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1. Faster Way to Reach Future Solutions – Google CAMP

The Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) is based on improving the delivery power of the application at higher scales. For instance, this program is to deploy the ability to test over 650m test cases every day and over 14 quadrillion monitoring metrics parsing.

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2. Inch towards the Next Step on DevOps Implementation

DevOps has evolved its solutions to help people understand the performance ability of the organizations. These new capabilities can help you focus on the transformation of the organizations. Use the quick check tool to compare the performance of your company to various industry levels to meet the required throughput or stability.

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3. The Best AWS Blogs Are Here to Convey Essential Information

AWS Blogs are scattered over the internet, but you need to focus on the best ones to get quality information. Some of the best AWS blogs over the internet are What’s New at AWS by Cloud Innovation & News, Whizlabs Blog, AWS Insider, Reddit, and others.

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4. Insurance Workload Migration with AWS Landing Zone over BriteCore for Improved Security

BriteCore and AWS Landing Zone are migrating to develop a modern-time administrative system. This system is designated to serve P&C Insurance with more agility and scalability. In addition to that, this administrative system is more likely to be highly secured as compared to on-premises infrastructures.

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5. Local Development Set Up for Azure Statics Web Apps Preview

The best local development practices are being imposed to ensure that Azure Static Web Apps perform well. These practices include setting up of the web app for the static content. After this, Azure functions app can be configured for application API. Right after that, the debugging of the application can be executed following by running.

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6. The Top Browsers Will Change the Privacy Settings Soon

The top browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, are about to change their privacy settings to prevent the industry from trackers on the web. It will eventually enhance privacy protection and make your privacy settings proficient to handle tracking online.

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7. QBot Trojans are Now Hijacking Email Threads without User Consent

The emailed conversations are now in trouble as the new QBot Trojans are implementing modern tactics and measures to get into the personal conversations to leak out the financial data and important credentials. In 2008, the trojans harmed over 100,000 victims in several countries.

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8. Role of CISOs in Determining the Future of Work

CISOs are doing a great job by predicting the factor of cybersecurity needs while the people are working remotely, leaving behind the secured office premises. Every CISO is implementing new strategies for 2020 to make remote working a safe remedy to help both individuals as well as the company.

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9. DevSecOps on Improving Application Security

DevSecOps is an integration to enable security practices amidst the DevOps Process. It is the ideal solution to enable security testing for continuous integration and coding upgrades for the development teams. It will ensure that the testing and fixing of the software is done internally.

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10. Report on the Global Agile and DevOps Services Software Industry Market 2020

The market demand for the Agile and DevOps Services Software is high, and it eventually hints at the growth expectancy in the revenue for the forecast period. There are basically two types of products that the key players are distributing to clients, which include On-Premises or Cloud-Based.

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11. Cloud IDE Platform by Gitpod Open-Sources

Gitpod has now introduced its own cloud-based IDE platform for preparing the ready-to-code development platform. As it is open-sourcing, it will help the entire Gitpod community to take part in the development process to integrate onto the workflows, as stated by the company.

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12. How Can You Prevent the Cloud Waste?

Cloud usage is helping individuals save money for using their own data centers or server rooms. The cloud is a complex technology, and it demands the right usage without which the mistakes can turn out to be a costly hassle. To avoid some costly mistakes, you need to follow some of the designated ways, as stated by professionals.

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13. BEC Scams to Pickup Pace During Global Breakdown

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Prevention Scheme is designated to help suppress the email scams that hamper businesses. Since 2018, the department has made over 370 arrests and prevented over $300 million of fraudulent transactions. But the BEC scams are rising over the past six years even after following effective control measures.

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14. How to Enable Live Chat on Your Website?

People visit your website for a reason. Maybe they are interested in your product and service, have some related queries, or are just browsing. Live chat is a great method of offering customer service if done right. Check out ways to enable live chat on your website and the benefits of having them.

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15. 8 Best Wireless Security Cameras for Your Beautiful Home

Home Security is something for which everyone is equally concerned and tries to find new ways to enhance it. Here are a few recommendations that we consider to be the best options in the market. It could act as a guide for you to make the right choice that is more suitable for you and your home.

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16. What is Concept Map and How to Create One?

Have you faced trouble lately while making sense of your ideas after a brain dumping session? Whether you are an aspiring student or a business owner, a concept map can help you.  Dig deeper into the science of concept mapping and understand everything about it.

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17. How to Protect WordPress from DDoS Attacks?

All the hard work you put on your WordPress website could be gone in a second if you don’t take any measures to protect it from DDoS attacks. Explore some of the solutions which offer comprehensive WordPress site security.

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18. 10 Terraform Best Practices for Better Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform is a very popular open-source IaC (infrastructure as code)  tool to define and provision the complete infrastructure. Watch out some of the best practices that should be followed while using Terraform.

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