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Learn how to create health policies in IBM WebSphere 8.5

In my previous article, I talked about what is Health Management in WebSphere 8.5. Following will guide you on how to create Health Policies.

Health policies can be created in four easy steps.

  • Define health policy general properties- here to provide the name of policy and select the health condition
  • Define health policy health condition properties- here to provide threshold of selected health condition and configuring required actions to be taken when health condition breaches
  • Specify members to be monitored- select JVM, Clusters, Dynamic clusters, on-demand routers or Cell as target of health policies
  • Confirm health policy creation- review health policies configuration and confirm to create

Let’s create one health policy as following.

  • Login into WebSphere 8.5 ND DMGR Console
  • Click on Operational policies >> Health Policies

  • Click on New

  • Provide Name – Test_Policy
  • Select Health condition as workload condition (we can test this condition quickly)

  • Click on Next
  • Enter Total requests as 1000 for testing purpose
  • Select Reaction mode as Automatic
  • Add Action Restart server and Take thread dumps

  • Click on Next
  • Select Filter by as Servers/Nodes
  • Add server01 as target member

  • Click on Next
  • Review the configuration and click Finish

Now, let’s test by accessing application running on targeted JVM (server01). Once JVM serves 1000 request, it should take thread dump and restart. You can use JMeter to put the load so testing can be done quickly.

Health Controller

Health controller controls the health policies and monitor in the system. Health monitoring must be enabled in Health Controller to monitor policies. Health controller itself has configurable properties like how often it should run and a number of times to restart the server. This allows allowing you to restrict restart server during business peak hours.

So that was all for today. Stay tuned!

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