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In Gaming Last updated: June 25, 2023
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A Capture Card is required if you wish to record high-definition or standard data from PS4, Xbox One, or Wii-like devices.

Capture Card is popular among gamers who record various gaming videos. These capture cards can record high-quality live streaming and convert DVDs to HD format. These recording videos will be saved after recording and can later be uploaded to the internet.

However, with so many game capture cards on the market, users may find it difficult to select one. Here is a list of some Game Capture Cards to help you decide which one you need for your next gaming and streaming experience.

What is a Game Capture Card?

A game capture card is a device that records or streams video and audio from another source. For example, if you want to capture gameplay from your Xbox One, you’ll need a capture card that connects to the console’s HDMI port because your Xbox One cannot capture and stream gameplay simultaneously.


Streaming, capturing, and sharing the entire game is possible using a Capture Card and other accessories, such as an HDMI cable. You can save a thrilling PlayStation game for later review or uploading to your social media platforms.

Why Do People Use Game Capture Cards?

Using a capture card has several advantages if you are a streamer or a YouTuber. To begin, capture cards enable you to record or stream high-definition footage, which is essential for anyone looking to create professional-quality content.

Second, some capture cards can simultaneously record or stream video from multiple devices, making them ideal for multi-camera setups.

Capture cards also simplify recording commentary or other audio sources, as they typically include built-in microphone inputs. It lets you directly connect a microphone to the capture card and high-quality record audio to complement your gameplay footage.

Game Capture Card vs. Window and Display Capture Using Software

Game capture and display or window capture are the two modes of recording your gameplay. The main difference is that game capture will only record your gameplay window. It will not capture anything outside your game screen. If you minimize the gaming screen, it will keep recording that particular game.

On the other hand, display or window capture can be anything running on the screen, like a browser, messages, movies, or more. It means, whatever you will do on your monitor, it will keep recording.

Although multiple capture cards are available in the market, getting the best ones for your setup is important. Here are some good capture cards in the market.

Elgato HD60 S+, External

This Game Capture Card lets you capture your gameplay in 1080p 60fps. Now share your gameplay in superb viewing quality. The plug-and-play feature makes it easier to use. Play your high-fidelity Xbox One X, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 Pro games in their original format. Use ultra-low-latency technology to enhance your workflow.

It has an unrestricted capture mode. Now you can save hours of footage to your hard drive. It also has a flashback recording feature that lets you go back in time and saves epic moments retroactively.

Rybozen 4K Audio Video

You can now capture video sources with resolutions up to 1080p, and it is suitable for all HDMI devices like PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, DVDs, Wii U, DSLR, Security Cameras, Camera, and set-top boxes.

There is no need for an external driver because it is plug-and-play. When plugged in, the device recognizes itself as a webcam. It can automatically detect input and adjust output. No CPU usage, optional audio capture.

It works with both Windows as well as Mac OS. High-speed USB 3.0 technology and superior low-latency technology make live streaming to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, OBS, Twitter, Potplayer, and VLC easier.

It can capture a single-channel HD HDMI video signal and is based on high-speed USB 3.0 technology. When you play a live game, there is no lag. You can use the microphone input on the Kedok capture card to add external commentary while playing a game. Please keep in mind that it only works with 3.5mm TRS standard microphone headsets.

EVGA XR1 lite

You can record at 1080P/60FPS and play at 4K/60FPS. It has low latency and small size.

It is ideal for capturing and streaming PC/Console gameplay, or you can connect it to your DSLR camera for a good-quality webcam option. It has a USB 3.0 Type-C port. This Capture Card is OBS Certified.


The USB 2.0 Video Capture Card has a maximum input resolution of 38402160@60Hz and a maximum output resolution of 1920×1080@30Hz. It allows you to simultaneously capture video and audio signals and record high-definition 30 fps videos directly to your hard drive with no delay.

The HDMI Video Capture Card with HDMI loop-out port has superior low latency technology, so there is no delay when playing games live.

Enjoy gameplay with your friends while capturing videos with the HDMI signal loop-out function for real-time streaming on Twitch, YouTube, OBS, Potplayer, VLC, and other platforms, and recording videos directly to your PCs or smartphones. There is no compression or delay in the output.

MYPIN 1080P HDMI Video

HDMI Game Video Recorder records video and games in 1080P resolution and saves them to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. However, because it does not support live streaming, it will not work with OBS Studio, VLC, Youtube, and other similar programs.

You can get the video anywhere, anytime, by directly plugging in a USB Flash drive (FAT32). This capture card has a microphone input and can be used to add external commentary to games, but it does not record party chats. It is simple to use and saves videos to a USB device, but it does not work directly with a PC.

TKHIN Game Video

TKHIN game video capture card is built with a high-end smart chip and a stylish and compact Aluminum Alloy shell. It supports 4K@60fps HDMI input, and plug-and-play functionality allows the device to work instantly with streaming media such as OBS.

Ideal for live streaming, gaming broadcasts, video recording, conference rooms, and other similar applications.

You can link the audio video capture device to your earphones via the 3.5mm audio out port. You can also attach the video capture device to a 3.5mm microphone via the ports to stream and record your voice easily.

AVerMedia GC513

The AVerMedia GC513 Live Gamer is appropriate for all streamers, whether they are hobbyists, content creators, novices, or well-experienced. This capture card lets you enjoy 4K gameplay while editing in 1080p60.

Thanks to the lag-free integrated passthrough feature, the LGP2 can record amazing gameplay at Full HD 60 fps without annoying lag and in 4Kp60.

The LGP2’s portability is a distinguishing feature. It can thus be easily configured to record gameplay wherever you are – whether on your iPhone or a PC tournament, your options are unlimited.

Elgato HD60 X

This device records in 4K30 HDR10 or 1080p60 HDR10 quality, as well as 4K60 HDR10, 1440p120, and 1080p120 with VRR passthrough. This Capture Card does not require any additional driver installation.

You can stream to any platform, including OBS, Streamlabs, Vmix, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and others.


This has a video source capture resolution of up to 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second) and is suitable for all HDMI devices such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, DSLR, DVDs, Security Camera, Camera, and set-top box.

High-speed USB 3.0 technology and superior low-latency technology make live streaming to Youtube, Twitch, OBS, Facebook, Twitter, VLC, and Potplayer easier.


MOYOON HDMI capture card is made of aluminum alloy and designed with high-end smart chips, with HDMI input resolution up to 4K@30Hz and video signal recording up to 1080p 60fps. It provides a high-quality and glitch-free experience for game players.

With an additional microphone audio input, this 4K HDMI capture card enables game enthusiasts to stream, record, and incorporate their voice into gameplay. There is no need for a driver or additional power, and the capabilities are already built into current software for a smooth transition.

Extenuating Threads 4K HDMI

The Audio Capture Card has a maximum input resolution of 4K@60Hz and an output resolution of 19201080@60Hz. Now you can record videos directly to your hard drive without any time lag. HDMI Video Capture is appropriate for devices with HDMI output, such as the PS4 and Switch.

The USB capture card supports 1080P 60fps High-Quality Recording and live streaming. The Audio Video Capture Card can simultaneously capture HDMI video and audio and transmit video and audio signals to PCs and smartphones for storage and preview.

MOYOON Capture Card USB 3.0

The K capture card is made of aluminum alloy and has a high-end smart chip. With high-speed USB 3.0 technology, the game capture card eliminates delays and simplifies and speeds up live streaming, sharing, and recording.

Supports HDMI input resolutions of up to 4K@60Hz and video signal recording of up to 1080p 60fps for high-quality and glitch-free game video and streaming media.

Papeaso Capture Card

Our video HDMI capture card has an input resolution of 3840×2160@60Hz, a maximum output resolution of 1920×1080@30Hz, and a resolution of 1280x720p@60Hz. Capture high-definition videos at 60 frames per second with very low latency directly to your hard drive.

Its dual-purpose interface Supports USB and Type-C interface computers/mobile phones/tablets for data collection and recording while meeting various interface requirements.


HDMI Game Video Recorder records video and games in 1080P resolution and saves them to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Because this capture card does not support live streaming, it will not work with applications such as OBS Studio, VLC, and Youtube.

Now Plug in a USB Flash drive (FAT32) to get the video anywhere, at any time.

Final Words

As you can see, these are some good game Capture Card options to have a seamless streaming experience. They all come with some unique features and are quite easy to use. You can use them and easily become a streamer.

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