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In Mobile Last updated: January 2, 2023
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Building a new habit is a difficult task. It requires constant tracking and reminders to make it easy for users to establish something good. Hence, comes the habit tracking app that can help a lot.

Habit trackers can help improve relationships, sleep, health, and creative output. The aim is to increase the quality of life and health while achieving the goals.

Our lives are all about small or little routines that not everyone is aware of. Some harmful habits and procrastination can affect health, career, and work.

As a result, it is essential to work hard to adopt good habits and take control of life.

Several books speak about 21 days habit rule, including Robin Sharma’s “Who will cry when you die”, Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit”, BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits”, and James Clear’s “Atomic Habits”. (You can buy these books on Amazon).

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What is the 21 days rule?

To make anything a habit, a person must commit to the goal for 21 days. Once the plan is followed for 21 days, it becomes a habit making it easier to follow for the next 90 days. After the completion of 90 days cycle, it can become a permanent lifestyle.

Tracking habits can be a great and powerful way to stick to the new routines and not break a chain. The habit tracking applications can help build a streak and go through extensive testing to achieve goals.

With this said, here are some of the best habit-tracking apps that one can follow.


If you want to build golden habits, Habitify can be your step forward. It will help you unlock the potential that you have for what truly matters. Master the practices to build the best version of yourself with a few simple steps. Start with choosing a habit, setting it up, creating a daily routine, staying accountable, and tracking your progress daily.

Download – Android | iOS


Start motivating yourself with Habitica, which can help you get things done in a fun way. It will help you achieve your goals quickly in free productivity and habit-building application to motivate you. Along with this, the users can build a robust social network to start a healthy life. The application allows users to earn rewards, track goals, and battle monsters with others.

Download – Web | Android | iOS


Strides app can help build a perfect routine to track and organize your goals to achieve them quickly. It covers everything from reading books to a workout schedule. Along with it, one can customize the requirements rapidly, set targets, and analyze the data. Consider it as your all-in-one place to build habits and set daily goals.

Download – Web | iOS

If you are looking for a leading habit tracker, start with to help you build new habits. The applications allow the users to set up reminders, targets, improve habits, celebrate milestones, view progress, integrate with smart devices, and step-by-step plans. It can cover exercise, mediation, and other instruction to achieve goals.

Download – Web | Android | iOS


Productive habit tracker app has the potential to change your life for something better. It can make it easy for the users to build a personal plan, create momentum, and establish new habits. The goals can be exercising, reading, drinking water, and meditating, which can challenge users.

Download – Web | Android | iOS

Loop Habit Tracker

Obtain insightful statistics and charts with the help of the Loop Habit Tracker app. The users can leverage the open-source and free applications to get daily reminders, maintain great habits. Several features are included in the application, such as taking control of data, habit score, flexible schedules, reminders, widgets, and work offline.

Download – Web | Android

Habit Hub

Reach your goals with The Habit Hub, making it easy to track the goals and win the race. The applications offer features like a chain that one should follow not to break it, organizing the habits based on categories, obtaining graphs to visualize data, setting reminders, and marking it as widgets. It also comes with additional features such as flexible goals, rewards, and security.

Download – Web | Android

neybox Today

neybox Today habit tracker can help build a daily master plan in a uniquely powerful way. It helps plan daily activities and track them to bring them into a habit. It also offers motivating screen covers to remind users of the remaining tasks. The application has a unique dashboard for the practices packed with unique functionalities.

Download – Web | iOS


The Done app has made it easier for users to track habits to improve the quality of their life and build new habits. It is easy to set goals, get motivated with chains or streaks, and follow progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. The application comes with a colorful interface to see the progress and understand the goal.

Download – Web | iOS


If you are looking for something more than a habit tracker, SnapHabit can be your next application. It has made it easier for users to build, discover, and grow the habit while sharing it with friends. The features include tracking unlimited habits and creating group habits to start your meditation journey, fasting, and workout.

Download – Web | Android | iOS

Way of Life

Way of Life app understands the frustration of changing habits that makes it essential to have the right tools. The habit tracker app is intuitive and beautiful and can help establish healthier, stronger, and better habits. The users can color code the routine to stay on track and take notes of triggers that pull them towards bad practices.

Download – Web | Android | iOS


Consider the Streaks app as a to-do list where users can jot down the daily tasks and form good habits. Users can create or choose the tasks efficiently and tick them off after completion. Tasks can be to walk the dog, run 5 km, read, healthy meals, and not smoke.

Download – Web | iOS


YouTube video

As the name suggests, stickK apps will make users stick to their goals and build new habits. The plans can be anything and even group goals, such as working together to improve practices and be accountable for the actions.

Download – Web | Android | iOS


Goalify app is a way to change habits and reach your goals efficiently and effectively. Stay on top of your plan and be consistent to go to your goals quickly. The users can customize any purpose to improve the quality of their life and self-restraints. The aim is to grow the willpower, know the strength, stay on top, and get things done.

Download – Web | Android | iOS


Grow habit builder is a Psychometric app that focuses on individual habits for users. The users can focus on engineering habits such as building a house to improve mindset and alter psychological constructs. The mobile app work on user psychology to make the necessary changes and adapt to a habit.

Download – Web | iOS


Now you know the applications available for habit tracking that can help you become productive and increase the quality of your life. All you need is the right mindset to build good habits and achieve goals.

Break the bad habits and start developing new ones that can make a difference in your life. Start with creating a system, list down the goals, and build habits with a perfect tracker to fit your requirements.

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