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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 31, 2023
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Are you an active LinkedIn user but want to put it on stealth mode for a while? Read till the end of this guide to know it all.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that helps people find jobs and get hired. Earlier, it was made for business networking and is mostly used to meet people who work in the same field, bosses, and people who might be able to give you a job. But now, it’s also being widely used for creating a personal brand and building a business from scratch.

LinkedIn connects millions of people, so it’s a great place to start interesting talks and look for interesting work opportunities. It’s also a great way for workers to meet new people and make connections worldwide.

LinkedIn has a lot of benefits but remember that your safety is the most important one. It’s important to keep personal and business information safe, avoid scams, and not share private information online.

Importance of Privacy on LinkedIn

A person holding a phone with the linkedin logo on it.

LinkedIn is the most excellent place to network and advance in today’s digitally connected society. LinkedIn privacy is more crucial than ever as more individuals share personal and professional information. Protecting your contact details, employment history, and education is necessary to avoid identity theft and other problems. 

Protecting personal information

LinkedIn pages have many personal information, like full names, contact information, address, work background, schooling, etc. Personal information like this must always be kept safe to prevent identity theft and other nasty things from happening.

Profile visibility management

Users can set their profiles to be visible to only certain people, like possible jobs or recruits, and only show them the information they want.

Preventing focused advertising

Users can lower the number of focused ads based on their LinkedIn behavior by controlling their privacy settings.

Building trust in networking

When people put privacy first, they build trust and reliability among their friends. This creates a safe, respectful place for business interactions that matter.

Stay anonymous when networking

If you’re looking for a job and want to connect with new people, choose “Connect” from the person’s profile page instead of Linkedin’s “People You May Know” choices.

Start a private conversation

If you want to talk to recruiters or possible workers, use LinkedIn’s private message tool (InMail) instead of making notes or relationship requests anyone can see.

Limiting unwanted contact

By limiting contact rights, users can ensure they don’t get messages, link requests, and spam from people they don’t know. This makes networking more focused and productive.

Maintaining a solid privacy policy protects users from possible harm and builds trust and trustworthiness among links. This creates a safe and respectful place for sound and productive professional interactions.

How to Hide LinkedIn Profile

A person is holding up a phone with a linkedin logo on it.

The following steps can be taken to manage your profile’s visibility.

Step 1 – Log in to your LinkedIn account using your email and password.

A sign in screen for an apple account.

Step 2 – Go to your profile page. You can do it by clicking on your profile picture or your name at the top of your LinkedIn page.

Step 3 – On your profile page, click on the “Me” icon at the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 4 – From the drop-down menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”

A screenshot of the account settings and privacy on an iphone.

Step 5 – You will be redirected to your LinkedIn settings. Head over to the “Visibility” tab from the left side of the options. 

Visibility settings in google analytics.

Step 6 – On the page’s right side, click “Profile viewing options.” 

A screenshot of the google analytics settings page.

Step 7 – In the “Profile viewing options,” a pop-up window will appear. You will see three choices:

  1. Your name and headline (This option shows your name, headline, and profile photo to other LinkedIn members).
  2. Private profile characteristics (This option will display your industry and title, but not your name and photo).
  3. Private mode (This option hides your name, headline, and profile).
A screenshot of a page showing the status of a public meeting.

Step 8 – Select the “Private mode” option to hide your name, headline, and profile photo from other LinkedIn members.

Step 9 – After selecting “Private mode,” click the “Save changes” button to apply the changes to your profile visibility.

Once you have completed these steps, your LinkedIn profile will be in stealth mode, and your name, headline, and profile photo will be hidden from other LinkedIn members when you view their profiles. Keep in mind that this setting will also affect how you see others’ profiles, as it will also be anonymous to them.

Muting Someone’s Direct Messages

It can be important for several reasons to block someone’s direct messages on LinkedIn.

A screenshot of the messaging app on a phone.
  • Reduce Distractions: Turning off direct messages from certain people can help keep your LinkedIn account from being too busy. This is especially helpful if you get a lot of messages because muting the ones that don’t matter lets you focus on the ones that do.
  • Privacy and Limits: If you mute someone’s direct messages, you can set limits and decide what kind of messages you want to get from them. It can help if you want to keep your distance from certain people on the platform or limit how much you talk to them.
  • Avoid Unwanted Content: Sometimes, you may get spammy, useless, or unsuitable messages. By muting these chats, you can avoid seeing things you don’t want to see and keep your LinkedIn experience more positive.
  • Maintain your Professionalism: Muting someone’s texts can be a subtle way to handle a conversation with a coworker or contact without stopping or cutting off the link completely. It lets you keep a business relationship while deciding how often you talk to each other.
  • Time Management: Putting a message on mute can help you track your time and prioritize more critical talks. It ensures that you only hear about talks most vital to you and your goals.
  • Avoiding Conflict: Sometimes, muting someone’s texts can stop a fight or fights from happening. If you don’t want to talk to someone, muting can be a polite way to avoid the conversation.

Remember that muting someone’s texts is a personal choice that should fit your interests and goals on the site. It can help you have a better, more personalized experience on LinkedIn and ensure your contacts stay valuable and productive.

Positive Effects of Putting a LinkedIn Profile on Stealth Mode

A person holding a phone with the linkedin app on it.

You know what “Mute” does and how to use it on LinkedIn. Let’s talk about why this function is the right one. With the “Mute” tool on LinkedIn, you can decide what shows up in your feed and how you talk to other people.

By muting links or talking, you can avoid certain information or exchanges that you might not find useful or want to participate in. When you use LinkedIn’s Mute tool, a few good things happen:

Customized Content

Turning off links lets you customize your feed so that you only see updates and posts from people most important to your work goals and hobbies. It ensures that you get important information to you, making your LinkedIn experience more personalized and valuable.

Focused Engagement

If you turn off some talks or connections, you can focus on essential interactions with crucial contacts or connections who fit your networking goals. This lets you interact more effectively and avoid getting sidetracked by less critical talks.


Muting chats can be helpful if you want to keep your text talks more private. It lets you handle conversations in private without completely cutting off the link.

Reduced Clutter

Turning off updates from contacts who post a lot of content that may not be relevant to your work interests helps reduce feed clutter. It keeps your feed from getting too crowded, so you can focus on the items that matter to you.

Control Over Notifications

You can control your notifications by muting chats or links. This way, you can reduce distractions and only get alerts for the most critical or time-sensitive talks.

Professional Limits

The “Mute” tool lets you set professional limits by controlling what and how often you see material from specific contacts. It helps you keep your LinkedIn experience polished and on track.

LinkedIn’s “Mute” tool lets you build a more personalized and valuable networking space. It lets you interact with content and links that help you reach your work goals while limiting the amount of time you spend on updates and talks that are less important.

Situations where Putting a LinkedIn Profile on Stealth Mode

A woman holding a phone with the linkedin logo on it.

Stealth mode on LinkedIn can be helpful in various situations, providing users with greater control over their visibility and interactions. Here are some scenarios where utilizing stealth mode can be advantageous:

Job Searching

When actively looking for new job opportunities, stealth mode allows users to research potential employers, hiring managers, and colleagues without signaling their job-seeking status to their current employer or network.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Professionals conducting market research or competitive analysis can use stealth mode to explore competitor profiles, industry trends, and best practices without revealing their identity and intentions.

Networking Anonymously

During networking efforts, users may prefer to browse profiles discreetly without drawing attention to their visits. Stealth mode enables anonymous browsing, allowing users to explore potential connections without feeling obligated to initiate contact.

Reconnecting Strategically

In situations where users wish to reconnect with past contacts strategically, using stealth mode allows them to explore the person’s profile and activity before deciding whether to reconnect formally.

Privacy and Boundaries

Stealth mode can be beneficial for maintaining privacy and professional boundaries. Users can control who can see their activity by muting specific connections or using private mode and minimizing unsolicited messages or connection requests.

Exploring Sensitive Topics

If users are researching sensitive or confidential topics, stealth mode allows them to gather information without revealing their interests to others.

Networking at Events or Conferences

Users may interact with numerous individuals while attending events or conferences. Stealth mode enables discreet networking, allowing users to explore profiles without leaving a visible digital trail.

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

Users who wish to avoid unwanted attention from certain connections or individuals can utilize stealth mode to browse profiles without notifying others of their presence.

Career Development and Skill Improvement

When exploring opportunities for professional development or skill improvement, stealth mode allows users to review profiles of industry experts and thought leaders without disclosing their interests.

Fine-Tuning Profile Updates

Professionals optimizing their LinkedIn profiles can benefit from stealth mode by previewing how changes appear to others before making them public.

While stealth mode has perks, fundamental interactions are essential to creating genuine relationships and a successful LinkedIn profile. Using stealth mode responsibly and judiciously can contribute to a more tailored and positive networking experience.

Grow Your LinkedIn Profile While Being in Stealth Mode

The word linked in the middle of a purple background.

You need to network and connect smartly to grow your LinkedIn profile while in quiet mode. Even if your action is secret, you can make meaningful connections and build a strong business presence. Here are some tips for growing your LinkedIn page while you are in stealth mode:

Optimize Your Profile

Ensure your LinkedIn profile has a professional picture, an interesting title, and a well-written description. Use essential terms to help people find your page when they look.

Join Groups and Participate

Join LinkedIn Groups connected to your business or hobbies. Take part in group talks, share valuable ideas, and get to know other people in the group. Group talks can make you more visible and help you make new connections.

Send Personalized Connection Requests

When sending connection requests, make the message personal and explain why you want to connect. To make an actual link, talk about things you both like or how you know each other. You can even spark a conversation by stating something you like about their profile or content that will make them accept your request.

Share Thoughtful Content

You can still share helpful articles, updates, and industry insights, even in stealth mode. Write informative posts and share them with the public to show you know what you’re talking about and get your network involved.

Interact with the Content of Others

Like, comment on, or share the stories and updates of your connections. Meaningful exchanges can make you more known and help you make better links.

Reach Out to Alumni

Use the LinkedIn alumni tool to contact past students and coworkers. Alumni connections can lead to helpful networking possibilities and views into the business world.

Take part in virtual events

Go to virtual events, workshops, and conferences and take part in them. By attending online events, you can learn from experts in your field, talk to other guests, and grow your network.

Isometric illustration of a group of people on a laptop.

Request Recommendations in Private

You may privately ask colleagues, supervisors, or customers for recommendations, even in stealth mode. Recommendations add authority to your resume and speak well of your professional skills.

Volunteering and Skill Endorsements

Recommend the skills of your friends and ask them to do the same for you. Endorsements can show that you are an expert and boost the trustworthiness of your image.

To build a strong LinkedIn profile, you need to talk to people usefully, even when you’re in stealth mode. Take part in your networking activities and have useful talks to show what you know. Your LinkedIn page can grow on its own if you share useful information and link to other pages. This could lead to new opportunities and career growth.


In conclusion, every worker should learn how to control their exposure on LinkedIn using stealth mode. This tool lets you navigate the web safely and smartly talk to other people. Using this guide, you can hide your LinkedIn page, read without anyone seeing you, and look for contacts without anyone seeing you.

You can network carefully in stealth mode, whether you’re doing a study, looking for new possibilities, or taking care of your digital profile. Use LinkedIn’s “stealth mode” to your advantage and take charge of your job path with confidence and direction.

Next, check out a comprehensive guide to LinkedIn company pages.

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