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In Career and Cloud Computing Last updated: April 19, 2022
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Knowing how the Google Cloud Platform works can be synonymous with better solutions and a better career!

Cloud computing ushered in an era of the digital revolution. That’s because this feature brought easier access and protection to the storage and use of applications, factors that weigh heavily on the strategy of a business today.

Today, we will look into what is Google Cloud Certification (GCP) and which are the best learning resources to pass GCP certification exams!

What is Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a group of solutions and applications from Google that helps execute blocks of cloud services. It is possible to increase control in managing operations and obtain complete and protected outputs to cloud storage. This is true even for storage customized to the needs of each customer.

In addition to secure data storage, the Google Cloud Platform offers facilities for application development. Thus, it is much faster, cheaper, and safer to create, for example, a system aimed at controlling the customer base that automatically approves sales and concentrates the company’s collection in one place.

The technology giant’s platform differentials are speed, security, and scalability. Thus, applications achieve better performance, which helps organizations in the dispute for consumers’ attention (increasingly dispersed and without time).

The Spotify music app uses GCP to offer high availability to its users. This investment allowed for IT support that combines attributes such as efficiency, agility, and accuracy of information.

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Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud certification acts as a seal of competence and skill for the company and its employees. The certificate is available in two levels: Associate and Professional.

Associate level: These certifications are aimed at people with less experience with GCP services and serve as a stepping stone for anyone looking to achieve further certifications.

Professional level: Professional certifications are directed to those with advanced design skills and implementation on the platform. They are recommended for those who have more than three years of experience with the tools.

Google certifications are valid for two years from the date of approval. After this period, professionals need to retake the tests to stay updated.

If you cannot clear exams on the first attempt, it is possible to carry out a second evaluation after 14 days. If the result still does not guarantee approval, it is necessary to wait 60 days. For a fourth attempt, it is necessary to wait one year.

We have listed below some of the best GCP learning resources that can help you clear the certification exams. Few of these resources are free, and others are paid.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners

Offered on Udemy, this introductory GCP course takes you through fundamental GCP concepts and the different use cases of GCP services. It helps you figure out the right GCP service for a particular case.

GCP – Google Cloud Platform Concepts

Offered on Udemy, this is a completely free GCP course that courses all the fundamentals of different GCP services. The course content consists of 6 hr of on-demand video training. The course does not offer any certification on course completion.

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

This Google Cloud Fundamentals Course is offered by Google Cloud Training and enables you to acquire intermediate-level GCP knowledge and foundational skills. A total of 12 hours of video training and hands-on labs make up this course. This cost can cost vary based on the type of membership.

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

This advanced-level GCP cloud architect certification preparatory course teaches you everything you need to pass the certification exams. The course consists of 41 different video modules, and there’s an option for 300+ GCP cloud architect exam questions. Whizlab gives you an option to choose between video courses and practice tests.

Introduction to Google Cloud

Offered on Pluralsight, this introductory Google Cloud course covers basic concepts and introduces you to different GCP services. The targeted audience of this course is business decision-makers. The cost of this course can vary depending on the subscription.

Learn GCP with ACG

ACG offers many different basic and advanced level courses covering other GCP services and learning paths such as GCP Security, GCP DevOps, and GCP development. These courses consist of various video training modules and hands-on labs.

Google Cloud Platform Online Training

This advanced-level course teaches you everything from creating an application with Python and Java to working with APIs. The training consists of 13 hours of on-demand video and hands-on labs.

Google Cloud Platform Training Library

GCP Training Library by Cloud Academy consists of different courses and resources to learn about various GCP services. The majority of content is in the form of on-demand videos. The price of courses varies depending on the subscription model you choose.

Google Cloud Platform

YouTube video

The official YouTube channel of GCP also offers a great deal of content to learn about different GCP services through tutorials and webinars for free.

Final Words

Google Cloud Platform already serves more than a billion users, strengthening the importance of Google Cloud certifications.

Moreover, these certifications are a measure of employees’ professional skills, a way to keep the team qualified and credible in the market.

The best way to prepare for the exams is by learning about the fundamentals along with working directly with the different GCP services.

You may also be interested in AWS Practice Tests to clear the actual exam.

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