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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 28, 2023
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Helium 10 is an excellent tool that can centralize your company’s product-selling tasks on Amazon and equips you with the capabilities to run your operations smoothly. 

Whether you want to build an e-commerce platform or already have one but want to enhance the customer base, you will need to employ an effective way to manage your products and sell them faster. 

Helium 10 is one such solution for your Amazon Marketplace that can help you grow your e-commerce business on Amazon, bring greater revenues, and boost customer engagement.

Let’s discuss Helium 10, its features and benefits, and find out if it suits your business. 

What Is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an all-in-one platform that brands and Amazon sellers can use to accelerate business growth, make better decisions, and streamline their operations using 30+ tools and solutions.

This tool helps validate your idea so that you easily get supplies, spy on your competitors, build optimized listings, and reverse engineer the products to improve them. In addition, it allows you to build amazing landing pages for the products.

Helium 10 can protect inventories, analyze business, manage sales, and store copies on a hard drive. This way, it helps agencies, sellers, and brands enhance revenue, boost clients’ success, and scale their businesses. 

It enables you to meet all your product-selling needs by providing an all-in-one dashboard that centralizes insights, actions, and data. 

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Furthermore, Helium 10 lets you regain control over your product catalog using the suite of Amazon tools. With valuable and dynamic features, Helium 10 offers you many benefits:

Helium 10 was launched by Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol in 2015, looking at the potential of the e-commerce industry. After a while, Manny Coats launched an Amazon Private Label business of his own. A grueling stretch of dedication and research extracts two truths from that period:

  • It is possible to earn huge amounts of money on Amazon by researching the kind of products you want to sell. 
  • With the right software tool that helps facilitate your product research capability, you can even make more money. 

With the help of the above truths, Coats and Puyol formed Helium 10 with more advanced features, making it a powerful tool for Amazon sellers. Thus, it is also called an Amazon listing optimization tool. It has helped many businesses sell their billion-dollar merchandise each month.

Features of Helium 10

Helium 10 features are designed with cutting-edge technology. If you can make the right use of this platform, it can give you exceptional success. Let’s dig deeper into the core features of Helium 10:

#1. Insights Dashboard


Get a centralized intelligent dashboard for your brand and increase your business efficiency and accelerate decision-making capability. It will help you skyrocket your productivity by reducing manual tasks with the help of personalized suggestions. It simplifies your business operations by accurately and quickly evaluating business health and performance. 

#2. Product Research

You will get complete access to the Helium 10 database of various product information to evaluate the product’s viability you want to sell.

You can easily find high-demand niches so that it will be easier to identify the market gap in order to fill it. You will get different product research tools, such as:

  • X-ray tool: Product research is carried out through an X-ray tool that breaks down the sales volume, best sellers’ rank, FBA fees of different products, and monthly revenue. 
  • Black Box tool: Helium 10 offers the Black Box tool in order to identify high-demand products to sell using filtering on categories and subcategories. 

#3. Keyword Research


Keywords research plays a crucial role in the Amazon marketplace. These keywords help identify your listings, categorize them, and demonstrate to your customers showing how the products can fulfill their needs. Helium 10 offers a wide range of keyword research tools

  • Magnet tool: The Magnet tool helps you search keyword opportunities on your Amazon listings and gather traffic-driving and relevant keywords. This tool can enhance your SEO, speed up organic sessions, and get you more customers. 
  • Reverse ASIN lookup tool (Cerebro): This helps you spy on the competition with Cerebro. With this tool, you can easily find the ranking approaches of different products so that your listings use the most used keywords to excel in the competition. 

#4. Listing Optimization

Helium 10 enables your business to have the right listing. It enhances every component of the product listing in order to increase sales and promote ranking within the search results. You will get various tools for this, including:

  • Amazon Keyword Processor and Cleaner (Frankenstein): It cleans up large keyword lists and turn them into traffic generators. It can save effort and time and allow you to process thousands of keywords in seconds. This tool helps convert sales and increase traffic. 
  • Amazon Product Ranking tool (Scribbles): This tool makes your listing creation even easier. It can count characters, words, and byte limits for each content area. In addition, this tool lets you organize, track, and sort high-demand and relevant keywords. It can improve back-end search terms, retrieve your prior listing drafts, and import different listings from the Amazon account. 
  • Listing Analyzer: This tool helps you import ASINs and find valuable insights into your high-performing areas. It gives you access to an in-depth checklist of optimization that evaluates different aspects of the listing. Also, it can leverage the selling strategies of your competitors and compare your products to understand the gap. 
  • Listing Builder: It lets you create and optimize the listing with AI-enhanced copywriting to improve the listing and save time. It allows you to import competitors’ ASINs in order to understand their strategies for keyword selection. You can also manage your Amazon product listing status from a convenient dashboard and receive suggestions on keywords to rank better.

#5. Operations


Helium 10 lets you control and manage your business on Amazon by taking immediate actions with various operations tools so you always stay one step ahead. The operations tools are:

  • Inventory Management Tool: You don’t have to make any guesses when you have an inventory management tool. It helps you settle supplier orders, share your inventory with Amazon, and more. It eliminates face stock-outs or over-ordering and keeps you updated on the quantity and restocking recommendations. 
  • Refund Genie: Get back your money faster with the Amazon refund manager during the complex FBA reimbursement process for damaged or lost inventory. It automates all the processes so that you do not have to wait longer, making the refund process straightforward.
  • Alerts: Protect your product listings from the dashboard to detect fraud and get instant alerts. You will get a notification of malicious activities or altered product listings. It helps you easily prevent fraudulent activities and enhance your product value on Amazon. 
  • Follow-ups: It is an email tool designed to build a better customer experience by crafting emails that enhance your order deliveries and event triggers. You can view orders, build email templates, set automation, manage products, and more. It lets you follow up with your orders to get feedback, boost sales, and increase the seller’s reputation.  
  • Seller Assistant: This is an Amazon feedback tool that shows you a path for better brand build and reputation. It boosts the probability of Amazon review with one click using review automation, improving your sales through reputable listings. 

#6. Analytics


Get valuable insights to scale your business with Amazon analytics that can simplify your operation and prevent you from getting overwhelmed by details. Various tools included in it are:

  • Profits: Helium 10’s dashboard lets you visualize all the essential selling analytics. You can get an accurate pulse on the financial health of your product listings, review your gross profit data, and find decreasing and increasing sales trends. 
  • Market Tracker: This is an Amazon market research tool that setup everything for your success, from a wide market view to cross-platform integrations. You will get faster market creation of an average of 30 minutes or less time.
  • Keyword Tracker: It simplifies the monitoring and tracking process of your product rankings. It can track sponsored and organic positions of the keywords you used in real time. In addition, it gathers data, including % changes, monthly searches, trends, ranking, and more. 
  • Market Tracker 360: This is an Amazon competitor analysis tool that helps you in smart selling. It gives you control over your Amazon market, actionable insights, and an upper hand over your competitors to boost your business. 

#7. Marketing 

Employ game-changing marketing strategies with Helium 10 and enable pay-per-click advertising to promote brand awareness and improve customer engagement. To become an expert in marketing, Helium 10 offers a tool:

  • Adtomic: This AI-powered Amazon PPC tool is designed to increase your advertising ROI. It provides advanced automation and optimization capabilities to take advertising campaigns to the next level. You will get the flexibility to make performance decisions on actionable and clear analytics. This tool also collects critical data to understand PPC efforts in driving overall sales. As a result, you can save hours and cut through the difficulties of Amazon advertising with Adtomic. 

#8. Free Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon seller tools

Helium 10 offers many robust keyword research, marketing, and advertising tools for free. These tools are:

  • Keyword Tool: It maximizes traffic with amazing Amazon SEO performance. Just input a keyword to uncover several relevant and competitive search terms. You can also discover new keywords that can capture more traffic from users’ search queries. This can enhance sponsored and organic traffic and boost product visibility. 
  • PPC Audit Tool: This tool helps you view the recent ACoS score and compare it with your target ACoS rank. You will receive an immediate breakdown of the PPC campaign performance. It analyzes profit and loss, duplicate keywords, ACoS search terms based on the highest or lowest keywords, and more. You will gain instant insights into the product ranking so that you can work on improving it.
  • Chrome Extension: Get the tools you need in a single, convenient place. Download the Chrome extension and utilize the power of keyword and product research capabilities from your browser. You can explore many products and maximize selling opportunities and access detailed reviews, sales estimates, and product insights. 
  • Anomaly Tracker: It is important to stay notified in real-time during glitches on Amazon. Amazon anomaly is a phenomenon that rarely occurs when your products’ keywords rankings stop ranking. The Amazon anomaly tracker helps you detect the anomaly, if any, and stay updated. 
  • Sales Estimator: Helium 10 allows you to download the Sales Estimator Chrome extension to discover the product’s estimated sales every month.  
  • Trending Products Tool: You can view the top sellers instantly to know the trending products on Amazon. This way, you can understand which categories of products are the most competitive and strongest on the platform. You can also track recent popularity trends to simplify your product research. 
  • URL Builder/Generator: With the free URL builder, you can build SEO-friendly URLs in seconds and adjust canonical URLs easily to enhance the product’s visibility. From the list of ASINs, you can generate the Amazon search results. Also, you can send external traffic to an “Add to Cart” page. 

How Does Helium 10 Work?

How helium 10 works

Your journey with Helium 10 begins with signing up for the platform on its official website. After secure login into your account, you need to connect your Amazon Seller Account with Helium 10 so that your data can flow easily between the two. 

Once you start your journey, you can begin the race with your competitors. Helium 10 helps you find amazing products to launch in your business. It has tools that allow your business to optimize existing product listings so that you can rank well using the Amazon algorithm. 

Thus, to take your eCommerce business to the next level, Helium 10 gives you solutions and tools so that you can begin launching your new product. 


Helium 10 offers three pricing plans suitable for every stage of your e-commerce business:

  • Starter: It costs $29/month if billed annually. You will get limited tools to start your product listing.
  • Platinum: Get the must-have solution for your e-commerce business on Amazon at just $79/month if billed annually. This is the most popular option.
  • Diamond: This pricing option is best for expert sellers. At $229/month, you will get almost every tool to scale easily. 

You will also get a bundle option to save big. Expert sellers who want to skip the guesswork in PPC advertising can experience the Adtomic and Diamond bundle at $349/month. This includes the creation, management, and optimization of PPC campaigns, actionable and clear analytics, AI-powered suggestions, and advanced automation, along with templates. 

Helium 10 Alternatives

If you can’t choose a tool from the above list for any reason, be it pricing, features, or anything else, here are some Helium 10 alternatives for you.

#1. Jungle Scout

Boost your Amazon business with Jungle Scout’s important tools and manage your online business. From product and keyword research to robust market intelligence, the tool will provide you with critical insights. 

Jungle scout

Jungle Scout helps you:

  • Choose winning products
  • Discover high-demand keywords
  • Find suppliers for the products
  • Optimize and build product listings
  • Maximize your revenue with data-driven market insights tools

Jungle Scout offers you a 7-day risk-free trial. You can choose from various plans according to your needs starting at $29/month. 

#2. Viral Launch

Get better visibility, automation, results, and more with Viral Launch. It offers Amazon seller tools for your brand to scale better.

With the easy-to-use software suite, you get a competitive advantage. It helps you make faster decisions, get the right value for your product, and start seeing results without wasting effort and time on copying and pasting. 

Viral Launch offers:

  • Product research
  • Competitor tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Advertising and PPC
  • Keyword tracking

Take a 14-day free trial and understand the benefits of each tool.

#3. ZonGuru

Get cutting-edge software, grow your Amazon brand or agencies with ZonGuru, and unlock the next-level product listing with ChatGPT-4.


You will get various tools, such as niche finder, chrome extension, sales spy, easy source, keywords on Fire, keywords spotlight, listing optimizer, business dashboard, and more. 

Take a 7-day free trial or choose the best plan for your e-commerce business starting at $29/month. 


If you are looking for a solution for managing your product catalog on Amazon, selling faster, and scaling your brand, Helium 10 can take your online business to the top level. It offers plenty of tools and capabilities to help you at every step of the way to streamline operations and make better decisions.

But if you still don’t want to use it, you can go for the Helium 10 alternatives I’ve listed above.

Next, check out Amazon marketing tools to grow your sales.

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