Present your best self while participating in your organizational meetings on Zoom with its blur background feature.

Email and text chatting may be easier and quicker, but the power of face-to-face communication is unbeatable. With the rise of the work-from-home culture, the need for such communication has become crucial. And this can be achieved with the help of various video conferencing tools.

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Fortunately, the market is full of advanced and innovative options exhibiting different features. One of such options for your video conferencing needs is Zoom.

What is Zoom?

Zoom meetings is a leading cloud-based video communication software that Zoom Video Communications develop. It is highly preferred by individuals, businesses, small enterprises, and more to accomplish collaboration among the team. Zoom allows you to interact with your colleagues or team when there is no chance of in-person meetings.

With Zoom, you can enjoy audio as well as video meetings besides conducting simple live chats. The best part of this software is that you can record the conferencing sessions and view them later.

While talking about Zoom, the most common terms you would have come across are Zoom Room or Zoom Meeting. A Zoom meeting is referred to as the video conferencing that it hosts. To join Zoom meetings, you need a webcam or smartphone.

Why zoom is preferred more?

How to blur zoom background

The reason why most professional organizations prefer zoom is that it has been developed, keeping the professional meeting standards in mind. Every aspect, such as HD video quality, webinars, workspaces, rooms, etc., ensures smooth business communications.

To help you look more professional even from home, it gives you a blue background option. Using this option, you can simply blur the background of your video. This is the unique feature that Zoom offers to professionals taking part in video communications.

Why do You May need to Blur Your Background?

There may be several reasons to hide your background from your video.

  • Hide the clutter: You are at your home and have clutter, or your background is just messy. You would definitely want to hide that when a custom background is not suitable to your needs. In this case, blurring your video background is the right option.
  • Privacy of your Space: You may want to maintain the privacy of your space. In that case as well, blur background works wonders.
  • Keep participants concentrated on the subject: A messy background or things visible in your background may create a hindrance to the participants of the meeting. So, you can blur your background to prevent them from getting any sort of distraction from your background.
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Now that you are aware of the significance of blurring your video background, you may want to implement this setting. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to blur your Zoom background easily.

Blurring background before a meeting

  • Open the desktop application for Zoom and log in to it.
  • At the top-right corner of the Zoom screen, click on your profile picture.
  • Choose Settings, then Background, and then Filters.
How to blur zoom background
  • Click on the Blur option under the Virtual Background tab.

Blurring background during a meeting

  • Join the video meeting on Zoom as you usually do.
  • You will find a video button at the bottom left of your zoom window. This button is used to start or stop the video.
  • Click on the Up arrow sign just next to this video button.
  • Choose Blur My Background.

And you are set to attend virtual meetings with a blurred background.


This blue background option has been added recently by Zoom. And this option is of high usefulness to professionals. Because they stay ready to attend meetings without considering where they are and how their surroundings are. So, if you are looking for any such solution, apply this setting the way discussed above. It can amazingly help you stay focused on your work irrespective of your location.