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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: July 11, 2023
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Stay ahead of your competitors using Freshmarketer, the best marketing automation tool ever!

Businesses in the US spend an average of 10.9% of their organizations’ revenues on marketing operations. This data came from a Statista survey on marketing spending in the US conducted in early 2023. It was 8.7% just six months prior to this survey.

It means that:

  • Your competitors are spending heavily to market their products and services
  • Marketing cost is becoming too costly 

You can reduce your marketing costs or put the existing budget to good use by using Freshmarketer. It is more reliable and intelligent than most other marketing automation tools. Finding hard to believe? Keep reading until the end and make an informed decision for your marketing software needs.  

What Is Freshmarketer?

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Freshmarketer is a customer engagement and conversion rate optimization (CRO) software on the cloud. It helps you to improve your online marketing activities. These activities could be email marketing campaigns, lead conversion, customer retention, etc. 

This marketing automation tool lets you track user behavior, conduct A/B testing, analyze website performance, and personalize customer experiences. Furthermore, it offers features such as a heatmap tool, session recordings, sales funnel analysis, customer journey mapping, etc. 

Moreover, all of its marketing tools help you generate valuable insights into user interactions resulting in optimized conversions. Not to mention, Freshmarketer enables you to make data-driven marketing decisions that enhance user engagement and ultimately drive higher return on investment (ROI) and revenue.

Freshmarketer as a Marketing CRM

Freshmarketer as a Marketing CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software aggregates information about customers and leads in one tool. Then, it applies various data analytics to predict customer behavior and suggest personalized solutions for sales. Not to mention, a sales rep can perform all the tasks of a workday in the same software without wasting time managing many tools. 

Similarly, Freshmarketer from Freshworks brings everything you need for online and offline marketing in one software. It lets you engage with website and app traffic or service customers to place orders or provide after-sales support. Not to mention, you can find all of your leads and customer contacts in one smart tool.

Hence, Freshmarketer is the must-have marketing CRM software for any business. It also comes with the customer journey and leads conversion automation workflows. When you set up and execute these workflows, your online stores can keep selling even if there are no agents around. So, you get a marketing CRM and marketing automation tool in one subscription.      

Why Should Businesses Use Freshmarketer?

Businesses must use Freshmarketer to see if their investments in marketing bring in the revenue they desire. In a marketing campaign, there are several things at play. You are promoting a product on many social media sites, on your own websites, distributing physical flyers, sales reps are upselling during a support conversation, running digital ads on Google and Facebook, and many more. 

With conventional marketing tools, like email marketing, there is a limited way to attribute sales to a specific marketing channel. Here comes Freshmarketer. It packs all standard marketing channels into one software. Then, it creates a network between all the channels. As soon as a customer buys a product or service using any of the marketing channels, the tool clearly shows you the customer journey to a sale. 

Thus, you can run multiple marketing campaigns for A/B testing. Then, figure out the most performing one using reporting and analytics of Freshmarketer. Find below other major reasons why your business must subscribe to Freshmarketer:

  • Lightweight cloud-based app
  • No need to install any software
  • You do not need to spend on high-performance workstations
  • Agents can bring their own devices; Freshmarketer is the best tool for BYOD
  • Role-based access to software modules and data to prevent scams and data theft
  • Almost all the marketing tools you need in one subscription
  • Affordable subscription plans with scale-up options
  • Freshworks constantly updates the tool to include new features at no extra cost
  • Virtually no learning curve
  • Easy to set up and tons of templates for most business niches       

Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Freshmarketer Over Its Competitors

Freshemarketer is an all-in-one marketing automation tool. If you got it, you do not need any other marketing tool. And you can run both digital and physical marketing campaigns using Freshmarketer. Find below how Freshmarketer is different from its top competitors like HubSpot Marketing Software, Campaign Monitor, and ActiveCampaign:

#1. Marketing Automation

You can create complex customer journeys and lead conversion automation in Freshworks using smart elements like Triggers, Actions, Conditions, Controls, and Graphical Annotations.

Contrarily, its competitors do not always offer a marketing automation tool. If a few of them do, the automation workflows are pretty rudimentary in functionalities.

#2. CRM Dashboards

Dashboards on Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer offers multiple dashboards like Activities Dashboard, Analytics Dashboard, Marketing Dashboard, Product Dashboard, and marketing channel performance dashboards. 

On the contrary, most of the Freshmarketer alternatives focus on email marketing and only offer a dashboard for the same.

#3. Marketing Campaign Types


Freshmarketer is good for almost all the standard marketing campaign tactics like the following ones:

  • Email campaigns
  • Customer journey emails
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Chatbots on apps and websites
  • Transactional emails   

Contrarily, its competitors mostly focus on email and newsletter-based campaigns. A few Freshmarketer competitors offer WhatsApp and SMS as marketing channels, but you need to get API keys or install complex third-party integrations.

#4. Chat

Chats on Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer has an elaborate Chat module that lets you use the following functionalities:

  • Conversation Inbox
  • All customer and lead chat contacts are in one place
  • Set up chat meetings
  • Chat files 
  • A canned response tool
  • Chat dashboard
  • Reports on chats 

Other than chat, you can also integrate telemarketing software with Freshmarketer. 

None of its top competitors offer chat and phone integration in a marketing CRM tool. 

Advantages of Using Freshmarketer

Find below the advantages you enjoy over your competitors who do not use Freshmarketer:

  • It offers various marketing tools for complex analysis of traffic and customers in a few clicks. For example, you can do A/B tests in heat maps to generate a more specific behavioral analysis of those who visit your apps, marketplaces, and websites. Then, you can design appropriate customer journeys that definitely convert visitors to customers.
  • Freshmarketer has built-in tools for most marketing campaigns, reporting, and monitoring. So, you do not need to purchase additional marketing apps. 
  • Its customer service team is highly skilled and ready to support you via phone, chat, and email 24 by 7. 
  • This marketing CRM tool offers a session replay or customer replay tool so that your marketing team can identify user experience pain points in the website or app and resolve those quickly.
  • You can customize most of the modules of Freshmarketer, like dashboards, reporting, data recovery, etc., to fit your business needs.
  • It lets you create custom survey forms for many channels, like websites, emails, apps, etc., to collect candid customer or visitor feedback. 
  • Not to mention, if your website or app visitor leaves your landing page or shopping cart, Freshmarketer can inform you where the user is going afterward.

Best Features of Freshmarketer

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Marketing Channels

With various marketing channels for engagement with leads and customers, you no longer need to let go of the bulk of customers just because you do not have the technologies to engage. Now, you can communicate with customers using all the standard channels like the ones mentioned below with Freshmarketer:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Live Chat
  • Apple Message for Business
  • Google Business Messages
  • LINE
  • Instagram DM
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Social Media Campaigns   

Marketing Templates

Freshmarketer has ready-to-use templates for major business niches like SaaS, manufacturing, business services, online marketplaces, and financial services. So, you can simply sign up for the service and deploy a template to get started with your marketing effort. The templates include workflows for the following purposes:

  • Email templates with drag and drop editor to run email marketing campaigns
  • Bot templates to run direct-to-customer or D2C sales campaigns
  • More than 50 customer journey playbooks to enhance conversion rate and engagement 

Reporting and Analytics

Marketing reports on Freshmarketer

You can not say your marketing campaign is good or underperformed if you do not have performance figures. That is why Freshmarketer brings you an extensive list of reporting and analytics formats that you can use. If you have set up one or many campaigns, you can use the following reporting templates and more on the CRM Dashboards > Analytics tab:

  • E-Commerce Journey Email Reports
  • Social Media Campaign Reports
  • Email Campaign Reports
  • Marketing Journey Multi-Channel Report
  • WhatsApp Campaign Reports 

Marketing Automation

You should not need to employ many agents to run different marketing campaigns. You just need one person who knows Freshmarketer inside out. That could be you as well. Then, simply use automated marketing campaigns to send promotional emails or DMs. 

When a lead or customer interacts with an URL and buys something on your marketplace, send automatic transactional emails to deliver important content directly to the customers’ inboxes or WhatsApp accounts. You can find the following campaign automation:

  • Emails
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Transactional emails
  • Chatbots
  • Direct chats on websites and apps

Integrations Supported by Freshmarketer

There are three different types of integrations you can do in Freshmarketer. These are as outlined below:

Support Desk Integrations

Do you already use Freshdesk Support Desk to serve internal and external customers to resolve their tickets? Then you would like these cool integrations from Freshdesk to Freshmarketer. Find below what you can do with this:

  • Create tasks and tickets for the backend on Freshdesk by converting marketing conversations and inquiries in Freshmarketer.
  • Sync accounts and contacts between Freshdesk and Freshmarketer to keep your customer and lead database always up to date. 
  • Add Freshmarketer CRM fields in Freshdesk support tickets to give customer service agents better context. 

Chat Service Integrations

Chat services integrations on Freshmarketer

Find below all the exclusive chat service integrations you can use:

  • Sync with Freshdesk support chats
  • Link chats with Freshservice for interoperability of customer data
  • Use Slack for internal communication on Freshmarketer
  • Use Zendesk to respond to chats
  • Use Clearbit B2B intelligence to know the anonymous customer better
  • Bring chat to WordPress sites
  • Give chat agents access to exclusive iOS and Android apps for on-the-go chat with customers

Marketplace Apps

These are either third-party or Freshmarketer-developed apps to enhance the usability and productivity of your marketing campaigns. You can check out apps like Pagato to take orders during a chat, HubSpot to sync leads from HubSpot to Freshmarketer, etc.  

Use Cases of Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer suits most ventures like business services, SaaS, financial services, manufacturing, and eCommerce. Find some real-world use cases below:

Create Customer Segments

Create Customer Segments

If your business has multiple products and services, you can cross-sell these using customer segments. The Freshmarketer Segments module lets you create an automated queue to pool customers. 

For example, you can feed names, emails, subscription statuses, product choices, etc., and the tool will create a pool of leads or customers automatically. Then, assign upselling agents or automated WhatsApp and SMS marketing campaigns to sell additional services and products.  

Optimizing Customer Journey

Reclaim abandoned carts through WhatsApp

According to Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment across various products and service segments is 69.99%. However, you can minimize this by optimizing customer journeys. 

Freshmarketer has 50+ customer journey playbooks that you can implement with a few clicks. For example, the Reclaim abandoned carts through WhatsApp campaign lets you inform the customers to check out their shopping cart items via WhatsApp DMs. This playbook also helps you to optimize the website and app UI to reduce cart abandonment.  

Conversion Rate Optimization

You can create several variations of your product and service landing pages and run automated tests according to random traffic analytics to find which landing page converts the most traffic. For this, you can also use the Heat Map analysis tool, Session Replay, Split URL Testing, Sales Funnel Analysis, etc., built-in features of Freshmarketer. 

Final Words

If you made it to this section, you already have generated an interest in the Freshmarketer. So, sign up now for free and use its premium features for 21 days without submitting any payment information. You will see the practical changes it makes in your business’s marketing efforts. 

Looking for other intuitive business apps just like Freshmarketer to manage IT service, customer support, sales, and teams? Check out here all the Freshworks SaaS tools.

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