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In HR Management Last updated: April 6, 2023
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Looking for an expert email marketer who can boost brand awareness? You might find some of the best in these hire marketer platforms.

Every digital business relies on email marketing to promote its products, services, and content to its target audience. Some create an internal email marketing team for marketing campaigns. However, you can only do it if you are an email marketing agency or a large business with continuous cash flow. 

SMBs and startups choose to hire email marketing consultants from hire marketer platforms for affordability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Read on and discover some of the leading email marketer hiring platforms from which you can recruit vetted email marketers for the upcoming digital marketing campaign.       

Importance of Email Marketing to Businesses

Email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing. You can reach out to thousands of readers, leads, and prospects via a single marketing email.


Most smart digital businesses invest moderately in email marketing via in-house or outsourced teams to increase brand awareness. Not to mention, the distribution of personalized discounts, offers, and coupons also become easier with email marketing. 

The following recent market statistics on email marketing show how critical this marketing media is for today’s businesses:

  • A Statista report shows that there are 4.14 billion email users globally who send and receive 319.6 billion emails daily. The same report also says that the current email marketing revenue is $8.49 billion, and it should cross the $10 billion mark by 2023. 
  • Half of today’s media planners use email marketing and the number will grow by 22% according to HubSpot
  • Most of the small businesses that operate online use email marketing to grow their customer base. The figure is 64% according to Campaign Monitor.

Finally, a market study by Litmus has revealed that 33% of businesses will increase their email marketing budgets. 

What Does an Email Marketer Do?


Pretty much everything to deliver results! However, the followings are the standard tasks an email marketing consultant would do for your brand:

  • Configure the email marketing platforms you use
  • Collaborate with your marketing team to pick visual designs
  • Create a drip campaign plan for your brand and set it up on the software
  • Create transactional email campaigns
  • Create an automated emailing system for cold email campaigns
  • Build a custom website or app newsletter sign-up form
  • Draft marketing email content
  • Audit email marketing campaigns and create reports
  • Implement A/B testing

How to Hire an Email Marketer


Most of the hire marketer platforms offer an interactive hiring flow. However, the following steps are common for all marketplaces: 

List Your Requirements

Create a list of tasks that you want the email marketer will perform for you. For instance, create campaigns, draft email content, build online forms, audit campaigns, create reports, and so on. 

Setup a Marketing Objective

Aim for a goal first. For example, your objective could be acquiring 1,000 newsletter subscribers in the first two weeks, and so on. 

Set a Budget

The golden rule of hiring a contractor for an SMB or startup is following a strict budget that your finance and investment team suggests. 

Explore Top Profiles 

Choose your business domain or simply go through top email marketers’ profiles. Most of the platforms will offer filtering options.

Scan thoroughly past campaigns and visit the websites where they ran those campaigns. Once satisfied with a few profiles, request interviews.  

Start With a Test Project

Begin with a one-time project of a small budget. Here, you will mainly evaluate capabilities of creativity, technical expertise, and content creation forte. 

So, email marketing is booming! Do you also want to jump on board this growth ride and make your business shine? Start email marketing today! You can get a few helping hands from the following hire marketer platforms.      


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Finding a skilled email marketer can be difficult but you can not compromise on that for effective and successful campaigns. GrowTal is a popular platform that helps you hire qualified email marketers to create, optimize, and manage email campaigns. 

Through this website, businesses can connect with email marketers who are capable of developing marketing strategies, writing stellar copies, and sending them to subscribers’ inboxes. 

You can hire professionals for nurturing leads, converting traffic, educating subscribers, and driving customer loyalty through repeat purchases. Moreover, these marketers are experts in running sophisticated email marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo. 

GrowTal owns the entire hiring process for you so you do not have to waste your valuable time interviewing and cross-checking references. Since all the email marketers of this platform go through a vigorous pre-vetting process, you can pick anyone without worrying about their expertise.


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When it comes to faster business growth, customer retention, and heightened email conversion, you need a seasoned email marketing professional. MarketerHire is the marketing talent platform where companies can find and hire on-demand freelancers.

You can share your company size, industry, type of marketer, hiring budget range, possible project length, engagement level, and type of employment. Then proceed to find a star performer who can take your brand to the next level.

On this website, it only takes 48 hours to find the perfect marketer who is suitable for your business requirements. Agencies can also schedule a free consultation and discuss your staffing needs and potential solutions.

There are additional benefits to using this platform for hiring marketers. For instance, in case you need more than one email marketer for your team, you can hire two or more email marketers from this platform and get 10% off. It means more success with less expense.


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Your business needs perfect marketers for perfect marketing strategies. From Mayple you can get proficient marketing freelancers who got vetted based on demonstrated results. Now, there is no need to depend on sales pitches and reviews to access the skills possessed by a marketer.

It allows you to categorize the marketers based on their expertise, location, industry, and years of experience. Once you share your needs, Maple uses AI technology to go through its global network of exhaustively vetted email marketers to find the best match.

Whether you belong to an SMB or Fortune 500, you will get benefitted from this website. From this platform, companies can also get VIP support in different stages of hiring and management.


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Using FreeUp, you can find pre-vetted and top-rated freelance email marketers from the US and other countries. Hiring freelancers on this platform is super-easy. 

Individuals and companies can create a free account on FreeUp and get access to expert email marketers. Then, answer a few questions for your exact skill requirements to get back from the team within one business day. As they introduce you to ideal freelancers, you can set up a short interview with them to finalize hiring. 

Marketers available here can help you create an email marketing strategy, regularly send emails, write email complies, start campaigns for new subscribers, and use email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, Constant Contact, and many more.


Near hire marketer platforms

Startups and enterprises can find suitable Latin American email marketing specialists from Near. From this website, you can find and interview freelance professionals to get someone hired for your company in 21 or fewer days.

Here, experts in email marketing campaign strategizing, development, and execution are present. All freelancers available here speak English and are experts in handling necessary tools and technology. 

Hence, you should not have any trouble accommodating these highly skilled marketers into your team. Furthermore, companies can save up to 70% on their salaries by hiring motivated candidates from Near.

Growth Collective


No matter what your needs are regarding email marketing, Growth Collective can provide you with pre-vetted and on-demand email marketing consultants. As you share your needs about the project and goals, the platform will match you with suitable freelance consultants within one day.

You can meet the professionals from its curated talent pool. According to your business demand, you can scale up or down the team. In addition, there is no hassle of getting involved with freelancers through long-term contracts. 

On Growth Collective, users also get transparent pricing with a well-defined scope of work and fixed weekly or monthly pricing.


Traktion hire marketer platform

Traktion is a dedicated and premium platform that only promotes top email marketers. The contractors from these platforms have secured projects from top brands like Monzo, SAGA, Universal Music Group, etc.

You can save a lot of time when you hire from Traktion because you do not need to vet the recruits yourself. The platform has already interviewed and tested the email marketers that show up on this website. 

You can hire a marketing growth talent from this platform in a few clicks as mentioned below:

  • Choosing a project type
  • Selecting expertise like B2B marketing, Drip marketing, A/B testing, etc.
  • Setting up a monthly budget range
  • Sharing briefs about the project
  • Finally, submitting a few business details 

Remote Ok

Remote Ok

Remote Ok is a remote job website for freelancers and geek workers. Here, you can look for some outstanding email marketers that deliver results. Just sign up for an employer profile and start recruiting email marketers from a pool of 350+ contractors. 

During the initial search, you can add advanced filters like languages, social media skills, graphic designing skills, and so on.

If you are truly busy and do not have time to vet profiles, you can simply post a remote job on Remote Ok’s job board. The freelancers will interact with the posted jobs, and you will effortlessly find a handful of profiles to choose from.

Remote Ok displays elaborate professional information about its contractors like Nationality, Residency, Website, LinkedIn, Skills, Language fluency, Per Year or Per Hour pay, etc.   

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Email Marketer



  • No need to hire one or many email marketers, manage them, pay monthly salaries, etc.
  • Since you will use email marketing contractors for a limited time frame, you save a lot, and the process is also affordable.
  • You can recruit a few email marketing consultants, set up the marketing campaigns you need, train internal employees, and then end contracts with contractors.
  • If the marketer is not delivering results according to a contracted time frame, you can end the contract and hire a new email marketer.
  • They come with diverse email marketing expertise, and you can leverage these experiences to grow your business.  


  • Availability and dedication to your project are the main challenges for any reputed email marketing consultant.
  • You need to use a highly-secured and permission-based collaboration workspace to protect business data.
  • You need to persuade the contractor to sign a nondisclosure agreement for confidentiality purposes.
  • Reputed email marketers can increase remuneration frequently.
  • If you need on-site services, the hiring scope will become truly limited.  

Hire an Email Marketer: The Author’s Note

If you are a startup or SMB, and focusing on revenue growth, you can shift some of your marketing budgets to email marketing. For sure, you will get a handful of leads and prospects from this marketing channel. Also, it will be highly affordable than any other marketing channel.

Now, if you prefer leaving the email marketing task to experts who can bring in some results in a reasonable time frame, try email marketing consultants. 

All the hire marketer platforms mentioned in this article are the best choices. However, I would start with platforms like GrowTal, Remote Ok, FreeUp, and Growth Collective.        

Wrapping Up

Now you know which are the popular and reliable platforms to interview and hire email marketers for any digital business. Simply visit these platforms, choose the business type, and go through hundreds of vetted profiles. 

Whenever hiring someone as an email marketer, do not forget to run through the checklists for hiring the right candidate mentioned above in this article.

Next up are stages of contract management and popular contract management software for your business. Read to understand how contracts can help you protect confidential business data when hiring freelancers and contractors.

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