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In Collaboration Last updated: November 14, 2022
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Human resource executives (HRs) around the globe use various online or offline tools to manage tasks by complying with business policies. One such tool is Freshteam. But it is more robust and comes with all the functionalities your HR team needs.

Finding the right HR management system that is easy to use and affordable takes a lot of time and effort. The market is flooding with HRMS tools, and not all of them are reliable. We have gone through many of them, and Freshteam got our attention.

Find below a concise review of the Freshteam HRMS tool. Read until the end to know if Freshteam is the appropriate HR tool for your business.    

Challenges for HRs: Tasks and Workloads

Challenges for HRs Tasks and Workloads

#1. Comply With Regulations and Laws

A Human Resource person needs to take every step after reviewing all the corporate and govt. Regulations. But it is truly challenging to remember all the rules you need to follow as an HR.     

#2. Hiring the Right Talent

Job marketplaces are packed with job seekers, but there is a scarcity of talented people who can deliver results the next day after onboarding. Discovering those talents need a powerful searching capability.    

#3. Onboarding Employees

Companies with fast hiring processes consider onboarding a bottleneck in the hiring workflow. 

#4. Offboarding Staff

Exiting an employee is also cumbersome because you must go through various account statements, time sheets, etc., to issue the full and final settlement. 

#5. Employee Benefits and Compensation

Constructing appropriate compensation packages, perks, health benefits, etc., is also challenging. 

#6. Employee Development and Training

An HR also need to make strategies to train employees so that they can develop advanced skills from which the business can benefit. Picking the right resource, signing them up for training, issuing certificates, etc., are major pain points.

Freshteam Helps HR Overcome Challenges

The above HR tasks are challenging because most may not have automated tools to manage them. Some tasks have tools, but they are siloed and limited.

Freshteam brings all these fragmented HR tools in one place. For those HR tasks, there were no tools in the past; Freshteam has developed new apps.

In a nutshell, you get all the HR functionalities in one place. Also, the HRMS is appropriate for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. Hence, once your HR team becomes acquainted, you do not need to train them again with another tool in the future.   

What Is Freshteam?

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Freshteam is an HR management software for growing businesses as well as enterprises. It includes all the HR tools an HR need to deliver their responsibilities accurately and efficiently. Being an HR, you can set it up for your company in less than 10 minutes. Yes, it is that fast!

You can run the app using popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. There is no requirement to install any on-site software or server. It also comes as a smartphone app so HRs can bring their entire office with them during business travels.

Download: Freshteam for Android | iOS 

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Freshteam is a trending HRMS app primarily because it brings all the HR functionalities into one cloud software. HRs do not need to jump through hoops between multiple tools. They can focus on work just on one app. 

Also, you can customize the HR modules and functionalities during the initial setup. Most businesses do not use all the modules of any HRMS tool. Hence, a modified tool interface gives HR executives the feel of control and clutter-free software. 

Not to mention, its customer support team is there to answer every question you might have regarding the tool as an HR.   

How Does Freshteam Help HRs?

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#1. Connects the Whole HR Team

HR managers and leaders can breathe easily because Freshteam keeps the whole HR team in the loop. Depending on the role and security clearance, each HR staff can access the need-to-know information from this tool.

#2. Simple and Context-Based Names

The names of various tools, functionalities, and options are according to the task and context of the HR process. Hence, new or expert HRs can easily understand the terminology used in this tool. 

#3. Budget-Friendly

HR managers need to control the entire HR department on a tight budget. Since the Freshteam app is highly flexible and scalable, you can start at cheap pricing. Then you can increase the level as your budget grows. 

#4. Frees Up HR’s Schedule Faster

The tool automates many repetitive and manual tasks that would otherwise consume 3 to 4 hours from an HR’s daily routine. Hence, HRs can invest more in policy-making, labor market research, leadership tasks, etc.  

#5. Connect With Job Boards

Freshteam comes with multiple job board integrations. You can quickly create a job and post it on top job marketplaces with a single click. 

#6. Migrate Data From Other HRMS Tools


It is just a walk in the park when you need to migrate existing HR department data from the old HRMS tool to Freshteam. 

#7. Easy Employee Management

Freshteam is a centralized tool for timesheet tracking, payroll generation, paying employees, tracking benefits, onboarding new joiners, offboarding a retiring employee, conflict management, compliance, performance tracking, and more. 

In a nutshell, HRs get what they need right on their workstation. Hence, HRs stay happy and productive. 

#8. No Learning Curve

HRs can easily start using the Freashteam web and mobile apps without extensive learning sessions. It also has an elaborate help library consisting of HR resources, blogs, and support articles, that you can access in real-time should you face any gridlock. 

The Benefits of Freshteam

#1. Total Employee Data in One App

It stores data of an employee from their entry into the organization until exit. And that is for everyone. HR staff can update relevant data in between directly on the app. You do not need to manage any manual paperwork. 

Whenever authorized HRs want to access employee data, they can. It depends on the task at hand. HRs can not access unauthorized employee data.  

#2. Simplified ATS

Simplified ATS

The Freshteam ATS tool makes HRs, candidates, and interviewers happy because they go through a doubt-free process. 

ATS automates most of the hiring workflow tasks like job posting, applicant screening, candidate interviewing, offer management, and final onboarding. 

#3. Employee Self Service

Freshteam’s employee self-service portal brings the HR desk to the employees’ workstations. Staff can manage regular HR tasks like requesting leaves, submitting expenses, filling time sheets, signing up for training sessions, updating the benefits page, etc.

#4. HR Analytics

The Freshteam analytics module brings you insights that were never accessible to you before. You can understand leave patterns, the performance of employees, hiring frequencies, and so on. Accordingly, you can adjust your HR processes to minimize budget leakages. 

#5. Employee Management Minus the Errors

Human errors in employee management are a big challenge for businesses. Companies pay millions of dollars in suits, damages, payroll errors, etc. You avoid such expenses altogether with Freashteam HRMS.   

#6. Extensive Security Measures

Freshteam utilizes advanced data encryption protocols to protect your data from hackers. Also, it has checks and balances to prevent accidental data deletions, manipulations, etc.

Features of Freshteam

HR Information System (HRIS)

HRIS is the employee database system of Freshteam. It includes broader-level functionality features like:

  • Accessible Employee Directory
  • Efficient Employee Self-Service
  • Easy to Use Organization Charts 
  • Secure Document Management
  • Payroll Data Synchronization

You do all the data entry tasks on this module when you onboard a new employee, promote an existing staff, or retire an employee. 

Vendor Management

Freshteam comes with a sandboxed portal just for the vendors and contractors. If you are a big business, you can outsource HR operations like candidate screening, interview scheduling, etc. 

Vendors can access their portal and do their job from there. Yours and vendors’ data stays perfectly isolated. But whenever you want, you can access the vendors’ data. 

Recruitment Management

Freshteam also offers various recruitment management system (RMS) tools like:

  • Validating recruitment requests
  • Posting jobs
  • Share your job posting on different platforms
  • Candidate management and engagement
  • Finding managers for technical interviews
  • Scheduling interviews

It is an end-to-end solution for recruiting the workforce for any department within a business. 

HR Anywhere With Mobile App

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Its mobile app is available for both the HR team and other employees. General staff can use the mobile app for time entries, expense submissions, time-off requests, vacation planning, etc.

HRs can use the mobile app to approve expenses, grant time-offs, interview candidates, manage new hire onboarding, etc. 

Elaborate HR Resources

Freshteam also offers an expanding library of HR content for learning and growing as an HR. For example, you can access the HR Glossary to understand some industry terms you did not know while in the HR training. 

There is also an HR Resources portal where you get quality content on Delighting Candidates, Delighting Employees, HR Ebooks, HR Webinars, etc. 

Tools of Freashteam

Applicant Tracking System

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Companies can utilize the ATS tool for a simplified hiring experience. It helps you with all phases of hiring, including:

  • Resume Screening
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Talent Pool Management
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Interview Scorecards & Feedback
  • Offer Management
  • Recruitment Reporting
  • Recruitment Workflows

Employee Onboarding

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With Freshteam, organizations can make sure the newly hired employees can have a smooth & pleasant onboarding experience. It supports quick employee onboarding with features like an onboarding checklist, e-sign, proactive reminders and follow-ups on incomplete onboarding items, and many more.

Employee Offboarding

This platform also assists you during the offboarding process of an employee. With it, you can calculate full-and-final compensation of the employee, make a checklist for retrieving the company devices and crucial files, and contact the insurance company to terminate the health policies.

Manage Time-Offs

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Freshteam is also efficient in taking care of the time-off policies of your company. You can use the following attributes to manage employee leave balances, paid time-offs, and holiday calendars from one place:

  • Global Time Off Policy Management
  • Automate Time-off Approval Workflows
  • Personalized Time Off Policies
  • Holiday Calendar Management
  • Team-based Reporting

HR Reporting

The HR reporting tool of this platform lets you get all HR metrics at your fingertips. Besides keeping the reports highly secured, it allows you to create, schedule, and curate reports. 

Freshteam Integrations

Freshteam also supports integration with the most prominent job boards in the world. You can integrate it with Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Ziprecruiter, Jooble, and JobTarget.

Freshteam Pricing


Freshteam is free for micro and family businesses that manage up to 50 employees. But, it has limited features.

You can enjoy the best features of Freshteam when you sign up for Growth ($1.2/user/month), Pro ($2.4/user/month), and Enterprise ($4.8/user/month). 

All the paid plans come with a platform fee as well. The platform fees for Growth, Pro, and Enterprise are $71, $119, and $203 per month, respectively. 

Freshteam Alternatives

You may also want to look at the following alternatives to Freshteam. It will help you compare Freshteam’s capabilities with some top competitors and understand how robust Freshteam is. 


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Rippling functions as your HR command center. From onboarding to offboarding and everything between these two phases, you can manage them all in this HRIS software.

It offers HR tools like Payroll, Benefits, LMS, Talent Management, Time Sheets, Attendance, Performance Tracking, and more. Subscription starts at as low as $8/mo/user, and you can scale up to any number of users.    

Zoho People

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Zoho People can be a great alternative to Freshteam. It is a fantastic HRMS tool to simplify and organize HR processes like performance management, employee training, employee learning, perks, benefits, talent hunting, talent retention, and so on.

Zoho People distributed its functionalities in three modules: Core HR, Time & Attendance, and Employee Development. 


After going through all of Freshteam’s features and functionalities, it becomes clear that it is one of the best and most efficient to manage HR processes for businesses of any size.

If unsure, you can try in a sandboxed environment with limited HR processes by getting the free trial of Freshteam. You can go ahead with a paid plan if it meets your expectations.

You may also be into SHRM certification prep courses and PHR certification.

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