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In HealthTech Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Massive technical advancements in the healthcare sector are rapidly shifting towards health wearables and health checking devices.

Many people blame technological advancements for the sedentary lifestyle an avid person leads in modern times. The notion is not entirely false as better transportation, more accessible access to groceries, and the products of the IT revolution solely aim at making life easier and less hectic. You can access food, the workplace, and talk to your loved ones while sitting on a sofa all day long. While these advancements make life exponentially more manageable, these drive many of their beneficiaries to lead a lazy lifestyle.

Technical advancements in the health sector have given rise to intelligent health wearables and health checking devices. These devices bring value to your life by making you aware of your real-time health status and making you aware if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

How do Health Wearables make you fit?

Remember how health-conscious you become when someone points out that you are out of shape? You suddenly start thinking of ways to get fit and eventually act on it. Health wearables and health checking devices make sure to constantly show essential health parameters of your body and help you make a move.

Gone are the days when you had to schedule a doctor’s visit to get your Blood oxygen level, heart rate, or calorie count measured. You can do all of this and a lot more by using innovative health checking devices and health wearables within moments without consulting a professional. Let’s look at some of the best sites bringing a revolutionary change in health wearables and health checking devices that make sure you are your best at all times.


Withings has a wide range of health wearables and health checking products that include smartwatches, scales, BP monitors, Sleep analyzers, and Smart thermometers. All of these products make sure to provide excellent functionality while looking great. Some of their products include:

Steel HR

Withings has a wide range of health wearables which includes smartwatches and smart bands. The Steel HR is a hybrid smartwatch from the house of Withings that comes with intelligent wake-up technology and a vibrant OLED screen. The astute health wearable pairs with your smartphone and shows smart notifications along with real-time heart rate and VO2 estimation. The GPS support lets you accurately count your footsteps by tracking the device’s location. The device comes with water resistance up to 50 meters, adding to its durability factor.

health wearable

Scan Watch

The scan watch from Withings comes with a smart activity tracker and sleep tracker built into the health wearable. The watch comes with a top-notch PMOLED screen that shows smart notifications, heart rate monitoring, VO2 estimation, and a fitness score. Scan watch comes with a whopping 30 days battery backup which lets you forget about carrying a charger all day around.

The Fitness score takes into consideration a plethora of parameters to quantitatively summarize your health. Other than these features, the watch comes with an ECG monitor and an oximeter to better know your blood oxygen levels and heart rate. The Sapphire Glass on the top makes sure to keep the watch scratch-free over prolonged use.

health wearables


You must be familiar with the weighing scale that tells you your weight when you stand on it. Your weight is a vague parameter unless combined with other valuable parameters like BMI, Bone Mass, Fat Mass, Water percentage, and more. When you get all this combined information, you get a comprehensive report of your health status and work towards a healthier self.

The Body+ smart scale monitors your body and gives an entire body composition, including the body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass in real-time. The scale also lets you follow your nutritional intake with their weight and calorie goal feature. The best part about the Body+ scale is its ability to sync your entire health report to the Health Mate mobile application over Wi-Fi. You can look at your last health reports and track your overall progress in the application itself. Body+ is perfect for families with multiple members as the smart scale automatically recognizes the user and generates their unique report in the Health Mate application.

Body Cardio

The Body Cardio scale from Withings aims to provide a full-fledged cardiovascular check-up without consulting a professional. The scale shows you a comprehensive heart report through their vascular age parameter on the Health Mate application. You also get to see the vascular age trends with prolonged use in an intuitive graphical manner.

You get your body composition, weight trends, body fat, and water percentage all synced to the Health Mate application as soon as you step on the Body Cardio scale. It also comes with an excellent feature for pregnant women called the Pregnancy tracker. The feature lets you monitor your baby’s weight while it is in the womb.

The Athlete Mode is yet another great feature that meets your specific needs according to your body.

Fit Track

Fit Track makes smart scales that let you monitor your health through various vital parameters. They offer two smart scales named Dara and Beebo, but you can also opt for the family pack for any of the two scales. Let’s look at the features of both rankings in detail.


The Dara scale from Fit Track scans your body with 17 body vitals to help you better understand your body. The scale sends a low electrical signal through your feet from the scale’s metal plates to measure all critical health parameters like Body Fat percentage, Protein Rate, Body Water Percentage, Muscle Mass, Muscle Rate, Basal Metabolic Rate, and much more. You can later view these body vitals through the Fit Track mobile application in an intuitive manner.

The application comes with the feature to set your own fitness goals and then track your progress compared to your targets. The personalized coaching feature helps you find scientifically backed information on how to lose weight, eat right, exercise, and optimize your sleep according to your health status. The application also lets you track your progress via weekly and monthly charts and trends. Later you can share these reports with your doctors and trainer directly through the Fit Track application.


Beebo is the perfect scale for you if you want to closely monitor your and your baby’s health throughout the pregnancy. The extra-wide smart scale tracks your health and weight during the pregnancy and shows you detailed insights into your health. The exclusive pregnancy functions on Beebo make sure to follow your weekly progress throughout each trimester safely. The scale then displays a detailed analysis of your infant’s health through its growth and weight parameters. You can see this analysis on the Fit Track application and share the details on social media directly through the application.

The mother also gets to see a detailed analysis of her overall health through important body vitals like water composition and body mass index. The scale can recognize up to 8 people that use it, making it a perfect companion to a big family. You can see different profiles for every person that uses the scale to monitor their health on the Fit Track application.


Qardio designs innovative health wearables and health checking devices that suit the modern lifestyle. All Qardio devices are clinically validated and come with award-winning excellence. Their innovative health solutions include intelligent blood pressure monitors, wireless smart scales, and medical-grade ECG monitors. Let’s know more about their products.

Qardio Arm

Qardio Arm is a smart blood pressure monitor that records your blood pressure without the need for medical personnel and directly sends the reports to your mobile phone. The clinically validated product makes sure to give you the most accurate blood pressure reports by taking an average of three blood pressure measurements. Moreover, the device integrates well with Apple Health and S Health to easily manage your health reports.

Qardio Arm automatically detects irregular heartbeat and warns you about possible health problems after a successful detection. These sophisticated detections are impossible with conventional blood pressure monitors without the help of medical personnel. Moreover, you can view the trends of your heartbeat with Charts and Graphs and easily share them with your doctor through the application.

Qardio Core

The Qardio Core is the perfect replacement for a full-fledged ECG machine. The smart health wearable lets you track your heart health through their electrocardiograph trace for deeper health insights. The best part of the Qardio Core lies in its compact and simple design; the health wearable comes with no wires or patches and goes completely unnoticed even during a workout session.

The device records more than 20 million data points each day to give you a powerful insight into managing your heart condition and improving your cardio training. Qardio Core can provide accurate ECG reports throughout your busy lifestyle without any stutters or hindrances.

The smart device monitors continuous Wireless ECG, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Skin Temperature, Heart Rate Variability, Activity Tracking, and more and directly sends the reports to the mobile application in real-time. Moreover, you can use the device during a workout or swimming session without worrying about water damage, as the Qardio Core comes with an IP65 water-resistant rating.


Tanita presents a wide range of body monitoring scales and other health checking equipment with varied usage. You can find a plethora of professional-grade scales, consumer-grade scales, and mini scales from Tanita that find use in various realms of life. Tanita’s scales are known for their highest levels of clinical accuracy and groundbreaking research behind them. Let’s learn about some of their best health checking scales.

BC-1500 Inner Scan Pro

Tanita makes the world’s only consumer-grade scale line-up that comes with multi-frequency sensors for better accuracy, and the BC-1500 Inner Scan Pro is one from this exclusive line-up. The smart scale monitors your body vitals through 30 entire body and segmental measurements alongside your Heart Rate. The FDA-cleared scale comes with BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis), which uses ANT+ Radio Wireless Technology for better precision in your reports.

The BIA technology gives you a comprehensive analysis of muscle mass, body water %, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat, and body physique. You can further connect the BC-1500 to your windows computer and monitor the real-time insights through their Healthy Edge Lite application using the ANT+ protocol.

AM-121E Handheld Activity Monitor

The AM-121E is Tanita’s smart health wearable that shows you a detailed health analysis for your daily routine. The intelligent device uses 3-axes activity monitors to monitor the slightest movements you make throughout the day. In addition to the 24-hour activity graph, the AM-121E shows other valuable insights like step count, calorie count, distance monitor, walking time monitor, and clock with a 14 days memory.

The lightweight smart gadget acts as a motivational tool that encourages you to increase your activity levels. It clearly demonstrates your MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task), steps walked throughout the day, and the number of calories burnt based on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The results from the AM-121E come after highly sophisticated calculations taking into consideration the VO2 and the VCO2 measurements. You can wear the smart health wearable around your hand, or you can keep it in your pockets; the product makes sure to give accurate readings in any case.


Understanding your body and getting tested for body vitals becomes crucial, especially before designing a complete nutritional overhaul or targeting a bigger health goal. Fitnescity makes sure to provide the most in-depth analysis of your body vitals through their professionally tailored wellness tests. These tests give you insights into your body composition and metabolic rates. Let’s look at some of the tests from Fitnescity.

DEXA Scan for Body Composition

The DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) gives you a detailed analysis of your body composition, fat and lean mass. Later the test shows the complete fat distribution and different body parts like arms, legs, android, and gynoid. The test is excellent in identifying numerous possible health risks in the early stages and pinpointing problems in the body before they become noticeable.

Metabolism (RMR) Testing

Knowing your metabolism is the critical step before planning any major health target. Knowing the amount of energy you use at rest helps you plan your diet better, whether you aim to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. The RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test gives you an insight into the amount of energy your body uses while you are at rest. The test depends on body vitals like body fat, muscle, age, gender, the amount of exercise you do, and other external factors like smoking or drinking.

Later the test also shows your fat to carb burn ratio by analyzing VO2 and VCO2 levels. Taking the RMR test makes it massively easy for nutritionists to design a diet and workout plan for you.

Omron Healthcare

Omron Healthcare makes several health wearables and compact health checking devices to monitor the body vitals. Their body composition monitors and wireless blood pressure monitors provide great functionality while being easy to use. Further, you can create an entire ecosystem of Omron products as each of them can pair with your smartphone and add more data points about your health. Let’s look at some of the best Omron health wearables.

Heart Guide

The sleeky-looking smart health wearable from Omron, aka Heart Guide, is a perfect tool to keep your body vitals at check on the go. Heart Guide provides clinically accurate blood pressure reading using the OMRON premier precision-testing technology and displays it on the watch face. You can watch the blood pressure readings while doing day-to-day tasks and get alerted if you find any abnormalities.

Moreover, the health wearable tracks your step count and shows the calories you burn throughout the day. Sleep tracking is yet another great feature that shows you the amount and quality of sleep you had last night on the Omron Connect application. The smartwatch also acts as a second display for smartphone notifications, texts, emails, and reminders.

5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

The 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron Healthcare is one of the most advanced digital blood pressure monitors for consumer use. The monitor measures five times the data points for better precision in the blood pressure measurements. It also reduces the risks of errors by breathing or movement during the test. Moreover, you can connect the smart device to the Omron Connect application to monitor your blood pressure trends over prolonged use. The device also detects irregular heartbeat and hypertension while testing your blood pressure and warns you of possible health problems.


Fitbit is the leading name in the smart health wearable industry, making many smartwatches and trackers. Being stylish while providing industry-leading performance is the character trait of every Fitbit product. Let’s look at some of their best products that offer the best value.

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense is the most advanced offering from Fitbit that packs all the advanced features while looking great on your wrist. It comes with a whopping six days of battery life during continuous usage and comes with a six months Calm and Fitbit premium subscription out of the box. Calm is the number one application for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. The smart health wearable comes with excellent features like Stress Management Score and Daily Readiness Score, which give you an insight into your stress handling ability and workout fatigue.

health wearables

Moreover, the on-wrist EDA scan shows the electrodermal activity of your body on the watch itself. The watch comes with 20 goal-based exercise modes like swimming, walking, running, and more. You can also use the watch as a quick thermometer with the on-wrist skin temperature sensor that comes built-in with the watch.

Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 is Fitbit’s most advanced smart tracker that ticks every checkbox you can imagine for an intelligent tracker. It comes with brilliant notification pairing with your smartphone and uses Google Fast Pair to set up their device quickly. The vibrant color display becomes even better with the always-on display feature with the Fitbit Charge 5. You get a whopping seven days of battery life with the watch during continuous usage.

health wearables

Moreover, the watch brings in a long list of features such as Menstrual Cycle Tracking, Cardio Fitness level, Health and Wellness Reminders, Skin Temperature Tracking, Heart Rate Variability, SpO2 monitoring, and more. The Built-in GPS adds to the accuracy of the step counter and better detects movements. It also features the Daily readiness score and the built-in EDA (Electrodermal Activity) application for stress handling measurements.


Eufy is a famous brand that makes a wide range of intelligent devices for consumer use. Their brilliant health line-up consists of stylish smart scales that help you better monitor your health. The best part about these scales is that you can use them with all significant health applications, and you don’t need a specific application to keep track of your health. Let’s look at their best smart scale and its features.

Smart Scale P1

Smart Scale P1 measures fourteen valuable insights such as weight, body fat percentage, BMI, Body Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolic Rate, Visceral Fat, Muscle, Bone, Body Age, Water composition, and more. You can get your health reports on any of your favorite health applications like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. The sensors on the Smart Scale P1 have better accuracy because of two pairs of super-sensitive G-Shaped sensors added to the smart scale. You can use the intelligent health device to measure the health reports for 16 people, making it perfect for a large family.


Renpho makes the most creative smart devices by integrating IoT (Internet of Things) into everyday household items. Their Smart Jump Rope, Smart AI Bike, and Smart Body Massager are great examples of their creative range of products. Let’s look at some of their best health checking devices.

AI Smart Bike

The AI Smart Bike from Renpho is a sleek and stylish way of working out. You can set your own difficulty level and access more than 70 fitness courses with the smart bike. The bike also comes with a subscription-free AI Gym application that shows you your recent trends and workout regimes.

The Smart motor damping technology ensures a smooth riding experience and automatically adds resistance according to the difficulty you choose. Moreover, the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) rates your individual cycling power and then adjusts your workout courses accordingly.

Portable Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is an essential device to measure your blood oxygen levels on the go. The Portable Pulse Oximeter from Renpho shows an instant blood oxygen level reading within 5 seconds of connecting your finger. The device also comes with a battery saver and attachable lanyard for a long-lasting device experience. Moreover, you also get SpO2/ Pulse warnings if the user has critically low pulse rates.

Final Note 👨‍🏫

Technology is bringing a massive revolution in health wearables and health checking devices. There is a growing shift towards compact health checking devices that do not require a medical professional to handle them. The above article lists several smart health devices such as smart scales, smartwatches, blood oxygen monitors, and more. Make sure to check them out and take control of your health.

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