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    It’s time to get started with this week’s highlights. This August advances to become more techno-savvy.

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    Check out these updates from the last week.

    1. MSPs have undergone severe downfall due to pandemic while cloud & security services are booming

    MSP has been suffering from a few barriers in this present year that includes customer securing, lowering of IT budgets, working from home barriers with employees and staff, and social distancing barriers. The security offerings and cloud services are all set to grow by 51% and 47%, respectively. For expansion, MSPs are polling to implement acquisition or merger.

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    2. With growing technology, data privacy compliance has become common for organizations

    Most of the organizations are mandatorily abided by data privacy compliance, and this is mandatory for the organizations that mostly deal virtually for providing business services. Some of the companies do not have any physical boundaries anymore to limit compliance. Therefore, Data Privacy Compliance is now a new common agenda.

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    3. Healthy Comparison between CyberGhost & NordVPN on Terms of Security, Speed & Price

    The key comparisons brought the result that CyberGhost is a faster VPN option than NordVPN. But the privacy aspects cannot be taken from NordVPN at any cost. It is running in the market for ages and has made its mark evident. In addition to that, the Nord VPN is cheaper than CyberGhost.

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    4. 2020 Trends in Web Development & Web Technology Stacks

    There are many latest wen technology trends picking up the hype in 2020. Some of the most popularly implemented web tech trends are Voice Search, Web Assembly, content personalization, data security, and others. Just like that, the Technology stacks have also come up with upgrades and new trends such as Angular and Mean Stack, React, Flutter, and others.

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    5. CloudOps Tool Integration is more advantageous than you think

    If you are focusing only on the features, functions, and monitoring tools of cloud operations, you would eventually miss out on the bigger advantage of it. Without the direct integration between the security tool and the Alops tool, the security measures for detecting the breaches around the entire infrastructure and applications could be compromised.

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    6. DevOps Automation Tools Makes Continuous Deployment Easy

    The use of DevOps Automation Tools makes IT operations more convenient and technologically sound. The DevOps model brings in even faster deployment along with timely product release. There are several ranges of DevOps tools that are meant for specific requirements. They are also used for effective resource exchange and sharing.

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    7. Cloud Migration improves with the launch of Cobalt by Infosys

    Infosys has launched some new business solutions to help expand the cloud migration for making the operations digital. The Infosys Cobalt is a collection of solutions, platforms, and services that can help the businesses experience a technological renovation from the core. It will help the businesses develop new cloud capabilities for their organization.

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    8. Expand your knowledge on Software Development

    New technologies are evolving every day, and you need to stay updated with them all to create better software. For that, you need to check out the latest blogs on software development on priority. The best 10 includes Code Better, A List Apart, Coding Horror, Daily JS, Six Revisions, and others.

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    9. Technical Debt Assistance by DevOps

    Technical debt is considered the moderate optimal technical decisions taken in the entire lifetime of the application. With these debts growing, the possibility of changes decreases. But DevOps teams can address this issue adequately with some of the productive ways, such as creating product teams or building shared self-service platforms.

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    10. New Trends in DevOps from the Top Blogs

    For better product development, you need to understand the upgraded technology aspects associated with DevOps. For that, you can follow trending, informative blogs to stay updated. Some of the blogs are DZone DevOps, Docker Blog, DevOps Cube, DevOps.com, and Infoworld. Follow these to keep yourself on the same page with the latest upgrades and inclusions.

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    11. Trending Cybersecurity and Privacy aspects to Enhance your Knowledge

    If cybersecurity interests you, then you need to learn about the new inclusions in the technology for better improvement aspects. For that, you need to check on some of the latest informative blogs that will truly enrich your knowledge. Some of them are Ars Technica, Access Now, and others.

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    12. Learn More about Cloud Computing with the latest 2020 Blogs

    Cloud knowledge is the new future, and you need to stay updated with technology. So, you need to check on some of the latest blogs in 2020 to know more about how cloud computing is evolving. Some of the blogs are Infoworld, Cloud Tweaks, Cloud Tech, The Cloudcast, and others.

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    13. Ways to Build Talent Pipeline to Fill the Cloud Security Skill Gap

    Cloud Security skills are impeccable but still possess a gap, and every organization finds it next to impossible for filling. The leaders are finding ways to get it done. The organizations are building a talent pipeline by paying good salaries, increasing opportunities, and recruiting security to fill this gap.

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    14. Cloud Neutrality is Picking Up the Pace in 2020, and We Need to Know everything About it

    The modern internet economy is now feeling the need for Cloud Neutrality. The cloud has now taken over the tech economy standards. The cloud infrastructure is owned by private companies, and it will be big trouble if these companies decide to drop their interests. Therefore, Cloud Neutrality is an essential topic to talk about.

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    15. How to Make a Professional Flyer Online?

    Even during the age of digital marketing, flyers are one of the most effective, versatile, and affordable means of marketing. Check out some of the online platforms to design flyers to fuel your marketing efforts.

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    16. How to Design Cool Birthday Cards Online?

    Online birthday cards have made it easy to send wishes digitally even to those people with whom we are not able to connect during their birthdays. There are plenty of sites to make birthday cards, but it often becomes confusing for you to find the best one. To make it easy for you, here are the best sites to design birthday cards.

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    17. 9 Best SMS API to Send Message to Your Users

    Business dynamics across the globe is changing as we speak. Using an SMS API to send messages to your customers is one such technique that continues getting bigger. Find out some of the best SMS APIs for your business!

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    18. Add Google Analytics to WordPress – 3 Methods

    Having just a good-looking website isn’t enough. There are a lot more things that need to be done after that. Tracking visitors isn’t the most difficult task, as it can be done with the help of Google Analytics. You can either do it manually, via plugin or with the help of Cloudflare. Here are the exact steps for adding Google Analytics in different ways.

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