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Google Launches Bard AI Chatbot to Compete ChatGPT

The Alphabet Inc.-owned Google is opening public access (Only US and UK) to the conversational AI chatbot program BARD to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing Chat.

In the latest development, Google announced, “We’re starting to make Bard, an early experiment that allows you to work with generative AI, more widely available.

After years of research, Google announced on Tuesday that it would open up access to Bard to the United States and the United Kingdom and eventually spread to more nations and languages. The move intensifies the battle between Google and Microsoft Corp. to dominate the market of AI tools that can be used to generate humanlike text responses.  

BARD is intended to be used in conjunction with Google Search and gives users the option to examine sources from other websites or review their responses. A research large language model (LLM), a compact and enhanced version of LaMDA, powers BARD. More modern models will be added as time goes on. When more people use LLMs, they improve at anticipating beneficial results.

Google recognizes LLMs can sometimes produce biased, misleading, or false information. To mitigate these issues, Google allows you to choose from a few drafts of BARD’s response. By posing further queries or requesting different solutions, you can keep working with BARD, as seen in the image below.

Google describes Bard as an early experiment in artificial intelligence (AI) designed to boost productivity, expedite ideas, and encourage curiosity. BARD can be used to receive advice, clarification, or inspiration for tasks like planning blog entries.

It would offer a dedicated site,, instead of being integrated into Google’s search engine. This strategic move is to adopt new AI technology while preserving the profitability of its search engine business.

If you want to try, then you need to sign up at

Web3 Gaming Will Onboard up to 100M Gamers in the Next 2 Years

We all know that Gaming and entertainment is a huge market, but the Web3 gaming market is expected to reach a multi-trillion dollar market in the near future, as per various research and surveys.

Immutable and Polygon Labs, two significant companies in the web3 gaming market, forecast exponential growth in the coming years, according to the report.

According to Robbie Ferguson and Ryan Wyatt, presidents of Immutable and Polygon Labs, respectively, they will add the first 10 million to 100 million within the next year or two.

Immutable, a web3 gaming company, and Polygon, a layer-2 blockchain company, joined hands on March 20, 2023, to support the sector’s scaling and adoption. The partnership will concentrate on making web3-enabled games faster to develop, simpler to operate, and less dangerous for individual creators and major gaming studios to participate in.

With the gaming trend shifting from ‘free-to-play’ to ‘play-to-earn’, it is already changing the dynamics of the whole gaming industry. No wonder the prospect of Web 3.0 is opening up possibilities in the gaming industry, which has motivated many experts to remain fully invested in the progress of Web 3.0 games.

Web3 Will Change the Gaming Industry Forever. Many of the biggest game developers â€” including Square Enix and Epic Games — are already working on titles with Web3 integrations.

According to the estimate, 40% of web3 games [ever] produced are expected to launch in the next 12 to 18 months. This represents a significant quantity of attempts or shots-on-goal to reach the 100 million player mark.

Web 3.0 is making the internet simple, open, and decentralized, hence reshaping the gaming landscape and market. These variations are the end-product of contemporary developments in the sectors, including tokens, blockchain, and AI.

Microsoft Released the First Browser With an Integrated AI-Powered Image Generator

Bing chat and Microsoft Edge now include an AI-powered image maker tool. The DALL-E model from OpenAI is used to power the tool.

According to the technology giant’s recent release, users can describe pictures or narrate words to generate images. You can now create written and visual material directly from chat in one location.

Microsoft claims that individuals use Bing chat in several ways, from creating more precise solutions to challenging issues to using it for pleasure or as a creative inspiration.

By enabling you to create a picture by merely expressing the image you like to see using your own words, Microsoft’s ground-breaking Picture Maker has been added to Bing chat today, elevating the chat experience.

In summary, this effort will refresh the Knowledge Cards and bring additional AI-powered visual Storytelling to the new Bing and Edge preview.

Picture Maker allows you to create an image from scratch by describing the picture, adding details about the scene, such as a place or activity, and selecting an artistic style.

To start generating a picture for a newsletter to friends or as inspiration for remodeling your living room, type something like “draw an image” or “make an image” as a conversation prompt. It resembles an artistic copilot. Click the Bing Image Maker icon in the sidebar to start creating your image, or launch it from Bing chat in Edge.

For Bing users worldwide, the Image Creator is now accessible at in English. The Picture Creator icon in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge can also be used to visit Bing Image Creator. The picture creator will soon be integrated with the Bing button in chat mode.

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