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In Business Operations Last updated: August 9, 2023
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Deel offers a simplified and powerful software solution that can help businesses and individuals manage their hiring processes, comply with hiring laws internationally, and streamline payroll management.

But this process is complex. Although you might have experience handling processes, opening regional offices and navigating local payroll, taxes, equipment, benefits, and equity are not only challenging but also time-consuming. 

In addition, global companies need to hire people from around the world, which again is not easy.

Whether you are an employee, a contractor, or a business, you need an effective solution like Deel to handle your global payroll and hiring processes with ease. 

In this article, I’ll talk about everything about Deel and how it can help organizations stand out in the market. 

Here we go!

What Is Deel?

Deel is a global payroll and hiring application that helps businesses simplify the hiring process and manage the international workforce. It can also take care of your payroll processes, compliance, onboarding, and organizational culture. It works for full-time employees, business owners, independent contractors, and large enterprises in over 150 countries. 

Payroll, hr and compliance for global teams.

In 2021, Deel started supporting cryptocurrency withdrawals. It partnered with Wise in November 2022, allowing users to send funds across different countries using an email address. You will get a wide range of international payout options, such as Payoneer, Revolut, PayPal, Coinbase, and bank transfers in various currencies.

Moreover, Deel offers a central dashboard for companies that help them hire independent contractors and employees located remotely and keep track of everything. It can act like an employer of record (EOR) and hires employees on the company’s behalf. In addition, it manages compliance according to the applicable laws in each country. 

Deel allows employees to access insurance benefits for health and offers immigration advice. It also integrates with multiple plugins, including Slack, to enhance HR functionalities, improving company engagement. 

Deel helps you:

  • Manage timesheets and payment cycles
  • Comply with hiring laws of different countries, like localized contracts and tax forms
  • Provide equipment to your team
  • Generate invoices automatically
  • Streamline payments in more than 100 international currencies
  • Withdraw funds using local bank transfer, SWIFT, Payoneer, Wise, and other e-wallets
  • Reduce onboarding time

Why Do You Need Deel?

A group of business people in front of a cityscape.

There are many reasons to use Deel:

  • Global dominance: Deel has a vast infrastructure in more than 100 countries. It also has in-house payroll and legal professionals worldwide to make sure you get a top-tier service.
  • All-in-one platform: You can manage all types of workers globally. Deel can bring contractors, global payroll, EOR, visas, contractors, HRIS, and more in a single place. 
  • Instant access: Deel provides you with the best support with a dedicated 24/7 service. 
  • Automation and customization: Deel offers an API that allows you to integrate it with over 20 platforms and reduce manual work. In addition, you can tailor settings by various countries for terminations, contract changes, onboarding, and more. 
  • Solid security: Keep your data, intellectual property, and devices safe with Deel’s SOC 2 compliance, GDPR compliance, and ISO 27001 certification. Its security toolbox also includes Okta SSO to provide you with a robust shield. 

Features of Deel

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Employee of Record (EOR)

Deel can hire employees worldwide on your behalf to onboard employees quickly in over 100 countries without paying for admin costs. With this feature, you can focus on your company’s growth while allowing Deel to handle complexity. 

If you require to open a local entity in order to hire employees in other countries, it will consume more time and money. It may also incur the complexity of handling HR admin and payroll manually. However, with Deel’s EOR, hiring an employee is not a tedious task anymore. 

With the help of legal entities and expert visa support, you can effortlessly onboard employees from around the world. Deel will handle everything for you so that you find everything compliant with applicable laws, especially when it comes to minimum wages, contracts, terminations, and other cases. 

Once you pay your employees one bulk payment, Deel will manage the hard job, including pensions, government fees, benefits, tax deductions, and more. 


Hire and offshore contractors.

Deel helps you hire contractors worldwide and onboard them compliantly. The tool makes it easier to hire, provide benefits, and pay contractors anywhere within minutes. It will collect all the compliance, permit, and tax documents and let your team work compliantly remotely. 

With Deel, you can save your time and effort, generating W9s for the US team and filing 1099s in a single click from Deel’s dashboard. Furthermore, you can create and send a contract that is compliant with laws and protect your company from risk. 

Deel’s dashboard provides a complete view of records of the contracts and other documents. This means you will always be ready with your report during an audit. Additionally, you can easily create and sign the Data Processing Agreement in seconds that is GDPR compliant. 

You will get 15 payment options with zero hassle and fewer fees. It will reduce time spent on contractor payments. In general, contractors don’t get access to the benefits as same as employees. But with Deel, everyone on the team can get equal perks and benefits. 


Deel Shield classifies contractors correctly and hires contractors in over 150 countries on your company’s behalf.

Misclassification of a contractor might lead to legal fees, reputational harm, and fines. To overcome that, you will get advanced compliance features and airtight contracts to get started. 

Misclasscat ion with deel shield.

Deel Shield is the most secure level of hiring that protects 100% from misclassification risks. It only uses expertly designed classification tools, and local experts help in reviewing. It will hire a contractor after correctly classifying the job description, work setup, and location. Deel will take the risks of legal liability in the case of misclassification. 

Whether it is the localized contracts, global payroll, or PTO request, Deel will manage everything from a single place. It allows you to begin with international hires with ease while reducing HR admin. In addition, you will get access to one-click payments, HRIS integrations, and invoices. 


Streamline your international hiring process across 25 countries with Deel’s in-house immigration team. The team will handle all the visa admin, application process, and visa sponsorship, allowing your HR team to focus on other essential tasks. 

In a single dashboard, you can handle immigration, payroll, and HR, so that you will no longer need other application partners to manage the payroll process. Whether it’s a Green Card or a temporary work visa, Deel acquired the US immigration provider, known as LegalPad, so that your team can easily move to the US. 

Background Checks

In order to secure your business, a background check is compulsory. It helps enhance the hiring process and stay compliant. Deel offers a few clicks to run background checks in minutes. You won’t need an HR to chase documents on another platform, just request a background check, and Deel will handle the rest. 

Candidate screening on autopilot.

Put your candidate screening process on autopilot mode with Deel. You can optimize your screening and hiring workflows in more than 200 regions and countries with the help of Deel’s background checks functionality. It gives you an efficient and faster way to perform background checks. 

Furthermore, this helps speed up your hiring time by 80%, along with the screening results, thanks to AI-powered tech. Deel allows candidates to verify their identity using their desktop or mobile device. Even the candidates can track the background check status and access Deel support. 

Global Payroll

Run payroll process in over 100 countries using a single platform to streamline all your international operations and reduce the ongoing admin of taxes, benefits, local compliance, and more. Deel’s in-house experts help you set up an entity or navigate local payroll. 

You can make off-cycle payments with ease and get help from Deel experts to resolve issues faster with a dedicated CSM. From handling expenses and PTO to visa support, managing everything is an easier process with Deel. 

Global payroll you can run in your sleep.

Now, you will never find any inconsistent SLAs and reporting from various systems. Furthermore, you can rely on POC and one process for each country. Deel will handle employee deductions and benefits, local filing, tax and salary payments, payslip creation, localized contracts, documents, and compliant onboarding. 

Moreover, Deel will sync all the employee details from the HR platform and get your team on the same boat. Once everyone on your team is onboarded, it will make payroll calculations with ease. Its gross-to-net reports allow you to understand the spending in real-time. You can compare employer bonuses, taxes, costs, and more across the entities in a standard currency. 

View currency discrepancies of all the costs in a single currency. You can spot errors, if any, quickly between payroll cycles by using the Variances view. Additionally, Deel offers customized reports so that you can analyze the spending in a clear view for specific areas, such as Pensions, social security, and more. 

Use Cases of Deel

Whatever your team size and however it changes, employ new candidates flexibly and remotely using the Deel platform and manage everything from a single place. Deel does all the work, from hiring candidates globally and streamlining HR to consolidating payroll. 

Let’s dig into some of the industries that can make efficient use of Deel to cater to their need. 

#1. Gaming

Gaming companies are expanding globally, which can lead to many obstacles, such as finding talent, navigating local laws, and handling HR and payments.

To this, Deel helps you hire global contractors and employees quickly without setting up the entities. Deel will localize country-specific documents and contracts so that you can remain compliant.

Take your international game to the next level.

Moreover, you can manage everyone from a single place, from hiring local employees to international contractors, and get a clear view of your team data. In addition, it allows you to handle expenses, time off, app access, bonuses, and more in a few clicks. 

#2. Fintech

Many Fintech industries are growing rapidly across the world, finding difficulties in hiring, navigating payments, and HR.

Deel allows you to bring top talent by hiring international contractors and employees. It will localize contracts and other essential documents to make your company compliant. 

With Deel, handling expenses, time off, bonuses, and more is fast and efficient. You can also pay your workers on time. Plus, Deel can handle all the payroll admin, including benefits, taxes, and keeping updated on local laws. This allows you to take your Fintech company to the next level. 

#3. Ed Tech

Many EdTech industries are now growing rapidly, so finding talents internationally along with navigating local laws would be a stressful job. 

To this, Deel will help you secure A+ talent in minutes and get oriented with the top educators globally. Support your students across the world with just one click.

Get oriented with top worldwide educators.

You can hire regional educators or global contractors and employees with specific language skills easily. All the essential documents are handled by Deel so that you can remain compliant. In addition, it lets you manage everything from a single place, including managing your team, handling expenses and bonuses, and more. 

#4. Marketing and Advertising

The marketing and advertising companies target to have a better on-the-ground presence through the market internationally. But this comes with challenges, like onboarding top talents, handling essential documents, and handling payments. 

Deel reduces the entire complexity of your contracts, payments, and HR in a fast and efficient manner. It allows you to hire contractors and employees globally without setting up the entities. You can pick from multiple contract types according to your project needs. 

#5. Crypto

Blockchain and crypto companies are rising rapidly, so finding the top talent globally is necessary.

Deel will help you hire and secure your skilled talent without setting up the entity. You can efficiently scale your international team and find skilled talent to keep up with the latest digital demands.

Deel Pricing

Whether you want to hire a number of employees or contractors where you own the entities, start with a flexible package, and you see how Deel can take over all your heavy work.

  • EOR: You can hire employees in over 100 countries at a starting price of $500/month.
  • Contractors: You can manage and pay global contractors with compliance at a starting price of $49/month.

If you are still looking for a better option for managing your HR and global payroll needs, check out some Deel alternatives.

Some Alternatives

#1. Rippling

Hire employees and contractors easily and pay them globally with Rippling. Set up new candidate profiles and manage them efficiently while streamlining training and their assigned devices.

Everything you need to run a global workforce.

It’s also easy and quick to pay them without waiting for conversions or transfers. Rippling complies with international and local laws. In addition, you can pay your worker in their local currency. It also calculates taxes and file them for you automatically.

By integrating your general ledger, you can save hours of managing payroll and expense data. Rippling can handle everything by categorizing and syncing all the data according to your business profile.

Rippling starts at $8/user/month.

#2. Remofirst

Hire full-time employees from around the world with Remofirst without setting up various entities or waiting for long. It calculates global employees’ time off, bonuses, holidays, hours, and commissions automatically in various currencies.

Employee of record eor.

Remofirst handles worker misclassification by letting you avoid compliance mistakes, ensuring every document is made according to employees’ local laws. This can prevent unnecessary fines. The Employer of Record (EOR) enables companies to efficiently and legally employ workers in multiple countries without violating local laws.

Remofirst offers flexible pricing for global payroll and EOR on the market. The contractor package starts at $19/user/month, and the EOR package starts at $199/user/month.


Hiring the best talent and nurturing them is a great way to expand globally, and Deel can help you do that while managing your HR, payroll, and global compliance. It comes with valuable features for hiring, payroll, and other related needs. It can also automate many tasks so that you can focus on your global expansion. So, give Deel a try and explore its benefits yourself.

You may also explore the best global payroll solutions for your international remote employees.

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