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In Gaming Last updated: November 16, 2022
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We all must have or are still playing racing or driving games in which we control our vehicle using the gaming wheels provided by the console.

Any device which makes this virtual experience of racing games more realistic increases the thrill of these games. One such device is the gaming wheel. A gaming wheel is an additional setup that is connected to your game. This setup externally allows you to control your movement in the game.


In this article, we will discuss what gaming wheels are and what accessories usually come with gaming wheels. We will also discuss how gaming wheels are better than joysticks. Lastly, we will see the 10 gaming wheels to simulate a racing experience.

What are Gaming Wheels?

A gaming wheel is a control mechanism used in driving games, racing simulators, and video games. Typically, they have a large paddle that resembles a steering wheel and pedals for the clutch, brake, accelerator, and gearbox controls. 

In contrast to digital control like a keyboard, an analog wheel and pedal combination like this one allows you to precisely modify the steering angle and pedal control needed to handle a simulated automobile. Additionally, the relatively wide range of motion allows you to apply the controls more precisely. 


You can recognize a gaming wheel with the brake and accelerator pedals connected through USB. Some of them even have a gear-shifting system. Gaming wheels have been created for use with arcade games, gaming consoles, personal computers, and professional driving simulators for racing car drivers.

What are the Accessories Which Usually Come with Gaming Wheels?

Like gaming wheels, many more accessories can help you have a realistic experience while you are virtually gaming. These accessories may include devices that provide you with a better and more natural sound, more control over your actions, etc. Mentioned below are some of these accessories which will complement your gaming wheels.

#1. Gaming Headphones


You can hear audio and simulated surround sound using gaming headphones. With gaming headphones, you often get what you pay for in terms of quality. Gaming headsets are amazingly adaptable. The majority of gaming headsets contain a retractable or releasable microphone.

You may use them as a typical daily headset if you’d like. When it comes to headsets, many think gaming headphones are the best option for every use. They are compatible with both your home and portable setups.

#2. Gaming Capture Cards

For those gamers who live stream their games, gaming capture cards are a must for you. You can connect these capture cards to your cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, or action cams. They ensure smooth connectivity to your device and do not interrupt your game. You can also broadcast your live gaming session using capture cards on all platforms. 

#3. Gaming Controllers

A game controller, or simply a controller, is a piece of equipment used with video games or gaming systems to provide input to a video game, usually to operate an item or character in the game. It is an input tool for communicating with a computer while playing a game. 

Even more specifically, regardless of whether it connects to a home television or an arcade machine, the computer is typically, but not always, a specialized gaming device. A gaming controller must be able to operate the game as it serves as the essential interface between the player and the game.

#4. Gaming Mouse


A gaming mouse is simply a regular mouse with a few additional characteristics that make them ideal for gaming. From a different perspective, it’s a crucial piece of custom gaming equipment!

These characteristics, which enable quick reflexes and more comfortable movements, include programmable buttons, customizable sensitivity, perfect sensors, ultra-light designs, and more. While a gaming mouse serves the same purpose as a standard mouse, it does it more accurately.

#5. Gaming Keyboards 


A vital component of every gamer’s setup is a gaming keyboard that can give you an advantage over your opponents, much like an ultra-light gaming mouse with an excellent sensor or a higher frame-rate esports gaming display. 

Enhancing the gaming experience, a decent gaming keyboard equips your conventional keyboard with advanced functions. This may be in terms of both aesthetic and performance, such as RGB backlighting to make it easier to discern between keys during late-night gaming sessions, fast-actuation switches to register inputs, and a lot more quickly.

Why are Racing Wheels better than using Joysticks? 


The fact that a racing wheel is a more realistic portrayal of really driving a race car is one of the main advantages of doing so. Using a gaming wheel provides you with more insight into how your automobile operates. It allows you to make little tweaks to enhance it. In line with what’s happening on your screen, it increases resistance. 

Therefore, if you run wide, your wheel will have to work more to get a hold of the uneven terrain. Gaming wheels give you more control over your car than a controller does. As a racing wheel experiences more tremendous stress and strain than a controller during a race, it is often built of more robust materials like metal and leather.

By now, you must have already understood what gaming wheels are and how they are better than joysticks. Let us now discuss the 10 gaming wheels to simulate a racing experience for you. 

Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel


The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel is a high-end, exclusive concept created with and for professional sim drivers. It provides the purest, most authentic, professional-level connection to the race possible, thanks to TRUEFORCE feedback technology and high-performance Direct Drive engineering.

This results in less latency and more fidelity. To give drivers complete control, buttons and dials are positioned in the thumb sweep orientation. This allows them to maintain their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

You can make future enhancements and improvements, and it is also compatible with new PRO Racing Pedals. The redesigned fastening method for the PRO Racing wheel makes it simple for desk-based drivers to place and remove their wheel while maintaining the normal bolt holes for those mounting to a racing seat.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Wheel

The ergonomic shape of the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel and the variety of technologies built into it make it completely adaptable to all racing game genres.

The TMX Racing Wheel was developed with various sorts of drivers in mind. With a rim diameter of 11 inches (28 cm), the TMX PRO is completely adaptable and suitable for all racing game genres.

With a maximum rotational speed of 2.5, the wheel offers an unmatched degree of control at every turn. The TMX PRO’s wide range of rotation angles (from 270° to 900°) enables all virtual drivers to compete with the greatest degree of accuracy in each race.

Racing Wheel Overdrive

With the Racing Wheel Overdrive for Xbox Series X|S, HORI offers the greatest in construction quality, customization choices, and realistic racing simulation.

With big, stable foot pedals and paddle shifters, the Tokyo design team of HORI has included all the qualities and characteristics of a full-size racing wheel. It is fully programmed and customizable and has a huge 270-degree turn ratio.

It works with Windows 10, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. With strong clamps and steel pieces, the Racing Wheel Overdrive designed for Xbox Series X|S attaches firmly to your table or racing wheel stand. We can change the turn ratio from 270 degrees to 180 degrees and adjust other variables like the dead zone and pedal sensitivity.

PXN Gaming Racing Wheel

PXN Gaming Racing Wheel’s steering wheel rotation angle can be adjusted from 270 degrees to 900 degrees. It has a smart double core that supports two PC input modes for X-input and D-input. The PXN Gaming Racing Wheel works with a variety of racing games.

It also supports the Xbox One platforms’ voice communication feature. The built-in twin vibration motors provide a more realistic drag racing experience.

With three pedals (clutch, stop, and accelerator) and a shifter, the PXN Gaming Racing Wheel is ergonomically built after the racing steering wheel. You can use Suction cups or C-type fastening clips to secure the shifter and steering wheel to the desktop.

GT Omega Apex Racing Wheel Stand 

The GT Omega Apex Racing Wheel Stand is a generally sized steering wheel stand that is compatible with most racing wheels, pedals, and gear shifter mounting sets from the Logitech, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster series. The GT Omega gaming stand is completely height and tilt-adjustable, allowing you to place the wheel and pedal in any ergonomic position.

Additionally, gamers can mount the gear shifter on both the left and right sides. Once you’ve finished playing, you can quickly fold up this stand and put it anywhere in your house. It won’t take up any space in your house. Because of its small size, you can take your gaming excitement with you everywhere you go.

PXN V9 Driving Gaming Wheel 

PXN V9 Driving Gaming Steering Wheel includes genuine twin vibration motors and is built of high-grade, non-slip ABS matte material. Seven strong suction cups and a C-shaped attaching frame guarantee a stable wheel and a pleasant and joyful gaming experience. Toggle the button underneath the steering wheel to switch the rotation this racing wheel provides.

The handbrake shift lever on the Xbox game steering wheel is intended for use with professional racing games. It features a 6-in-1 manual gear shift lever that supports forward and reverses gears as well as a handbrake and high-low performance modes. They use button design to minimize false contacts and give players a sense of presence when manually braking and shifting.

GTR Simulator PC Steering Wheel 

Even inexperienced drivers will feel downright heroic behind the wheel when using the GTR Simulator PC Steering Wheel with pedals and shifter. This gaming steering wheel and pedal combo provide force feedback three times as powerful as the others.

The torque of a gear-drive motor is combined with the robustness, quietness, and smoothness of a belt-drive motor because of dual motors and helical gears.

With this model’s 2-way switch, it can rotate the racing steering wheel 270 or 900 degrees. Ergonomic comfort is supported by an adjustable wheel rake angle of 0 to 15 degrees. You can alter your racing style by adjusting the separate spring tensions and completely changeable placements of the foot pedal.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex

The HORI Racing Wheel APEX for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 offers the finest in design, personalization possibilities, and realistic racing simulation. The design team at HORI has created a racing wheel with all the qualities and characteristics of a full-size wheel at a competitive price. It can turn a whopping 270 degrees, and you can fully program and customize it.

With strong clamps and steel components, the Racing Wheel APEX clamps firmly to any table or racing wheel stand. The large pedals are robustly constructed. Other variables, like a dead zone, pedal sensitivity, and others, can be adjusted by users.

GS850-X Drive Pro Sport Wheel

The Xbox Serie X/S, PS4, and Xbox One are all compatible with the GS850-X Drive Pro Sport Steering Wheel. It includes a manual gear lever with six forward and one backward speed. This steering wheel also includes a +/- speed-changing paddle. This steering wheel also includes a substantial crankset, a footrest system, and pedals for the clutch, brake, and accelerator.

It rotates at a 270-degree angle and is compatible with microphone gaming headsets. There are three different sensitivity settings on this device. For simulated seats, it has a suction cup or clamp mounting device. It is completely configurable and appropriate for all racing games.

Serafim R1+ Racing Gaming Wheel

The Serafim R1+ Racing Gaming Steering Wheel is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your favorite racing games fully. You can play racing games on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Switch, iOS, and Android because of its pedal, steering wheel, and cutting-edge Serafim phone holder.

The rubber grip on this wheel offers unmatched ergonomics. Even the most aggressive drivers won’t be a problem with the pedal system’s responsiveness.

On top of that, even the tightest corners won’t be a problem for the steering wheel’s durability. This device includes built-in twin vibration motors. It supports plug-and-play X and D-input on a PC. It also features 3 sensitivity levels that can be changed for various gameplay.


If you’re a gamer and want an enriching and realistic experience in each racing game, then gaming wheels are a must-have for you. Although the steering wheel controller seems to be more expensive, it offers the additional advantages of a more authentic experience and better vehicle control.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your time to start the race with a racing wheel by your side.

You may also explore some cool gaming chairs for professional gamers.

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