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In Digital Marketing Last updated: May 19, 2023
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If you had spent more time on social media, you would have definitely come across giveaways and contests.

Have you ever thought about why companies host giveaways? Well, they aren’t giving away anything for free. There is a strategy behind every giveaway. Today, we will talk about the reason behind every giveaway that any company organizes online and how to create such offers for your prospective customers.

Before we move towards the reasons, let us briefly understand what a giveaway contest is.

What is a Giveaway Contest?

When you hear the term ‘giveaway’, you should understand that it is a promotional draw. Here, a prize will be given to any random participant from the entire crowd. So, it is more like publicity for the company as people like to participate in giveaway contests and win something.

There won’t be any charges for the participants. A majority of the time, the giveaway participants simply need to provide their details. So, this is a highly prevalent way for companies to collect customers’ data. Well, we are not going towards that angle right now.


The best thing about giveaways is that it attracts a large number of people to your brand if you create the right giveaway that people might like and at the correct place.

Let us look at the logic behind running giveaways.

Why Should You Arrange a Giveaway?

Some of the key benefits of a giveaway are:

  • Social Media Presence – You can boost your social media presence to an entirely new level by offering entries or points in your giveaway in return of followers or likes. A single giveaway can take your follower count to the next level.
  • Website Traffic Boost – When you promote your giveaway on different platforms, you can eventually bring in more website visitors.
  • Email Subscribers Growth – In order to provide entry in a giveaway, you can ask people to sign up for your email list and use them for email marketing.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness – When you arrange a giveaway, you will see that more people are getting aware of your brand. It will also help you to generate leads and convert them into your paying customers.
  • Building Community – Giveaways can help you drive traffic to any platform of your choice. So, you can directly build a community for your brand with the help of a giveaway.

Are you thinking about arranging a giveaway for your brand? But do you know how to create a giveaway?

Well, you don’t need to worry because it is pretty simple. Here are some of the best tools that can help you in creating a giveaway


RafflePress is the number 1 Free WordPress Giveaway plugin. It will make it pretty easy to grow your email list, social media following, or get more website traffic through its tons of features. The best thing is that you simply need to install the plugin and use its Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder for creating a successful giveaway campaign within a few minutes.

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You can begin with the pre-built viral giveaway templates to improve engagement and find out what works for your brand. The giveaways that you create are mobile-friendly so that people can enter from any device. On top of that, there is one-click entry and fraud protection for keeping your contest fair.

RafflePress makes it easy to grow your social media following with its social media integrations. With their highly optimized giveaway landing pages, you will get excellent results. You can maximize your conversions and achieve goals through advanced tracking and retargeting.


You can create a giveaway campaign within a few minutes through KickoffLabs. Now, you can easily set up viral giveaways, product launches, and sweepstakes for promoting your brand. People will be able to earn points for referring your giveaways with people, and that’s where your marketing is taken to the next level.


You can choose from the already available contest templates or even design your own template for a giveaway. Some of the widely used templates include Reward Level Giveaway, Bonus Entry Sweepstakes, Shopify Rewards, Leaderboard Giveaways, Prelaunch Waitlist, and Email Opt-in Bribes. On top of that, smart emails will help you drive in better results.

You can boost your conversion rates through personalized contest greetings. ROI-focused analytics makes it pretty easy for you to see how much value you are receiving through these viral giveaways. You will know where your leads are coming from and make it easy to focus on those things more.

You To Gift

Are you looking for a trustworthy platform to pick a winner for your Instagram giveaway?

You to Gift has got you covered. The service will help you compile a contestants list, ensure they’ve met all giveaway requirements, and determine winners.

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Enjoy the main benefits of You to Gift:


There’s no need to create an account or provide us with your Instagram account information. Just post a link and pick a winner.


You can pick winners from likes, comments, or followings based on your giveaway rules. But that’s not all: you can also download lists based on that criteria as Excel or CSV files.


You to Gift will process all information you need without missing anything. Once that’s done, you’ll get an ordered list. All you’ll have to do is ensure your social media audiences have access to it. They’ll be able to find their usernames on the list and confirm it’s fair.


You to Gift has been around for years now. With our help, Instagram users hosted nearly 2 million fair giveaways. Don’t take out word for it: there are numerous reviews from real customers on our website.

No payments

Enjoy all the features You to Gift offers by downloading our app App Store or Google Play. It’s free of charge: you can run your first few giveaways without making any payments.


Run giveaways on social media, download contestant data spreadsheets, and use our online number randomizer completely free of charge.


KingSumo is another pretty famous free online contest platform. Initially, the tool was rolled out for company use, but it became pretty successful, and that’s why the company decided to roll it out for everyone’s use. You will be able to grow your email list through KingSumo’s viral giveaways.


If you are thinking about running a giveaway with the free version of KingSumo, you will receive only basic features like unlimited giveaways and integrations. To use it to its complete potential, you will have to purchase the paid plan.

The paid plan will help you access several other features, including custom branding, Facebook pixel tracking, customer support, and Zapier integrations. Another good thing is that KingSumo is handled by the same team that is behind AppSumo.


Gleam allows you to host beautiful competitions that can help you drive real user engagement. The platform sees that there are minimum steps required for entering so that more people enter through your campaigns. On top of that, the built-in viral sharing feature makes it easy for people to share with their friends with a single click.


The responsive widget will make it seamless on every device. The Smart Notification Emails will make it easy for the entrants to track their progress. Fraud Protection will automatically flag all the suspicious entries and send them for review. The best thing about Gleam is that it supports up to 25 languages.

You can embed Gleam’s widget anywhere. You can place this widget on your blog, landing page, Facebook page, or even a simple hosted landing page for running your giveaway. There are plenty of pre-built contest templates to inspire you to design something of your own.


Outgrow can help you boost your engagement with plenty of trendy templates. You won’t require any coding knowledge or skills for working with this tool. You will find it pretty easy to get high-quality leads through social media contests organized by Outgrow.

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Outgrow allows you to create highly customizable and user-friendly contests at a professional level. The platform also triggers follow-up emails based on the user’s response. There are 1000+ integration opportunities with various partners like Buffer, Mailchimp, and Hubspot. You will be able to easily examine all the answers and results from the contests.

You can either select any template or start from scratch to create engaging and interactive giveaways. It is pretty easy to embed these giveaways on your emails, websites, and even pop-ups to skyrocket engagement rates.


Fyre is an advanced platform for Web3. If you wish to perform viral marketing on Web3, then Fyre is the perfect choice to move ahead with. You can build referral campaigns with unlimited winner selection and boost your presence. You can ensure that all your followers are real, as social authentication will eliminate all bots and fake users.


On Fyre, only verified members will be able to refer their friends. The DIY Dashboard will make it easy for users to configure the dashboard as per their liking.

You can quickly build viral campaigns through Fyre and add custom tasks for growing your community. You can get more followers on your social media handles and also let them share your content with their followers.

The users are verified based on their token holdings. So, there are no chances of fake users or bots entering your giveaways.


ShortStack is known to be the most customizable all-in-one contesting software. You can use it to create unlimited interactive landing pages for your contests and giveaways. You will see an excellent boost in landing page conversions and collecting leads.


ShortStack allows you to tailor your marketing campaign as per your brand and your likings. There is no need to employ any developer to embed contests, videos, or forms on your website. It will make it pretty easy for you to grow your email list.

You can also encourage more people to share on Instagram and Twitter by creating hashtag contests. On top of that, you can even arrange a comment-to-enter contest to see more engagement from your followers. Offering discount codes on your landing page through emails and driving more people towards your contests is the easiest thing with ShortStack.


You can create a giveaway to get more engagement from your audience easily through Vyper. Creating a reward campaign is pretty simple, and you can get it done within a few minutes by using the pre-made templates.


The best thing about Vyper is that you won’t have to hire any designer to design all your giveaway campaigns. You can do it all on your own. Vyper allows you to create UI for widgets or embed the giveaways in form, landing page, and even the dashboard. You can view how your users are going to see everything.

You can even integrate Vyper with different email service providers like AWeber, Mailchimp, and Drip. To track how your campaigns are performing, you can integrate Google Analytics and Pixel Tracking.


SweepWidget is an extremely popular as well as powerful social media contest tool. You can use it for various purposes like running viral campaigns, leaderboard competitions, newsletter growth competitions, instant coupon campaigns, and also social media contests.


You can choose from 90+ entry methods on SweepWidget along with the integration of 30+ social media platforms. The drag-and-drop system will make it pretty easy for you to create giveaways within a few minutes.

Once you are done with designing your giveaway campaign, you can either embed it directly to your website or even host it on a free landing page. You can seamlessly fit the contest widget in your website by complete customization to work on its look and feel. Another significant advantage of SweepWidget is that your giveaway widget is optimized for all devices.


Woobox is the easiest contest creation tool that is free to use. You can easily design contests and giveaways for different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to drive your website engagement.


If you wish to create giveaways instantly, you can get the paid version to enable the drag-and-drop feature. You can integrate Woobox with 500+ tools and easily collect hashtags, likes, and comments on social media.

The embed codes can make it easy to place the contests at any place on your website. The Winner Picker Tool can even do your work of choosing a winner. Woobox also allows you to create a dedicated landing page for arranging your giveaway. On top of that, mobile responsiveness makes it a worthy choice.


Easypromos is a reliable platform for arranging contests and giveaways. A unique thing about Easypromos is that it offers 6 different application types that include giveaways, contests, games, quizzes, instant prizes, and multi-stage.

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Creating complex giveaways is also pretty easy across multiple social media platforms through Easypromos. You can achieve your digital marketing goals for the brand with interactive marketing. In order to boost your brand’s growth, you can use different ways to promote on social media platforms.

You can create a tailor-made campaign by combining various apps. Embedding promotions of websites, blogs, and e-commerce pages is made pretty easy with Easypromos. There is no need for a programming language to create contests on this platform. Analyzing contest data is made easy with detailed reports.


ViralSweep is a viral marketing platform that can help you grow your email list or SMS list and also boost sales and engagement. There are plenty of integration options available with this giveaway service platform.


ViralSweep can help you arrange different types of campaigns, including sweepstakes, contests, instant wins, purchases, waitlists, and much more. You can promote your brand by teaming up and creating a network.

With the help of ViralSweep, you will be able to see massive growth in your sales and engagement. Whether you are looking for a boost in your website sales or traffic, you can get it all with this platform.


PromoSimple is another giveaway creation platform that can help you create a customized giveaway online within a few seconds. All you need to do is build a giveaway, connect your social media and email accounts, and see your following and email list growing.


You can watch the entries coming in real-time, and the platform can select a winner randomly for you. PromoSimple allows you to customize your giveaway campaign completely by changing everything, from fonts and images to layouts and styles.

PromoSimple makes it pretty easy to share your contests online. You can directly share links on social media platforms or embed them into your website. The contests are functioning well on all types of devices. PromoSimple is here to make promoting pretty easy for your brand and business.


There is no requirement for IT help or designers to create a giveaway because Rafflecopter is the world’s easiest way of running a giveaway. Giveaways are the best way to give back as well as grow your community. Rafflecopter will make it easy to arrange such giveaways and show the community how much you care for your loyal customers.


Installing Rafflecopter only takes a few seconds, and you will see that it is extremely easy to use. Regardless of your motto with the giveaway, you can do it all with Rafflecopter, which creates giveaways to suit your brand and occasion.

Rafflecopter allows one-click email integrations with various platforms like Mailchimp, AWeber, and more. You can also proceed with the viral refer-a-friend entry option to drive more people towards your giveaway. If you need more advanced features and real-time analytics, you can go ahead with the paid plan.


Giveaways are the best way to give back to the community as well as drive more people towards your brand to boost your growth. If you are thinking about arranging a giveaway to get your brand viral, there is no need to worry about designing and IT support. The platforms mentioned above can do the work pretty easily for you.

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