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In Hosting Last updated: June 14, 2022
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Most of the hosting providers have multiple data centers (DC) around the world. But do you know where you should be hosting your website?

A fast-loading site is essential for business success. Not just SEO but user experience. Nobody likes a slow-loading site, and it has a real impact on your business sales and growth.

One of the challenging tasks is to choose the right hosting platform for your needs. I see many people complain about their hosting company about the speed, but not necessarily it’s their fault but it’s a bad choice of DC.

You may argue about using CDN, so the hosting location doesn’t matter. But trust me, it does.

When choosing a hosting platform, you should ask the following questions to yourself.

  • Who will be mostly using your site? Is it from Asia, Europe, Africa, the USA, or target a specific country?
  • What’s your business goal in terms of site load time? Should it load under 1s, 2s, or 3s?
  • Does your business has a regulatory requirement to host data in a specific country?

All the answers will lead to one decision – host your site in the data center, which is near to your users.

I assume now you know in which location you want to host your site. Let’s explore some of the recognized hosting provider data centers and their speed test IP.

How can speed test IP help in choosing the hosting provider?

Did you ever wonder about this?

Let’s take a real-time scenario. You have shortlisted two hosting providers who got data centers in your desired location. How would you pick one for better performance?

Doing a ping on their speed test, IP can help you in choosing one. You can do a ping from your PC or remotely through PerfOps.

Ex: I did a ping on my lab WP site hosted on Kinsta, located in US West (Oregon) data center. And, you can see response time from North America is the lowest. This means if my audience is in North America, then the US West DC location is a good fit else will host in their other data centers.

The lower time is better. Anything under 100ms is good.

So, now you know how you can use the speed test IP to check what works better for you. Let’s explore the DC and IP of the following.

Update – Check out the Geekflare Hosting page to explore the location for more than 100 hosting platforms.


SiteGround, one of the reputed shared hosting providers to host WordPress, Joomla, etc. got four data centers on three continents.

LocationSpeed Test IP
Chicago, US216.104.36.130
London, UK5.10.97.132
Amsterdam, NL198.20.98.2
Singapore, SG216.12.196.114

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its turbo server for better performance. A2 got four DC, and you can ping the following IP for a speed test.

LocationSpeed Test IP
Michigan, US75.98.175.109
Arizona, US68.66.224.6
Amsterdam, NL209.124.66.5
Singapore, SG103.227.176.4

Along with popular CMS, A2 also offers Node.js hosting.


Are you looking to host your application on Cloud? Millions of developers love DigitalOcean (DO). You can’t go wrong!

LocationSpeed Test
New York,
San Francisco,

Pricing starts from as low as $5, and you pay for what you use.


Similar to DO, Linode offers cloud hosting for developers and got a presence in 8 data centers.

LocationSpeed Test


Eco-friendly web hosting, GreenGeeks speed test IP is the following.

LocationSpeed Test
Chicago, US216.104.36.130
Phoenix, US99.198.116.170
Montreal, CA184.107.41.68
Amsterdam, NL198.20.98.2

The hosting plan starts from as low as $2.95 per month, and they also got a reseller plan. So, if you are thinking of starting a hosting business, you can think of trying GreenGeeks.


Tier-4 data centers, are available in two locations.

LocationSpeed Test

Hostwinds offer a 60-days money-back guarantee and 99.99% uptime.


Strategically located all around the world. FastComet offers various hosting – Web, Cloud, Dedicated, OpenCart, WordPress, etc. and data centers available in the following locations.

LocationSpeed Test


Managed shared hosting provider, TMDHosting speed test IP is as the following.

LocationSpeed Test


Did it help in choosing the right hosting for your online business? Most of them offer a trial/money-back guarantee, so try the one you like.

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