SumoMe is one of the must-have apps for many reasons.

If you are running a personal blog like me then probably you don’t want to spend money on growing your website traffic.

That’s where SumoMe is very helpful as they have free tools to help you in Social Sharing, Lead Generation, List Building, Welcome Gate, Analytics, and Contacts.

When you use SumoMe for your website or blog, it will add Blue tab at the right top side as shown below.


Are you annoyed with this? Well, not anymore – you are going to learn how to hide SumoMe badge in a minute.

  • Access your website where SumoMe is installed
  • Click on SumoMe badge (Blue tab) to log in
  • Once logged in, click on Badge again


  • Click on Settings


  • Click on Badge at left side
  • Drop-down under Badge location and select “Hidden”


  • Click no Save
  • Refresh your website and SumoMe badges will be disappeared.

Easy, isn’t it? Help in sharing this with your friends.

A Little bit about their tools and benefits…

List of SumoMe Tools, which I use or have used at Geek Flare

Scroll Box – Trigger email optin box to collect the emails. Best thing is it has single optin, which usually you have to pay for it to use any other commercial plugin/tools.

Smart Bar – You must have seen Hello Bar if so you know what it is. This gives you an option to show following on either top or bottom of the page.

  • Email Optin
  • Call to Action Button
  • Twitter Follow Button
  • Facebook Like Button

Welcome Gate – Turn any page into a conversion machine. It works – no distraction of sidebar, header, etc. Just conversion.

Google Analytics – You can review/analyze your Google Analytics data from the SumoMe app itself.

Image Sharer – Add share button on the image of your website.

Social Share – Add very lovely social share button with share counter at multiple locations of your page like top, bottom, sidebar, etc. It works on Mobile as well.

Above list is the one I use and found very helpful, but you may find useful some other too.