile app for your business, there must be an in-app chat solution that redirects customers’ chat requests to another live chat solution app on a desktop or web browser.

Not to mention, you use an email marketing app to engage with customers via emails and social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp for social media replies and engagements. 

All the above apps and tools impact your business revenue and reputation in the following ways:

  • You pay separately for these apps
  • Customer experience, user interface, and content consistency changes from app to app
  • Pay for separate knowledgebase platforms or canned response tools separately 
  • Investing your and your employees’ time and effort in different apps and tools
  • Put effort into protecting sensitive data about customers on several apps, files, documents, etc.
  • Customer support and experience agents often complain about the need to learn the UI and functionalities of different apps in the profession
  • You use ticketing software to create tickets from customer conversations and route them to the backend
Freshchat dashboard

If you bring Freshchat into your business or customer support center, you can eliminate all the above impacts. Just Freshchat, synced with the Freshsales CRM, is a powerful combination to provide worry-free and waiting-less customer support any time of the day.     

Why Should You Use Freshchat?

  • Freshchat enables you to engage with your customers in real time. Thus, you can provide prompt assistance via many support channels.
  • Your support team can connect with customers across multiple channels like websites, mobile apps, email, social media, phone, texts, Telegram, etc.
  • With Freshchat, you can set up intelligent chatbots to handle routine queries and provide instant responses, saving time and resources. Also, the AI chatbot is free.
  • It enables internal team collaboration. Team leaders and managers can assign conversations, add notes, and use tags to streamline communication.
  • You pay just for one software and get functionalities of many.
  • Advanced automation helps you create a whole customer journey from the first chat to the last closure email. 
  • You can proactively chat with the customers on websites and mobile apps depending on ad campaigns, product categories, customer status, etc. 

How Is Freshchat Different From Other Live Chat Tools?

Freshchat positions itself as the complete chat and CRM solution for customer support and engagement. When you get Freshchat, you free up more time to focus on the core of the business, like product, marketing, or sales.

The tool takes your customer support operations project into a truly auto-pilot mode. Only a few team leaders or customer care managers can handle thousands of agents without any trouble. Since most Freschat features use automation, conversations can be automated so agents can deliver maximum productivity. 

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You can also use its advanced analytics and campaign monitoring tool to discover leads for free using your own blog site, mobile apps, landing pages, and eCommerce marketplace. Not to mention there are modern features like Freddy AI engine, workflow automation, task creation and assignment, scheduling, and so on.  

Advantages of Using Freshchat for Business

  • Real-time customer engagement and support across multiple channels.
  • Automated chatbots for handling routine queries and providing instant responses.
  • Seamless team collaboration with features like conversation assignments and internal notes.
  • Personalized customer interactions based on customer context and history.
  • Proactive engagement through targeted messages and campaigns.
  • Analytics and reporting for tracking metrics and making data-driven improvements.
  • Integration with other business tools and platforms for enhanced functionality.

Features of Freshchat

Find below the best Freshchat features to help you create a continuously engaging customer experience:

#1. Messaging

Freshchat messaging features

Its conversation solution is highly advanced and thoughtful. Firstly, it allows you to set up a customer touchpoint through many channels like web chat, mobile chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, phone, SMS, etc.

Secondly, your chat team can engage with the customers proactively on websites and mobile apps using Customer Journeys.

Finally, you can create AI chatbots to handle basic and routine support requests and only route chats to live agents when things get complicated.

#2. Agent Productivity

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Freshchat offers various tools and modules so your agents can always perform at their peak capabilities. Agents can use Team Inbox to access the latest updates on tickets, escalations, refunds, deliveries, etc.

The Live Translate feature translates the agent’s language to the customer’s native language, so you do not need to recruit agents who speak different languages. There are canned response repositories in the app for various communication channels so agents can communicate fast and error-free.   

#3. Data Insights

Freshchat reports

The Analytics and Reports module of Freshchat is also self-sufficient. You no longer need any spreadsheet app to create site, manager, team, or agent performance reports. Just go to Analytics and Reports and choose Reports. Now, you can select from the following ready-made reports:

  • Chat analytics
  • Bot analytics
  • Bot session consumption
  • Phone analytics
  • Phone metrics
  • Hourly reports
  • Historical reports

Alternatively, if you wish to create analytics from raw data, you can go to the Analytics and Reports > Analytics page. Then choose from 15+ ready-made analytics formats. If you need something different, create custom analytics from the New Report option. 

#4. Conversation Management

Intelliassign in Freshchat

Your managers can quickly route conversations to the right agent using the IntelliAssign feature of Freshchat. The module suggests an appropriate agent based on their skills, seniority, tool access, and load. 

To protect customer data and comply with global privacy regulations, your managers can create role-based access for agents. Front-line agents can have basic access, while the backend or engineering team can get deep access to the app. 

You can also use the Assignment Rules feature to route conversations based on time of the day, subject, complexity, user background, repeat queries, etc. 

#5. Simplified User Interface

The user interface is truly unique and effortless. Your customer support managers, team leaders, and agents should not take more than a few hours to develop expertise in navigating the tool.

Every UI text says exactly what they mean. So, if you are a new user, just figure out what you need, hover over the UI elements on the app, and access easily.

Several settings in Freshchat

The Settings page gives you access to advanced setting options in 7 different sections. So, there are plenty of customizations you can choose from to meet business requirements. 

Freshchat Integration With Third-Party Apps

Integrations of third party apps

You can connect 150+ apps to Freshchat. Thus, you can bring in data, files, instructions, etc., from various places in Freshchat. The customer support agents will no longer need to shift through different apps for the information they need to resolve a ticket or conversation.

These apps include top business tools like Teamviewer, WhatsApp Proactive Message, Freshdesk Contact Import, Automated Reports, Hubspot CRM, Stripe by ChargeDesk, Atlassian Jira for Freshchat, etc.

Integrating apps in Freshchat is also straightforward. You will find the module inside Settings > Admin Settings. Just scroll down a bit, and you get the Integrations panel. Apart from third-party apps, native integrations you can use are: 

  • Create Tasks and Tickets
  • Sync Contacts and Accounts
  • Native Integrations for Chat
  • Mobile App for Chat    

Use Cases of Freshchat

Find below some real-world uses cases and applications of Freshchat:

Managing Sales Operations

You can manage sales operations from small to enterprise-level in Freshchat. When customers place an order online, a Freshchat bot can send regular updates about the order until a successful delivery takes place.

If your customer is navigating the product pages on your website for a long time, you can push the customer to add a product to their carts and move to checkout using bot messages.

Payment failures are an indispensable part of any sales process. You can reduce the abandonment of orders after failures by setting up automated chatbots to send WhatsApp or SMS texts about payment failures. Then, send deep links to carts to process the order again.   

Live Support Via WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has become the go-to communication tool for every class of your customer base. So, why do not you bring customer support on WhatsApp? You can easily set this up with Freshchat as its WhatsApp Business number linking system guides you until the last step.

When you are on WhatsApp, customers can send you messages anytime they want. You will get a dashboard of WhatsApp messages from different customers on Freshchat. Assign tasks to an expert agent or backend, depending on the content of the text.  

Tag and Route Incoming Queries

Freshchat creates chat, email, text, or phone call windows separately for separate customers. For one registered customer, you get all the conversations in one place. But you do not need to expose payment or personal information to agents by giving them access to all the conversations. 

Instead, you or team managers can tag incoming queries with notations like payment issues, logistics, product inquiries, marketing, etc. Then, agents can pick up the conversations from their buckets. 

Processing Sales on WhatsApp Chat

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Those customers who are unable to use the mobile app or website to place orders can contact the sales support team via WhatsApp. Appropriate WhatsApp, ordering CRM, and sales CRM integrations with Freshchat will enable agents to place orders securely.

They can also send secured payment links to customers using the Freshchat interface so the consumers can complete the payments.  

Create Performance Reports

Creating data analytics and reports

You can use the curated analytics reports like E-Commerce Business Reports, WhatsApp Campaign Reports, etc., on Freshchat to organize raw customer support data. Then, create reports so operations managers, stakeholders, etc., can make informed decisions.

Freshchat allows you to send encrypted CSAT and other survey links to the users automatically once the agent closes the ticket. Then, analyze the CSAT score and handling time to reward the highest performing agents.

Eliminate Waiting Queues

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Freshchat has more than 10 channels for conversations. You can activate all these channels for an omnichannel customer experience. Show a ticker on your support page to display the free slots for conversations for all these channels.

Customers will choose the one that best suits their urgency and need for a support conversation. Thus, they no longer need to wait in queue for phone calls. 

Wrapping Up

If you consider you can elevate the quality and output of the customer support and engagement operations in your business, consider Freshchat.

You can sign up for the Freshchat Enterprise plan for free and try it out for 21 days before making the final call. You can also try out further the Free plan and pay as you go as you scale up customer support operations on Freshchat.  

Are you looking for custom-developed chat apps? Check out these open-source live chat software available for in-house custom development.

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