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In Career Last updated: July 9, 2023
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Are you planning to upskill or understand the concept of Google Ads, then it is best to start with the courses. This blog will give you an insight into the best Google AdWords certification you can pursue.

In business, you might know that Google Ads has become a game-changer. Now the users are online, making it essential for the owners to be online. However, reaching users is not as easy as one might believe it to be.

Hence, the advertisement platforms can help businesses advertise the services and products on the Google network. Whether you know anything about Google Ads or not, it is the best time to become a Google Ads specialist.

Why choose any Google Ads course?

Google changes algorithms now and then, making it essential for the users to be updated with it and know how to get it rolling. To do this, Google Ads courses can come in handy as it covers all the essential aspects allowing users to learn new additions.

With this said, here are a few top online courses for Google Ads specialists.

Ultimate Google Ads Training

Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay Per Click is one of the most popular courses at Udemy that deep dive into Google Ads certification and help the users transfer sales. The course covers:

  • Monetization daily Google searches,
  • Using conversion tracking for Ad campaigns and determining their value,
  • Driving consistent traffic to landing page and website
  • Increasing sales and boosting traffic to site,
  • Remarketing visitors and retaining them,
  • Advertising services and products online,
  • And developing, creating, and optimizing profitable campaigns.

The course will cover all the basics of setting up the Google Ads accounts, understanding online advertising, conversion tracking, keywords advantages, A/B testing, tracking revenue/sales/form submissions, increasing Quality Score, and monitoring campaign performance.

What is the syllabus of this course?

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Structuring Ad Groups
  • Creating and Setting up Google Ads Account
  • Keywords in Depth
  • Write Killer Ads
  • Account Structure
  • Dynamic of the AdWords Auction
  • Negative Keywords
  • Expanding and Refining Campaigns
  • Profitable Bidding Strategies
  • Keeping Track of Profits
  • Remarketing and Using AdWords Scripts

Who can take this course?

This course is ideal for students that want to upskill their marketing skills, marketing professionals for a deeper understanding of AdWords, small business owners to increase revenue, and entrepreneurs who want to leverage advertising platforms.

Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO

Udemy’s New Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO is a step-by-step course for professionals that want to understand remarketing, display, and search. The course gives an understanding in:

  • Creating a professional image and responsive ads,
  • Creating AdWords search campaigns,
  • Creating Google Ads remarketing campaigns with high ROI,
  • Discovering the right audiences based on remarketing, keywords, or interest,
  • Choosing the right bidding strategy,
  • Understanding quality scores,
  • Creating Google Ads Display campaigns,
  • and creating Professional Text Ads.

The candidates will understand Google Ads, Keyword Research, Google Ads Quality, Search Score, Templates, YouTube advertising, Shopping campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns, etc.

The course is ideal for students that want to develop professional marketing skills, marketing professionals to create Google Ads campaigns, entrepreneurs to control the results, small business owners to create campaigns, and beginners to start their professional careers.

Google AdWords Course Tutorial

If you want to learn to create Google Ads from scratch, Udemy’s Google Ads Certification – Google AdWords Course Tutorial is a good starting point. The beginners will learn:

  • To create structured snipped extensions and call out extensions,
  • Google Ads creation and results,
  • Location target and Ad scheduling.
  • To create a Price Extension,
  • Bidding Types,
  • To create message extensions and call extensions
  • To choose the best keywords match type,
  • To create Sitelink extensions,
  • And mistakes to avoid while working with keyword matching.

By the end of this course, the beginners will create Ads using keywords, extensions, search Ads, location targets, etc.

Google Ads Guided Project

Coursera’s Google Ads Search Campaign is a free guided project that will help create Google ad groups, set up audience targeting, do keyword research, showcase hands-on experience, learn to use tools, create a Google Ads account, and optimize campaigns, set up campaigns, and so on.


It is a two-hour project-based course that helps in giving real-life experience to the learners. The candidates will get deep dive into Google’s online advertising platform – Google Ads, to know the best-fit customers for businesses and drive qualified traffic. Candidates will develop digital marketing, keyword research, PPC advertising, and paid search advertising skills.

The course will also help create impactful and relevant ads, optimize ad campaigns, set up ad groups, set bids, navigate the Google Ads dashboard, and generate conversions. The experts will also highlight tools, settings, campaign structure, and campaign optimization.

Marketing Digital Specialization

Marketing Digital Specialization is available at Coursera to help professionals learn effective digital tools, allowing them to deep dive into digital marketing. The covers offer theoretical-practical knowledge of digital marketing tools, including Google AdWords. The candidates will learn:

  • To implement, plan, and monitor the strategies that can work for the business,
  • Coordinate integral projects,
  • Apply to learn to the real-life projects,
  • And follow trends from practical application and critical perspective.

It covers a total of five courses that include:

  • Pillar of Digital Marketing that helps in mastering techniques, strategic criteria, objectives, tools, developing strategies, and identifying main tools.
  • Social Media Strategies help acquire knowledge of social networks to create strategies, techniques, and details the code such as statistics, ads, and strategies.
  • Digital Advertising with Google Ads to cover the techniques of advertising. It publishes, creates, and optimizes campaigns for services and products with advertising tools and practical and theoretical knowledge of tools with Display networks and Search networks.
  • Programmatic media purchase: Online advertising in real-time to deep dive into digital planning, audience prominence and buying, Advertisements, metrics, and so on.
  • Final Project – Specialized Program in Digital Marketing to focus on strategies, objectives, retargeting strategies, designing campaign, and Google AdWords campaign.

The course will help beginners or professionals polish their digital marketing and advertising skills to work on business prospects.

SkillShop Google Ads

Google SkillShop offers free online training via courses developed by Google product experts. The certification programs provide Analytics, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, Google AdMob, Google Ad Manager, Google My Business, Waze, and Authorized Buyers.

Google Ads certification included several beginner-level courses that demonstrate the ability to optimize and create campaigns, connect products with customers while tracking their journey, get results via Google Video and YouTube advertising platforms, and measure the performance of campaigns.

Candidates can apply the knowledge to Google Ads with this course. It helps them reach the customers, master fundamentals of Google Display ads or creating it, manage or create video campaigns, launch or set up shopping programs and create Discovery campaigns.

In the Google Ads Expertise courses, the beginners will understand how account managers or marketing strategists can start the journey or drive results, optimize scores to enhance performance, run impactful ads on platforms, and drive quality online sales leads and other objectives.

The Google Ads Search course helps set the campaigns and covers the fundamentals. It includes advertising demonstration of campaigns, growing business with ads, reaching customers with the right message, optimization of search campaigns, and best practices for search optimization, increasing business performance and campaign results.

Learn to Maximize the Performance of Your Ads

LinkedIn Learning offers to Learn to Maximize Performance of Your Ads course that helps candidates understand Google AdWords and polish their skills. The expert-led online video tutorials help professionals deep dive into Google AdWords.

The professionals can start with advanced Google Ads, Essential Training, and Writing Ad Copy. Along with this, it will cover advanced SEO, PPC with Google Ads, and remarketing strategies with Google Ads. The aim is to help candidates understand the fundamentals of Google Ads and kickstart their career in the field.

Crack the code to generate profits

Crack the code to generate consistent profits from Google Ads at Data Driven is a way to gain mastery over Google Ads. The course helps the candidate build the account and run ad campaigns to increase traffic. It will help in increasing conversion using management techniques and reduce wasted spending on ads.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Google Ads Mastery with paid search, Google Ads mastery, commandments of PPC management.
  • Earning a positive ROI with PPC metrics, strategies, competitive research tools, bid optimization, and account performance optimization.
  • Navigating Google Ads to create a first campaign, Google Ads account, campaign setting, navigating keywords, payments, billing, and account administration.
  • Business of PPC covering PPC contracts, representatives, etc.
  • Google Ads works using keywords, Ad Group, keyword selection, campaign structure, Ad auction, billion options, keyword match types, etc.
  • Google Ads certification covering fundamentals and advertising for candidates.
  • Additional Google Ads Campaigns format for shopping and display network.

The candidates can also discover ways to tap into low-cost and untapped keywords to enhance visibility opportunities. The course will cover a roadmap for creating PPC campaigns, experienced advertiser managing Google Ads accounts, building accounts, finding profitable advertising opportunities, Search Ads on Google, and creating campaigns.

Complete Google AdWords Professional

SkillUp’s Complete Google AdWords Professional covers understanding the basics and advanced concepts. The free online course helps candidates understand the Google Ads campaigns with several paid ad organic listings tools. It helps in driving more sales for the business using the platform. The course will cover:

  • Introduction to AdWords to understand its basics.
  • Account Structure
  • Advertising Metrics
  • Ad Extension
  • Keywords and Match Types
  • Campaign Types and Settings
  • AdWords Reports
  • Bidding and Bid Modifiers
  • Display Ads
  • Optimizing You Account
  • AdWords Display, Search, Video, and Mobile Advertising

The 13-hours video lessons cover the skills such as quality score, AdWords, keywords or match types, bidding or bid modifiers, advertising metrics, display targeting, campaign types or setting, and search ads or ad extension.


Google Ads are not just a way to grow in your Digital Marketing career but have several advantages that include:

  • It will increase the quality of your resume.
  • The courses will help track and measure campaigns to help you make informed and insightful decisions.
  • It will help widen advertising reach increase leads, engagements, and orders.
  • The Google AdWords certification will help in improving and optimizing campaigns.

In the present world, Google AdWords is beneficial for online, offline, small, or big businesses. They are an integral part of Digital Marketing that touches point to all relevant areas using live projects and case studies.

Hence, Google AdWords specialists must understand tools, setting up campaigns ad accounts, concepts like Quality Score or Keyword Research, effective billing, monitoring, budgeting, and PPC advertising. These courses will help the specialists gain different marketing techniques, skills, and concepts.

Read more at Online Courses For Full Stack Digital Marketing to know more.

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