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In Customer Service Last updated: December 12, 2022
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Good customer support is foundational for building a profitable eCommerce business.

However, employing a customer success team in the beginning stage can be expensive for small businesses.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a customer service platform like Gorgias, built to help small businesses improve the customer experience while keeping costs low.

Without any further delay, let’s begin!

What is a Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software is usually a Saas product that helps companies assist customers or people with pre-sales queries.

Often termed customer support software, any helpdesk allows users to submit tickets (emails) to the company based on a query or an issue.

It’s important to note that helpdesk software is not a standalone product but a software service that can be integrated into another company’s existing infrastructure to enhance the customer experience.

Some helpdesk software offers the ability to track customer issues, automate responses and develop reports for management. A good quality helpdesk software is user-friendly for customer service agents and capable of integrating different channels for receiving queries in a centralized system.

Let us explore some major challenges you may encounter without proper helpdesk software.

Challenges in Customer Service Without a Helpdesk

Here’s a list of some common issues:

  • Choosing the Right Tools: Offering customer support is an effort to delight your already paid members. Although it’s expensive for any business, it’s non-negotiable. It’s hard to find the right tools for fast customer service without centralized software.
  • Training Customer Service Agents: Training agents to use a single helpdesk software is more convenient than designating them to different channels.
  • Exceeding Service Tickets: Resolving a few customer queries is simple if you use different tools for customer success. But if you’re in a competitive space, replying to customers quickly can help retain them.
  • Software Downtime: Different SaaS tools may cause service downtime, increasing your chances of getting angry customers.

Next, we will dive deep into the Gorgias platform.



Gorgias is a helpdesk software as a service platform that helps you meet your product support goals. Its user-friendly dashboard makes handling customer support requests fast and efficient for your support agents.

The founders of Gorgias believe that eCommerce brands should be able to provide a smooth service experience to their customers. And therefore, Gorgias seamlessly connects with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and many more.

Besides, this helpdesk also offers multiple third-party integrations. This way, you can easily track your customer queries from different channels and resolve them instantly.

Let’s explore some of Gorgias’ features that help Shopify merchants build an efficient helpdesk for their business.


Centralized Ticketing System

Gorgias is the perfect solution for businesses that want to centralize all their customer communication from different channels in one place. With Gorgias, you can connect your social media accounts, support email addresses, and phone numbers and answer all tickets without leaving your help desk.

Workflow Automation

You can automate repetitive tasks like cutting and pasting commonly asked questions, and closing out tickets, so your service team can spend more time talking to customers and less time looking busy. And that’s how you’ll be able to provide your customers with the quick possible support!


Gorgias’ real-time stats dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your ticket metrics, like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time, along with details that matter.

You can see how many tickets are being created, replied and closed as they happen. Compare the trend of tickets created to tickets replied to and optimize your support handling strategies with stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales.

Moreover, you can utilize different filters to identify the channels causing the volume to spike and ask your service agents to cater to customers according to priority.

Multi-Store Connection

What if you manage multiple Shopify stores? We know it’s time-consuming and challenging to track customer support requests. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Using Gorgias, you can connect all your Shopify stores and check all the customer support queries in a single dashboard. That way, you can quickly and efficiently resolve issues for all your customers, no matter which store they’re shopping from.

Shopify Stack Integration


As mentioned, Gorgias integrates seamlessly with Shopify and extends integration with popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, etc.

Some advanced integrations include Attentive, Recharge, Yotpo, and Klaviyo. Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform, and Klaviyo helps automate your marketing efforts using transactional and behavioral data.

Live Chat Autoresponder

Using Gorgias’ live chat feature, you can talk to your visitors in real-time and increase your conversion rate. Additionally, you can trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to initiate a conversation automatically.

There’s an autoresponder that lets you create rules to handle common customer questions. By combining rules, you can automate up to 20% of support tickets with personalized answers, helping you free up valuable time so you can focus on more pressing issues.

How Gorgias Helps You Improve Shopify Sales

Using Gorgias helpdesk, you can significantly improve the customer service workflow and save resources on product customer success.

Here are a few things where Gorgias helpdesk excels in other customer success methods.

#1. Prioritization

Good customer service entrusts a long-lasting and personalized experience. Gorgias machine learning software quickly and easily detects the intents and sentiments of each message. It helps you set priorities and categorize tickets, so you can focus on what’s most important.

#2. Fast and Better Support

Creating template responses to frequently asked questions allows you to respond to more messages. You must write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a macro. This way, you can automatically reuse the message without typing it out each time.

Additionally, Gorgias’ automated responder takes care of the most common pre-sale queries, thereby increasing your sales by at least 5% without spending on ad-spent.

#3. Personalization

Gorgias’ comprehensive dashboard provides you with all the information about your customer’s order history, which means you don’t need to irritate customers for purchase-related details.

#4. Grabbing Opportunities

Let’s face it! All your new customers won’t always come from business websites but different social channels.

With Gorgias’ hassle-free social media integrations, you can Keep all your comments from all channels in a single place, ensuring you’re not missing out on any customers. This way, you can respond to posts and ads quickly and easily without switching between platforms.


It’s time to discuss the pricing models. Gorgias helpdesk is available in five different plans. You can select the monthly or yearly payment mode, whichever suits your requirements. Below are the monthly pricing plans.


#1. Starter

If you’re starting a Shopify store for the first time, we recommend going with their starter plan. Priced at just $10/month, you get access to 50 billable tickets, 3 user seats, and 2 social media channels every month.

#2. Basic

Priced at $60/month, the basic plan offers you 300 billable tickets per month, unlimited user seats, 150 integrations from a library of 94 apps, access to a reporting dashboard, and basic customer services.

#3. Pro

The Gorgias Pro plan is ideal for businesses with fast growth. It is sufficient for medium to large-sized businesses with all the essential features, 2000 billable tickets, unlimited user seats, live stats, and support performance stats. The pro plan will cost you $360/month with high-priority customer services.

#4. Advanced 

Their advanced pricing plan will give you access to 5000 billable tickets every month. It’s the highest pricing plan with all the premium Gorgias features and top-notch support service.

This plan is priced at $900/month, and you can connect Gorgias to eCommerce stores from different platforms like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, and so on.

#5. Enterprise

An enterprise pricing plan is suitable for a business with extraordinary traction wherein you can get a quote for custom billable tickets. You also get unlimited user seats, 150 active third-party integrations, and enterprise customer services with a dedicated success manager.


Though Gorgias is one of the best Shopify helpdesk platforms, it’s a good idea to overlook other available options available in the market.

Here is the list of some Gorgias alternatives.



HelpDesk is one of the oldest and most reliable ticketing systems to handle customer queries. It helps you manage all the messages from different channels like emails, web forms, and other sources into a single dashboard, allowing you to automate your support tasks.

The helpdesk seamlessly integrates with Shopify and helps you track your customer tickets.



Another popular customer success system is Freshdesk. Like Gorgias, Freshdesk integrates with Shopify allowing you to provide quick and friendly support to your store customers. 

You can access order history, billing information, old conversations, and all the customer-related details in a single place. With Freshdesk, you can even trigger automated emails directly from the dashboard in case of cart abandonment and resolve any issues your customers are facing.

Final Words

Now you know Gorgias is a great choice for Shopify helpdesk software and catering to your customers efficiently. It helps you build a highly-responsive helpdesk that creates a great support experience.

This article will help you know more about Gorgias helpdesk and explore other customer success platforms for Shopify.

For extra resources, check our comprehensive list of customer service platforms for handling support tickets.

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