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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Curious to know more about Ad Networks that can help you earn money? Well, if you aren’t aware, then here is something that can help.

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the most popular monetization method for both new and experienced players in the market. The platform provides all types of ad content that fit the diverse range, still multiplying.

It is considered one of the high-paying ad networks that are gaining momentum with features like high-quality ads and connecting with audiences.

However, many people have wondered to find Google Adsense alternatives that can work as high-paying ad networks. Not just Google Adsense but many other ads platform offer you attractive CPM and CPC without slowing down the site. Here is a list that can cover it up.


Driven by artificial intelligence, Ezoic is an ad network that can directly impact your revenue, performance, and user experience.

It determines the best settings for the ads you put on your website depending upon each user. You also get the privilege to test different rules, preferences, and experiments to end up with a report showing you what’s working best.

The metrics and features provided by this ad network can collectively help you unlock more revenue with much lesser effort.


Serve direct ads on your website/blog and make extra income without putting in any effort.

If you’re looking to add an income stream on top of those you already have, then BuySellAds is a great place to achieve that. Back in the day, it used to be a pain to find people who would want to pay a reasonable amount for advertising on our blogs, but not anymore with this service.

BuySellAds makes this process super easy. You, as a publisher, can list your website on their marketplace with stats and details, and advertisers can directly buy advertisement spots on it. Of course, you get the option to accept or reject an offer, and it’s always recommended to take only the ones relevant to your niche.

Once you accept an offer, the ads will start reflecting on your website, and you’ll be paid accordingly as per the said amount.

It is entirely free to use this marketplace and start making money. It charges money is when a deal is done, which is 25% commission, as they’re acting as a “middle man.”

That being said, you get complete control over the prices you set and the kind of ads you want to put on your website.


Clickio uses AI to enhance your website’s revenue, user experience and performance. It helps you optimize your ad settings for best results, combining the most premium demand sources like Google AdExchange, Header Bidding, Open Bidding, and Google AdSense through Mediation.

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Moreover, Clickio’s all-in-one publisher platform comes with advanced data insights to identify which pages, authors or categories are the most lucrative, as well as tools to help you improve site performance and remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

Key features

  • Access Premium Demand Partners & Exchanges
  • Optimize ads using AI
  • Free site performance and compliance tools
  • Tailored support and guidance from a dedicated account manager


Earnify is a self-serve native advertising platform that lets you drive high traffic to your landing pages. The platform is connected with all the major advertising networks, providing you the means to scale your campaigns. The moto behind Earnify is to provide reach from just one platform to an advertiser and earn more to a publisher.


  • Superior Targeting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Transparent In-Depth Analytics


If you are looking for a native advertisement platform, then check out Nativo. It is a unified platform that serves both publishers and advertisers. It provides the tools required to influence customer journey in the best possible way.

Nativo aims to drive meaningful engagement, which in turn results in clicks. It supports all forms of native ad units and offers all the native formats ready to use from the get-go.

Features for Advertisers:

  • Premium publisher-directory inventory
  • Exclusive formats
  • Guaranteed highest quality reach
  • Use machine learning to boost the reach

Features for Publishers:

  • The complete native ad platform
  • Manage native monetization
  • Works across multiple websites
  • Use Programmatic to your advantage
  • Support for native articles


Adblade is an Ad platform that has a reach of over 300 million users. It offers access to both premium local and national sites and works equally well for publishers and advertisers. Like other Ad platforms, it also provides content style formats that fit your requirement from the start.

Features for advertisers:

  • Target audience precisely
  • Users can scale campaigns
  • 100% brand safe
  • Robust reporting

Features for publishers:

  • Proper monetization solution
  • Both advanced and standard Ad units are available
  • Strong sales control
  • Robust reporting

Newor Media

This ad network is a brilliant and revenue-boosting alternative to low-paying ad networks. Newor Media is a high-paying ad network that can dramatically increase your overall revenue with the help of high-quality ad units. It utilizes algorithmic real-time bidding and machine learning to give you one of the best rates in the space.

They’re tied up with plenty of ad networks like AdSense, Outbrain, and Revcontent, so once you sign up and start using their ad units, you can expect ads to display from any of these networks. However, Newor Media makes sure only the highest-paying ads are given priority to be displayed on your website.

Most of their ad sets are banners, and while the presence of any ad on your website can impact your loading speed, this one is a little good at handling it as compared to some of the other ad network partners. They load their ads asynchronously, which means your website content is loaded first, and then the ads come into display.

It has a detailed earnings reporting system that gets updated daily and displays essential details like average RPM, average CPM, total clicks, total impressions, etc.

It also has an impressive support team that gets back super quick and solves queries like a PRO.


MonetizeMore lets you increase your ad revenue potential by providing you access to high-performance Ad technology. They also offer access to experts that work with full transparency. The platform provides complete ad optimization customization and full ownership of your ad inventory with 100% transparency. is an advertising platform that can help you maximize revenue. It also lets you gain access to a vast number of advertisers. Not only that, but you get advertisers that are relevant to your content. Bing Network, which provides quick access to advertisers and the marketplace. The provides contextual ads that empower your content and let it shine. You will also get access to a significant buyer network.


Snigel is a trusted advertising network that lets you create customized ads that can match the strategy of your content. Their ad management experts themselves optimize the advertisements to frame an effectively working monetization strategy.

Snigel is a partner with Google MCM and Google AdX and thus has access to premium ad campaigns. Snigel is a leading alternative to Adsense possessing anti-AdBlock solutions.

They offer you an easy-to-use dashboard where you can monitor the performance of ads in real-time. The lightweight ad codes are quite easy to install as well as optimize for maintaining the page speed.


Mediavine serves bloggers in almost every lifestyle niche with their high revenue-generating monetization advertisements. They have certain eligibility conditions to monetize your blog. The prerequisites they have set are:

  • 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days (according to Google Analytics)
  • Good status in Google AdSense
  • Original content in any lifestyle niche
  • Engaging content
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Mediavine’s support team and premium 3rd party partners review the submitted applications before they get approved.

They offer an interactive dashboard that lets you track your performance and know about the earnings you are making.


If you are looking to monetize your blog, then several things might pop into your mind, such as affiliate programs, offer walls, and branded content, to name a few. However, ad networks can also be a great way to generate revenue without devoting time. So, know the best ad networks and start earning.

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