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In Latest Tech Last updated: May 11, 2023
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Hello everyone! 🙋We have the following product updates for you today! 📣

Google I/O 2023 Ended-List of Everything Announced

Google made several announcements during its developer conference, including the “Immersive View for Routes” feature on Google Maps that compiles information on traffic simulations, bike lanes, parking, complex intersections, and other details into one place.

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AI-powered “Magic Editor” to edit specific photo parts like foreground or background, fill gaps, and reposition the subject for a better frame shot with more complex tools and “Magic Compose” to rewrite texts in various styles with the use of messages and conversations.

The launch of the new language model “PaLM 2” and the expansion of its chat tool “Bard” to support Japanese and Korean. PaLM 2 will be Google’s updated Bard chat tool and the core model for most of its new AI features. It also includes better code writing and debugging support.

The Workspace suite will also receive new AI-powered features, including automatic table generation and image creation. 

Google introduced “MusicLM”, an experimental AI tool that turns text into music and conversational mode.

Google launched its ML Hub, a resource for developers seeking guidance on training and deploying ML models, regardless of their AI experience level.

Google will add the new “Perspectives” filter to highlight search results that could benefit from user experiences, such as posts on discussion boards, Q&A sites, and social media platforms, including videos.

Google launches Codey, an AI-based code completion and generation tool for handling coding-related queries. 

Google is teaming up with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to bring conferencing to Android Auto, allowing drivers to use WebEx, Teams, and Zoom through the vehicle’s center display. The audio conferencing feature was announced at Google’s I/O conference and is part of the company’s automotive market push.

Google Cloud – A new A3 supercomputer virtual machine with Nvidia’s H100 GPU makes computational power, high throughput, and low latency at a fair price. 

Also, the Google Vertex AI service is getting new AI models, including Imagen, a text-to-image model that can modify pictures and write captions.

Google announced new AI models for its fully managed service Vertex AI, including Imagen. This text-to-image model can generate and edit images and write captions for existing images. 

Google released improvements to its Find My Device network, allowing for proactive alerts about unknown trackers and supporting connectivity with other Bluetooth trackers. 

Finally, Google unveiled “Sidekick”, a new AI tool that provides contextual suggestions while users write on Google Docs, and “Codey”, a new code completion and code generation tool.

Startup SquareX Protects Web Users With Disposable Browsers

SquareX, a Singapore-based cybersecurity startup, has raised $6 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital Southeast Asia. The company aims to combat web browser-based security threats with its tailor-made cybersecurity product that lets users open links and files in temporary container sandboxes.


SquareX’s headless browsers run in its data centers and ensure that personal information is not exposed to security threats.

Browsers are used for many activities like emails, shopping, or banking. However, it exposes security threats such as identity theft and session hijacking. Traditional cybersecurity tools were not designed for these threats and mainly focused on viruses, worms, and network attacks. In such a scenario, SquareX would prove an efficient tool. 

SquareX offers disposable browsers as an alternative to traditional endpoint security solutions like VPNs and anti-virus software. These browsers allow for anonymous browsing from any location and are immediately destroyed, ensuring a user’s identity and data are secure and cannot be tracked by website trackers.


Twinr is a no-code app creator that works with all website technologies such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc. It allows users to create production-ready native software in seconds.


It offers modifications for configuring add-ons, previewing and testing the app, and publishing it to the Apple and Google Play stores.

Personalized push notifications, abandoned push notifications, Google AdMob, app onboarding, in-app purchases, and multi-language support are all available.

It claims 100% app approval, the quickest time to market, an easy-to-use app builder, and customer assistance along the route.

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