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Streaming devices have become an essential part of our entertainment unit whether you are in your home or even in the office. When choosing between Google TV and Roku, it can be tough since both have some power-packed features that you cannot ignore.

I have been digging in all the info about both these gadgets and have gone through thousands of reviews over the web. To make your life easier, I have created this detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about both these streaming platforms.

Based on factors such as Video quality, apps available, user interface, and cost, you can determine which is the best one for you.

Stay with us till the end; this is going to be interesting and informative.

Google TV- A Brief

Google TV is a streaming device that has been generating a lot of buzz in the streaming world. With its launch in 2020, it competes with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Roku TV, Apple, and Fire TV.

One of the standout features I found of Google TV is its content aggregation capabilities. The device brings together content from various streaming services, making it easy to find and watch my favorite movies and TV shows. Additionally, Google TV provides personalized recommendations based on viewing history and preferences.

Google TV incorporates its voice control capabilities through Google Assistant. You can use this to search for your favorite TV shows, songs on YouTube, change channels, and do a lot more by simply asking the assistant.

Furthermore, they offer over 10,000+ apps, including Disney+, YouTube Music, Spotify, etc.

Roku- A Brief

Roku is one of my favorites, considering its exceptional range of features and its dominance on the market for decades. The Roku TV features the Roku OS that has a pretty simple and user-friendly interface. It brings customization to your hands where you can decide on your home screen.

You can choose to move around your favorite streaming channels, change the wallpapers, and even has access to create your own screensaver. The major fact that users often prefer to go with Roku TV is that you get instant access to more than 350+ free live TV channels on The Roku Channel.

One of the best parts of Roku is its simplicity. With a few simple clicks, you can set up everything on your TV. Whether you are setting up a cable or just hoping to stream Netflix, the guided setup has got you covered.

Furthermore, most of the Roku streaming devices come in 4K resolution. You can even purchase the 8K Roku TV and enjoy the lifetime experience of streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Google TV vs. Roku

We now know a brief about both Google TV and Roku. From their origin to the range of devices and features they have to offer to the users. However, selecting one among both can be a difficult task.

Let us look at the table below and understand the significant difference between Google TV and Roku.

FeaturesGoogle TVRoku TV
User InterfaceModern and intuitive interfaceSimple and user-friendly interface
Voice ControlYesYes
Home ScreenPersonalized home screen with suggestionsPersonalized home screen with favorite channels
Content QualitySupports 4K and HDR contentSupports 4K and 8K content
ChannelsSupports major streaming servicesSupports major streaming services 
Live TV800+ free TV channels350+ free live TV channels
Mobile AppProvides a mobile app for remote controlProvides a mobile app for remote control

Google TV vs. Roku- User Interface

While both Google TV and Roku have multiple sets of similar features, they both support voice control, mobile apps, and much more. However, there are major differences that make one better than the other.

Google TV offers a more intuitive interface and works smoothly with your Android TV, Chromecast, and other streaming devices. They have over 10k+ apps and channels available for use.

Similarly, Roku TV has a simpler, easy-to-use interface that does not require any guide to understand. You have all the apps right on your screen, and you can click on them to start streaming.

Google TV vs. Roku- Home Screen

Google TV offers you a home screen where you can check out multiple recommendations from Google itself through multiple apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime, etc. You can check out the images below where Google has offered preferred.

The same set of features is nowhere to be found on Roku. As mentioned, everything looks pretty simple and sorted. Some may find the simplicity appealing; however, the recommendations come in handy if you are someone like me who is always confused about what to watch.

Google TV vs. Roku- Additional Features

We spoke about the major features we could find that almost everyone talks about and compares. However, there are certain added features that you must know.

Google TV is available on your Chromecast, Smart TVs, and on your Android and iOS smartphones. 

  • You can use your Google TV as a wallpaper on the wall. When idle for the long term, you can add images from your gallery, Google Earth, artwork, etc.
  • Cast any movie, TV show, video, etc., from your phone to the TV.
  • Control your smart home devices and view them on the TV.
  • Use your smartphone as a remote.
  • Connect a camera and view the video call on the big screen.

Roku, on the other hand, is available on the Roku TV, Streaming Players, and even on the mobile phone. Here are some added features.

  • Cast photos and videos on TV using a mobile app
  • Change wallpaper and secret screensavers
  • Offers Automatic Software Updates
  • Watch free content on Roku Channel across all devices
  • Smart TV built by Roku running Roku OS 

Benefits of using Google TV

Google TV does have leverage when it comes to choosing between multiple other streaming services. You have a massive library of apps and channels; it can be accessed through your Mobile and other streaming devices, and so much more. But this is not all.

I have listed down the benefits of using Google TV that might make things more clear.

Modern and Intuitive Interface

The Google TV interface is visually stunning and looks highly intuitive. You can easily navigate through hundreds of apps and content on the screen through the remote.

The best part of using Google TV is that based on your search history and content viewing, Google will suggest you similar shows or movies directly on the screen.

Voice Control

Voice Control comes in very handy if you are looking to have a hands-free experience while browsing through content.

Well, you can access Google Assistant directly through your remote and use voice commands to search for your preferred channel, adjust controls, and do a lot more.

Content Quality

Google TV support both 4K and HDR content. It depends on the device you are streaming the content that will determine the quality. If you are using Chromecast (4K), you can get up to 4K resolution on tv shows, movies, etc.

Similarly, if you are using Chromecast (HDR), you will only be able to access content up to 1080p resolutions. Overall, it is a win-win on both ends considering both are equally amazing.

Curated Recommendations

Apart from the exceptional UI, Google TV also brings your curated recommendations. You can resume watching your favorite shows and movies without having to open the app every single time. 

All your watched shows preview are ready on the home screen for all the streaming apps and platforms. It offers personalized entertainment based on what you have been browsing and watching. Simply create your profile and access it. Now, all your content will be for you. The same can be done for kids too.

Build your WatchList

I have the habit of doing a Google Search of every single show that I feel I need to watch. With Google TV, I have created my own watchlist while browsing and researching on my phone.

All you have to do is choose Watchlist beside the info of that tv show, and your choices will be synced across all platforms, such as Mobile apps, TV, and Google Search.

Benefits of using Roku

Roku has been here for decades now, and the benefits of using the Roku TV are immeasurable. However, I have listed some of them below based on my experience. Let us see the major benefits you can get using Roku.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity makes everything seem perfect. While you choose the modern interface offered by Google, you can never beat the easy-to-use interface on Roku.

It is the easiest yet highly useful. All the apps, channels, and everything are directly available on your home screen. Simply click, and you can get started. Overall, it is straightforward, making it a great option for users who are new to streaming.

Content Quality

Roku TV brings 4K, HDR, and even 8K content to your streaming platform. Well, it entirely depends on which channels or streaming apps are compatible with the same. Roku TV had launched the 8K compatible TV itself that gives the best picture quality.

Free Live TV

One of the most significant features and benefits of using Roku is the exclusive list of 350+ free live tv channels. All these are available on The Roku Channel, and you can even add a local broadcast to your HD with an Antenna and browse more such free channels.

Above all, you can even search for the Live TV content you are looking to watch, and Roku TV will recommend the platforms you can watch on. Furthermore, you can even connect a 16GB+ drive to your TV or the HD Antenna and pause up to 90 minutes of live TV.

You may also explore some free Roku remote apps for Android for effortless streaming.

Mobile App

The Roku mobile app is available for both Android and Apple users. It makes your streaming experience a lot better.

When you are not around your Roku TV, you can watch everything on your smartphone. This can also be used as a remote control, where you can control everything, such as changing channels, selecting the right platform with a click, and more.

Private Listening

One of the most interesting features that I loved is Private listening. When everyone has slept in your home, and you need to watch your favorite football match without waking up anyone, you can use your earphones for private listening.

You can simply enable the functions through the compatible Roku remotes and the Roku mobile app and connect your headphones. You can even invite your friends and enjoy the match.

Author’s Opinion

Well, if I have to choose, it will be, without a doubt, Google TV. Now, Roku is less when it comes to having power-packed features and free Live TV channels.

However, as a person who loves the modern user interface and the recommendations screen on Google TV, this is what suits me the best. Roku TV has a pretty basic set of functions as compared to Google TV.

Now, the voice assistant for Google TV is far better than that of Roku TV, and the entire process is pretty smooth overall. I may not require using the live TV channels; hence, this might be a huge advantage; I can live without it.

Overall, it all comes down to personal preferences and making the decision that suits you the best. If you are still unclear and confused, do let me know below, and I will surely help you out.

You may also explore some VPNs for Smart TVs.

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