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If you’re a fan of fantasy survival games, then you’ll also love Frozen Flame, an epic fantasy game set in the world of dying dragons. 

Equipped with multiple levels, features, and constant improvements, this game ensures passionate gamers are never bored of the gameplay. It keeps increasing the challenges to keep the thrill factor of the game in check.

Unlike other fantasy games in space, Frozen Flame goes a mile ahead in making the game an amazing user experience.

However, it’s always a good idea to host a multiplayer game like this on a server to enjoy it best.

This post will cover everything you need about Frozen Flame and the best server hosting options for the smoothest gameplay.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Introduction to Frozen Flame 

Frozen Flame is an open-world survival fantasy exploration RPG game. This game is a mixture of exploration, survival, intense missions, and quests. You will need teamwork, planning, and survival instincts to defeat the bosses in the game. 

It’s developed by Dreamside Interactive and is released for early access at the moment, which will be running for 12 months, after which the developers will release the final product. 


You’ll experience an epic fantasy adventure game set in the magical land of Arcana which was once governed by Dragons.

The land is now plagued with extreme weather conditions and cursed creatures, ruled by the Faceless, responsible for this state of the land, once vibrant, magical, and prosperous. 

The Flame is a magical source of power that you can use to harness your energy to build your strength to face the bosses in the game.

Unlike other survival games, Frozen Flame has clearly defined quests and objectives in the competition, which unlocks new strengths that you can utilize to take down bosses and monsters in your way. 

You must remember that in this game, survival is not the only aim – you will have to save the world from monsters spreading the curse over the land.

This game, by its very nature, offers a deep role-playing experience along with unique explorations within the land. 

Frozen Flame has 4 main components that make it irresistible for anybody out there:

  • Shape the Destiny of the World: You are one of the few people blessed with the power of dragons and have the ability to stop the curse. So, gather skills, resources, and allies to defeat Faceless – the one responsible for spreading the curse. 
  • Discover the Knowledge of the Ancients: Your ancestors were great beings of power who shaped this land with great skills. Harness their energy to gather power and knowledge, allowing you to choose your path in this game with a fully developed RPG system.
  • Reimagined Survival Experience: Build a fortress that helps you store your resources and possessions along various missions. It provides you and your party much-needed protection from harsh winters and supports you to survive during freezing nights.
  • Change the Rules: If you’re hosting a server, you can change the game’s rules to enhance its gaming experience. 

One of the coolest facts about this game is that it does not depend upon classes to develop your character. Your growth and development depend on the number of quests and missions you complete.

You must note that in Frozen Flame, you must be mindful of the day and night cycle of the realm. The creatures are at their maximum power at night, which makes them more dangerous and aggressive.

You will have to devise various techniques to keep your team and yourself at a safe bay. Additionally, you can easily swap from one weapon to another with the help of the Hotbar.


The main objective of this game is to form allies and defeat bosses and vicious monsters in a third-person combat role. It takes place in a cursed land, and you’d have to complete the mission without losing your life.

Your main aim is to reach Citadel, fight Faceless, and stop the curse from spreading across the land. 

A new challenge opens up with each new world, so it’s important to utilize your team members’ strengths wherever required and develop more as you progress into the game.

It’s also essential to complete the quests and objectives with minimal loss to harness the good energy left in the realm.

Additional Features and Missions

This game comes with 3 different multiplayer modes:

  • Local Co-op – for up to 4 players
  • Private server – for up to 10 players
  • Public server – for up to 50 players

It also allows you to take on random challenges around the zone that are not part of the main quest.

The great thing about this game is that since it’s available for early access, regular bug fixes, improvements, and updates are ongoing processes based on current users’ feedback.

System Requirements

Now that you’re acquainted with the game, let’s know the minimum system requirements for running the game smoothly on your computer.

  • Bit: 64 bit
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i-5 2310/ AMD FX – 6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/ATI Radeon R9 series
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB

Frozen Flame is currently available for Windows users only, and you can download it through steam early access.

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Why is Hosting Needed for Frozen Flame?

As discussed earlier, Frozen Flame offers a distinctive advantage to players who play the game hosted on a server. When you play through a server, you can increase the number of players in your team without worrying about any hiccups.

And it gets better than that – you can also change the game’s rules to develop personalized experiences for your friends. 

You can create an additional challenge for your custom party or a custom game that can tweak how you intend to play it. This leisure is great for creating a unique perspective as per your preference.

Here are some additional benefits of using Frozen Flame server hosting:

#1. Better Performance 

One of the biggest advantages of Frozen Flame running on a server is its smooth experience. It helps in increasing the loading speed and eliminates lags so that you can play the game without any frustration.

This also means you can keep your fear of being out of the game due to low connectivity.

#2. Enhanced Security 

Server hosting helps you avoid hackers, malicious software, and corrupt files you might end up installing on your computer. Moreover, it keeps you safe from DDoS attacks, which are very common in gaming.

#3. Dedicated Support 

If you’re stuck anywhere, or anything goes wrong, you’ll have a dedicated support service that’ll help you 24×7. They can also help you recover your game progress if you are locked out of your account.

Now, let’s hop on to the best Frozen Flame server hosting you can utilize for the smoothest gameplay.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is one of the most trusted game server hosting services, and you can seamlessly host Frozen Flame on it.

It’s trusted by a large community of gamers and comes with a server management panel that you can use to configure and customize your game server.

It gives you full FTP access and allows you to switch locations anytime. You can also add admins in a single click, enjoy full database access in one place, and access exciting 3rd-party tools to improve the experience.

All of their hosting servers come with DDoS protection and instant setup.

Citadel Servers

You can instantly set up a hosting server with Citadel Servers and begin playing Frozen Flame with the best performance.

Some of the many features of this hosting service include:

  • Server passlocking and map changing
  • Integrated backup
  • NVMe SSD drivers
  • Robust processors meant for high performance
  • Scheduled server scripts and backups
  • Various available mods in their latest versions

Citadel Servers provide network coverage in about 18 locations worldwide, including London, Dallas, Tokyo, and Sydney.


Swaying its way into the list is the official hosting platform of the game – GPORTAL. It allows you to rent the server with them to host Frozen Flame in a campaign for up to 24 players online.

It provides 10 slots to play the game seamlessly and has some of the best features on a hosting service.

GPORTAL has DDoS protection and 50 GB of backup space to save your game and configurations. You can also switch between other games with the help of its Gamecloud feature. 

If you’re lost or have questions once you’ve purchased the hosting service, you can reach out to their 24×7 ticket assistance system to get help in a jiffy. All servers set up via this service can go online immediately without waiting.

Final Words

Frozen Flame is a great game that combines many games’ strengths to provide you with a rich gaming experience in the world of adventure, exploration, and fantasy. It’s a great idea to enhance the experience by hosting it on a server to enjoy its full potential.

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